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by: Al Feeney Sr.


Al Feeney Sr.
Texas A&M
GPA 3.67

Nguyen Hung

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About this Document

Nguyen Hung
Class Notes
25 ?




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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Al Feeney Sr. on Wednesday October 21, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ENTC 181 at Texas A&M University taught by Nguyen Hung in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 95 views. For similar materials see /class/226130/entc-181-texas-a-m-university in Engineering Technology at Texas A&M University.

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Date Created: 10/21/15
CM rindep endent ofhardnessstrength non contact no burr remove materials withoutbum conductive material only safety slow EDM enonrconduct independent of hardness Cen ugai mg simple pressure casting sanirmass production symm safety FrictionWeidin g automation conduct monrconductg no shield gas no slay etnc p art e inerp ensive slow rennoval charge of electrode porous weak Brazin and Snlderin eloW temp Joining differentmatenals eloW Joint strength customized filler gap sensitive low service temp ontact mass production safety slow etching rate apply to thin sheet Laser Machinin rnOn contact fast independent of conductivity thermal damage taper cut cost effective on precious metal um enanotech precise deep penetration force Nay erpensive vacuu slow conductive sample is required so that the electrons do not repel each other Wamr jet en and sustainable ease of autom t n iniw vnlume tn area mun r oW curve erpresses thebehavior ofametal in plastic region of stress strain Curve th less likely isotropic mechanical properties more significant shape changes areposs 1e rthe coef clmt of lction betwem the part and the tool in cold Wort tends to be lower than that in hot working stick welding is a tern appliedto SMA rFCAW uses an containing flux and other ingredients in its cor rPAW apply heat from an ertemal source Sand casting is expendable mold n casting a ask is box which holds the cope and drag Total solidification time is defined as time between pouring and idification W e ectrode consisting of continuous consumable tubi e A riser in casting is descnbed by metal that is notpart of the casti of shrinkage during solidification vtmsle metal that is usually recy In sand casting mold the VA ration oftlne nser should be greaner t the VA ratio of the casting itself W o t f casting processes is the mostwidely used sand casting Jmm3 PDPARIZAW P3 ow er Wmm2 UmKTm2 Aarea mm2 vwafi momma Um Btuin3 on Rankine scale m f f2 p5cm Jmm3 on Kelvin scale K with Rankine Temp scale 1 4t57x1039S K with Kelvin Temp scale 33x105 2 melting factor W AW Fwpower source ofwelding or rate of heat S La original length Lr Final lengtln of specimen Sr Shearing force or force required for blanking N Lc Length of rgm a io noisy line of sight can diluteproduct cutplastic i anie urn norceramic Abrasive jet cut all materials including metal and ceramic pollute wi used abrasive Injection Molded Products rcomplai shape fast emold is compler cost Polymer eloW Tennp process high ductility light no rust rtanp limited low strengthhardness degradebyUV light non conductive in light min corrosion easy to machine ecostg softer lower strength against steel Cast Iron re sy to machine cast good damping rust heavy good compression poor tension 1 rno slag automation higher heat loss due to gas flow bulky compler boteh Rubber mein simple than cup drawing forging lower cost prototyping weartear ofrubber simple shape only and thin sheet only Sand Casting easy and cheap labor intensive low tolerance erpanded mold E moi g Vb etter finish more detailed than precise net shape intricate parts ercellent finish est ting def ts inclusion porosity rmass produce 1014 steel barrel nut tapping and forging sand casting diameter increases 73 then solidification time oflarger sphere increases 3 times ed in the computation ofthe force in an extrusion average flow stress cutting force in a sheet metal blanking operation depends on shear eren 7c entional mill tum drill unconventional laser EDM t caliper e laser x 3 5 rm 7 Tungsten melts at 337 8C Min Temp for hot rolling 3378Z73KZ e 273 1550c the composite rode could be produced by centrifuge and die casting rmido EDM increase current 25 MRR increase 25 same MRR asda n be economically Joined by Friction welding resistance welding for sheet meta rbroach vertical grooves in a whole 7 Mc used for debumng tool makin at 8mmin cutting speed will last 5 min rsteel 101001 101501541400 4 hammering a steel horse shore open die forging rcasting defect misrun can be prevented by increasing pounng temperature 00 starting workpiece in steel hot rolling ofplate and sheet stock is slab production ofpipes andtubes is associated with extrusion roiling 1 se and is after forming X rm direc extrusion fnction is a factor in determining the ertrusion force rb ar and wire drawing flashless forging and impression are bulk deformation process involved in the production ofnails for lumber construction E e 2 2 e e hem E 1 a 3 e rVrbending operation compared to an edgebending operation inexpensive too g used for lowproduction holding force in drawing is most likely to be less than max drawing force magyrrate forming process eiectromagietic forming g high explosive formm ebqu deformation process extrusion forging roiling et metal bending is the result of elastic recovery Buttioint Cornerloint lapioint Cut mm Vm pi R1 NR5 30 W tf ti d bl 1d t 0 CBS quotg We are Sips a mo pol mmquot T Thiclmess ofSheet or stock mm 55an V x LmAL 39 S Tensile strength ofmetal MPa V A2 L 4 mm plasterrmuld casting We r H E Dri e 013811an dimensionmm m m starting blank diameter mm DP Punch Diameter mm Brazing and Soldering Rx eductlonRatlo TBR Thickness and blank ratio Troom Tmelt F 7 o rDraWing force FH Holding Force blank holder force Syyield Siren GF Gravity Force none 1 2 3 4 m rmass k 2 1 Adhesive mechanical Vm Veloc LY fm 1dv mS Rm inside radius ofmold 2 5 lder39quotg Np Rotatlonal speed ofmold revmin 3 Brazing veiocity ofmoitenm al 9 h t f 4 Weldmg eigln o spruemm Mandatoryfiller Filler melts flows fill optimal gap of parts Fusion offiller material D Low Temp joining join different mat l TT Low joint strength customized filler 7Jampi Tioint edge Larger PowerDensity is Ideal Weld 1 0 c Liquid metal cools down 1400 c metalbegins solidificon 72 Fast cooling forms M a t a a 7 soft and ductile formed bnttle Can cause crack in HAZ by pre or post heating Hign carbon in steel 7gt More martensile egt easy to crack Martmsite Fe3C AL cross sectional area of ii uid cm2 cm Mold constant for solidification Fusion heat to melt metal 7 arc resistance oxyrgas energy beam Solid State heat pressure to melt metal 7 diffusion friction ultrasonic b lderin m ham a1 adhesive PowerHeat rate 1 Ifusing electricity P VI R12 you weld these materials together Wo As 1015 0 15 4140 0 40 or aluminum no carbon Arc Welding shielded Metal Arc Welding stick welding D min oxidation simple inerpensive Sla removal charge ofelectrode porous weak 1 Spark ionized medium egt ion and e 2 ion e bombardment egt melt weldment and electrode 3Weldment 7gt less energy low distortion weld thin sheet 4 Weldment 7gt more energy deep penetration 5Weld in airrgt oxidation ofweldment Metal inet Gas Welding MIG welding Contains a long coil ofelectrodes last a very long Tn sunning umxk piece insteei hm inning arpine and sneeisiaek is xlzh Pmducnan afplps and nines is sssaented wnh in bulk derannidan pmcesses um th mnpieieing and e i39 39 n Finsnin impressmn die ranging serves na nserni pllrpase and is nndesminie iseeinse n nnnsi ise mnnnned rmnn tine pin inen running in niieei Emmiquot mum is a item in deiennnning in exmlsmn farce w a i r are inwlved in tine pmducnan afmils fax lumber cansmmmn an and wiie duesing uids singing impllxx39nn die hxg39ng pmpen afthz nneisi sued Snuglh w a i r desenpnans ippiies td iveisending apensdanis campmdm inedgeeisending PD Power Density Jmm3 Roower Wrnrn Aarea rnrn UmUrii39teriergy for rneiu39ng Btuin on Rankine scaie Jmm3 on Keivin s e cai 39 uranium Wanremake ind m hwyquotdun K with Keivin Temp scaie 7 333x10 5 Spnngbackmsheetmeulbendmg speninsn 15th result af dzni natuvery unhz mull T K n VW iriin n rn miningr archive aming ii neat transfer factor snckquotweld is ienn ssnennnes applied wnen nrening in sun f1 rn i irg factor w w a n pmcesses nsedineieeimde eansisung afcannmlmls eansnnnnisie mining sandining mix and athzx ingnedients rcnw w a i r armweldmg pmcesses pmdvces tine nignesi tennpenmne mw w a i rsaiidesme weiding pmcesses ippiies hut rmnn inexiennsi same di iu39nn wading nxgzwd ng PwPower source otweioing or rate w a i r neisnik derannnnsn pmcesses Emuinn iuiging inning w a i r is iypeeiianne sinning umxk geanneinyinsneei nneisi pmcesses Lenmime m mxn n Tn aw curve expresses in isennvm af 5 nnetdi in which afthz raiiamng xegmns afthz sinessesinnnenne plan39s iegisn w a i r are advantages indenmetensoss afhmvmkag nemve td caldvmkag R esistance onrns Q i Current Amps Fti39me 5 VW Voiurne otweio mm N Tine eaerrisieni arrneimnisetween tine pin and tine ma in said mekmg tends id be we TDThz feature unit dsungnsnes inaan weiding fmmsalld suite weiding is unit nneiung Lu originai iengtn or specimen lunwe ing w a i r pmcesses ne einssiried as sand sine weiding Di uxinnand Ru wdding w a i r arc weiding pmcesses nse a naneeansnnndaie eieetmde an is cm pk vave weids are nnasieiaseiysssaentedwnienhnmainuypes ta 1 tor bianki39rgr N o Length or Cut rnrn T Tnickness of sneet or stock rnrn K nt oenoing cons Tn nsnn sin ndnnd nen givenw nne afmml depends snngiysn i u tuxme whine mum twi t hm so TensHe strength or rnetai MP3 Tn nen nnnsrennsisn nweidng s ssnesoydsrnednywnsn sns suns rsiiswng desenpdan lthxupux nnuflhzmhlhnl guian Ilhz mull thalix ieeeirsd I W W dm Of part 7 memo Of bend duewnxkxurfue axisV mm 11th n udnlinu nx turf ad in making n Weid failures always accurmthz fusmn mm afthz weid 1mm sinee tins is tine pin afthz 1mm am has been nneited sind eisdng is Wendi mid inessdng a dsk ishunwnismmidi thewpe and dug Tad saiidineidan one is de ned is dine hzlwnnpuuring and empieie xu di n m D Drawing Ratio Db starting oiank diameter rnrn Dp Runcn Diameter rnrn Rs Reduction Ra o rd niziallu iesd tie mung and wmpem z in inninidge during mlidi nim wsne niziallhal i unnlly Intytlni ng nan 39 the uni men w a t r essdng pmcesses 15th mast widelyused and ening w a t r ensdng pmcesses in expendnisie maid pdpendsns Invumiml mining and naming vuuuln rumbling xhgllmu ing innsnneniessnng is iss kmwn is innewsnpineen w a t r quali es is inneeisisnessnng pmcess inenmnnemdngmhnnennm unig zpvnruerns rlrzriri whyquot rJJ39H ngV will rpmA A t nquot m r 37 ML FD Drawing force E a yieio Strength 6F e Gravity Force none rn rnass kg v veiocity or rnoio rns R 39risi39de radius or rnoio n revmin VW veiocity of rnoiten rnetai rnrns Cm Maid constant for soii39di39fi39ca on ii iodiio RDPARi Aw U i fiRnUnAw up f1 f1 Psuime Um Aw VW in f2 t Rem s R i Ed U vw of energy into a weio 7 ng no A L RFKMSAWTlD s n p RRDerpDb TanaDd FdaPVDstSAHDpDtF 07 PH 0015pi39SDb17Dp ZZT5ZR1 6Frnvm Rm vm1ng 30 Q Vin AL cm v A


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