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by: Jaylan Rath


Jaylan Rath
Texas A&M
GPA 3.77


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 9 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jaylan Rath on Wednesday October 21, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CVEN 305 at Texas A&M University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 31 views. For similar materials see /class/226117/cven-305-texas-a-m-university in Civil Engineering at Texas A&M University.

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Date Created: 10/21/15
Radius of curvatureEverything0coin I 0 30 O 8 r ngmmrai gx ay to you 39 393939393939 quotquotquotquot 39 ff it il iflj C y t 9 on W Radius of Curvature is an expression of how cude a curve is alkmgnnisha g t u or In Lntansigggrgmates it is the rategjchame of s with respect see such strange sights ction to up that is dsdip Geometrically it represents the radius of an Sons of Steel review kat g B gwi quotgsculatingquot lit kissing apparently ircl that is the circle 39 WW which is the best fit for the line at a given point Hence the Up S mba 33429 W radius of curvature for a circle ls simply its radius educational glowingjjsh accountability idea Otherwise radius of curvature or its i no a quot u v turequot k g c g L LL43 Sun Ultra 30 thing Joglsmamo dipd5 is most easily found when the ELIQQLLJQ is expressed in intrinsic coordinates However as conversion from other coordinate systems to intrinsic is often complicated radius of curvature can be expressed for cartesian form directly For a cartesian curve yfx at a point Pxy the gradient is dydx and is also the gradient of the tangent at P From the de nition of the Intrinsic coordinates SLJ of P this gradient is equal to tam Lu It should also be noted that dxds cos Lp from the expression for arc length As dydx tan qJ dZydx2 ddx tan up sechp dwdx lmpjgtcdi ereotlotion Rearrangement gives dxde SECZLIJ dzydxz As dxds cos Lu dsdx 1cos Ly p the radius of curvature is found by dsde which by the Quail rule equals dsdx dxde Therefore p 1cos lp secztp dZydxz sec w daydxz As 1 tanzip seczip sec L1 1 tanzip Z So sec q 1 tan ip32 1 d dgtlt23 2 So radius of curvature p for yfx 1 ciydX23 2 daydle Similarly for a curve defined by parametric coordinates xft and ygt then p 39 dxdt2 oiycit2 132 dxdt dZYdtzl dYdt dZXdtz Note however that once you move from the cartesian plane to high er dimensions it becomes necessary to use vector calculus In that case it is easier to nd the curvature and then take the reciprocal of that to get radius of curvature To achieve this we nd the gaittangegtT to the curve C defined by mcmgjungtjgn rt at a given point using T r39t r39t that is find the tangent line as usual then normalise it Then we oet curvature K bv lldTdsll Bv the httpeverything2comtitleRadius25200f25200urvature 10142008 51 J m I 3 at 710 M 81 2 7m EIquot quot39 104790icz 39 1392 1 I 39 Avemp a39 O V 7 O mac 7149 Cz 2 r MC25 E 4 IO 720AP 3L4O 8 7T a CVEN 305 CLASS L MBER DATE PAGE 90 I 39 E3527KK I I 2MB 0 400 55g Rcoog 4l FT39 I A V 831 3 ZMJ393C3 4rKWVMWZ3W 1 gmae if W 4e 39 i 7 Q i I 2270le E 6 24 1 41 MIZ ZAPZJFZ39MU S V f 39 2442le 39 CVEN 305 CLASS NUMBER DATE PAGE j ZMQAC 20 E i 2397 AL 23 BBQL39JZ Mn 243 ww 450 msmm dz 39 A 3 39 jg recwwac 5074 24 a 3 2 3 7 t s 5er L CVEN 305 CLASS NUMBER DATE PAGE j ALTvZVaL E 439 Vv ZLLC CZgt4ZBQ ZCO m 4511 W12 2 I H quot I 21 j A lym zzf a C54L 6 42191433 542 c 3 2 4C4 O 11 9 V 2 v N39LIFL ill 3916 r V i 7 i24ff 048 460 ZACSI muo 17 E O ZGZYZ EOCIZf39 7 Mb M2 I i Ow CVEN 305 CLASS NUMBER DATE PAGE 2 quot i 4 Z W 39 CW m M4 31in 5 A f I 2 3 Z j r C quotWZEDZB y C3 3 f 7 WWW 7 CVEN 305 CLASS NUMBER DATE PAGE G7 CVEN 305 CLASS NUMBER DATE PAGE I Hi w Po Qt 1 l m0 a I 0 h j I 39


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