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by: Terrence Kshlerin


Terrence Kshlerin
Texas A&M
GPA 3.94

Sheng-Jen Hsieh

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About this Document

Sheng-Jen Hsieh
Class Notes
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This 189 page Class Notes was uploaded by Terrence Kshlerin on Wednesday October 21, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ENTC 410 at Texas A&M University taught by Sheng-Jen Hsieh in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 9 views. For similar materials see /class/226134/entc-410-texas-a-m-university in Engineering Technology at Texas A&M University.

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Date Created: 10/21/15
r A B L m Rockwell Automation Ilntrodluctiion to ContromMett with ControlLogix Lab Training Lab Manual INTRODUCTION TO CONTROLNET WITH CONTROLLOGIX HANDSON LAB 7 ABOUT THIS HANDSON LAB 7 What You VWI Accomplish In This Lab 7 Who Should Complete This Lab 7 BEFORE YOU BEGIN 8 LAB MATERIALS 8 DOCUMENT CONVENTIONS 9 LAB1 BROWSING AND UNDERSTANDING A NETLINX NETWORK 15 MINUTES 11 ABOUT THIS LAB 11 LAUNCHING RSLINX SOFTWARE 12 LAB 2 USING RSNETWORX AND RSLOGIX 5000 ONLINE 60 MINUTES 21 ABOUT THIS LAB 21 CONFIGURING IO USING RSLOGIX 5000 SOFTWARE 22 CONFIGURING THE NETWORK WITH RSNETWORX 49 LAB 3 USING RSNETWORX AND RSLOGIX 5000 OFFLINE 20 MINUTES 63 ABOUT THIS LAB 63 USING RSNETWORX OFFLINE 64 ESTIMATING PERFORMANCE OFFLINE 71 LAB 4 BASIC TROUBLESHOOTING TECHNIQUES AND TIPS FOR CONTROLNET 10 MINUTES 77 ABOUT THIS LAB 77 PHYSICAL AND PROGRAMMING ERRORS 78 KEEPERS AND SIGNATURES 85 NOTSPOOZBENE 9142004 251 PM Page 5 of 91 Introduction to ControlNet with ControlLogix HandsOn Lab About This HandsOn Lab In this lab you will see ControlNet39s determinism in action and learn how to configure and collect data without impacting lO communications You39ll configure applications and set performance times for timecritical lO You will learn to configure the network using offline tools to improve network performance Also included is a discussion of redundant media and intrinsically safe systems using ControlNet What You Will Accomplish In This Lab As you complete the exercises in this handson session you will Understand when to use ControlNet Determine what kinds of communication you would perform on ControlNet including Controlling lO Configuring devices collecting data peertopeer interlocking and more Configure basic network settings Configure devices over the network Control analog and discrete lO over the network You ll accomplish each of these tasks using a 1756L63 ControlLogix controller and a 1769 L35CR CompactLogix controller Who Should Complete This Lab This handson lab is intended for Control engineers or engineering management who design or choose networks OEMs who design or manufacture control systems Maintenance and plant floor personnel who maintain and troubleshoot systems Anyone interested in learning more about ControlNet 9142004 251 PM NOTSPOOZBENE Page 7 of 91 Before You Begin Before you begin this HandsOn Lab please be sure to close any applications that are currently running To complete this lab a general familiarity of computers RSLinx ladder programming software PLCs and lO is important Lab Materials For this HandsOn lab we have provided you with the following materials that will allow you to complete the labs in this workbook Hardware This handson lab uses the following hardware 0 1796CNET31 Demo Box with an additional 1756OB16I in the 1756 Chassis 0 One external 1769L35CR chassis Software This handson lab uses the following software RSLinx version 241 or 242 RSNetWorx for ControlNet version 421 or 500 RSLogix 5000 version 130000 Files This handson lab uses the following files CRSLogix 5000ProjectsoneACD CRSLogix 5000ProjectstwoACD CRSLogix 5000ProjectsthreeACD NOTSPOOZBENE 9142004 251 PM Page 8 of 91 Document Conventions Throughout this workbook we have used the following conventions to help guide you through the lab materials This style or symbol Indicates Words shown in bold italics Any item or button that you must click on or a menu name eg RSLogiX 5000 or OK from which you must choose an option or command This will be the actual name of an item that you see on your screen or in an example Words shown in Courier text An item that you must type in the specified field This is enclosed in single quotes information that you must supply based on your application eg39Controller139 eg a variable Note When you type the text in the field remember that you do not need to type the quotes simply type the words that are contained within them eg Controller1 Tip The text that follows this symbol is supplemental information regarding the lab materials but not information that is required reading in orderfor you to complete the lab exercises The text that follows this symbol may provide you with helpful hints that can make it easierfor you to use this product Note lfthe mouse button is not specified in the text you should click on the left mouse button NOTSPOOZBENE 9142004 251 PM Page 9 of 91 Lab1 Browsing and Understanding a NetLinx Network 15 Minutes About This Lab In this lab we will introduce you to the NetLinx architecture by browsing various networks with RSLinx In this lab you will Configure an EtherNetIP driver in RSLinx Browse over EtherNetIP to ControlNet Browse over EtherNetIP through a ControlNet backbone to DeviceNet Use a new EtherNetIP driver in RSLinx that can autobrowse for other EtherNetIP devices Learn how easy it is to bridge from a computer over EtherNetIP to ControlNet backbone Learn how the common protocol shared between all NetLinx networks makes seamless bridging from EtherNetIP to ControlNet and DeviceNet possible All of this is done using a standard offtheshelf Ethernet card that can Configure Collect and Control over different networks This is the power of NetLinx Use the steps on the following pages to complete Lab 1 NOTSPOOZBENE 9142004 251 PM Page 11 of 91 nrhinn Rel inv ltnftwarn ever EtherneMF39 m Either NethX netwurks 1 Duub e chckthe RSLinx shuncut an the desktup m auneh RSLinx su vvare screen mom 2 cm an the RSLinxmun m the semee tray emeu abuve The ququg screen shumd appear 03732 new 4 NOTVSPEIEIZEVENVE amznm 2 51PM Page 12 um p x m venous hardware dewce These devrces can be from RockWeH or from any commercra Suppher The combrhahoh of RSLinx and these devrces aHOWS you to nr 1 r To add the drwer go to the Communications rhth Se ect Con gure Drivers GatewaY Draqnashcs tanngmemmmnmamyg y y y y mmm Jim mm A Tip same screen NOTV SPEIEIZEVENVE BMZEIDA 251w Page 13m 91 4 Under A quotH n39 Add New button 0 sure I1 71 riveeeiecnenves ice 2 Eire im Kim rm eniieiNei de en painevaveicne M nepcciaicwnvei R 9 9l seivP s s SDSDZ is on W VMME Backviane SahLDgixSExx l DeviceNei DHVEYS i 786 PEDPE DS 77D KFDSDNPT diiveVSI PLE 5 mm Envieiei eiivei smv SLE sun was Envieiei eiivei sinners Were nannieeevmtvxeacva J Tip in Rsurixvav vviii notice 2 different Etnernet drivers iistee Ethernetuevices and etiiP Driver Tne Ethernet devices driver Works vvitn aii RockWeH Etnernet product but it vviii aniv scan tariP address tnatvav rnanvaiiv teii it to searcn for Tne EtherNetiiP Driver vviii avtornaticaiiv scan for and tine anv EtnerNetip cornpatinie devices on tne network Some aieer revision RockWeH Etnernetpraevcts E 2 can he ontne sarne network nvtvov rnav need to decide vvnicn driverin RSLinx is vaiiicviai ie i i iivi vvci n ers andorrnvitipie instances of eacn tvpe active in RSLirixattne sarne tirne Keep the defauit name AEETHP1and Seie 0K Add New usurix Driver mm anama lei iie new diver n 15 cheieaeis maximuml cancel ALETHIP i NOTVSPEIEIZBENVE aiAznm 251 PM Page 14 Mai 5 Keep the defaun semngs and se em OK mm llgtlt Hemee SM Q Mame r ameeemsme P Addvess Suhnel Mask Ban22 ADDLV He v NOTVSPEIEIZEVENVE amznm 2 51PM Page 15 mm Running Dr 3 an msiructur Se em close canngmea Duvevs Name39and Descuhan Aagw AB Ethemel RuNNwa He v Mm SW W W W 7 Underthe Communications menu se ect RSWho m zecunlv Wmmw new NOTVSPEIEIZEVENVE amznm 2 51PM Page 15 um 8 You will get the following screen Notice the ABETHlP1 driver that we have added By expanding thi 39w we will be able to see the 1756ENBT in our demo box Click on the plus sign next to the ABETHlP1 driver to expand the network view RSLinH Gateway RSWho 1 File Edit View Communications Station DDEIOPC Security Window Help 2391 el sis elm Ell 4am I7 Autobrowse Not Browsing 1 I A Ethernet g ABETHIPl Ethernet Linx ABETHIP1 Gatew Ethernet TIP The RSWho screen is actually RSLinx39s network browser interface which allows you to view all of your active network connections The left pane of this display is the Tree Control which shows networks and devices in a hierarchical view When a network or device is collapsed as indicated by the sign you can click on the sign or double click on the network or device icon to expand the view and begin browsing When a network or device is expanded as indicated by the sign you can click on the sign or double click on the network or device icon to collapse the view The right pane of the RSWho display is the List Control which is a graphical representation of all of the devices present on the network NOTSPOOZBENE 9142004 251 PM Page 17 of 91 175E ENETaHqum Nu that e w e w stgn We Wm then see the paehptane and aH er the rneeetes tn the ehassts We eeete atse then eenttnee ert eette ether netwurks threegh the 175BVCNE Sllnx emeway a n n r quot Em El H Matthews WW mataztetzztma e Watetstmoawetmm 3 Unx Gateways Ethernet is a 192 me I 22 17serNBYn 1755mm 192 me I 22 1755mm xtnwsng WM 7 mm eet 5 g ee et LmthS 17367ENBYA no we 2 n tewav Eth a 2 ALUMer etettta a 192 tax I 22 tweetern 1755mm a up 170 L03 toetmn togtwam m1755 are n e2 1755 N530 mamap Desjeje e3 1755 OHM211756 oatsIA DCDUY SOL e2 e3 mm tmmtn TIP What ts happentng tsthat RSLt39nxts senetng messages ever Ethernet te the 17567 ENET eeetytng the paewptanet ane eventuaHy the ether netwerks ane ashn Whe ts nut the El the aHed EmW 3 mg ts an trnpertant step tn the eern 5mg rews rntsstentng er any new rnaehtne te verth that 3 neees are present and unrhne t t netse ntannn ttr eeenters Wm be eeveree tater tn the tap NOTVSPEIEIZEVENVE amzem 2 51PM Paee we met aH of demo boxes As you browse methmgto conswder 5 that you Went out ofme computer s Ethernet card across me Contro Logwx backp ane to see me Cards m we Contro Logwx chassws You morch 17887CN2D nswh p Aunqu museum RocKwELLuuum 3 Unx Gateans Ethemet E1 3 najm 71 Ethemet a 5g Bmwsmg nude m nut rgung L2 1 7567ENBYA 17567ENBYn E E3 Backwarve 17564 g g nssmuowssss ugxssss new g on NEW p m uz moms 175mg Q m 179mm a mamao DDSJEJD ug HaarcNZD a r m um Ranthetngt1759L35cRcanthetht a a Backwane amvattl qwx SVstem a m DUamDactLa xx Pmcessm 17597L35CRn Locxxsaasck E1 3 hanne U r m 175mm anthet Pmt a a U3 mu 1759 Bus Manley vunsQn a a 1759 Bus 1759 Bus nu mu 1759 Bus Adaptev vunsgln 5 U2 nasrcNBD mamao DDSJEA a m 179 NR15 FLEX Io anthet Adaptev Redundant Meme 179 a 9 DE HaarchDN mung Dewce HaarchDN mung Dewce E1 3 2 DewceNet a nu HaarchDN mung Dewce v m R qhts qht Standavd onuse i U3 wasroaxsm wasroalsm DcounsoL NOTVSPUEIZEVENVE aWznm 251w P33219u191 Summary In this lab we added a driver in RSLinxthat allowed us to bridge from Ethernet in our computer to a ControlLogix chassis Then based on the types of cards within that chassis we could bridge to other networks This is the power of NetLinx being able to seamlessly bridge across different networks EtherNetIP ControlNet and DeviceNet Rockwell Automation offers customers a choice of networks which provides complete flexibility to meet the needs of their unique application Conceptually the NetLinx architecture consists of three physically independent networks EtherNetIP ControlNet and DeviceNet The NetLinx architecture is an open platform that seamlessly overlaps device control and information networks while providing complete connectivity at all levels These networks can be mixed to suit the needs of a customer s application efficiently without sacrificing performance Rockwell s central software package used to communicate on all of these networks is RSLinX Congratulation you have completed Lab 1 NOTSPOOZBENE 9142004 251 PM Page 20 of 91 Lab 2 Using RSNetWorx and RSLogix 5000 Online 60 Minutes About This Lab In this lab we will introduce you to programming using RSLogix 5000 programming software First you will launch RSLogix 5000 and create a new project for the Logix5563 controller Then you will configure the Logix5563 s lO tree to control the lO in the 1794 FLEX chassis Next you will configure the 1769L35CR to consume the data from the 1794 Flex chassis Finally you will use RSNetWorx to schedule your network You will learn how easy it is to configure control and collect data from a Flex lO module on ControlNet You will learn how the online capabilities of RSNetWorx allow you to configure a ControlNet network You will learn how ControlNet allows you to share data efficiently among controllers Use the steps on the following pages to complete Lab 2 NOTSPOOZBENE 9142004 251 PM Page 21 of 91 u x H nntruHErs Home cun gure VD mudu es add adder cude duvvn uad and veniy yuurvvurk 1 Duub e Chck an the RsLogix 5000 shuncut RsLogix 5000 sumvane an the desktup m aunch the mp ngm ufthe WmdDW i r w lt gt Newcammem m mm amped Pv nt Punt Optmns Recgnt m m NOTVSPEIEIZEVENVE amznm 2 51PM Page 22 um 4 Make the ququg changes and se em OK Nzw untrnllzr Tw sxm chasm Tyv warm 6 sxm Eamm Lagxx Ehassxs v Saiely Pavmev Em Say A Deals m e RSLagxx 5UEEPmeEAs Bmwse n s Ume m cun gure the cuntruHertu ta ktu speeme VD dawns Tm s dune by addmg mudu es m the HO Cun guratmn pumun ufthe prmemree m urdertu Es Labhsh we number RPI Requested Packet IntENaD r7 NOTVSPEIEIZEVENVE amznm 2 51PM Page 23 mm E Fm we Wm de ne the mudmes m m svvhmh mde a WEEVENET and 31756 e ma chess r we the 175BVOEWBWwae de nedatermtheabLetss Lanthhthe175B7ENET nthe heft pane atthe bunum ngm chck an no Con guration and smart NewModuIe NOTVSPEIEIZEVENVE amznm 2 51PM Page H mm cum Select OK Selea maule tyne 7 lyve was warm Descllvllan was soannn Dllve lnlerleee FSUEIEI Dllve lnlerleee Ellli ltl er WEBENETB WEBElhelnelBlldge was EWEBA was mm ths Elhernel Budge wEnhancedWeh Selvlces washs WSSnghSDeedEaunlel 2 Axls Hydlaullc Sewn LI Shaw Venle All v 7 ulher l7 SpeclallylEI SeleclAll l7 Analag l7 Dlgllal l7 Eammunlcallan l7 Mullah l7 Eanllallel ElealAll camel Help Select OK when the followlng screen appears Seles Mal nevslm SabdMaim Rev la WSBENETA Madule Flullla taeng Drsstea Mi l stxlm39 l v Cancel Help 39 TIP There are varlous check boxes at the bottom of the Select Module Type screen that allow forfllterlng of potentlal modules Thls can make lt easlerto nd the deslred module The 17567ENBTlS a Cornrnunlcatlon module NOTVSPUEIZEVENVE almnm 25l PM PageZSulBl a Make the rcucwhg chahgestc the screen as Shuvvn hetcw mauleprnpen n 11155 NE A Type was ENBTA was man ths Ethernet Budge thsled Paw Meme Vendm Aueh araatey avert tacat Name LDDaLENBT AddvessHaslName Descuvhan r hast Name Sh cancer that New 1 My 11 1 am The EC1 1 1 characters uhg and carrrrut Euntam renew characters We err WEEVENET the F39 address scruH acrussthe trurrt utthe ENET TIP vent hg stcrt RSLugtx suuu ccrhpares the fEIHEIng mf rmatmn rcrthe msened rheume In that at the nn gured stcrt Type Vendur Catatcg Number Majur Revtstch a d thr Revtsmh M M rheume Wm reject the cchhectmh Compatible Moduler the Meme TVDE Catatuu Number a d Mater Revtstch must match The Mmur Revtstch er the rheume must be ureaterthah ur equat tn the che specheu h the sc Ware Disable Keying rthe cchtrcruerwm hut erhptcry keymg at 3 NOTVSPEIEIZEVENVE amznm 2 51PM Page 25 met TIP 39 aH modu es gwe the greatest chances for success 9 NOW addme manner WNW e 3mm h V n 39 17567CNBD Mndul mm Vendm AHEnBvad ey Name 4W Nade newsquot A sm gt Revxsmn 5 a nemmcKeym Ban22 LEE2k Nexh 1 He p 39 10 L Ook as shown be ow 1m BTALocaVJNBT 212 WSECNB D LacaLCNE NOTVSPEIEIZEVENVE awmum 251 PM Pagezmw 11 Next We Wm add the 17B ACNR1 5 FLEX VD adapter the 17BAJEHEIgtltOEE dtscrete mpmDutput mm d card and the 17944E4XOE2 ahatug mpmuutputcum u eard T ese mu we are an CuhtrutNet and mu be added uhderthe WEEVCNE The EuntrDHErva bhdge thruugh the CNEtu the 17B ACNR15tu euhtrut the mudmes m the adapter s ehassts Rightchck an the 175BVCNE d seteet N E i IO ah quvatmh 11 175mm LacaLENBY a B 212 USSVCNBD LacaLCNB 5 4 e 91 cm W aw am g Paste a w neee gt mss Refevence we vaemes l 1794IE4XOE2 l I 1794IB10X056 I NOTVSPEIEIZEVENVE ahmnm 2 51PM Page 28 met 12 Serum unm yuu nd the WEAVACNRWEC se em n and than se em OK Selea Mddule tyne Type wadAmee Descuvhan wax EDHUD NEK andde Redundant edex Meme wax EDHUD NEK andde Rnen Meme 7 R EDHUD NEK andde Redundant Rnen Meme Se ect 0Kvnnen the muqu screen appears Selea Mayor Re n Se ecl Mam Rev rm wadAmee Madu e PmMe hemg vealed m eenee Rep NorsRnnzaeENeE Rage 9 mm BMMZEIEM 2 51 PM 13 PM W the data as Shawn beiuw and seiect Next Mndul Praiaer mi mamas mus 4 Type WNAENR SE was Eamm NeAAdaplev Redundant Media Vendm Augquot Biad ey aieni Name 4 m Damian ms 1 mm Revisian 4 i l E ecnamcKeym W TIP Chassis Size Seiemhe apprupnate number uf muuuies cunnemed m the hPWvPPn 1 and a m m chassis size S 2 Optimization NOTVSPEIEIZEVENVE BMMZEIEM 2 51PM Page 3 mm t4 Change the RPI Requested Packet tntervat tet tn rns and seteet Finish Mndul mum a mum Requested Packet mevva RPH tw 2 n 75 n rnsl r tnhttatt Mudute r Mata reutt Eln antruttet tt anneettun rettswhtte tn Run Made caret ns Heb TIP NUT The Netwurk Update Ttrne tsthe srnattest user eenrtgurabte rEpEttttvE ttrne eyete tn rnttttseeends at whteh data can be sent an a centretNet netwurk The range ts 2 te tun rnttttseeends and ts nnftgured tn RSNEthrX u t uu t ttt uata parenthettcaHy tn the rtght er the qusptn centret The RPI ts entered by the user an on y be transferred at btnary rnutttbtes 1 248163264 and 128 ttrnes the UT API not shown The Actuat Packet ntervat Apt tsthe rate tn rnttttseconds at Whtch data ts actUaHy sent to or recetved from the devtce Thts ts conttgured b R Ware when edtts are accepted andthe orkts scheduted tt ts based on the NUT and the RPI RSNetWorx WtH atways make the API the ctosest nurnber equat to or tess than the RPI that ts a btnaty rnutttbte d the NUT Forexam te ve setected an Rpt of to rns t the ts 2 rns RSNetWorx tht conttgure the API to be 8 rns Thts ts because 8 rns ts the srnattest btnaty rnutttbte of the NUTthat ts tess than or equat to to rns NOTrSPEIEIZErENrE amtmm 2 51PM Page at mat 15 se em a Sea New Module a 10 an quvatmn 755mm LacaLENBY mamao LacaLCNB x E 221 cw aw cm a Paste rm w De ete e cm mss Refevence vaemes rch fur the D g ta mudu e 1794IE10X05 and SE EEI OK We l WaumuxuasA WWW u Pmm a Pmm um AE an n e m n quotW m u an S Dmpm 2w DE SmkPmlecled Sam2 we was 32 Pmm 2w DE npm Smk USHERA BPmmZW Dcxnpmsm WSMBBSA BPmmZW DESensm an MUS SPDHNW xnpmmk 2 Ehanne 2w DE ncvemema Encade e mum2 Dmpm 2w DE Nan sa aledAna Dg Shaw Vendm AH v l7 EHhev 7 SpemanEI SewAH 17 Eammumcahan l7 Mahan E eavAH l7 EannaHev 17 Ana ag 7 D gua Norspnnzaemg Page 32 mm amznm 2 51PM PM W the dwa ug bux as Shawn and smart Finish mnxuas Mndul mm 25 Flzx mm mm 1m wamansA m Mum5 Dmpm 2w DE SmkSamce Type Vendm Augquot Evad ey Flex u A NW Descuvhan Eamm meal Rmm v can a New H 1 794AcNR15c chassw and se em New Module Search furthe IE4XoEz and smart OK saga Mndul mg Yynp wowumu nwum nquot 32 mm 2w o Wm sum 8 Pmm 2w DE npm Smk a Pmm 2w DE Sensm MW 9 Few m o Wm Smk y 5mm 2w o Fchucncy com d v Funm FsvzuaHyUEl 9mm l7 Ana ag W Dwgua l7 Eammumcahan l7 Mahan l7 EannaHev E eavAH NOTVSPEIEIZEVENVE amount 2 51PM Page 33 mm PM W the mamg bux as Shawn and smart Next Mndul Praiaer Ex mm mm 14qu 3 1 Type WEN uxugza 6 Mum2 Dmpm 2w DE Nan sa aledAna Dg Vendm Man a by Pavem Hex Name Anaxalcammgam s m 339 Descnphan E Eamm meal Data Rmm A WWW mew Law New Heb Change the RPI u ZEI ms mamer g5 nu m mu nxuzz az RequestedPackeHmewaHRPH 2n 75EIEImsJ r mmmm l Mam FauH Eln EannaHev u annecnan Fa swh e m Run Made cm 3X PM Haw NOTVSPEIEIZEVENVE amznm 2 51PM Page 3o mm Change Input Channel 0 to he Se ecuon Shown and Se ed Next W m P um a cm week New Heb Then Se ed Finish Not SPEIEIZEVENVE awmnm 251w Page 35 um E 1 m the FLEX chassws The Votree sheum uuk as shuvvn be uvv We have Eun gured the mserete Nata begms We QSNetWorx a a 10 an quvatmn 11 175mm mesz a 3 2121755 ataLCNB a 5 e NBDL 7 Hummusc hex me 7 a u 79HBmgtltoBs n D5 2 ew a 2 RSlnng snnn e lnqx5563 1156163 We m mew Seavch Lam ammumcah lllllne 18 aHuWustu bruvvse furthe preeessurwe want m dDWH Dad m e um xs ln x556315 63 he m Vxew 5251 We ammumtatmns w W en Path n omhe Laexssaa Heme Cahthev Yang 7 Cahthev Fau t Hahdh 19539 Mme r1 7 Latkcahthev E Yasks 77 a flamesk gee Eau ls NoTesPnnzaeENeE ahmnm 2 51PM Page 35 mm H m a GNU se em n Path bunch Theh chck an the Download bunuh Aglzl l7 WWW a Wammmmmum 3 Unxeateww my at E1 3 najvhwrx Ethemet a g 192 ma 1 22 maman 1755mm Eggs 7 1 Update vamwave uz I7SGVCNBD USSVCNBD Dusjajn mm U3 nssroaxsxn nssromsxn DcounsoL l He v Path Msij maz mm 22Backp ane 52 Pvmect Path 3 Path m PMs2A ltnanegt Dee Pvmeu Path When yuu get the WWW mamg se ect Download A Dawn aad m the cahnaHev Type was LBSA Eamm LDgxxEElSS EannaHev Pam Aajrhw maz mm 22Backpane Sammy ltNanegt p cm Heb NOTVSPEIEIZEVENVE ahmnm 2 51PM Page 37 mm Tip The Set Project Path outtoh wm cause RSLogix 5000 to remember 1th path and assocTatethTs path thh 1th program That meahsthat m the future m RSLogixSOOO r you to just seTect Download or Go Dnlinefrom the mah mehu Tt wouTo know to use 1th path F muquot 1 r RuN 39 Naches NaEdus 7 mmg Where the oTspTay says Rem Prog Tt Ts hoTcatmgthe state ofyour processor H couTo aTso moTcate Program Run Rem Run orTe co or sue for Program or Pem Program Green for Run or Pem Run Red for PauTteo wm aTso match the state of the processor The pTcture of the processor key wm meTc the actuaT key posmon PTay thh the key oh the processor and watch what happens e Ila Not Responding grapth wm meTc the HO LED oh the from of the processor ooth o currenuy be ohhwhg green The U0 LED Ts currenuy o hg greeh because the No we entered mto the HO tree has hot yet been scheouTeo thh RSNetWorX The yeHoW cautToh thahgTes are ThoTcatmg that the No we cohhgureo oh Cohtrowet Ts hot WeWTHT am h Rslu nsll ma 5553mm say as aw Search 109 c m m whuat i Cnntm laq tagrxssea an masks 5 Megan Gmuns Ta mm a a Data was a ti no anruumtm j m Usarmia tutumr j z z nsmro Lam ma YJIZIF oaaIA D stveteicunhnitavd NOTVSPEIEIZEVENVE 91 mum 2 51PM Page 38 um Let s investigate the cautmn triangies Seiemthe1794ACNR15ICFlexNode7nghtehek and seiem Properties E aw q u HQHBmxoBsn m NW We a 1 nsnwozza nhe mss Refevente we PVW w The fEIHEIWing dieing mu appear Seiectthe Connection tab immune prune es lotal eenemehal BequesiedPackeiinievvaHRPH mug he 2n 75mm l39 lnhihii Moduie l Maim Fauii ah Eonimiiev u cahheenah reuswme h Run Mode Bode iSNEISi 71 cahheehah Raquesi Eum cahheenah quotDi scheduied ewe W Hep Under Module Fault you see the ermr cede furthis euhheeuuh There are of euurse many pussibie errurs Shawn here iS CEIWiECUEIH hut scheduied That is because RsNetWorx 51m HEEdStD be run to scheduie the HEMDrk mm m 39 in me lab rul w 39 continue he lab This was done to ustrate some ba troubleshooting techniques Norspnnzaemg amznm 2 51PM Page 39 mm h we 5e ect Properties torthe DrscreteCornooCaro orthe Anatog ornoo aro and 00k at 5 sensor Eannecuan l wane hul FauhMeAchanI manurequot Bequested Packe nterva RPH m HE ms 39 lnhrhv Madthe use rant on More n swarm runwan hnun was cm W nap out quotmug Tms rs because these modu es are Underneath the FLEX adapter w the HO tree 50 fthe FLEX adapter 5 rs worwng TIP As vou progress through an HO tree a oevrce that rs expanded under another oevrce rs caHed a Child and the oevrce aoove rt vvou d be caHed the Parent n thrs specrnc se the PLEA dudpt r 3th 20 To be safe et s save our current RSLogiX 50Wme ov chckmg on the save rcon h vou get a dwa og srrnnar to what rs shown be ovv 5e ect YES to up oad the tags nsm x5 n 1 Yea values mav have merged she the lee save 7o enmrethat mnznt vahssave saved vou shudd up uadlhzmr Upland va ues heme saving the waleth N 0T7 SPUDZB ENV E 91 AIZEIEIA 251 PM Page An MSW Berore We continue iet s naye a oiscossion on c 5 There are seyerai Ways oroatnerin data on ControiNet Depenoino ontne type or rnoooie seiecteo lt Choices shoWri heiOW There are dtherpdssihiiities arid their definitions are aiso discussed heiOW Module Prnvu de I194Imnxuaaia x ryoe irso iBiUXEIBSA in inooirs Duivui 2w 0 SinkSwine Vendai AiienBia y Parent riewooej Name Stat n 31 Desciiviiar Rack noiinizeiion v Deie Listen Uni Deie ipn i cmi acct Nam nap Tip Rack Optimization A rnetnoo orestapiisnino a connection to an aoaptertype oeyice that aiidWs aii discrete iriputs to serid data via this Connection arid aiidWs aii discrete After iiie aoapter The Rack Optirnizeo connection is an eiricient Way to gatheraii seiecteo inpots ano controi aii seiecteo outputs in a sinoie connection A Pack Optirnizeo gather the additidriai data NoneA After a communicate tnrooon this connection rnostaiso pe conriooreo onoertne aoapte using any type or inoiyiooai rnoooie connection None is aiso good for peer to peer scneooieo cornrnonication NOTVSPUEIZEVENVE arm2m 251 PM PageAi oiai Input Data 39 39 39 39 39 data from the same device If the connection is to an lO device that requires time when the connection is first established Be sure that ifmultiple connections Input Data Output Data or Rack Optimized to the same device exist that the 39 39 identical 139 39 39 need to already exist on the network you can et Input Data with or without an existing Owner connection Rack Optimized lnput Data or Output Data Listen OnlyInput Data This connection type allows multiple Controllers to receive incoming data from quot 39 39 39 39 39 connec ion nu UWllel 39 39 39 Innui Data or already exist to the device to produce Listen OnlyInput Data The transfer ofthis data is valid only ifthe Owner connection is active lfthe Owner connection goes the L39 r 39 g be 39 39 traf c is generated with this connection An Output Data mo e Prog or Run of that particular device lfthe connection is to an lO device that requires 39 the Out ut 39 39 39 one Output Data The one and only controller of outputs to that device time when the connection is rst established Before we schedule the network let39s create a program for our other controller the L35CR int already created has the Logx5563 processor controlling ne over ControlNet but it is still verytraditional 21 stand alone chassis The progr m we the HO within the FLEX chassis This is being do One of quot on ro et is r We are going to illustrate this by creating a program in the L35CR processorthat will have access to all ofthe inputs in the FLEX adapter This is all based on the ControlNet u E r A uel L x we r being read by two processors Open a new RSLogix 5000 window by selecting the proper shortcut on the desktop You can leave the previous RSLogix5000 window for the Logix5563 open NOTVSF39EIEIZEVENVE EMAmm 2 51 PM Page 42 Df Bl Se em File New se em OK Nzw nutrnllzr Vendm Men Bvad e y Ram Redundancy Enab ed Dgspnpqan Ehasxxs Tyne mane 31m D Saveiy Paviuer S nt Salgly Nelwmk Numbev newquot cRSLagx5DDDPvmecls Emma u NOTVSPEIEIZEVENVE amznm 2 51PM Page as um 22 VD tree a ready has a Comma pun nn gured furyuu antvaHev Yaqs antvaHev Fau t Hand ev IEI PaweerD Hand ev Yask Maanmqv m Unsthedubd quvams mn Gmuvs Unqmuved Axes IEI E1 Smut IEI a Man a a Maau eroennea NOTVSPEIEIZEVENVE 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y Data Revtsmn j A Eteename Keyh meme Keyhg eneet lt Back Next gt W He v Norspnnzaemg ahmnm 2 51PM Page o5 mat 24 Yett sheutd nuvv have an tO tree th the Lasthhat tanks WE the quuvvtng a a 10 an quvatmn a o t tragetasch antvaWet Part taeatcrta a a 71794rACNR15Ftex ade tteteh a u I794rIBmXOBSA oteereteahaagamteteh a t HQHEMOEZB nhataqgahaagamtteteh Ea amvact us taeat 25 Save the RSLogix 5mm LSECR pretest H tttattttt 39 39 Wh A 3911 Chck the uf the cumputer aver Ethernet thtu the WEBENET acres the ehassts backptane warm the meme nut Cahtruthet thtu the LSECR Cahtruthet pert aerussthetma ehassts backptane and warm the LSECR CumpamLuth Prueessur That Was a very tang path that Was eastty traversed That tsthe puvver uf NEtLtnX l7 Attaaawee e kastattan ROCKWELLDDDDI 3 Unx catewayszthe et a 3 negrhwet Ethemet a 3 L2 168 t 22 trsaemaw trsaemartn g a kvtahe1756rn4ln nu trsaetaa toatxssaa Lmztx5563 Update Fumwave m tvsaemann U2 1756rCNBD 1756rCNBD Dusjajn E ase E 3 A antrawet a tu m tragetasch antvaWet Part 1769rLESCRt Heb a a Ba stem Path AaertP maz teat 22aackptahe2Ataaekptahem Path th Prateet lthahegt NOTrSPEIEIZErENrE amtmm 2 51PM Page t7 mat 27 Smart Download Wnen the ququg screen appears Dawn aad m the cannaHev was USERA EamvaclLDgxxESSEER EannaHev Path Auww maz mm 22Backpane2A Backp Sammy ltNanegt em Hap 28 Let us be safe and save the RSLogix 5mm preuem Say Yes m Up uad Tags 29 wax 39 Intmu man an me and cuntru s uutputs elf bmn a mserete and an enema card W thm a FLE chassws We have created mnerent RSLogix 5 o prugram m an LSECR nntruHerthat vnH rename aH enne same mputs bmn mserete and ana ug n mthe same FLEX chassws Nuvvvve need m cun gure and amvate uur HEMDrk usmg RSNetWorx NOTVSPEIEIZEVENVE amznm 2 51PM Page ox mm Con guring the Network with RSNetWorx 1 tauhehn Oh the desktop Maxtmtze the wtrvdow El 2 Go ehhhe by chckmg Oh the ehhhe COrV 39 up art RSLinXWho browse dwa og Browse to the Contro Net network as shown be ow and chck OK amuse fur Ntwork Setect a wmmtcaltam path In the dashed hetwmk il l 17 Autubmme H t E kastatmm ROCKWELLDEUDI fa nx k ways them a 5 AB ETHIP7Ehe E met 55122 SEVENBTIAJ x7serNBTA kotaned u 1 sartsa 1061x5563 LDthSEES m 17567ENBTIA 5 DZ 7 S rCNEI Dusjsju 4 7 5m cantmlNetht was 3 u21755NBDI75ampNBID 538 4 U7 mammals thx 10 antvowel a a ma maratan Unkm Dame wash i na nearomslm x7ssromsIA ocom IS Baum Hsz NOTVSPDUZEVENVE BMZEIEIA 2 51PM Page 49 at 91 5 Shawn be uvv Campamuw Sys em 1755mm DE ex a 5M chasm WEEVCNZDN Lmkmg Devme NOTVSPEIEIZEVENVE amznm 2 51PM Page an mm TIP Nance the green mus swgns That 5 an ndwcatwon ame node 5 seen on the network but not currenuy m the RSNetWorX of me we There are other posswb e Symbo s an the egen 5 shown eow You can gettms same nformauon m SNetWorX by chckmg on the syrnbox Legend m the 0p RSNetWorXtom bar Not SPEIEIZEVENVE awmnm 251w Page 51mm Netwmk Qewu 98 amp l7 Edd Enab ed ptds stghs as the dhhhe ahd uf me mes HEIW mateh We HEIW heed td Eun gure the DvEraH netwurk parameters We the NUT SMAX ahd UMAX Thts ts ddhe frumthe mam mehd etwork Properties nntrnlNz ushetwm lnr untrnlNzt he sat dame tad dew J t t ghee a We 3 vgdtegmgghthe m g scheme Cince Edtts Z Ujhad me Netwmk Keevev Status Sia nev Stehetme Status Tip NUT The NEBvurk Update Thhe tsthe smaHEs L user Eun gurabhe repeuuve UmE yde m mtthseedhds at Whmh data eah be sent uh a cdhtrdwet netwurk The range ts 2 td mu mtthseedhds ahd ts Eun gured m RSNEthrX wtthth the schedmed bahdvhdth unschedu ed UmE an a Cuhtmwet h k Nudes set at addresses htgherthah the UMAX Wm hut be ab e tn eummumeate an the HEMDrk NOTVSPEIEIZEVENVE HMOZEN 2 51PM Page 52 met cnange yuur parameterstu match mm s snewn be uvv and chck OK llzl Newpmeem nemseanmml amen Nelwmk Update nne ms Max Seneauea Addvess Max Unschedu ed Addvess Meme Redundancy Nelwmk Name A Ban22 Aw y He D Tip repeaters ber ur ung max runs mm yuur system We do nut need m Enter anymmg nere because uur netwurk s so smaH n 1 m Chckun tne Save mun l NOTVSPEIEIZEVENVE amznm 2 51PM Page 53 mm Save the cun guratmn underme File name CLXand chck Save Savem BNeAwmks v Save 88 We Eamm NeA Hes 39 xc V Ban22 7 When the quuvwng mamg appears chck OK Euhev a the laHawmg chm2e Wm save the updated schedu e F Elvhrwze and ye wme schedu e rm a cannechans d Mevge changes mm exenng sche we fyuu get a Retry mamg se ect Reuy 11 we Norspnnzaeme amznm 2 51PM Page 5o mm seneoote enange Tnts rnetnoo of savtng resotts tn tne rnost Ef ment seneoottng atgorttnrn but nas tne greatest trnpact on a runntng system enanges yuu have made durtng tnts sesston tnto tne Exts ttng seneoote Tnts ootton ts not avattabte tt one ottne quthrtg oeeors A HEMWk parameter enanges Tne 1 a rttnntnn stern tttn netwan yuu are workth on nas never befure been seneouteo Merge wttt be unavattabte netwurk ts reseneouteo Wavrttrtq ammuntcattan between a devtcest trtdudtrtq 10 an the netwavk RSNetWorx ts rtuvv on oottotng tne netvvurk and oowntoaotng tne seneoote Tnat rneanstnat RSNetWorx ts readtng aH ottne eonneottons on tne HEMDrK oeetotng tfvmatyuu have NUT tn tt aH NOTrSPEIEIZErENrE attmnm 2 51PM Page 55 otat frunt er bum preeessers they shumd be suhd green Check the no 0K rnmeamr m bum RSLogix 5mm prugrams they shumd be suhd green and there shumd nu unger be any yeHeW w r 9 Frog made L W mqu rm New m mm mm H m r uperatmn putr r m meter bux Eruwse m the Main Routine and deume chck un rt 6 E tvnHe39anx ESD menu a c more rant render a WNEHJD Hand ev a a 39aks a 45 Mame 3 9 Mamr wqmm Thatva hung up a rung m em made as shuvvn be uvv wwwx illif NOTrSPEIEIZErENrE amznm 2 51PM Page 55 mm m Deume chck an the We area and yuu Wm get the ququg WmdDW Type may m the bux and mme Enter key Tm Wm msen a may ms Lructmn mm the adder l M n 1 way M l mu End 7 ntruHEr Striped Tags s se ected Chck an the drup duvv u 3 BE sure n menu Eruwse unmyuu nd thetag aHEd FlexNode7 a Nuts yuu may need m meye the headershderbaruvermrded yemeauy m see the enure tag name Hm enter mg 0 x m Fl 7 Efbxjhde 71 c EnmnHm some Teas NOTVSPEIEIZEVENVE amount 2 51PM Page 57 m aw m Lag an AA 2 FlexNode700Datz L p EannaHe v Suave Fags Evaquot cage 55 3 area m mm M rung that h take the mputsfmmthe meoaa mscrete ccme Card w the FLEX hassws and muve them m the uutputs ufthe meoaa mscrete ccme Card w the FLEX hassws nu zxnuminunu unurumu NOTVSPEIEIZEVENVE amznm 2 51PM Page 58 mm 15 Douote cttck on the End rungto add second rung tn a stmttar manner vvhen ttntshed the rung shoutd took ttke the foHong ov Mave Sam2 rtewudejt tchutnpmosts tam pest rtewudejt o chuompmosts u t the EA card tn the FL p the EAXOE tn the FLEX chassts Use the kevswttch to ptace the Processor tn RUN mode W the demo box ventv m Move the pot Ato on the demo box andvou shoutd see the meter ADO move We have successtuttv Conttgured the we of the Logtxsses processor ustng RSLogiX 5000 Scheduted the ControtNet network ustng RsNetWorx We added rungs ustng RSLogiX 5000 to verttv our work th e other processor nets pretty oastc and any PLC on the market can accompttsh the tn seethep t t tn So far every thtng we have do am 392 k N V W as the aothtv gather tnput data from the same source and choose Upload tags when prompted 16 Save your program h to the tnstance of RSLogiX 5000 for the LSSCR controHer tn the standatone chassts Thts HH tt tout 17 Swttc p ocessor need to verttv thts NOTrSF39EIEIZEIrENrE tammm 251 PM Pageaautat 18 Duub e chck an the Controller Tags EEIH m the cuntruHErtrEE RmRun In Carma 21 Few Hand ev PaweerD Hand ev shuwh MH WL Wm 3 mew mew k we I I m 3 w 4 4 WA m m m mm Node7 39 Mn p Node7 change 7e Stage LSSERleammHev v 5th y shawAu Salt TagName v agName 7 Vane Ia Eng d Lmen Dv mm WW a Wm H n W m M W D W 4m NOTVSPEIEIZEVENVE ahmnm 2 51PM Page an mm 20 Save your program and upload tags when prompted In our L35CR controller we have just verified that it is receiving the same input data from the FLEX adapter that our Logix5563 controller is This is done over ControlNet with a single packet being sent from the FLEX adapter with both processors receiving it Congratulation you have completed Lab 2 Exit RSNetWorx quot ontrolNet RSNetWorx for ControlNet le Edit iew Metwork Qevice Diagnosti U mew CtrlN IE I R my gpen Ctrl0 a gave quotNH 5 Current 2 Save as 300 generate Report 48088 239 Print Setup Print Pregiew 5 Erint CtrlP 539 ControlNet l 39 abject I I 39 I 39 l39 39 anmnniratinn Arianrer Summary In this Lab we have Created programs for 2 different Logix controllers Defined and configured lO on ControlNet within these controllers Downloaded ladder programs via RSLinX Scheduled the ControlNet network using RSNetWorx Produced and controlled lO data within a processor over ControlNet Consumed input data within another controller Learned some basic programming techniques within RSLogiX 5000 NOTSPOOZBENE 9142004 251 PM Page 61 of 91 Lab 3 Using RSNetWorx and RSLogix 5000 Offline 20 Minutes About This Lab In this lab we will introduce you to the offline operations between RSLogix 5000 and RSNetWorx software This is a feature that was added into V12 of RSLogix 5000 and V4 of RSNetWorx First you will open 3 separate RSLogix 5000 files that have been previously developed Then you will use those RSLogix 5000 programs offline and link them to RSNetWorx and observe the network characteristics offline You will learn how RSNetWorx can be used to configure ControlNet and manage offline performance without the need to have all of the hardware available You will learn how to avoid performance issues early in the design cycle You will learn of the unique advantages of a scheduled network like ControlNet that will allow you to determine performance and guarantee O update times regardless of network loading You will learn how easily ControlNet supports multiple controllers on the same network exchanging O and peer data Finally you will learn how to detect potential ControlNet bandwidth errors and how to correct them Use the steps on the following pages to complete Lab 3 NOTSPOOZBENE 9142004 251 PM Page 63 of 91 39 grams These prugrams epresem 3 Merem Cuntru NEt nudes an the same netwurk nudesw 2 and a Each cunswsts uf a Lugwx EBS preeesser and a waacwaR m a hassws Each ufthese nudes pruduces a tag uf 12D mm and Each Wm cunsumes a tag uf 12D mm frumthe uthertvvu Lugwx BSs That meansthat Each nude sends a smg e packet 12D DWT and Each nude Wm recewe We uwerem 12D DWT a ready been cun gured 1 Start a newmsiance uf RsLogix 5000 l l mreemry Wmeh shame be me defaun Ill 4 M W H l Mmm v u y 2 EL Ne me we a W W mm Sunu mm Am Lam v we l4z three me one two ur three NOTVSPEIEIZEVENVE amznm 2 51PM Page 60 mm assu mate Tip RSLogix 5000MB are a su aHEd ACD me because when saved n s smreu as ename ACD RsNetWorxmes are a su aHEd x me because when saved thev are stared as ename x Frum nuvv an we refertu them as ACD urxemes Tip Ev assumate We mean eenmure the ACD mers m a speemexe we Mumme ACD CD a a smg e nude an the Cuntru Net netwurk the ucaLCNE and smart Properties e H l m 1 v a 2u1755NBRtha E m 1755mm am am a 3u1755NBRDthvz aw QM 1 17551530 QM Deee De mss Refevence om pm mw NOTVSPEIEIZEVENVE amznm 2 51PM Page 65 mm Type mree a eenee l emem due ml aaekpenel r yew and edu the Eamm NeA nelwmk r chedme the Eanna NeA nelwmk RSNeAme rm Eanna NeA eemm he hunched unm Dendmg edus ave avvhed He v Slam Dmme Chck YES when asked m create threenodesxc Fw e dues rm em vests RSLaqxx 5EIEIumYe thveegades xa the Wammg abuut reatmg the xeme because n has been created Save ACD me one two and three 8 Law ch RsNetWorx for ControINet Norspnnzaemg Page 65 e191 amznm 2 51PM 9 From the File menu Se ect Open enevate REDmt Punt Setuv Punt Pv ew 0 Hull u gtltC We CaHed three nodes mm l WMES 4 Pies nV Wax lemWel wa 39 XE v Danna NOTVSPEIEIZEVENVE aWznm 251w Page 67mm 11 You should get an empty network with the following information displayed at the bottom a etude I Date I Desm H 0 NH aznu mus2cm n 23 Dql l t l 6 NH aznu mus2cm n 23 l t l 0 NH am i i I n l 0 NEYEIAE inliSzuuanza e e informational dialogs are RSNetWorx s way ofindicating what is going on in this xc le Mainly these dialogs are saying that RSNelWorxneeds to incorporate data 39om nodes 1 2 and 3 39om the RSLogiX 5000 ACD les To include these edits you must enable edits 12 Check the Edits Enabledbox 39 thre nodes RSNEtWDrH fa e Edit yiew Network Qavice lib El l lal v Edits Enabled N etwolk Ll pdate T ime ms J U nscheduled Bytes Pei Sec Network Usag ll NOTSP002BENE 9142004 2 51PM Page 68 of 91 RSNetWorX Shomd H of uv from ACD mes one We and three You shou d now have a network that ooks We the foHong He m v w Nawa we D aqrmshcs r 2 V M imam aamvmeen Jii39 WH Pemmg Pendmg 397 MW B Euuem Pendmg Euuem DvhmxzedEdus MavgedEdus NelwakapdaAeTxmeWs sun Avg Schedu ed and 5m 5m Newark Usag u 39 Unschedu ed Ewes P21 82 mass Peak Schedu ed Band 2 uz 2n uz 4 175E7A1EIA4 7 Note These bubbes are nut actuaHy 39 Alt I three ACD an the screen Th are here fur Ev 1755quot 5quot mustrauve purpuses NOTV SPEIEIZEVENVE BMZEIEIA 2 51PM Page 69 Draw Pmn m Chck OK Nemmwamme m Memacmmananl Banyan Nelwmk Update We ms Max Schedu ed Addvess 39 Max Unschedu ed Addvess Meme Redundancy WWW 39 Ban22 Aw y NOTVSPEIEIZEVENVE amznm 2 51PM Page 7 mm Estimating Performance OffLine So tarwe nave associated 3 ACDtiies trom a singie network witn an gtltC tiie RSNetWorxtnen buiittne network ottiine We tnen contigured tne NUT SMAXand UMAX Now we can gatner intormation about our network trom RSNetWorX Tnis can now be done ott iine witn any version ot RSLogiX 50W v12 or greater 1 First We WiH took at the overaH network traffic At the top of the RSNetWorX Window you SHOU d See data Simiiarto What is Shown beioW T111515 giving Us data on the Scheduied and f of individuai nodes ending Pending 7 WWW uiieni Pending uiieni UDtimizedEdits MeigedEdiis NeiwmkUDdateTiMEIMS sun Avg Seneduiedaend 58 ltInscheduied Bytes Pei 82 mass Peak Seneduied Band 2n 1oz 2m iiiuii iiiaiiui ui unscneduied trattic attertne scneduied bvtes ot data are subtracted Tnis number oniv indicates wnat is avaiiabie tor use it is not an indication ot now many vtes are or are not actu 11v being used Tne current indication reads about 540 kbvtes per second avaiiabie An empty network ot unschedu ed ban dWidth avaiiabie c g an in LabZand ai in i i iai oi who The nodes to be in program mode Mer ed Edits is iess etticient but oniv requires edited nodesto be in program mode in our case botn coiumns Pending Optimized and Pen irig Merge Edits snow eouai bandwidtn 5 81 Avg and 201MB Peak becau ewe nave cnanged SMAX and UMAX indication ii at the time Of the save g wnen iooks at an ottne scneduied data tnat must be transmitted trom eacn node and now otten it must betransmitted itwiii arrange tne data to be sent in certain NUTS since not an data is necessariiv sent everv NUTtrom eacn node some NUTS wiii nave more trattic in tnem tnan otners Tne beak number istne worst case NUT and tne average is a bandwidtn average ot128 UTs Tne cioser to 100 tnat tnese numbers are tne busier tne network is ittne Peak is near1 a b w i t busv because it brobabi 100 but tne otner NUTS do not nave tnat mucn to transmit so tne network is not tnat busv NoTesPnnzaeENeE ammnm 251w Page71ota1 Tip Here are same genera ru es abuutAverage and Peak Scheduhed Newark Eanuwpm 1 Asthese numbers appruach mm m s an mmcauun uf huvv much sche e bandvvmh 5 use the amuunt uf unschedu ed bandwmth avaHab E Wumu be WEIEI nrschedued bandwmth Tm s nut an mdmatmn ufthe hkehhuud mm manusseu shumy s a much mare mpunantfactur 1 future Expansmn thhuut makmg majur changes and thatthere s nut much 7 my men n s acceptath m have these number appruach mm a Hun MW a Errurs and nut be ab e m schedme the netwurk thhuut makmg changes ngm chck un node1 m RSNetWorx and than se em Properties NOTVSPEIEIZEVENVE amznm 2 51PM Page 72 p151 aener Ds rTe aeeeveal Penang Penan ewem gamea Egus vergea Egus Averegegekeagea Usage m Peek Seveagea 95 m 95 m gsege Average rrensmrgea u m u m Packet mu Usage Peek Tvansmmed Packet km Usege H mm g um Avevage Peeeveg Packet km Usage 5 364 5 354 Peek Peeeveg 6 m M m Packet mu Usage eenee v keg g Average newvurk speeme nude vath the average and peak de nmuns frum befure sun app ymg n STrine terms a CentreTNet nude ean emv transrmt abuut 25m 16 buvvergs per NUT mune Weng mean that a nude was transrmmng abuut 25m vvergs per NUT n uUr ease We have a Peak er as 68 an m at Teasm NUTvve mus L be sendmg a m er data OurAverage er m D5 Wumg and m ndmate gmgg NUT n uUr ease fy u g gm ek at the me we NUT 24m uUr arge Peak and um smaH Average NUT er 5m RPTmurns frum unsumed vame 3972 therefure APEDms ur enee every 16 NUTs rr uUr ease T the rm We have a Peak uf M 29 and an Average uf 5 36 NOTrSPEIEIZErENrE amznm 2 51PM Page 73 e191 nu rne numbers snbwn an the cbmbweueb ave cmlul m me mccesmlhe netwnrk Asthese nunbeysabbmaen mm n e 283 hkewma ms nude vnu Vundm pmpevw thsxsbemusea thesenumbersEpmaach1 mehusevtms speu cnade Wu be Pvepanng bmebnne Packets and memvetmg ncammg Packets Yms p aces a bumen anthe 1755ecNBR s cpu Wmch mav nm be ab e a keep up Yms snm a newmn ssue n e a neymve ssAe the zhnve mscussmn nn uenwnrk and name bandwidth Is menu In unuemznmnu mu menmung am when using RsuerWnrx nmme 3 mm em and se ed Fvopamu my nudes 2 and 3 m snbme see en Hay 125mlst muse nudes a Savemeks swnm bnbenen a seed okm obnnbe benene ems eeee en bbeenene undev 1DEI Eventhaugh be had mgh peeks enee b nee be avvn e mgnw hke ytha ms n21va va bnebn WW nb ebeneee nebne m an babes had been avev1 by Nam Avevages had been neben n e basebeme ebeneee we have been neededm eeube netvvu m bnebn bnbbenv sbne mwesmm nab beb n m need b neebnneme My newva be m Avevages nu Fm mast apphcmmnsthe NUY snbme be between 3 and m ms Maw Peap e Mh handwdth ssuesvym ncvease the MN men usuaHv makestmngs wee Whenhavmg handwdtm sAe hsusAaHvduema specmcnade smahmwm Pmcessthe da a bemg sem and renewed duem cpu mus Ms e usuaW med hv changmg the nprm avgevvames NEIY spam an E VHMDN m w Paveuavw Close all three instances of RSLogix 5000 and close RSNetWorx 5 Restove n e Mnrnrze D Mawize Congratulation you have completed Lab 3 Summa n tan Lab we have Ltnked 3 drtterent ACD tnes to one xc Me Learned about Network bandwrdtn Learned about Node bandwrdtn Scnedmed a ControLNet network ottnne usrng RSNetWorX Acmeved a basrc understandrng of tne hkehnood of a networkto tunctron propeny othernetworks AH Urne CHUCa HO data 5 Schedmed on Contro Net Unschedu ed data Such as HM THLSLS one of dtsmbuted no and peer to peer rntenockrng NOTVSPUEIZEVENVE Samarium 251w Pag275 um Lab 4 Basic Troubleshooting Techniques and Tips for ControlNet 10 Minutes About This Lab In this lab we will introduce you to some basic troubleshooting techniques to diagnose network issues First you will learn to distinguish between the two major ControlNet errors Physical Media and Programming You will learn how every ControlNet node contains built in network error counters that can be used to detect errors than can be used to diagnose issues and avoid downtime You will view the various ControlNet diagnostic counters You will learn how nodes on ControlNet contain built in statistics that can be monitored using RSLinX to help manage your network Finally you will learn about ControlNet signatures Use the steps on the following pages to complete Lab 4 NOTSPOOZBENE 9142004 251 PM Page 77 of 91 Physical and Programming errors W x w W WWW Physma errurs mprupertermmatmnresws mrs mpruper max eame F39uur ENC Ermmatmns an the max kmks m the max mpmperuse ufurmwssmg repeaters Runmng ufcuax c usetu mgh puvvarhnes Havmg the max smem nnnemed m gruund parameters and ssues vwm revwsmn Physical Issues Physm Errurs ean be warmed by we majur methuds Methud 1 Wumd be m uuk atthe CHA andDr CHE LED un any Cuntru Net mudu e Under nurma mrcumstances these LED shumd be m anPn m atthe mag 39 a H nude HAE LEDs Hm Ms 1 Use the shuncut an the desktup m auneh RSLinx NOTVSPEIEIZEVENVE amznm 2 51PM Page 78 mm 2 Seteetthe SWho mun and bruvvse frum Ethernet ever CentretNettu the 17B ACNR at nude7 Seteet L nght chck and seteet Station Diagnostics as Shawn y sth F e at Vtew ammumcatmns stem DDEOPC SetunlY thdaw HE D Nat Bmwsmg 51 w vkstatmn ROCKWELLDDDDI 3 Unx catewayszthe et E1 3 najmvex Ethemet a 5 12 168 I 22 nssmaw 1755mm Ba ku ane 175mm 5 DD naeteatoexxssea Lathsssa E1 3 channem DFI m 1755mm uz mamao mamao magma 3 n cantmwet y m 175mm antvaWet pan 175mm antvaWet pm 1 a me i U3 memen use an quve Dvwev Devtce vaemes NoTesPnnzaeENeE amznm 2 51PM Page 79 met Cuntru Net Enmmunicatinn Status acting Diagnnstic Enunter Read 1a trensnitten gnn nut nf step euents Receiuen gnn Netwnrk silent transmitted ahnrten ewe anr anne a ate Fm seme basms The cuunters mm the bux are 3 name mtegers and Wm curmnue m a mgh vame harkm Pm are nut usmg Channe 3 Fur unterwm nut unhese cuunters are mcrementmg yuu have nmse an the sys tem and n s mated m mememstauatmn and that these ssues mus L be taken care uf m1 NOTVSPEIEIZEVENVE amznm 2 51PM Page an em errers everurne u 51 Bummunicatinn Status EHUE Dizgnnstic ununter nean 1n 17n51 n 511 n 511 n n n n n n n n mg n 1 n channel a state n unheard nccurrences n Tnere rs a secund screen avaname unry an the mam that can pruvree addmuna truubresnuuung data Yuu can vrewtnrs screen by bruvvsmg m the CNER at nude 2 seremng rt and new chckmg and seremng Module Statisn39cs 7 Au NmBmwsmg a r kastatmnROCKWELLEIEIEIEII 3 Uer Gateways Ethem t a 3 najrnm Etnernet a g 12 155 1 22 17557ENBYn naemarrn a g a e mamn man nu 1756163 toexxsssa taqrxsssa ann on n E 3 h 17 5er e u er Dvwev oraanastns WW PW E 613 WWW a anreme Dvwev a an r m17 Dev U3 e an 15 max Io Canthet Adapter Redundant Meme 179 5 me neemzow Lrnhnq Dewce neemzow Lrnhnq Dewce i u macawn meown DcounsoL ma El NOTVSPEIEIZEVENVE amznm 2 51PM Page 81 e151 Earher m Lab 4 Emu pan DEW 5am annecnan Slahshcs m annedmns Used 39 Emmanumm Bangs m Maxms ze mu m M as my Uhhzahan W 4215 UK Ban22 AWU He v NOTVSPEIEIZEVENVE amznm 2 51PM Page 82 mm The Screen he owwsfromme Lab 4 Sermon on Nude NeMark Usage 05 Fuel aeeegegl Pendmg Pendm mew namgeg Edus Mevged Edus Avevage Schedu ed m m m Usage Peak Schedu ed 95 594 95 594 Usage Avevage Tvansmmed Packet mu Usage H Um H Um Peak Tvansmmed Packet mu Usage H Um H mm Avevage Renewed Packet mu Usage 5 354 5 3539 Peak Renewed b 294 b 294 Packet mu Usage eanee mg Hep Some ofm CPU Utilizatian and he Cannentians Used msp ays Tip approaches 54 ms passm e to run outofconnecuons Approachmg 54 connecuons mum hrmt a user s ahmty m 1 Expandme sys tem 2 Make an unschedu ed connecuonm gaeomme through me mm 3 Have HMS readme controHers tags through me CNBR 4 Tnggermessages m addermgm routed outofme CNBR NoTesPunzaeENeE BMZEIEIA 251w PageEBulw TIP CPU Utilization is an indication of how busy the CNBR is servicing the network If this number goes over 100 it is likely that you would experience a dropping of connections The display of the CNBR will also scroll a latched error message indicating that the bandwidth was exceeded 1 As the Peak and Average Node Network Usage increases so will the CPU Utilization N V In general it is recommended to keep this number in the 5070 range 3 After you schedule the network with RSNetWorX it is recommended you monitor this number and make adjustments accordingly NOTSPOOZBENE 9142004 251 PM Page 84 of 91 Keepers and Signatures 1 g Launch a new ms Lanee uf RSNetWorx Chek an the Online mun BEE nnkrnlNe RENethrx or onlrnlnet 1151 mm newqu um Dlaunrgsgcs my my 11 Bquot v4 E 4 m M L NOTVSPEIEIZEVENVE amznm 2 51PM Page 85 m aw 5 EruWSE u Bur CEIHUEI NEI HEMWK SE EEI L and Ehck OK saw a cammumcanans Path m the mm mm 7 WWW a kastater ROCKWELLUUUU 3 UnxGateanSEthev z a 3 mm mm a 5 192155 17serNBYA 17serNBYn 2i nu mam Loexxsss Laqxxss a m 17serNBYn uz 7567NBD 1 SGVCNBD Dusjajn y 1 058 Dcom gt mew Heb NOTVSPEIEIZEVENVE amznm 2 51PM Page 85 mm 6 Alter RSNetWorx nishes browsing you should get a screen similar to what is shovm below l Edlls Enabled Eunenl Eunenl Eunenl N wmk Update We ms 3 an Avg Scheduled Band 5732 Eanneclmn Memmy Usage 1 max Unscheduled Bytes P2 82 mm Peak Scheduled Band 7 2w 1755mm Flex a slut chassls waarcnzon Lmkmg Dame 7 From the main menu select Network and then select KeeperSBtus onlrulNel RSNELWurx or tnntroINet F Touls Help nale Pass Bvuwse gantlnuaus Erma l Q llna Fm I man EnabbEdh NelwwkUp E umkadula gplnad from Network Qawnluad m Network l d m u t y H Netwan Usag La NOTVSPOOZBVENVE 9142004 2 51 PM Page 87 of 91 premern 1111 keeper s gnamves ave used An reemrry rke nelwmk eenrreurenen and ensuve rker eu keeper eepeme dew2 ave synchmmzed an rke nelwmk We may medes ms gms mm rke keeper mrsmalch messages we appear m rke Messages mew Renee eperekeeper Here Tip ens a Controwet node wrm me capabmty to store and appry scheduhng rnrorrnauon and network parameters such asme NUT SMAX and UMAX and Media Redundancy serecuons ror a umque networ conrrgurauon keeper devrces are 17847KTCS 17847PCKZS aH PLCSC S 17567CNBR 174778CNR and1788rCNCR rs re determme rrme newryrermng keeper shumd be vahd er mvahd The mtent ufthe nnnemuns Every keeper smres the were newerk keeper srgnamre and Every k pr H m arrrrr WW rr NOTVSPEIEIZEVENVE amznm 2 51PM Page ea mar Tip In a properly configured network there will be one and only one Active Keeper which will be the lowest node number that has keeper capability All other Keeper Capable nodes should be valid The actual value of the signature shown in hex is no important other than all Keeper Capable nodes should have the same hex value displayed Each time RSNetWorX is used to reschedule the network you should examine this screen and verify that all nodes are valid If one or more nodes are not valid you should either rerun RSNetWorX or select the invalid node and then click the Update Keeper button Important It is strongly recommended that after each time you reschedule the network you monitor the Keeper Status screen and verify that all nodes are valid When the Keeper Status screen indicates that all nodes are valid all programs from all controllers should be uploaded and saved 9 Close the Keeper Status screen by clicking the Close button 10 From the main menu select Network and then select Scanner Signature Status EontrolNet RSNetWorH for ControlNet Eile Edit ew etwork Qevice Diagnostics Iools Help 1 I B V a lngle Pass Browse Q Q ii gontinuous Browse 51 IE inine F10 g l Edits Em Enable Edits 3 Network Up Cancel Edit g Unschedule Qpload From Network 2 q gowmoad to Network Download Minimum to Network K Scanner Signature Status Hardware I E Cate groperties a NOTSPOOZBENE 9142004 251 PM Page 89 of 91 prubtem Read the etreted next term 8 s eusedmvahdalethecanstslencyaAhescannevcanhgmahansThe stgnamve rm each scannev ts slaved m the seams usev m the anhne some keepev and m the amme Me Thts dta ag Dmvtdes nstghl mm the seams mtsmalch messages that may aDDeeV m the Messagethew en L t Beam mm mm m u n2 nu Dmme UthS 4 Wm came Renee Hep Scanner matches the hex vame In the Online Active Keeper Tip u n r sinned h the Acn39ve Keeper Fur examme a Werhhd HEMDrk had a CNEfR uhvsteauvtad and Wm drabbed a R W u d t ONE trem ahuther HEMDrk as a remaeemeht The remaeemeht CNE ianature because these EDHHEEUDHS were ntEndEd fur a dtttereht HEMWk 12 Close the ScannerSignature smus screen Norspnnzaemg ahmnm 2 51PM Page an mat Congratulations you have completed Lab 4 Summary In this Lab we have Learned about typical ControlNet physical issues Learned how to use ControlNet s nodes Diagnostic Counters Learned how to use the CNBRs Connection Manager information Learned about Keeper Signatures Learned about Scanner Signatures Congratulations you have completed your Introduction to ControlNet using ControlLogix lab NOTSPOOZBENE 9142004 251 PM Page 91 of 91 Introduction III EthernetIF k 5mm Rockwell Automation WELCOME TO THE INTRODUCTION TO ETHERNETIP HANDSON LAB 7 ABOUT THIS HANDSON LAB 7 BEFORE YOU BEGIN 7 DOCUMENT CONVENTIONS 9 REVIEWING THE APPLICATION STORY 10 LAB 1 CONFIGURING THE COMPUTER TO COMMUNICATE TO THE PLC 11 LAUNCHING RSLINX COMMUNICATION SOFTWARE AND CONFIGURING A DRIVER 11 LAB 1 SUMMARY 14 LAB 2 ADDING FLEX IIO 15 ABOUT THIS LAB 15 LAUNCHING A PROJECT IN RSLOGIX 5000 PROGRAMMING SOFTWARE 15 ADDING THE1794AENT ADAPTER MODULE TO THE IIO CONFIGURATION LIST 16 ADDING A 1794OE4 MODULE TO AENT IN RSLOGIX 5000 PROJECT 18 ADDING ALIAS TAGS TO THE CONTROLLER 20 DOWNLOADING AND TESTING THE 1794AENT AND 1794OE4 23 VERIFYING FLEX LADDER LOGIC 24 LAB 2 SUMMARY 25 LAB 3 PROCESSOR INTERLOCKING 26 ABOUT THIS LAB 26 VERIFYING ETHERNETIP CONNECTIVITY 27 CREATING A PRODUCED TAG IN L63 CONTROLLER 27 CONFIGURING THE CONSUMER OF THE PRODUCED TAG 30 NOTSP003E ENE 9212004 Page 2 of 98 39 A LA LA CREATING A CONSUMED TAG INITIALIZING THE PRODUCED TAG LAB 3 SUMMARY ABOUT THIS LAB DOWNLOADING TO THE 5563 PROCESSOR LAB 4 SUMMARY B 5 ADD REMOTE 0 ON DEVICENET ABOUT THIS LAB LAB 5 SUMMARY B 6 ADDING A POWERFLEX70 DRIVE ABOUT THIS LAB ADDING A REMOTE CONTROLLER IN THE L55 PROJECT DEFINING THE PRODUCER 30 32 SAVING AND DOWNLOADING THE CONSUMER PROJECT 34 35 TESTING THE PRODUCED AND CONSUMED TAGS 36 36 B 4 USING RSVIEW ME AND PANELVIEW PLUS 600 37 37 37 OPENING THE EXISTING RSVIEW ME PROJECT 37 REVIEWING THE HMI COMMUNICATIONS PATH 38 CREATING AND DOWNLOADING A RUNTIME APPLICATION 39 CONFIRMING THE PANELVIEW PLUS 600 OPERATION 41 42 43 43 ADD 1756DNB T0 RSLOGIXSOOO PROJECT 43 CONNECTING ALIAS TAGS TO THEIR 0 POINTS 45 REVIEWING THE LADDER LOGIC FOR THE DNB 46 46 47 47 ADDING THE POWERFLEX70 DRIVE TO THE 0 CONFIGURATION 47 VIEWING THE PREDEFINED DATA STRUCTURE FOR THE POWERFLEX 70E 50 NOTSP003EENE 921 2004 Page 3 of 98 CREATING ALIAS TAGS FOR USE WITH THE POWERFLEX 70 DRIVE 51 DOWNLOADING THE RSLOGIX 5000 PROJECT AND VERIFYING SUCCESSFUL COMMUNICATION 53 REVIEWING THE LADDER CODE AND OPERATING THE DRIVE 54 CHANGING THE SPEED REFERENCE 55 LAB 6 SUMMARY 56 LAB 7 WEB SERVER AND TRAFFIC MONITORING 57 ABOUT THIS LAB 57 START WEB BROWSER 57 LAB 7 SUMMARY 62 EXTRA TASK 62 LAB 8 REVIEWING FEATURES OF THE EWEB MODULE MORE THAN WEB SERVICES 63 ABOUT THIS LAB 63 OPENING AN EXISTING RSLOGIX 5000 PROJECT AND DOWNLOADING TO THE CONTROLLOGIX PROCESSOR 63 ACCESSING THE 1756EWEB 64 CREATING AND USING DATA VIEWS AND REMOTE CUSTOM DATA MONITOR 65 WRITING DATA TO THE L55 PROCESSOR FROM THE EWEB MODULE 66 SETTING UP THE EWEB TO SEND EMAILS 67 SENDING CONTROLLER GENERATED EMAILS 68 MODIFYING AND DOWNLOADING WEB PAGES 71 DATA COLLECTION THROUGH XML 72 LAB 8 SUMMARY 75 APPENDIX A ADDING DEVICES TO THE NETWORK 76 APPENDIX B COMMUNICATION FORMATS 83 NOTSP003EENE 9212004 Page 4 of 98 APPENDIX C ADDING MODULES TO 0 CONFIGURATION LIST ADDING AN INPUT MODULE TO THE PARENT RACK 84 ADDING AN OUTPUT MODULE TO THE PARENT RACK ADDING ETHERNETIP MODULE TO THE 0 CONFIGURATION CONFIGURING A REMOTE ETHERNET NODE APPENDIX D VERIFYING THE DEVICENET SCANLIST USING RSNETWORX FOR DEVICENET APPENDIX E DRIVE EXPLORER CONFIGURING I MONITORING DRIVE PARAMETERS USING DRIVEEXPLORER VERIFYING PARAMETERS IN THE 20COMME ACCESSING THE ADAPTER S MAIN WEB PAGE NOTSP003E ENE 921 2004 Page 5 of 98 Welcome to the Introduction to EtherNetIP HandsOn Lab About This Hands0n Lab u mdus ma n and Ham rnHPmnn u features uf EtherNemP What You Will Accomplish In These Labs Huvvtu cun gure a netwurk Huvvtu an enema no Huvvtu ue mter uckmg Huvvtu use PaneMeW PM BEIEI Huvvtu use F39uvver ex Drwes Huvvtu use Web server page furtraffu mumtunng Who Should Complete This Lab Tm handseun ab 5 mended fur users Wundermg n EtherNeMF nu d Wm fennen apphcatmn Knuvv edge uf RSLugwx sum and RSme W u d be he pfuL but 5 nut reqmred Before You Begin luu u 1 muse any apphcatmns that are mnmng 2 Frumthe senme tray n the uvver ththand Burner enne cumputer desktup ngnt chck an the Sme nd chck un shundown RSLinx 3 Ensure tnaune shutduwn RSLWX 4 Frurntne cumputer desktup duub eechck an the Batch We E 5 NOTVSPEIEISEVENVE ammo Paeemaa a fthe Cuntru Lugwx Prunessurs are nut aneauy m Remute Prugram mude use a keysthch m change them m Remote Program 7 Rewewme physma EtherNemF39 damn bux un yumame smg e bux E Revwevvthe EtherNemF39 netwurk magramfurme damn bux m mm N91 mkDm mu mum 1 1 NOTVSPEIEISEVENVE azwmm Pageauvaa a Revwevvthe enan be uvvfur F39 addresses yuu Wm use ater m the ab Network Devices PC 175 ENETE Parent waaENBTB cnnu 1794 AENT Wm EDD 175 PuwerHexm Dnve Note that mmaHy you Wm have a network cunsws ung of 7 nude on yeurtame Document Conventions ab matena s This style or symbol Indicames RSLogix 51H m OK Wnen you mus1 choose an ennen my command Thwswm be an amua name Man Hem me you see on yum scveen m n an examp e Wuvds snewn m CuuHeHexL An Hem Man you musHype m We specmed he d Thws e mmvma mn n m ComrolleH39J Nola Wnen yuutypethe ext nn nenemnemembenna yeu u nu needm ype We queues swmp y ype hewuvds ha ave r nn H m Tne temnat s mspxayed as snuwn s supp ementa mfurmatmn regardmg the ab matena s n s not mfurmatmn that s reqmred readmg m urderfuryuu m cump ete the ab Exermses but may meme you thh he pfu hmts that can make 1 easwer fur VDU El USE MS product NOTVSPEIEISEVENVE amour Paeeamae Reviewing the Application Story This lab has been created mostly around the ControlLogix L63 processor in slot 3 of the chassis in the upper left corner of the demo box You may assume that most of your plant operations are through the L63 controller which includes the discrete control analog control PowerFlex drive Electronic Operator Interface and DeviceNet Your management decided to add a remote controller L55 for process interlocking at a later phase Also you decided to add a web interface module EWEB for providing easy access to maintenance department and remotely located system integrators to diagnose troubleshoot and predict maintenance issues on devices or machines in the plant lfthis was a real project prior to this point you should have taken the following steps to install your system All Rockwell Automation modules including EtherNetIP interfaces are installed and powered up Control and network wiring are complete Almost 90 of the startup problems are due to either wiring or network architecture related Your controllers are connected via EtherNetIP network or other networks You verified the system status by looking at the LEDs of the controller and EtherNetIP interfaces You are ready to configure the IP addresses and other network parameters for each EtherNetIP devices There are several ways to configure an IP address Rockwell BOOTP utility is just one of them Other tools are RSLinx software RSLogix 5000 software DHCP software and more If you want to learn how to use BOOTP refer to AppendixA To save time all EtherNetIP nodes have been preconfigured in this lab NOTSP003EENE 9212004 Page 10 of 98 Lab 1 Configuring the Computer to Communicate to the PLC In this lab we will introduce you to the RSLinx communications software In this lab you will Start RSLinx I Configure an EtherNetIP driver Launching RSLinx Communication Software and Configuring a Driver RSLinx is the communication software that allows a PLC to communicate with your computer We must first configure how we want our computer to communicate with our PLC 1 From the Windows start menu select Start gt Programs gt Rockwell Software gt RSLinx gt RSLinx If this launches the software in the mputer service tray lower right corner of the computer desktop click on the RSLinx icon 5 to maximize the software 2 Once RSLinx starts from the toolbar menu select Communications gt Con gure Drivers as shown below quotI RSLinx Gateway File Edit View Communim gns Station DUEUPC Security Window Help Con gure Shoriru Con gure Client Applications Con gure CIP Options Con gure Gateway Driver Diagnostics CIP Diagnos m Gateway Diagnosiics NOTSP003EENE 9212004 Page 11 of 98 mEHUt W Ly Me U Ethemet dew2 Ethememp Dvwev um KTKTXlDlPKTXIDlPEMK rm DHoDH ms dew2 mm mm rm annahet dew2 on Pung Mastev Dvwev 17m Drr hquot WWW mm h Rstthx yuu HEIUEEd 3 dtttereht Ethernet dHVErS hsted EtherNeMP Driven m m m w 39 39 39 h neherat use the he therNeMP Driver tvvm autumatmaHy sea EtherNemP eumpattbte dEWEES an the hetvv nu hm d h fur and nd any k Afevv utuerRuekweu EtherNettp D Search fur Yuu can have nmbmatmns uf dHVE each type amve h RSLmX at the same We f hee rs ahaer mutttpte hstahees uf ded 4 Aeeeptthe detautt name utAEfthFut by Ehckmg OK am new wsmx mm Ewmc a m W New n5 mzudev mummy aw W 7 M Subnet radm buttun 5 Checked and than BUCK OK v 7 EE Wetmm t t e Hmwse LacslSutn r Emma Renqu Subnel lPWess suns Mask ad dresses azhznm NOTVSPEIEISEVENVE Page ma Vehty that the dHVEr S RUNNING as shuwh betuvv e and Des2H hart Auth AB Ethemet huhhwe I Lgtg E ase hetv 337quot RSLDQtXEDDD prugrammmg Sumvane Ctuse the Cuhhgure Drwers matug bux and chck an the RSWho EEIH The RSWhu WndDW appears as shuvvn betuw 5 he sat hew ammuntatmns Stattm nosop Sammy WWW Hetp 2 i s a a I4 at v 3 UnXGalSNEYS Ethemet 3 Aaghxex ahehet ggl M1 AAahvnwse Nat Bmwswg m Um atcw Aajmwd Ethemet y ymyiyiugmm39yim mm an Heb puss Fl az NOTVSPEIEISEVENVE mum Page13u158 E CHEK an the s1gn nexttu AELETH FM EtherNemF39 yuur netwurk Yuu shumd see the quuvwng F39 addresses Enswhn 1 Bmwsmg 551121921581 7 151m 1921 1 5e 2 1755751151119 1755751151 A 192 168 I 3 17567ENBYn 17567ENBYn g1 192 151 1 4 1794755111 FLEX Io Ethemet Adaptev 1794 m 192 15 PaneMew 9155 51111 PaneMewP us 192 15a 1 5 1755mm 1755mm y 192 151 1 7 Pawev ex m Pawev ex m zmv 4 2n a muse RSWho m muse RSLinx 11W 1 Lab 1 Summary featurew A su RSme 1s a great mm m check uutyuur netwurk du ng stanrup 1755mm 17947951119 1755mm 15512 192 1 1755mm panewewm Paws 192 15a 7 A1151 2 a Q kastatmn 1955 3 Unx Gateways Ethemet I 19215115 19215114 1921511 5 192 15a 1 7 ex NOTVSPEIEISEVENVE amznm P911219 11 ea Lab 2 Adding FLEX O About This Lab The purpose ofthis lab is to add a 1794AENT FLEX adapter with an analog output module to your network con gure that node and control the analog meter on the HO panel 39 39 discrc exist under the Parent ENBT module in your lO con guration list The discrete Also the Child ENBT already exists in the HO con guration list You will be adding a eviceNet scanner to this Child ENBT in the DeviceNet lab In this lab you will Add an FLEX adapter 4 M RSLogix 5000 con guration tree Write Logic in the controller 39 39 39 quotquot code there in your project Launching a Project in RSLogix 5000 Programming Software In this section ofthe lab you will launch the RSLogix 5000 software which will allow you to program the project 1 F u desktopquot kl I39I m l 2 Doubleclick on the existing project called EIPDEMOACD n 39nni 5000 The Hum Iga ofthe RSLogix 5000 window with a Controller folder called EIPDE Notice that the locally con gured modules Parent ENBT IP address 19216812 discrete e r MO Inpu r panel The Child ENBTIP address 19246813 has also been con gured k5 m3 Configuration 3 El D117SfrENBTAParenk 3 x t756IE16D myJucall t D 2 175605160 myJEMDIEOBlED NOTVSPEIEIBEVENVE Page 15 nr 98 BZlZDUA fyou Wantto eam how to add modu es 0 HO Con gurauon MEL refer to Appendix Catme eho oftms document 3 ngm chck oh the Child ENBTgt Properties towew the cohhgurahoh parameters such as P address S ot humoeh etc Mndul pran Eenma Emma Madu e hal pan Eanhgmananl pan oomml Backhanq we 755ENBTA1755 U UUMhpsElhemelBudgeTwsledPauMedwa Vendm Men Bvad ey Pavem Pavem Name Md Addvess Husk Name Descnghan A awpgamm 92 ms 3 PhasAName sot sham Sue a 3 Tl Js mummy oam whg v Slam umhe cancew Awh He v 4 u o Adding the1794AENT adapter module to the IIO 39 quot 1 From the ControHer Orgamzer HO Con gurauon fo der hght chck oh the Parent 17567ENBT modu e choose New Modules and men chck oh the 1794AENTmodu e as shown be ow 1 sc c 75 thema ndge 1759 mm mm chm Evr gc wznssmd was swm 1757 rmowmm Ls Dom IUI MbvcE maps AhzngAHquot ssmgxsuoo lhcheAHquot EYHERNEY mooucz omvc Enme Mudu J mer 7 We 397 apemamu SebmAl 7 Anamg W luglla l7 Lummumtahon I7 Mulmn 7 Lummuer L aalAV Lam NOTVSPEIEIBEVENVE BZWZEIDA Page 16 mag aimmm 2 Chck an OK Wheum i i i amt accept yuur changes Szlut Mayor n n Seieci Maim Rev rm waoAENrA Madu e PmMe being vealed Maia Revisian 2 v Ban22 Heip mick Finish mnmw mp HEALRENT Mndul Praiaer mutma AENY n2 Type waoAENrA Wei mmn mm EthemeAAdapAev mm Pan Media Vendm Augquot Biad Pavem event Name WHEXAEN Addiess Husk Name 02mmquot A F FAddvess V EammEmmai EhassisSize 2 Bevismn Ti 5 Ll r am Name Eiecimmcgeymg Disame KEWVE 39 semi New Heb fyuu Wantt ieam and mm ducume mare abuut Cummumcatiun Format refertu Appendix Batthe Ht NOTVSPEIEISEVENVE Page 17 m ax Adding a 17940E4 Mudule to AENT in RltI 39 1 Frumthe CuntruHEr chuuse New Modul reject OK the Next buttun amznm u Pmm 2w DE Dmpm Sam2 u Pmm 2w DE Pmlecled Dmpm Sam2 WEN EIBSZPA 32 Pmm 2w DE Pmlecled Dmpm Sam wamaaA BPmmZW DE 5 Pa m 2w Dmpm me Exeenameeuy Fused Pmlecled Dmpm Sam2 w Sam2 39 quotin en WEN EIFMA e nne 2w DE sa aledAna Dg Dmpm Sam2 a Pmm 22w AE EMAle 2 DE Dmpm8mk u Pmm 2w DE Pmlecled Dmpm Smk a Pmm Re ay Dmpm SmkSamce Vevy ngh Speed Eaumev u Pmm NAMLlR aw DE VVDmEaumev Shaw Vendm AH v F EHhev I75pemeuyvu 7 Ana ag l7 Dwgua Sexeemu 7 Eammumcahan 17 Mahan 17 EannaHev mew We Heb m 139 Hum Amman0E we mmvmge mm Ardag uhl V m n e we Nurer I MeWeE 3M n A newquot a 4 meme v Fl A A n 39a my y Dmmeyw ea hm M m NOTVSPEIEISEVENVE Page 18 m ax Orgamzer VD Cun guratmn fu der ngm chck an the HEALAENT and e Shawn be uvv mauleprnpe es Mynexnz now may Rwues edPaskeUmewaHRP aura m lZu 75mm Iquot mm Mnge Mezm FauH Du EanuaHev n tanneeuan Fads WM m Run Made Eanne Bank Nexl gt Heb 5 Chck un NextS Umes 5 that yuu see the ququg nn guratmn screen Ban22 lt Bapk Next rm gtgt He p 6 Use the puHrduWn menu fur Channel m se em a range uf o no mom to 20m smee We M be usmg u m m VDCfurthe ana ug meter m the damn bux 7 Chck un Finish NOTVSPEIEISEVENVE amznm Pagewma quot quot 39 ontroller When the vame pr pne tag changes the uthertag enanges ts venue as wen and we used genera tag narnes m the adder ugu Tne great advantages pr ahastags are asquuvvs rpr such as Infanyi mm 39 amps One ean huvvever eusmrnrze these tag narnes dependmg upun the type pr apphcatmns T251 yuur ugu thhuutthe HO cunnemed Laterr cuntruHEr FmaHy nnventhe desmpuve tagstu anasesrprtnerr respemve vo cunnectmns p 1 nrnr p pr pawl 11 Frurntne CuntruHEr Orgamzer duub erchck un tne Controllertags nrn antvaHev Fau t Hand ev PaweerD Hand ev k5 Yuu Wm see the quuvwng desmptwe tags furfurvvard muvement pnne meter sfurthe upper ngm musi pusn buttun Swm ar y the Inimeteridowntag mput srgnar fur reverse muvement pnne meter rs r Tne OLILHHLEI mgr r r Tne Inimeteriuptag mput srgna NOTVSPEIEISEVENVE amznm Paeeznpvaa 12 Frumthe buttum ufthe CuntruHErTags Wmduvv chck an the E 39 Tags tab 13 mm mg mtur 39 imeteri duvvn arrqu 14 AB 755 AB 75500 AB 15500 15 mm mg mtur 39 imeteri duvvn arrqu 16 521221 Local1loata and naHy 5212mm b1t7frumthe b1ttab1e E11171 bemg used rur anamg meter duvvnrevere muvement LuuaH 1Da1a7 LuuaH 1Da1a7 B Demma LucaH 1 Dala3 LucaH 1Da1a3 B 1 mg mtur 18 um arrqu NOTVSPEIEISEVENVE 912112qu Page 21 max VFWexAEN u 0 cm Data w Mananags mug voexAENuocthma w gt VFWexAEN u o chaoma w 7 2a m mm m wag W m 21 Frumthe lumbar menu se ect File gt Save As 22 av mw mm 39 NOTVSPEIEISEVENVE amznm Page 22 max 39 Testing the 1794AENTAND 17940EA Veniy 19919991 1111 11 1 999919 REM F191919 919919 91 19999 591991 Comnunications gt WhoActive 1999 91199 Download 1 11199199499 9 99119191999 1 9 Unx Gateans 1991991 B 929 99119191 11991991 991999 a g 192 199 1 2 115991119119 1159199119 121 5 999191999 11599119 09991999 99 1159199119 1919919115991919919 99111 9199 Upda e mwe o c 91 17599 92 17599 9 19919 115990919919 9 0919199 We 9915 191999 139 192 19919 115991119119 115991119119 921D 9 1 1 1191991111 1111110 11991991 9999191 1191911111 E 192 199 1 51999111991 9199 999 99991119 99 192 199 1 9 11599199919 1159991919 192 199 1 1 999911199 19 999911199 19 2191 1 29 1 JJ 9919 1991919111921991 2199919199913 59191919919919 991919 9191991 11991919 11192 1991 2199919199919 91991 9191991 9919 ID REM 5 91919199 099119119101999129110 09911991911991919919x919199 91119999 95 19919 599919 99 99 991191119999195 9151919 99 any 91199 19999195 199 1999 919995591 90 1999 591991199 c99999119919919 91911 519195 11999 9999 99199999199 955151991 199 999199 9919911999919 91119999199 9911199191 19 199 99199 99x 9 199991 99991911 M U 9x151519 9991 D91997R991199 NOTVSPEIEISEVENVE 912112991 P9992391a9 demo bux noogmoer i u memeee Monmoer 4p vs e iduved moo some decveiceewmn matquot dzwn we re some Verifying FLEX Ladder Logic Yuur ControxLogrx SEES oroeessor rs a ready m Remute Run mooe goes up 2 ooo 3 fthe meter ooes nut gm oo oroom can a ab assraant NOTrSPEIEISErENrE amznm Page u o1 ax Lab 2 Summary You learned how to add a FLEX adapter and an analog output module to the lO list and configure them to operate an analog meter in the lO panel You now have 1756 VG and FLEX lO working Congratulationsll NOTSP003EENE 9212004 Page 25 of 98 Lab 3 Processor Interlocking About This Lab The purpose of this lab is to understand how to Produce a tag and Consume a tag This method enables you to interlock Logix processors without programming Logix controllers can produce multicast and consume receive system shared tags that are sent and received via the EtherNetIP communication module A produced tag allows a PLC processor to produce a tag out on the wire for consumption by 1 or more processors on the network This is used most quot for 39 39 39 39 39I an The controller 5563 in the Parent rack will Produce a tag The controller 5555 in the Child rack will Consume that tag To produce a tag you have to configure the produced tag in the RSLogix 5000 project for the 5563 controller You have to also configure a consumed tag in the RSLogix 5000 project for the 5555 controller Network DiagEam IP19216811 Ethernet Switch Panelview 600 11681 5 1756ENBT in mild rack 1756155 controller 39 39 116813 1756ENB39139 Parent P5191 168 14 1756ENBT in Parent rack 1756163 controller Il 192168 12 NOTSP003EENE 9212004 Page 26 of 98 kennect ty 1 n mm t mat Maxtmtze Rsthx by ehehhg the RSLinxteuh h the cumputer semee tray 3 Frumthe lumbar mehu seteet Conunications gt RSWho ETHHM uh t EIHE W the Parent rack and ahuther W the Childrack Nat Bmwsmg l7 Amahmwse kastatmn LABS 3 UnX Gateways Ethemet a 3 negmm Ethemet a 5 12 155 I 2 175mm 175mm 9 g Backwane hawn nu 175mm n m WEEKENDA USSVIBISDM rm 0an 17ssro lsDn naeoatsmn Dcommne 53 Loelxsssa appema 2 155 I 3 175mm 175mm 3 Ba t 1755 M n I 1755 en New uz nssrzwzan xnrannywheye U3 17567DNB WSSVDNBA DevtceNet Scannev 5 When yuu have vermed that yuur netwurk appears as shuvvn abuve etuse RSWhu and mhtmtze Rstthx Let us create a Pruduced tag m LES EuntrDHEr huvv Creating a Produced Tag In L63 Controller NOTVSPEIEISEVENVE azhznm Paeezmaa 3 When the Tag Properties Window appear enter the parameters as shown beiow War WWI Descvivhan Tag Type r Base r FIELD Eansu ed Dalaiwe Wm J cwm Stave Wa 8M2 W cm W New 4 Chck on OK m tagm your w u chckmg on the Save 51 icon Ei Pinmags I I39 i i 6 From the tooibar menu Seiect Communications gt Who Active NOTVSPEIEISEVENVE azvznm Page 28 ME chck Download 1 2 21 17 A919919w22 a E Wavkstat1anLABS 59 Elnhne 3 2 111 UD aad g 192 191 1 2 175925119111 175925119111 3 9921191992 1759M Dawn aad nu 175925119111 11 175921919911 175921919911 9cm 0an Upda e wa39e 12175920919911175920919911 Dcommne mm 1 r 511121112 l a 1 3 175925119111 175925119111 Heb 1 1791215111 FLEX no 51921121 9199121 17912151111 Eu 192 191 1 SPaneW1ew P195 sun 11912111291195 m g 192 191 1 9 1759mm 1759mm 192 191 1 7 P9w21P12x m P9w21P12x m 2111 1 29 P911 1921H1P111a21sa1 21119219191213 521P191221P911 P9111quot P191221 LUMP 11192 1591 21992k919121n c1291P191221P911 1 a When pmmpted 221221 Yes 19 p1a22m2 nntruHer 1mm Remote Run a Examme m2 121 91 muumes 1n yuur 10 nn guratmn 1151 an yuur cuntruHEr E a 10 an quvatmn a 1 17592511911 Pavent E 11175925119119019 VAENYA MVHexAEN 5 El 179420E45Mv exjna1aq 2 111759219199 111929119191 211759209199 1112191209199 1D M1n1m1ze gt11 sessmn uf RsLug1x suuu NOTVSPEIEISEVENVE 91211211111 Pag2zau1aa Configuring the Consumer of the Produced Tag In this lab 39 r r Logix r 39 39 of the Producetag you created in the previous lab section r desktopquot kl I39I m 2 Doubleclick on the existing project called Consumer55ACD This will launch the project in RSLogix 5000 RSL 39 39 39 quot Your following picture E 5 Controller Cusumer S CDntmllej re Controller Fault Handler weerD Handle Pledeflned MudulerDeflned l 1 1755ENBUA Chlld l g 1 ns tmsb ngltaLln Adding a Remote Controller in the L55 Project Defining the Producer quot 39m39 me my the lab you will add a Controller L63 undert a Noticethe digital39 r quot 39 39 39 39 39 u ing one push button Dl0 on the IO panel NoTesPnnaEeENeE 9212004 Page an nr 98 1 Right click on available deVIce selut mde m 3 l755lR5l SEhannellsalaledRTD Analaglnvul was lTSl s Ehannel isolated TheimacauvleAnalag ian was lTSlZ s Ehannel lsal l TheimacauvleAnalag ian Enhanced was WisA lEmellWSW DElnwlSw v wasivazA 32PmnllW DElnpulSouice l EanlmlLDgixESS Eanl um a3 EanlmlLDgixSS nil aa EanlmlLDgixEEEE Eanlmllei was Ls MUSSE EanlmlLDgixSSS MDSSE Eanlmllei Si EonlmlLDgixEElEl Eanlmllei s2 EanlmlLDgixSSSZ Eanlmllei as sensicwasmms lstnUWZs VAEDulpm Ll saw Vendm All v 7 Ethel l7 SpeciallylEI SelectMi EleaiAll 17 Analog l7 usual 17 Eommumcalion r7 Malian r7 Eanlmller semi Help the Parent ENBT click on NewModule and select 1756 L63 from the list of 39 s 2 Click on OK choose Major Revision 13 when prompted and click on OKonce again 3 Enterthe parameters as shown below then click on Finish Module Proper es Type Vendor N am 1756463 13 wasI33 ContvulLugix5553 Controller Alensradley EIF39VDemo Slot 3 a Description 3 Revision 1 1 Electronic Keying v Cancel x Next gt Help NOT SPOOI E EN E 9212004 Page 31 Of98 4 Veniy that EIPiDemo shuvvs up under ParentENEiT m the HO nn guratmn hsi as shuvvn bemw E 1117557 Nam Md a E u 17 55 5 r NBYAPavent 1 175545150mgmabn Creating a Consumed Tag Nuvv create a nnsumed tag m the cuntruHEr named ConsumerL55 Tags tab atthe buan wen cumer Elma Tags WmdDW bemwme tag to acceptyuur change a J 3 r a a ray any n Mamme Tm ku se em the Ermr s awn be uvv 4 Ram chck an the retard and se em Edit Tag Propem39es NOTVSPEIEISEVENVE amznm PageSZuYBB 5 When the 39 parameters as sheWh betew my move unsum e191 aghast Ewemnl Descuvhan Tag me Date Type Dwm Eanhgme Stave l Easumev 5M2 Deehet v em AM Hep E CHEK an the Connectiontab and Eun gure the parameters as shuwn betuvv Agm aghast enmeth ham 7 RemaAeDaAa Pmaueegae Tag Name m nslance NuthV RH 2 ihs 2n75nnhst 7 Chck eh oxahu vehtythat the hewty created tag appears as tehews amsstmste v Shaw hnwm v Sm l M Nzrrs v I a ma 1 J 5N was t s w My m e a memeeg mu39lz PM NOTVSPEIEISEVENVE amznm Page 33 at aa 39 39 er Project Save yuur prenem Frum the mmbar rnenu se1eet Comunication gt Who Active 492 168 1 sh awn b emw gm 1 Mame er Wavkstatmn LABS 3 Urvx GateanS Ethemet a 3 95111111971 Ethemet Up aad 192 me 1 2 usemann usemana a 192 me 1 a maman 1755mm BMW 3 Ba 1ane 1755791 A E k Upeae Fumwam E ase maman mamaa DewceNet Scannev Heb N o Ethe met Adaptev 17917195111 WewnP us 1s 1 192 5e Pus Pane g 192 155 1 s memen memea g1921se17paweynexvumaweynexm zmv 12a AJ I J Path A9gh1p111a21se1 3Backpane se1 wee nah nah n Pvmecl 119er 111m 99 7s 1211aaekp1ane13 sea Pva1ee1 nah 4 CHER Em the Download buttun 5 When the quuvwng screen appears EMEK Download unee agam Dawrlaad m the 1217711117113 was15521755111111m1a15555ee a Asymmvaz 1511 31aamp1ane1n Sammy ltNanegt a The cannaHsv 1s mRewleRunmade The madew he changed 1a nenae ngvam Dnmm dawmuad em 111 E Change the euntruuer rnude backtu Remote Run rnude NOTVSPEIEISEVENVE BmZEIEM Page 39 e198 7 ht that m shuwh betuw Slemly Green m1 N0 Yellaw tnanule Zing the Produced Tag Vehty that bath the EuntruHErs LES and L55 are W Remote Run made 2 th the EIP h Monitor Tag made 3 Lucate the Produ tag yuu created eamer h the tab exermse iwdbvmj n MY 5 WWW My Hand s 4 hmahze the 2 DtNTstu same HEIHVZEVEI vames such as M m as shuwh abuve NOTVSPEIEISEVENVE azhznm PageS uYaB Testing the Produced and Consumed Tags Mumturtags made 2 Lucate the Consumejag y ujusi created and venfy thatthe tag Va uES e g 1 1 m are the same as bemg pruduced y m7 the lam Va uE M 4 Save yuurvvurk 5 n mm nrmPN mend a m bum prujects fmmthe lumbar mend m bum prujects huuse File gt Close Lab 3 Summary YDU dxd ndtwme any adder edde fur Exchangmg data Dwd ydd nduee that the cunsumptmn rate 5 de ned m the CDnSumE tag Norysvnnaemg amznm PageSBuVBB Lab 4 Using RSView ME and PanelView Plus 600 About This Lab The unasti i ted Tne CuntruiLugiX program Was created using RSLugix 55335 ai n edpuanueivi e w Pius EDD pm ram Was created using RSViEW swam We vviH use a PaneMeW Pius EDD Teuen screen Downloading to the 5563 Processor 1 Frumthe RSLugix EDDEI tuuibar menu seiem File gt Open 2 Open the pmgram named EIPiDEMCLPVPACD 1111 MM uppi 11a 1 1 miau mu 11 1F address 192 168 1 2 and gm mm Remote Run made 4 Frumtne tuuibar menu seieet Communications gt 50 Offline 5 Frumtne tuuibar menu seieet File gt Exit Opening the Existing RSWew NE Project 1 Frumtne nmputer desktup duubierehek an the RSView Studio mun Machine 2 Seieet Emquot and dick on Continue 3 Pier ine zip Open RSI12w swam NOTVSPEIEISEVENVE aimmm Pageaiuvaa below nsv wsmd File view vvlltatmn ml Window HelD a Elam In astlnxgmemm a 59 Elam a swam Wm 52W a maymm Dagmamtlslsemp mmmmmm emselup avmalmnMessages i un onmmm m l Elem eavAl J Fa vHelDy my mm I Reviewing the HMI Communications Path An application display screen has already been created forthis lab What needs to be con gured is path to the controller tags that will be displayed on the PanelView Plus 600 1 ExpandtheR Lin E 39 39 L quot Lquot quot quotonthe 39 39 Amp u RSLlnx Entetptls E Eummunicatinn Setu This will display the communications setup window NOTVSF39EIEISEVENVE BZlZEIEM Page 38 ufBE 2 Verify that the Communication Shoncu IPhaS aiready been Created Agizll Device Shoiicuis 951m Entevvvisei 3 17197117115191 E 3 answer Ethernet 9 5 192 151 1 2 nserNBYn 17557ENBYn a 1 1755mm 1755mm 1 nasrmst 17551115igtip ocw DIAG 2 17ssroaisDn 17ssroaisDn ocouroma 3 175515319 Demo H 192 151 1 3 nserNBYn 17557ENBYn2 1 192 151 1 i 17947AENY 17947AENYA 7 192 151 1 5 1755mm Mode Oniine Not Biowsm Eliiiirie Tag riie 39 iowse AEva c511 Bari22 eip 3 Ciick on tne Le a arid Targettabs arid verify tnat tne communication patn is directed to tne 1756L63 in siot 3 as shown abtwe 4 Seiect OKto dose the Communications Setup Window Creating and Downloading a Runtime Application Now tnat tne configuration is cornpiete tne runtirne appiication rnust be created i From tne tooibar menu seiect Application gt Create Runtime Application 2 Type tne riienarne EIPianer arid seiect Save Piease be patient as tne runtime image is created 3 quot iii iiu 4 Use tne Browse key to seiect tne riie you iust created NOTVSPEIEISEVENVE 9212004 Page 39 11th 5 9 B 9 10 11 Select the PanelView Plus 600 IP Address 1921 681 5 for the Destination Terminal and select Download If asked ifyou want to ov rwrite the existing le select Yes swim I up 5 l Dacum U Help I39 Download as Deslinalian slaiage LVDe lnlemal Slavage l Run avvllcalian when do nlaad camvleles when application m Replace cammumc m 3 17594117 3 EthevNel Eth 2t 92 ma 1 a a nssrmann 1755mm 192 ma 3 nssrmann nserNBYnz 4 179mm WNWn V 7 HF We 51m imwng Once the download completes select 0K and exit the transfer utility The application has been downloaded to the PanelView Plus 600 Go to your PanelView Plus 600 screen The RSView Station window should be displayed Load the image that was downloaded by selecting Load Application Choose the le that was downloaded ElPDemomer and select Load Select 39 quot 12 Once loaded select Run Application NOTVSF39EIEISEVENVE BZ1ZEIEI4 PageAu Drag QTXEDEIEI hr the HO Cun guratmn er the CehtmTLeng preeesser Th thTs demunstratmn the Pahewtew PTus sun Ts Thtttattnu the trahsrer er Threrrh atm texphett rhessamhu Set the Pahewtew PTus sun Ts het h the hst The Pstegtxauuu pregrarh eeWhTeaeee Themes aH functmnahtymatyuu have r Lu thatth pruvme paraHE functmnahtyfurthe PanEMEW Ptus sun Con rming the PanelView Plus 600 Operation Test the Pahewtew PTus sun by d mg the reuewthg 1 Oh the Pahewtew PTus sun screen press a d hem the ow buttun The ahaTeg rheter shame startthe NDVE tn the h ht 2 Oh the Pahewtew PTus sun screen press a d hem the 0107 buttun The ahaTeg rheter shame startthe NDVE tn the Tert a Press the reat pushnuttuhs an the damn bux r err arr r r m t has been eestghee te NVWE the same DpEraUEIn s sun screen a d ubserve hew the resuTts eh the rererehee the LEDs 175643160 a d WEEVOEWED 4 Press the Mew Pm hardwved HO arm the screen are the same Th sTets 1 arm 2 erthe tep ehassts 5 When yuu have m returh tn the Psmew ME Statmn NOTVSPEIEISEVENE armmm Page M max 6 From the Main Menu select Terminal Settings gt File Management gt Delete Files gt Delete Applications 7 Select the file you downloaded and press the Delete button 8 When finished continue to press the Close button until you reach the Main Menu Lab 4 Summary What you learned from this lab Applications can be developed forthe PanelView Plus 600 that can monitor tags within a controller as well as modify the tags via the touch screen You can create a PanelView Plus 600 application and download it over EtherNetIP to the PanelView Plus 600 device NOTSP003EENE 9212004 Page 42 of 98 Lab 5 Add Remote NO on DeviceNet About ThlS Lab The purpuse mm ab s In demuns trate accesstu a remute DevmeNet HO aver EtherNeMF39 By admer a 175B7DNEm yuur chm remute hassws yuu WM venfythatthe DevmeNet phutueye m the damn bux ean nntrm the mserete uutput hghts m the damn bux Add 1756DNB to RSLog 5000 Pruject 1 Frumthe cumputer desktup duub eechck an the Working Folder 2 Deumeehek un EIPiDemoACDtu aunch we meet m RSLugwx suuu Frum ENBT and smart New Module a Hm um I ER 2m r e e m E m Madu e We a lOnnhuahnn vs ww anmmmdjp rm MMA 755 m m Mmmmame MsxedPavMema 75m emmuumme e 752 mm We 5 mm mm A v I um I spcmwu 94mm m m us E S wwwrw I7 Mag r we r emmm yv mm W 52mm team m s 1 m umamgewax 2 mm mm Eamcc Heb at Mt 5 When pmmpted chuuse Major Revision4 and se em wan accept yuur changes NOTVSPEIEISEVENVE amznm Paeeoauvaa Mndule Pruner 5 ns 5 ms was DevmeNeA Scannev AHer Bvad ey W 5e 3 4 Descnphan A npmSwze 32m Ll Dulvulsxzem 32ml seems 32 v 32m Revman T a E ecnamcKEymE E name W New Hep The Input Size s 1 because the phutueye has WW 1 byte uf mput data 5 smg e DWT s adequate W 39 7 Module Prunert 3 115 mm I Requested Packet mevva RPH EI U3 ms 5 El 75D El ms I nmhu Madu e I Ma m Fauh Eln EammHev U Eannechan Fads Wm e m Run Made mew use me My Nonseeeaeme am mum Page u m ax r mamm 39 othelrllo Points 1 Frumthe CuntruHErOrgamzer duub erchck on Controller Tags Yuu SUH have Wu desenptwe tags wnten are not eonneeted to tnetr VD pmnts Injhomtag tsan tnpdttagtotne mama OutiDN iRuntag tstortne Command Regtster Run rnode pt 2 tntnetan Pmmr EInjhotota arrow t d m m Q When tne tag prowser upens duub erchck on ChiIdJIData0 as snown petow 3 Venty thatyuurtag edttor now appears as rouows L Etunatn cntaamdam mammal mm 4 Repeat step 2 abuve tortne tag OutiDN iRun and eonneot ttto tne Child39 CommandRegistenRun by Ehckmg on tne 5th nexttu end 3 o CornrnandRegtster and Ehuusmg tne Run pttrrorntne prerde ned stmmura r v Endd 3 u EammandRegNev Data WPe AB trauma Du Mananags XEnnngsi news owr I I 1 9r Tf rt mm t tpar 39 39 Controttogtx eontrouer m stot 3 ortne top enassts E Go mm Remote Run rnode Cun guratmn NOTVSPEIEISEVENVE Emlmm Padeoaovaa quotywm a 395 yr 4 n L status and call a lab assistant for help Reviewing the Ladder Logic for the DNB 1 From the Controller Organizer doubleclick on DemoRoutine under the Main Task This will launch the ladder editor where you can View and edit ladder logic 2 Review rungs 1 and 2 Rung1 puts the DNB in Run mode Rung 2 writes data to the output LEDs on the demo box when you place an object in from ofthe photoeyeLook at the rungs J Greater Yhan AgtB Sam2 A anWJ E Sam2 hangs ltLacal1 lDalagt ltLacal1 lDalagt 2xuunuuunuuunuuuuujuuujuuujuuujuuu 2xuuumyuumyunuuuuujuuujuuujuuujuuu Sauvce u Desi D Lines ltLacal 2 o Dalagt 2xuuumyunuguuujuuujuuujuuug magnum me ommajumag is mm Cammand Register m made w Child 3 o CammandREEislev m mum is an Alias lag mm war madule Phutu eye senses abjectin frunt or it Sam2 255 Dummies ltLacal 2 o Dalagt 2xuuumyunuguuujuuujuuujuuug magnum MVJlMER is being used mm may meter up dawn lundians 3 Verify that the LED display on the DNB indicates RUNmode 4 If all LEDs in the demo box are on press any push button on the panel to switch offthe lights except the light you press 5 Now pul yqu nanu in 39 39 lllal an we LEDs illuminate Lab 5 Summary quot t quot 39 39 mememrThisishowDeviceNet 39 39 lloor39 39 39 39 u er EthernNetIP Optional Lab Exercise If you wish to learn more about creating a scanlist for the 1756DN B go to Appendix D NOTVSF39EIEISEVENVE BZlZDDA Page 46 ufBE Lab 6 Adding a PowerFlex70 drive About This Lab mi in izm w wr The F39uvverFiex Ensure thatthe is avaiiabie m the drive ifyuu Wanna ieam abuut the Expiurerfur eehhgunhg and monitoring ehve parameters QB in AppendixE the Expiurer is RSLugiXEDDD independenttuui which came free With the drive Adding the PowerFlex70 Drive to the IIO Con gur 1 Frumthe tuuibar mEHU seiect Communications gt 50 Offline 2 mm mu m Arum NH in MM OKtu accept yuur ehahge Seiea Mndul tyne Eihemei Pmi an DiweLDgix573E Eihev eiiP i i PawevFiex 7DEVecim i PawevFiex 7DEVecim Dvwe zine2W1 via 2 EDMM E ix EIEIVeI m w mDvwe nuiieWiwazncuMME SaiL NET MEIDLlLE Ben D ETHERNET PANEMEW EihemeiiP Panei 2 in PawevFiex 7UEIS 2mm E PawevFiex 7UEIS Dvwe zine2W1 via 2 EDMM PawevFiex 7UEIS onw E PawevFiex 7UEIS Dvwe innmm via 2 EDMM E PawevFiex 7UEIS saw E PawevFiex 7UEIS Dvwe 5an via 2 EDMM E in iE F u 6 NE Shaw Vendm AH v l7 Elihev 17 SpeciaiiyiEI Seemxi l7 Arising l7 Digiiai 17 Eammumcahan 17 human 17 Eanivaiiev EieavAH em Heb NOTVSPEIEISEVENVE aimmm Paeeuuvae Selea Mayor ne n Se ecl Maw Rev rm Pawev ex m E Madu e PmMe hemg vealed Mam Rewsmn 2 v Ban22 He v meme Prnvu 5 ss Enanpnwemen Type Pawev ex m E Pawev ex 7n Dvwe we 2 EDMM E Vendm Men Bvad Ey E 7 Name Addvess Hm Name Descnphan r FAddvess Ll rHaslName EammmeaA use i mammal JD Eachdalahnkhastwa mums and Ma aulvuls me n s mu Remquot 397 a E ecnamcKeymg wn mew week New Hep Datalinks the untruHEr Datahnks aHEIW spammed parametervaues m be accessed ur changed WKHDUI usmg Exphmt messages When Enab ed Each Datahnk unsumes m H m e mum The dnve determmes the 5sz uf Datahnks NOTVSPEIEISEVENVE amznm Paeeoaevaa E CHEK the Next buttun un Finish maulemner es ss mnwwemexm 21 RequestedPackeHmewaHRPH SUE ms 2n SZUUUMS I39 mmmMa ue r Mam FauH Eln EannaHev u anneenan Fa swh e m Run Made me am New Hep Requested Packet Interval RPI the war pnumy devmes IO an quvatmn E u 175mm Pavent a El 1 naemavnz E 3 1755mm momma E1 5 17947AENYA MVHexAEN S D1179470E4B M E 1 meme mvjacau lso EJ 211755705st mvgemateo lso E15 3 emnaxaq NOTVSPEIEISEVENVE amznm Page w m ax Wewing the P u roweIFlex 70E 1 Frumthe cdhtmuerOrgamzeh duub erchck uh Controller Tags a a antvaHev new antvaHev Yaqs antvaHev Fau t Hand ev 2 Change the sedpe frum Mah ddhhe m EIPiDemo controller W v 5th 1 45th Eh h when ydd added the PdweFer39x 7n E drwe m the HO Cun guratmn These d Hm hh mg m uh Lam NOTVSPEIEISEVENVE BmZEIEM Pageandvaa W rd and yuu are aware uf ts advantages Creating Alias Tags for Use h the PowerFlex 70 Drive m m DntruHErtag aHum auu W 5 Mam uuune em nnk aHhP CuntruHErtags m1 These are the man cummand tags bemg used fur uperatmg varmus drwe functmns Yuu M be usmg these bus m the adder nude m uperate the drwe 1 Frumthe CuntruHEr Orgamzer mate the tag Start Command h 39 tag Sta f mm under mama and duub eechck un PF7ooStan as shuvvn be uw NOTVSPEIEISEVENVE amznm Page 51 max 3 Left click to accept the tag change 4 Verify that the tag now appears as follows 9 L l StartCommand lPFooStan IPFEIDStarl BooL Decimal Use this same procedure to alias the following tags StopCommand gt PF70OStop ReverseCommand gt PF70OReverse JogCommand gt PF70OJog Forward Command gt PF70OForward CIearFauItCommand gt PF70OCIearFaut When you have finished aliasing the tags into the PowerFlex 70E data structure the controller tag editor should appear as follows DDClearFault FUUClearFault ClearFault Command ClearFlt Data Forward Command FDDForward FUUForward Command lC 1755 0 DC H 1755 DI DC WEE DD DC WEB DD DC WEB DEIIJU 17 94 UE4CD UE41 UE4EID lN DUT Fleverse Command FDDFleverse FUUFleverse Start Command FDDStart FUDStart Command 9212004 NOTSP003E ENE Page 52 of 98 1 Frumthe lumbar mam 521221 Comnunications gt Who Active than chck Download 397 a 1 LDJE E1 3 ABJYHIPJ Ethemet Aumbmwse 192 152 1 2 175525115119 175525115111 522w12n2 175521111 Damned nu 175525115111 Up11212 Fwwwave 1 21515019 175521515011 ocw one 11 175520515019 175520515011 ocomome 21122 1 1921221a17522511211917522211211 Heb a 192 122 1 1 1791215111 FLEX no 21121121 122221 1791151111 E 192 122 1 sPan21112w P1 sun 11212111211112 5 192 168 I 61 17562EWEB 1 17562EWEBA g 192 121 1 1 21121221 11121121221 11 21111 121 A P211 UH1P111921591 2192211121213 521 P11712121 P211 P2111quot P11712121 2921H1P111921sa1 21922121212111 c1221 P11712121 P211 3 REM v1s1b12 a a 10 211121121121 3 1 17552511511 Pavent a E 11175525115111 1 1 20 111 9511015 11112 a 755 NE a 5 17912151111 W12an 5 u 791205115111j12mn21ag F ex 7115 111755215159 111192215151 2 1755205159 111121121205159 E El 91211211111 NOTVSPEIEISEVENVE Page 53 21199 5 On the controiierfacepiate verifythatthe IO OK LED is Soiid green as Shown beioW quot Ruquot ll un Made No Folta yquot I gantioaeDiKuK Nu Eda gt 5 io UK M 6 0n tne PowerFiex drive ZOVCOMMVD tne PORT MOD and NET A LED S snouio aiso be soiio Now you a e ready to start and stop tne on e green Reviewing the Ladder Code and Operating the Drive This Section demonstrates POWerFiegtlt70 operation 1 From the ControiierOrganiZer doubieeciick on DemoiRoutineto open the routine in he iadder dit a S Tas E E3 MeiriTagk E i a Demujinuhne e wnicn are meant for operating tne drive Tne respective output pits are Review rungs 0 caHed Logic Command its Lagic mm En Cami Page 54 area NoiesPnnaEeENeE BZiQEIEIA 3 Rtght chck eh the 5m a d seTeet Toggle Bittu ehergtze thtstag The drva Wm start runmng m the furward dUEEUEIn 4 Rtght chck eh the 5m agam a d seTeet Toggle Bittu derenernge thts tag tn run uhm a Stupictlmma d Ts Thmated 5 Rtght chck eh the snap a d seTeet Toggle Bittu ehergtze th tag mmated The der mu stup E Rtghteheh eh the Stop agam a d seTeet Toggle Bittu derenernge th tag The yeHuW ashmg ehahgeste green ashm Trytms sarhe prunedure terthe mreetmh Funvard a d Reverse htts TeggT dHVE bytugghng the Joy ht a Tugg e the Joy ht err a d try the same thmg Vhth the Fommd wt a When mshed exeretsthg the dHVE Ensure that 3 hts are derenernged Changingt The drwe Tn kPPn W Tmn P trerhthe CuntruHErTags T Make sure that the dHVE mutur S hut runmng 2 Frumthe CuntruHErOrgamzen deumeeheh eh the Controller Tags Ba thev a emu antvaHev rags antvaHev Fau t Hand ev NOTrSPEIEISErENrE antmm Pageaauvaa 3 Expand the PF700 data structure to vrewthe PF betow rstSDHz 4 tfthe 8T8 Led on the front ofthe dnve rs red rndrcatrng a fautt enter a 1 tag and press Enter then ctearthe tag by entenng a D 5 Change the vatue forthe Command Frequency and then press Enter Notrce that the dnve motor rs not sprnnrng 8 Enter a vatue oft tn the PF700Stantag The dnve shoutd startto turn the motor at the commanded frequency 7 EHtEt L 1 quotquot B Venfy that the motor stows to a stop before proceedrng 9 Mrnrmrze your RSLogrx 500D sessron Lab 6 Summary n mnnnure the dnve and operate t on EtherNettP Optronat Lab Exercrse tfyou vnsh to tearn more about Dnve Exptorer an rndependenttoot that can be used to con gure and monrtor PowerFteX dnves go to ndixE NOTVSPUUZEVENVE 9212004 Page 56 9193 Lab 7 Web Server and Traffic Monitoring Ahnm thilt I ah ntms ab w m lt7Pm H x d ActuaWacket nterva Start Web Browser LHumxzwxw Humxmwxx Hm ap Yuu are Wurkmg vwm LES nntruHEr 9 1 Frumthe nmputer desktup duub erchck an the Internet Explorencun 2 Enterthe F39 address http19216812 m the bruvvser s address he d The ququg page appears MM 9 411 mm memequot m M We we m WEEVENET demu pux NOTVSPEIEISEVENVE amznm Pageamaa 3 Frumthe menu an the hem Expand the Diagnos csfu der El Chem 4 cm uh Diagnostic Overview The fEIHEIng screen appears elm n92 my m um mm Ema r Imam sum I mew mew IE nmmm mmnmmum um Mam M 3 m m MM 1mm suuxuu m M Ram Yhauvzurz 7252quot m NOTVSPEIEISEVENVE azhznm Paeeamaa FYI Reference the window on the previous page to review the following information Ethernet Link Speed The module is passing data over the EtherNetIP network Rockwell Automation EtherNetIP interface modules support both 10Mbps and 100Mbps speeds Duplex The mode of communication module fullduplex meaning transmission and reception of data simultaneously Halfduplex means either transmission or reception of data Auto negotiate Status Rockwell Automation EtherNetIP interface modules auto negotiate with the switch for the 100 Mbps and full duplex mode System Resource Utilization CPU This is an indicator of how loaded is your EtherNetIP interface module at any point of time CIP Connection Statistics Common Information Protocol CIP based connections are used for lO controls and produce consume tags 0 Packet Second Statistics Actual class1 packets per second the module is currently receiving and transmitting over EtherNetIP network Actually using a simple formula you can calculate the number of packets sec Packets per second C 2 RPI Where RPI Requested Packet Intervals ie data update rate C Number of connections For example analog output module in the AENT adapter is a single Direct Connection C1 and it is using a RPI of 50 msec Therefore using the above formula Packets per second 12 0050 40 Can you verify this with the AENT module s web server page Sent This field represents number of class1 packets sent each second to the controller NOTSP003EENE 9212004 Page 59 of 98 Receive This feld represents number of class1 packets received each second from the controller k ENBT 439 39 r H sec Each AENT module can handle 9500 packets sec Actual Reserve Packet capacity 5000 or 9500 Actual class1 packets per sec TCP Connections T P 39 mnemeuu 39 39 n EtherNetJlP interface device uses TCP connection for each IP address to which the device is connected Multiple CIP connections can go through a TCP connection For example TCP connections are I HMI Human Machine Interface to a controller that supports EtherNetlP Logix MSG instruction to a controller OPC or DDE accessing a controller ProduceConsume tag 5 Click on Network Setting The following screen appears Alie Bradley 1756 ENBTA m 1 m Disabled EmemeQ Memee Con guration Obtain Network Configuration EmemeQ unx Auton gotiate speed and Du ex Auton gotiate Status p Don speed u Mbps Duplex Mode Full Duplex 6 Review the details under Network Interface and Etheth Link NOTVSPOOSEVENVE 9212004 Page 60 of 98 7 Click on Message Connection Dunneninn 11 Driqmamr 1u12u1 11112 192 151 1 1 192 151 1 2 Setonds 22mg Refresh 15 Disable Refresh m u CoDYvighk 2mm 331mm 1123mmquot 1m All 31ng 32531211 Ewan 91311335211 ID chassis quotquot 5 39 tell t 39 connections for on IIO control For example the above connection is between your computer runni a n ng RSLogixSOOO and L63 IP address 19216812 This is so called as Class 3 type connection 8 Click on the 0 Connections 11111255 g haul192151 12m mm 23331233 14132351 u some Desk Wm M 111121111 191 1511 2 m 192151 12 233 192 22 as 21 u 25 M2 11112111111 192 151 1 2 2n 2 22 m 1113211112 192 151 1 2 2 u u znhiiamisa 1m 11121112 1 151 1 2 n 132 151 1 2 223 132 22 e 219 chassis sz 11371121 191 1511 1m 132151 12 233 192 22 121 5n n s 1 13112 sz 11122113 131 1es13n 122111112 233 132 33 37 11 a a 12517 311 11112231 1911511203 19215112 233 192 22 91 11 u 121 1112 M 113111 121111 m 1211111 12112122111 3 u 11 nu mm DDS m2 DanTzEIEIEIE E 2 192 151 1 7 5 12 2mm 31211quot 31211 W 0123131 31mm 111 a cwvvign mm mm Automation 1 All mm 32521111 1 1 39 39 as Class 1 39 for 39 IIO and produce consume tags Notice the Source and Destination addresses in the above picture RPIRequested Packet Interval is the update rate speci ed for a particular piece of data on the network RPI can be de ned for an entire rack or for a speci c module Notice the various RPls above for different modules and rack NOTVSPOOSEVENVE 9212004 Page 61 of 98 9 Click on the Ethernet Statistics The following screen appears Alle Bradley 1756 NBTA Aulenemee some ggigegggagjp ex we Colman Meme can IE1 Chassi In one s isnauaaz in me peetee osmium in We peetee zsazmzs in awe e In Errors u g a 7 MAC Rezewe Errors om Oasis gamma om Uzask Pazkets 27mm om Nuzast Dazkets mum e a u om Errors u Setonds Between Refresh 15 Disable Refresh m u 10 Take some time to review the different types of errors under Media Counters 11 When nished close Internet Explorer by clicking on File gt Close from the toolbar menu Lab 7 Summary What should you remember from this lab The packetssecond capacity of 1756ENBT is 5000 The packetssecond capacity of 1794 AENT is 9500 Did you nd the web server page helpful for monitoring and troubleshooting your EtherNetIP network Isn t this a great tool to diagnose the health of your network and performance of the individual EtherNetl P interfaces Extra Task For the Flex adapter module 1794AENT can you change PacketsSec from 40 to 200 Answer Packets lsec Connection 2 RPI RPI was 50 msec New RPI C 2 Packetssec 2200 10 msec Therefore change the RPI from 50 msec to 10 msec packets lsec would be 200 How would you verify that Answer Check with the AENT web server page IP 19216814 NOTVSPOOSEVENVE 9212004 Page 62 0f98 Lab 8 Reviewing Features of the EWEB Module More than Web services About this Lab In this lab we will explore the 1756EWEB module You are a production supervisor of Lacme Tool 4 M L39 Upper an is 39 39 39 39 their of ce 39 r 39 39 39 39 r 39 Now 39 39 39 39qu 39 39 r your company intranet Vour Objectives as a Production Manager uppcl 39 39 u a i mine from 39 39 39 39 quot integrators to diannn a irnuhls hnni 39 39 KeyTopics Covered in this Lab Routing and Explicit Messaging no llO Sending Emails Modifying and Downloading Web Pages Data Collection with XML Background The EWEB module allows the user to host web pages from the ControlLogix rack This enables 39 r 39 meil p u ing Imemei browser lfthe viewing computer is outside ofthe company network the userwill have to bridge the rewall The EWEB also offers storing space for user documentation and help les It offers a I r Opening an Existing RSLogix 5000 Project and Downloading to the ControlLogix Processor 1 F u r desktopquot kl I39I m 2 Doubleclick on the existing project called Consumer55ACD 3 From the toolbar menu select 39 39 39 ControlLogix L55 processor in slot 0 ofthe bottom chassis 4 Go Online with the processor and go into Remote Run mode NOTVSPEIEIBEVENVE BZlZDUA Page E3 nr BE 5 Minimize the RSLogix 5000 project Notice the 1756EWEB is in slot 2 The IP address of the EWEB module is 19216816 You can also download the project using the EWEB module The 1756 EWEB has all of the CIP Explicit Messaging capabilities of the 1756ENBT It can do everything the 1756ENBT can do except controlling lO Accessing the 1756EWEB 1 2 From the computer desktop doubleclick on Internet Explorer g In the address field type http19216816 and press Enter This is the IP address of the EWEB module in slot 2 and will open the default EWEB web page as shown below Address Shammusesrmdexmmi Ll 5 lLi kS A IEH HWEY InfoAnywhere Aur gu I I V Hum jNome Ci Data Views xnmxnwhm Ci oiagnostiu Ci Administrative sexing Aukomahan ran 2m D chassis w Dummzz w 24 3 Send an Email 152 153 15 L23 mm Feb xz 2W4 NaszS From the menu on the left side of the web page select Administrative Settings gt User Management gt Edit Users as shown below Home E Data Views E Diagnostics a Administrative Setting a Device Con guratiol User Management Edit Users E Edit Access Limits Server Management Browse Chassis Send an Email NOTSP003EENE 9212004 Page 64 of 98 be three types Read read enty aeeesste tags m the Data VtEWs Write Wmte and read aeeesste tags m the Data WSW Admimstmor eernptete aeeesste 3 Web sewermnettenaw Creating and Using Data Wews a 39 1 2 Chck the New a Viewtab at the tap uf the thbhand screen OAnvvt Jhere mm mm m slit M m M M we W n 3333quot r te WWW 3 meme new data new E Wm m We a mm mt em YIgNn mmquot MA he NOTVSPEIEISEVENVE Emlmm Paeeeamax 4 Name the Data Vtevv as MyView and then ehek the Create Viewbuttuh M ah d t d created ydd can see a hst uf 3 the data vtevvs 5 cm an the Data Wewstab The fEIHEIng screen appears Mn mm mm The EWEB muddte data WEWS eahhdt remeve data dtree yfrum VD fvve vvtsh td aeeess ht data We must reference the data thrddgh ah ahastag h the euntruHer 39 39 the L55 Processor from the EWEB Module nm mmmHPr fur dtaghdsttes and hmted trddmeshddtthg 1 Change the number W the Valuevvmduvv ahd ehek an the Update butch t r u r r v aquot quotg m m Vyv mahv m 0 NOTVSPEIEISEVENVE azhznm Padeeedvaa 2 Maximize the RSlogix 5000 project so you can verify the change you just made 3 Doubleclick on Controller Tags and click on the Tags tab lEI Nal assuming 4 Locate the MyDinttag and verify that the value of the tag changed to reflect what you entered in the EWEB module 5 Minimize the RSLogix 5000 project Setting up the EWEB to Send Emails Forthis lab we have installed SMTP mail server software on your computer Typically this server would be provided and running from your office IT staff From the computer desktop doubleclick on the ArGoSoft Mail Server Icon 2 From the menu on the EWEB module web page click Administrative Settings gt Device Con guration gt Email Con guration Your computer is the SMTP mail serverforthis lab 3 Ensure that your computer s IP address is in the line for SMTP server 19216811 the SMTP Authentication checkbox is empty and then click Apply Changes Device Identity Network Configuration Device Services l Email Configuration EMail client SMTP Server in o Hosmeme 19215311 I SMTP Authentitatien User Name Password Apply Changes NOTSP003EENE 9212004 Page 67 of 98 mn tuttne emailinexttag NOTVSPEIEISEVENVE antmm Padeeaptaa 6 Click on the ellipsis and review the text in the string browser that will be emailed from the controller Ll Errors UK I Cancel Apply Help Position 0 Count 72 of 474 7 Click Cancel when you have finished reviewing the string information 8 From the Controller Organizer doubleclick on the MainRoutine to open the ladder editor The following rungs of code appear Add Source A BmalljextLEN ltaliasedemailtext LEN 97 6 Source E1 4 Best emarnessageREQLEN 1U1 Emaililnput ltParemi1ilD la gt MSG 1 r J L Type ClF39 Generic Message Control email massage emailmessageEN emailmessegeDN emailrnessageER r 1 r L a L J L End 9 Open the Message Configuration dialog by clicking the ellipsis button in the MSG instruction NOTSP003EENE 9212004 Page 69 of 98 m Ensure aH nerds unne Con guranontab appear as snuwn new BMWquot WWW rag Meagan Seweey m Sameeaenem enaruexr v W2 T mm m ayes Sew2 7 was 3239 We Desxnaxpn emaerlam v I Ends nslance 1 Aunhme n Hex New Tag cm an the Communicationtab and ensure tnaune path appears as 2 cm un Apply and OK m accept yuur nanges back mane rrurn tne untruHer and 2 Exa mmg the path the 1 EMS us m gu m the the EMS us m gu m the EWEE mugme m sm 3 Press the mo buttun an the gene pux ans snumg send an EmaH rnessage rrurn the untruHertu the cum putter 14 vamze the RsLugrx 5mm pruject Frum the umputer desktup duub erchck an MS ouuook Express 16 Duub erchck an the Inbox ang Vennnath reeeweg mcummg EmaH GE v a text pager Dr 2 pnune wrtn text pagmg apabmty Delete aH EmaH messages m tne mbux and men Emma OuUuuK Express 8 huusmg Em NOTVSPEIEISEVENVE amznm Paeemmae ages aumt t Ham t nfa m nrhdumhh turmat We Wm be usmg FTP tn muve mesfrum yuur eumputertu the EWEE mudute FTP stahds fur File 1 h the bruvvser s address bah type ftpadministrator19216816 Whmh Sthe F39 address furyuur EWEE mudute m mpmmmma Wmnmkmpmm a twat a WWW mm W tmmdgmym mg a msmmmm News a News Mme Adme mmamumm WWW msmmmmtsmmmg 2 Frumthe cumputer desktup dudbteeheh an the Working Folder tusfupehed fur FTP use Tm mu transferthem tn the EWEE Let s tank at the Web page We dumhtuaded NOTVSPEIEISEVENVE azhznm Page 71 max 4 n the bruvvser s address ban type 1921681GUSeIMebmainhtmf The ququg sereen appears Lacm Tool Webbased Pruducliun Mnnlmrlng L um um rmqu ma mmm mmnm mm Idm 1 m Slummm 2 1mm nmmm vlumneMumm mm mum mm mm 5 5 DW P Ease be pauent asthe We camera Wages maytake a mmute 1 mad 6 Close ntemet EXp urEr Data Collection through XML a WP unnnned mm mm dam mews a 1 Launch Ms Excel 2 Frumthe mmbar menu se ect Data gtXML gt Import 7 4g Ex1m 94 M 3m ALA NOTVSPEIEISEVENVE amznm Paeenmax 3 In the File Name eld enter uup mm as shown below xmmxm 713 mat a My Recent M plumes 0mm 3mm 7 IlvipRepmts DeskkDD MVDacuments Mvtamvutev his game mp 192 155 6usersystemdataviewsProd uctianData Xmll v mm MVNetwmk Places FilesaFLWe XMLFilesC xml v LceiI A 4 Click the Import button 5 If the Login screen appears enter a User Name of Administratorand click Enter 6 When the following window appears click OK tmpml um 4 WWW mm m Tl WMWJ m t i or r mt Hummus m 7 If prompted to enable macros say Yes The excel sheet now data collects live data as de ned from the data view Okay this is sort ofa 1 J y customize this XML data in excel so tha u u mat uul ets t only the relevant production data is displayed NOTVSPEIEISEVENVE 9212004 Page 73 ONE 8 From the toolbar menu select Data gt XML gt XML Source This provides a dialog to allow you to select which XML data elds you want and don t want in your excel data sheet Elle Edit view insen ngmat Iaals Ul glldl lal nl Emil Elltev Sulltatals Import External Qata 9 Highlight all the data columns we just imported into the excel sheet and right click select Delete so the spread sheet is empty again 10 Now drag elements from the XML ource dialog that you want displayed on your screen we dragged Name Path and ns1 value n to our sheet below um mi iIsI vzlue LT J 11 Now with one of the items you just dragged to the screen selected from the toolbar menu select Data gt XML gt Refresh XML Data The data you requested should be updated on your excel spread sheet Now to generate shift reports all that needs to be done is this excel spread sheet opened the data refreshed and whatever excel functions need to be performed on the data can take place NOTSP003E ENE 9212004 Page 74 of 98 Lab 8 Summary In this lab you explored the following features of the EWEB Module Easy and simple access to plant floor data using Data Views Routing and Explicit Messaging no lO Sending Emails Modifying and Downloading Web Pages Data Collection with XML NOTSP003EENE 9212004 Page 75 of 98 Appendix A Adding Devices to the Network This H quot39 if for 39 quot 39 only and should not be treated as part of the lab exercise Read this document to learn what BOOTP is and how it works All the Rockwell Automation EtherNetIP nodes have been configured using this tool The IP addresses used in this lab are part of standard TCP lP EtherNetIP What is BOO TP In order for a host to exchange data with other hosts each host must have its own distinct IP address BOOTP is a simple way to provide IP addresses to hosts BOOTP uses IP to provide lP configuration and boot service hence the name BOOTP for bootstrapping protocol The requesting host sends a BOOTP request which is answered by a BOOTP server that has a configuration for the requesting station The way of assigning IP addresses varies depending upon the product All the devices will be configured using a method called BOOTP as default The table below describes different ways of configuring IP addresses Devices Default 1756ENBT BOOTP 39 BOOTP I R8232 through the 5555 5563 using RSLogix5000 ControlNet CNB Using RSLinx Gateway functionality or RSLogix5000 DH Using RSLinx Gateway functionality or RSLogix5000 EtherNetIP Using RSLinx Gateway functionality or RSLogix5000 through another already configured 1756ENBT module in the same chassis as the un initialized ENBT module PanelView Plus 600 BOOTP DHCP Manually from touch screen 1794AENT BOOTP BOOTP RSLinx Gateway PowerFlex70 Drive BOOTP DriveExplorer PF70 HIM Drive Executive NOTSP003EENE 9212004 Page 76 of 98 euhheeted tn yuur netwurk and asstgh Eurrespundmg F39 addresses In therh Genera nrncedure Ftrs t vertiy thatyuur RuckvveH EtherNettp nudes are net euhhgdred 567mm rhddmes 2 the NFT LED 5 OFF an the rhudute HEALRENT Hhuhmvvuvmwr There are severat tuutstd eunhgdre Puwer ex 7n dnve F39uvve ex HM BOOTF39 Server DrweExpturer Versmn 2 at ur htgher sumrarer Dnve Executwe Versmht m drhtgher Pahet Vtew PM EDD See tuueh sereeh Terrhthat Semng an the RSVtew ME Statmn Seteet Netwurks ahd hrhrhurhrahhrr Check turthe absehee at F39 address and that DHCF OK 5 ehabted A su W thts SErEEn yuu can see the EtherNemP hardware address 1 Fur eaeh ufyuur RA EtherNemP nDdES reenrd the EtherNettF39 hardware address betuvv the abets are ucated uh eaeh devtee ur PaheMew PM BEIEI setup screen MAC Addresses w brtNt Un b uquc777 ehassts 17537ENETUH 5555 u ehassts 1794 AENT PaheMeW PM BEIEI 7 1756 EWEE 7 F39uvver exm 7 7 7 2 oh yuur desktup dudbteeheh the 500w Server appheatmh NOTVSPEIEISEVENVE amznm Padenuvaa hnvvn hem u may be Empty ur have bunt requests m n JQIL we Van s He v E eav Hmmy Add An Realmquot LN mmmsec Type EthemeAAddvessMAE PAaaess Hasmame Hasmame New page Enab eBDDTP meme nssheauuwneep WWWmMse Memes D H 3 Frum the Tools menu Ehuuse Network Settings 4 When the Newark Semngs mawug appears emerme ququg SuhneAMask 255 255 Gateway Pumavy DNS Secandaw DNS n n Damam Name addresses yuu are abuut m asswgn 5 cm an OK Norsennaeme amznm Paeemmae Wheh BOOTF39 server Sumvane ts DpEn any EOOTF ehabted medute Wm shew up w the Request Htstehy as sheWh betew Here ts ah exampte A zl he rants HE D meet Htsmvy Add An hetettah L t YE Ethem BEIEITP nunnacnsaaoz K BEIEITP unnnacnsm 7r tAdd ht New ttetete Enab eBDDTP Enab eDHEP ntsameaumptthtp m1 H t Unab e m sewn a Deubteeheh eh the MAC address The New Entry dtateg appears EAhemeAAddvesslMAE C 553EAE PAddvess 192163 1 2 Hasmame Desc vhan EIK came 7 Enter yuur destred IP address hthts asE WE are usmg 192 WEE 1 2 the ParentENBT E CHEK an OK thstead NOTVSPEIEISEVENVE Emlmm Paeewuvaa DNS provides the function of translating the IP address of a host node into meaningful human understandable names DNS uses a treelike naming structure to provide a naming hierarchy M Boo HEPSewerm 7 7 A215 File Tools Help ClearHistory I Add to Relation List I httminisecl lType I quotm1 llPAddres l H ostname DTP DD39DD BC S39532D2 39 39B C39 0539 5 m C I u 39D a a Llgt 18215812 Relation L Newl Delele39 EnableEDEITP EnableDHEP DisableBDDTPDHCP o a u Entries Unable to service BUUTP request from UUDDBCD 53D2 1 of 255 The newly entered IP address appears in the Relation List This allows the BOOTP server to configure that module the next time it receives a BOOTP request Wait until the next request is received in the Request History window from the module confirming the IP address was assigned to it 9 Select the IP address from the Relation List and click on Disable BOOTPDHCP the status changes to Command Successfulquot This enables the EtherNetIP interface devices to retain their IP addresses Helation Li t New Deletel EnableBDUTP Enable DHCPI DisableBDDTPlDHCPI EthernelAddress MAC 1 e lPAddress I Hostname I Description UUUUBC0553AE EDUTP 19218812 Statu Entries Disable BOOTP Command successful i 1 of 255 10 Repeat the steps above for the remaining nodes 1756ENBT in the remote chassis child NOTSP003EENE 9212004 Page 80 of 98 1794eAENT FLEX adapter Pewer ex 7D drwe tne Retatmn Ltst New Debts Enaateaump Enamewep txsah eBDDTFVDHEP unnnaenasnz BEIEITP tamaw H Note Yuur EtnerNettp nardware addresses Wm dtfferfrumthe abuve sereen M PanEMEW PM BEIEI manuaHy ednngure trdrn tne F39V termtnat NavtgatmnttpseY 39 I 39 39 39 Network adapters IP address 12 Seteet Disable the DHCP buttun Seteet F39 address and type V tne F39 addressfuryuur PanEMEW Museum New seteettne Subnet Mask and type V1755 255 u u 13 Seteet OK and seteet Close unm yuu gettu tne RSVteW Stattun vvmduvv M Resettne devme IP addresses 17B F vtevv PM BEIEI 175 EWEE Pewer exm dnve 15 Venty yuur EtnerNettp Warfare are ednngured K LED un aH nudes sndutd be as ququ 1756mm OKand NET LED e suhd green HEALRENT Network Status and Module Status LED e Suhd green 11 15 e REfE PaneMeW PM BEIEI nastne eurreet F39 address 16 Seteet File gt Save NOTrSPUUSErENrE Emlmm Page 81 at aa 17 1 141 1139 39 u 1n 1Irf1rstar1d1ast name 18 ExitClose he BOOTP Server NOW 19 When 11 111 L11 Acce 1pmg ssories gt Command Prompt and 131119 a11tHe nodes one at a t1rne DOS prompt type P1ng192168112 w tor examp1e at the FYI P1ng1s an EmerNemP ut111tymatver1f1e5 connect1y1ty athe1owest1eve1 You W111 use 1t tor troub1e5hoot1ng Afterthe c1ass 11 you Want to read about 13119 Open a DOS prompt type we and press Enter To do tms your PC W111 need to have TCP1P1nsta11ed 16 A150 p1ngyour or 1r ouur nodes You W111 use 1115 many t1rnes1nmetuture ononoono pnonnor Reply pron 17216 ony mm for 1y 1su12 Packet Sent 4 neeeoyea 4 Last on 1oeegt aroroxonree ronno trip eonee on n111oeeeeonoe nononnn one nrxonnn 1ne aoeroye one cnoenenee on e tings nckuellgtping 19215313 Pinging 1y21oo1a yoen 32 byeee o o e Reply pron 1y21oo1a byte from 2153123 byte for 1v21su13 r Sent 4 Received 4 Lust 4 m loss approxinoee round trip times in nillieseeonAs Minimum Ems Maximum Ems ayeraye Ems ttings nckuellgtping 17215314 2 bytes of 1 172153 1 Pro at R e approxinoee round e Minimum ns 4 4 e iued 4 Lust 4 m loss iptimes in nillieseeona Ems ayeraye c Dncnments on e n 3Rnckuellgt 17 C105et11e DOS prompt N017 SPEIEISEVENVE 921 gum Page 32 ot 98 Appendix B Communication Formats Read this document to learn about communication formats Communication format When you configure an lO module you select a communication format for the module The communication format determines the data structure for the tags that are associated with the module Direct connection or rackoptimized connections are the most commonly used ones Rack Optimization The Logix5000 controller uses connections to transmit and receive lO data For digital lO modules rackoptimized communication is selected A rackoptimized connection consolidates connection usage between the controller and all the digital lO modules in the chassis or DIN rail Rather than having individual direct connections for each lO module there is one connection for the entire chassis or DIN rail None Is a realtime direct connection used for data transfer between the controller and an lO module The controller maintains and monitors the connection with the HO module Any break in the connection such as module fault or the removal of a module while under power sets fault bits in the data area associated with the module This type of communication format is also used for peer to peer scheduled communication Input Data In Logix5000 system modules generate multicast data This means that multiple modules can receive the same data at the same time from a single module While selecting a communication format you have to choose whether to establish an owner or listen only relation with the module The controller that creates the primary configuration and communication connection to a module is called an owner controller The owner controller writes configuration data and can establish a connection to the module An owner connection is any connection that does not include Listen Only in its Communication Format ListenOnly connection This is an lO connection where another controller ownsprovides the configuration data for the HO module A controller using a listenonly connection only monitors the module It does not write configuration data and can only maintain a connection to the lO module when the owner controller is actively controlling the lO module Output Data Only one controller is the owner of outputs to a device An output data connection to a device is the only connection that determines the mode Program or Run of that particular device NOTSP003EENE 9212004 Page 83 of 98 Appendix C Adding Modules to IIO Configuration List exercise Ad 39 the Parent Rack Fm make sure yuu are amine mm yuur RSLugiXEDDD Right iick an IO Con guration and chuuse New Module Find the 175615160 W the muduie iis L as Shawn beiuvv and ick an OK Szlzd maule tyne 39 m is Paini 79v UN AE isaiaied ian a Paini 79v UN AE Diagnasiic ian is Paini mv 3 z DE ian w M inpur i755iBi5i PmmiW3WDisaiaiedinpmSinkSame was iBisiSDE Ehannei ssses 2w m sequence a am i755iBSZA Pawnwaizv i m wasiaazB mum mm Dui 755mm PmmSWSWDEinpm was iFiS i Ehannei Nan isaiaiedVaiiageEuueniAnaiag was wa we as a unenWaiiinputs2EunenWaiiDuipuisFasiAnaiag was iFSEiSA a we ssses swam ssms Anaiag W i iFSi a hanneiisaiaiedVaiiageEuueniAnaiaginput Ll saw Venssi v pm 7 spasms seemw l7 Arising 17 Digiiai I7 Eammumcaimn l7 Maiian l7 Eanimiiei Eieai AH semi was 4 SEiEEt MajurREv 2 and Ciick UK May Rem 2 ma as Norspnnaeme azwznm Pageamaa 7 Make RM cnange Of State and mum mar semngs warm 5 Cun gure the want meeme as snewn be uvv Mndul proper 5 Type 5 men n Pmm mv 3w DE Deemne nvm Vendm AHenBv y Paven Lacs Name myjacaHBHSD 5mm 4 Descuvhan 3 l EammmeaA FHHEHag n npurliara v Revxsmn 2 a E echamcKEymg Dwsah eKeymE 39 em 1m New Hep Chck un Next the quuvvmg screen appears RequeueuPaekeHmewaHRPu 1nuu m2 new r nmhuMadu e l Maw mu en EuHhuHm n eunneenun nnwne n nun Mud em r um NM 7 nm new NOTVSPEIEISEVENVE Page 85 m ax a Veniy thatthe se emuns match thh the mama be uvv Mndul Praiaer 5 ml ns mnz F7 Open vwe Ban22 lt Back Next gt rm gtgt HE D 9 cm un Finish Ad 39 ntRack bE DW aHu m 2qu Mudul m 39 We was umsn nwum m 5 PM W ZSENAE nmpm 5 PM W ZSENAE za aled mm H m 25w z mm m m t y V n mm m I an H 755mm V5lel W1WDEsn alej upmSmkSamce wssunsws V5PJWVWZWDE w aAejScheduedEulpm xrkSnumi scum szmnwnzvo mm 55m iPam VDEEImpm mama m H mm arms Fused s alej uvm 5 ma iPamaWBDDcumvm NH 4mm NrmknhrsdWhigs uvanAra na urrur 1 Shaw Venng AH v 397 mm 7 slec awm Ssh2AA l7 mm I7 nm 7 anmunv amn l7 Mmquot W anrmum wAu m Eance Heb NOTVSPEIEISEVENVE amznm Page 85 m ax Z CHER Em OK 3 When the muean sereen appears se em Mam Rewsmn 2 and chck OK Seem Maw Rev rm was umsD Madu e PmMe hemg vealed Maw Remquot Ban22 Heb 4 Enterthe nn guratmn parameters as shuvvn be uw and chck Hmsh mane mm 5 Type was B SDVSPmnHSWSWDEDBEWSUEDMDM Vendm AHenBva y a Lacs myJemaAeElB SD sxm 2 Descuvhan mm meal 397 A A E s2mm Keyme cm W New My NOTVSPEIEISEVENVE amznm Page 87 m ax e to the lie Con guration TD 3 a wasENET b dge m the HO hst ngm chck an no Configuration se ect NewModule and se em 1756ENBTas shuvvn be uvv We l wasmam Descuvhan was DevmeNeA Scannev was m ths Ethemel Budge mm M 1 pr a dgi m 399 was Ethemel Eammumcahan mevlace was Ethemel Budge w s man ths Ethemel Budge wEnhancedWeh Sew2 a Speed Eaumev AE magnum npm SPmnHWS mumquot at s Pmm mv 3w DE D agnashc npm s Pmm mv 3w DE sa aled npm SmkSaume Shaw Vendm AH v r7 may r7 Spemauwu sweetAH 17 Ana ag l7 Dwgua 17 Eammumcahan 17 Mahan 17 EannaHev mewAu cm Wu Z SE EEI OK 3 When the munan WmdDW appears se em Mam Rewsmn 3 and chck OK Se ecl Ma m Rev rm WES ENBTA Madu e Maw Revman mew Heb NOTVSPEIEISEVENVE azwznm Page as m as 4 Con gure the modu e anOHOWS andthen dka Finish MndulePrnver 5 ma 1156 m 7 Type was ENBTA was mmn ths Ema Budge mm Paw Meme Vanda AHen Bvad ey Pam Lace m E AddvessHastNeme Des21mmquot F PAddvess j r HastNeme gm 4 Tl 4 r gemmctw M 4 cm W New Heb Con guring a Remote Ethernet Node R ght dka on the Parent 17567ENBT and Se ect New Module 2 Se ectthe 1756ENBTfr0m the hst and then Chck 0K saw mm mm 7 7 5 We WEBENBTA Twe m 7 we2 DMM Adanlev washe Pau Mama IHQEIhemalMaptsv a 755 u Mb sEt Erd F am um um SME Hex 1m Ethane umn Mbps Elhemet Budge wEnhancm Web Senmes 1757 rmdmn mm mm Dzwce 1757 Fwndahun erhhus Pmcess Ecmlmllev mm mm ths Elhemet Furl m Camvaclugm i l Inn In Mbvs Elhemel m m Eamvaclugm c i was Emma m DewreNet Wm Dawes aa 7 mm Mbps Elhemet Budge Imam Mm Ll Vendm An r mm 17 SpatiallyD sagaan l7 Anehg I7 Dlg aY i7 Eamwvmannn l7 Mman 7 Emthe 1me cm Hap NOTVSPEIEIBEVENVE azwznm Page 89 cuth Seiea Mayor ne n Seieei Main Rev in was ENBTA Madu e PmMe seine vealed Maim Ii saneei Heip Cunfiguie the muduie asquuvvs and than dick the Next buttun manie prune arentma am A was ENBTA was mmn ths anemei Budge Twisted Pan Media Auen aiaaiey Pavem min A PAddvess 92 isa V 3 j Addiess Husk Name Des21mm r asAName l3 i A mechanisms em was New Hes Tu ieam mare abuut Communication Format refer in Appendix B NOTVSPEIEISEVENVE BmZEIEM Page an m as change Rm frum MndulzPrnDQ om 1115 ENHY 3 BetzuesledPacke mewa lRPH m3 ms nu 75EIEIms l inmhuMo Me I Mam FauH Eln EanlvaHev u onneouon Fa swh e m Run Made mo week New Hop fun 1 atm mm The Rm sooomosioo oonoo ammo data updatesuccur Fur Examphe an mput mudu e send data In a untruHEr atthe Rm yuu asswgn tn the mudu e urthe rack Yuu Dn gure the Rm m m hsecunds When mshed yuur VD un guratmn tree m RSLDQxXEDDD Wm appear asanqu a a mu 9 45 Mam k oojoume Unsthedubd quvams E E Mahan GmuDs u muved Axes d5 o mu m Muuuooeoneu E a 10 an quvatmn E 311756 ENBYA P 1 EH mo 111755715st vaacauBlsD 2 nssrooxso NVJemateOBl D NOTVSPEIEISEVENVE amznm Paoo aw o1 ax Appendix D Verifying the DeviceNet Scanlist using RSNetworx for DeviceNet exercise DNE Yuu eah vehiy ur create a seahhst asfuiiuvvs 1 Frumthe eumputer desktup duubierchck uh RSNeMorx forDeviceNettu auheh the suftvvare Frum yuur F39C budge tn the WEEVDNE and nut uhtu the DeweeNet HEMWk via the WEEVENET 1h yuur remute i756 cmd ehass1s as shuvvn beiuvv and then chck OK 313345311r quot3mm 5 Seieci 3 cammumcahan 93m 15 the 323123 neiwmk WAmahmwse a WaykstamhRocsztmawm 3 1m Gateans Ethemet E 3 najwwq Ethemet 192 153 2 17557511919 1755mm 192 153 1 3 17557511919 1755mm 3 a aacmahe 1755M nu 175571559 1051x5555 asumevss 31 1755mm 32 17serwEBn Wanwwheye a U3 1755mm 1755mm DeviceNet Stan 1 1 3 a 192 153 1 4 179mm FLEX Io Ethemet 5333121 m 192 153 1 s panewew 9135 533 PaneivxewrPius f 192 153 1 5 1755mm 1755mm 33 555551 3315 4 ifyuu see the ququg message dick on OK 39 n zmlqremimdzvzs 39 mtsiudnatnvdawnzddeym 39 hhzh El Ll 55555333575575 mm Page a 3193 5 Whenme17567DNB and photoeye appear m we grapmcs wew as shown be ow chck Cancel to Stop the browse mamaA RHngng S andavd Dm 2 Nat med Dew2 at addvess n8 7 Doub erchck on me 1756DNB and 5e ect me Scannsnab 9 Venfymatmere 5 a scanhstdowmoadedmme17567DNB 10 12 Venfyme Photoeye con gurauon defaun of cos 5 OK 13 Close RSNetWOrX for DevwceNet NOTVSPUEISEVENVE 9212mm Page 93 mag Appendix E Drive Explorer Con guring 39 39 39 39 39 1 Frumthe cumputer desktup duub erchck an we DriveEprorencun 2 Frumthe lumbar menu se ect Explore gt Connect Ethernet 9 Emma F e H mm Athaer He p D in an quvetammumcatmn Dewce vaemes usta amvave Resu ts 3 Chck OK 4 nghhghtthe IP Address as Shawn be uvv and chck an the Connectbunun Nztwnrk nnnut mm saga W Nelwmk Name W New Nelwmk l7 Shaw wasquot PavameAEVS Emma2K E ase NOTVSPEIEISEVENVE amznm Pageamaa DnveExpmrer cunnems unrhne thh the drwe Dr Emma He m EXD me Athaer He v quot a Q a g q Em W 21 rPawevHexm r awemexmzmv 42 1 D Madu e rzurcoMMrE EthevNelIP Custam mews amvave Resu ts 45m g3 WNW b m mm mm D w n a g939g E mun Vuwzv u r mmmmwww m V comm away m want my mu 5 m s N 3m 3m 3m W Hill W Hill man man man man u u u m mm mm F 7 A M n MME V V n NOTVSPEIEISEVENVE amznm Pageaauvaa The UserTextaHuws yuu a mum descnpwe name mm dewce Pan 5 Seuss Rmm 2 nm Slams AHacaAed Sena Numhev wmnnz UsevTexA E P LAB AW E Chck un We Diagnostics ram 522 mm da a m heZEIrCOMME adaptev me addevpmgvam m rm Human aenaalnm mmssungqum m namr mam nu Pym Harms J 4 cmmgm 3 mm mum Hm w s wages 3 cm munmum E as ch J 7 J A MM 9 Chck mm Close bu un Verify39 g 39 CDMME 1 VemythemHuwmgpavemetevs PLZS DPI lO c1917 seu gt 1 m aHuW Lugm Cummand Reveyem m may date bemeen mzu COMMVE and We dwe was M75 Inpullr settu xE1 tu aHuW Lugm Cummand R 2evence m nansm data between m 2H COMM E and m cumquev Nonspuuasz NVE ammo Pageasmsa Pr 36 MS output set to x01 to allow Logic StatusFeedback to transfer data between the 20 COMM E and the controller Pr 20 Reset Module If any parameter is modified reset the adapter via Prameter20 for the setting to take place Note that MS Input and MS output determines the 20COMME s lO size on the network Because of the HO size mismatch between 20COMME and ENBT you will see a warning icon in the RSLogix5000 lO con guration menu and there would not be any access to the drive through ladder program l Click on the PowerFIeX70 drive to display its parameters 3 Scroll down to Parameter 90 for Speed Ref A Sel Notice that DPI Port 5 is selected 4 Scroll down to Parameter 276 for Logix Mask Notice that DPI Port 5 is selected 5 Scroll down to Parameter 300 to display the Datalinks This tells drive which parameter to use with the Datalinks Parameters 140 and 142 contain Accel time and Decel time for the drive eels File Edit Explore Actions Help lD EIr eagleTalelaal lel EluDevices EtherNetJ39IP Direct I Name I Value Units I A 39 El Node 1 EIP LAB Data In 91 140 E D PowerFlex D 240V 42 Data In A2 142 1 LCD Module 335 in a g a a n C t 20 COMM E EtherNethP Data In G U a 5 0 395 Data In c2 0 5 Compare Results Data In D1 0 Data In DZ 0 6 Close DriveExplorer NOTSP003EENE 9212004 Page 97 of 98 Accessing the Adapter s Main Web Page 1 Type the IP address 19216817 in your internet explorer s address location and press Enter 2 When the following screen appears navigate through different pages Address E l 7 PowerFlex 70 240V 42A Status Jogging Co an ed direction Forward Rotation direction Forward Process Display my Wimp W Bus VDC Dis 1a an autorre 39es recess dis 1a m anew window IO connection 39om 192 168 1 2 R m u RV Onime User Manuals i Software Tools Website i Email Technical Support NOTSP003EENE 9212004 Page 98 of 98


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