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by: Jaylan Rath


Jaylan Rath
Texas A&M
GPA 3.77

Terry Kohutek

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About this Document

Terry Kohutek
Class Notes
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This 10 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jaylan Rath on Wednesday October 21, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CVEN 446 at Texas A&M University taught by Terry Kohutek in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 23 views. For similar materials see /class/226115/cven-446-texas-a-m-university in Civil Engineering at Texas A&M University.

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Date Created: 10/21/15
CVEN 446 Prepared by Tu srrgggggsgegigs fgogs a a6 13 Immm Date 1 Pag 5 3 TM a7 Tmtol K045 C 46 AUVAQ 00m 8 items m WM W5 39 K043 0M SUSPel alga U USeA m sEM WMb fS 661M 3 05th A racing St 2 Foot S 02le 154mg skms kc Hijer orquot Pu A5 Fu 1 U WEAV f Iowa 1 6012M m1 E Mkm g b 01M quot Ab 25 9515 2 b A Fl GIMMJI Un ter area a 3519 t a 6 ample 015 01514 Fa U015 Note 39 db Comrsz 2 4 19 ll grew1 Sejgu 009 AampWlaje JUNL3 CIJMLS 51L 3241 molar U324 mew WM4 E2 53921 K 9624 5 Mtg So J V Ixka No My n a 14 mm My WM AL 0 HI 5 W IL MpzZIL 1 22 mm VIBI A39AS 393 37 man whth 25 Texas AampM University College Station Texas 77843 g vtglgtr gteel Design Prepared bY LE 132 39 CNPRV 1 0 mymssfm Wm MS 40 Infmdu39 w mmbas Suf ce 479 EMA COM FMSSNQ 0M5 AWHCILML I MHZ Shaky I quotF yecr ra BM Zgt Bucmlmq 7ampMf up owlism a pgHC j ZWAt l V Meach a Wquot 5 39 COLUMA Than 39 ucLiing 39Ear th0 UmH 45 0 me ends 23 Sma cnIgA M msfa over LJ 3 hams Mays F Canshvd f L quotr3 Pancec y 3me WV a mr d by k r s bULMLZJ Er Y9 I frv quot39 JEI 5min A P amp i 1 A W I quotl gl L f Texas AampM University College Station Texas 77843 CVEN 446 Structural Steel Design Prepared by L K Date Page w of Q 39 CmL a disarm quotXquot phml shape 3 mid mm EB 2rF M d5 EC we 2 only Q mw 0m Texas AampM University College Station Texas 77843 Siri iifcggteel Design Prepared Int M 3 97 TM 3001 38 f0 eqan 13 rn Arlt39h IT 4 5603 03X 7 l lrV J M E 39 Nat EL 0 AEI I am Wm 60 K20 70 1 53 V L x HO L n 7 SUES Me 50a Who 2 quot i f Ash o Bm oo 4 if 50 7 w absEwe 51 5 Mo 2339 A iih 60L 4 1 O 5quot 1 l Jll b L A74 0 mm Sow Hm 0 5m COL 0 W gtIQI Texas AampM University College Station Texas 77843 CVEN 446 Prepared by i Z Date QM Structural Steel Design Page of 5m wL 0 CU 2 n T Ubs rfd g CU ff L39MT 4 E P AZTTZEI KJN gt p 1 1 WWW 3 PMquot 39 I Pm lf zE E 4 3 E I J a KPW aers ltin rim er Z L L r K J 7 H2 47 7 1 7 3 L 39 I l 5 lt J L 7 fer a 7 W10 PVTl 393 R717 2 7 Po Pa 4Fe 9a 393 TeL Texas AampM University College Station Texas 77843 CVEN 446 Prepared by Date r Page 39 0 Structural Steel Design mm CUEN 05 1 WA M r mar 7 I jyfm m 39 39 AL grassagar our Rf rl g z am I 7 f I L e mm ICC E 477 5 44 A Lr2 yhev e Lr 5 34 Jam39s rm ECMS J 51le bowl11er L I Ongt few fg byqd F 2 39EV WPAF 77 M For 5 F 7 L 5 mm x 4 W A W kum quot Eas fW A quot fir 9 r L 7VEampIA r Texas AampM University College Station Texas 77843 CVEN 446 Structural Steel Design Prepared byLEi IPDate A age 4 06 of L CLQS Eqnss 4 a UMPW 39 443 M i ream betel 0A ft L3 3 01 21 0amp4 m s 7 Daria l 5 pure y MI 4 no y m 3M ewed1 I It 3 obM F5 4 0 ANN or FESIZJUCJ 519 Wind at bequot m emf 39CXSES fatty 53 FMth In haf rot eel She FY C it c 62 e 30quotwa5 MSG WW or dud 5 17 st beam 0 g 417 MW tie haw f EWW 0 S l cadkg e md KAI14 7L2 wsg ad TL CaDSS Sa bn htwa Cav termsE1 Whit We MIL ant ll v W H LL I M A V 5560 LII mvaS bnr age may be LS d e as 5 l V 070 0 Texas AampM University College Station Texas 77843 CVEN 446 Prepared by Date Z 4g 0 6 Structural Steel Design Page 39 o Com sitar of W r 3mm 2 T FY quot jquot 39 ltW 1quot j 11 39 1 39 ung W tfg msian 1 Cumsizm Assam Tierfeo 39e MWPlum Em hatI M we 11 264 1L anle Una1 F E 3 Perth y easel9mm I 7 F EL quota 39 r 1 BY at L jquot Y 39 EM A FYz 771 7quot H A quot 5 5 i 1 1 39 217 Haj gt 39 S gt 19 MM 1 W43 cm 7 W23 Texas AampM University College Station Texas 77843 CVEN 446 39 Prepared by Date 31 j 06 Page 3 Structural Steel Design of I WM 39Fa 7 FyZ Veda mt e ms 52 wk We 4M 5268M Kile 5132 017147 50 PM 116 P4115 1 6 39 efaael MCMQSCS 1 aka name WK xWS awwa Cszffam more 5311655 044 ht17 M S 01L g WaxM E 67161139 NW3 Elmem t E felar a n m A 391sz IIIe 5th 7 A 39 3 quotE FI a L rn k z x my WW 52 4A In 6 amt human EdaJ52 6mg Texas AampM University College Station Texas 77843 i322 E HPCCHUQ 114th L 1 Eagua39hoyx 44 MM be F IWWA as Pu2L t 1432 IF MAJquoty KL quot iffcc te gig3917 IL SUFme onclrim Cofu mn ends 44tch f t fmci flak VIIILL 7wai5gt I 36 13 EL Z40 07C MSC lum C2quotZ EIV KTH39EO KD iStG M 11 le Lfbus BlCl Cond v ansta 1 quot7 EB T 72 T W T I f L r f 539 E 5 Limo a 050 010 10 20 4053 o 055 090 2 210 20 Texas AampM University College Station Texas 77843


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