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by: Terrence Kshlerin


Terrence Kshlerin
Texas A&M
GPA 3.94


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 47 page Class Notes was uploaded by Terrence Kshlerin on Wednesday October 21, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ENTC 463 at Texas A&M University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 31 views. For similar materials see /class/226139/entc-463-texas-a-m-university in Engineering Technology at Texas A&M University.

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Date Created: 10/21/15
Chapter 11 Keys and Couplings ENTC 463 Mechanical Design Applications Keys and Couplings Keys Machine elements placed at the interface between a shaft and the hub of a gear sprocket or sheave to transmit torque Couplings Machine elements used to connect two shafts to transmit power Keys Types of Keys Parallel keys Square keys Rectangular keys Tapered Keys and Gib Head Keys Pin Keys Woodruff Keys Parallel Keys L w 39 E I K All F14 1 a m m mm mm m 66 ltllClvmmmlally mum m Taper Gib Head and Pin Keys Fur lwalmg pusitinn of dimmsinn N f 7qu Hm W a E d w I all Plain mpcr key 51 Alternate plain lapcr key Huh lengIIIJ I H m a prmi 7 i 74 E 1131 lt A w 4 7H 74 7 7 lkw l 7 4 w39 Hl L j Gilt I39mad taper kt Cd Pin key Woodruff Keys ryme genmdly mm m mu WV i 7 D mm Emmeer my a gt w m WV m 703m r m mng r mwmm m mm m Wm kc 1mer mum mm x mm mm a c 1M x Iem m n um w n p 5 mm Mm u v x mm m n 3 n w 1 I w u a 7 u rzu mm M 25 l 7 z u 3 2m 0 0mm 2 A m lt1 1x a 055m m WWW m Muir mm mm n Amwmqw rmnx uu Parallel Keys Parallel to the axis of shaft Square keys Preferred size 332 to 1 12 Rectangular keys Preferred size 1 12 and up TE Parallel Keys mu m m u nun dmmmr we Hum my mum wmn w Mun m nwlm y m w w 7 m w 2 a 7a m m 7 m 31m m m v m u 3 vs 71 w m m m 1 l 34 L 1m 1 ll x 1 ll l u 1 2 la n 1 zl I 1 H v x l n 3 5 2 l w 4 p x 1 s 1 1 4 a 4 2 w 7 3mm quotmm mm AMA mmmm m7 HMnmln l rml luml1lmsmM1an mm All mum Wm m Uqummmvlmkllurmulll rtltwc n mummy Materials for Keys AISI 1020 Cold Drawn AISI 1040 AISI 1045 Heat treated steel Consider fatigue shockimpact loading elongation gt 10 needed Forces and Stresses on Keys Failure due to shear shear stress Failure due to compression bearing stress menu iu ram an a kc Failure Due to Shear Design Parameter Length L T F 192 A WL shear area F 2T 055y 72 lt A DWL N 4TN SyDW gtLgt Failure Due to Compression C 2 05 2 T 2 4T lty lrquot quot AC D2LH2 DLH N I l IT39irl rml 52quot 1quot quot l um I a39 quotis 39 3939 quot Lil39l 39l39ll1f 4 4TN S DH y gtLgt 4TN Shear failure L gt Fore square key W H For rectangular key W gt H calculate L based on compression Key Example Design a key for a shaft D 10 rotating at 350 rpm and transmitting 40 hp ENTC 463 HVV11 Key Spline and Coupling Due 412008 Chapter 11 1 3 5 for the application in problem 3 Next Thursday 432008 Meet Thompson 0098 Allen to Hagan 220 to 300 PM Higginbotham to Winniford 300 to 335 PM ENTC 463 Mechanical Design Applications Splines Splines Concept multiple parallel keys SAE specifications 4 61016 splines Torque capacity rating Straight Splines SAE Standard Torque capacity is based on the limit of 1000 psi bearing stress T1000Nitl2lh N number of splines L T is per inch spline length Straight Splines Keys 025 F A D2H2L Splines F T a Z Dd2x112 Da average diameter Da D d2 T H1 lt1 H 1 Vi N Ddj D djL 4 2 Since 039 IOOOpsz and L 210quot D d D d Uh I 139 I I rmrm gt T 1000N LI 511 1110 Straight Splines T S 39 y TZIOOONlDijiL d NDdjDTdjLlt 2 T lt S ND may y 4 2 Torque capacity of the spline D 10 d085 N4 4 splines L10 Sy30 ksi SAE Spline Standard Known shaft diameter D and number of spHnes Decide type of fit A B or C Determine other geometry parameters W h d form the Table 114 Compute torque capacity from Table 115 SAE Spline Standard mun 1H Formulas furSAh urngm aplch mung Tommmp of En rm 1 mu 9 wm mm Num m W No 5M m Fa m mi u A I nnmvru 1n m4 Tu AI v m wth mm mm m m m H mm o 3qu a 2m e um u mu a mu mst a mu nuoxn muss a mu mmmm mm mmmdlmmm hvr u n mm m m mng plmrs pr mm Mu Jmludw 2 SAE Spline Standard Example N4 A Fit h0075D d085D T 210004D85DD 85D 400013980391j 21387512 D10 Sy 30 kSi T 13910230 41701bin Example Select a spline and determine the diameter of the shaft for power transmission of 20 hp at 400 rpm Other Methods to Connect Elements to Shaft Pinning Doubleshear 2T F 2TD 4T F s Dz Dr 2A anz4 M2Dlt 4T dgt DS Design pin to fail before others fail Other Methods to Connect Elements to Shaft Set screw Taper shaft and screw Other Methods to Connect Elements to Shaft Press fit Polygon Hub to shaft connection Molding plastic gears Coupling Couplings Objective Connecting two shafts together at their ends for power transmission Rigid coupling connecting two shafts with no relative motion of shafts can occur Flexible coupling also called compliant coupling can handle misalignment such as axial angular parallel and torsional alignment Couplings Rigid coupling F 77 ltS A DN w14 8T nDNsy N number of bolts d Types of Flexible Couplings See samples in the power transmission lab Types of Flexible Couplings mm 14 Gun u w aenummpln m uan wmluy a ma b luws mm me Exam 2 Review Flexible machine elements Belt Chain Vbelt selection size Chain number size Power rating Power rating Layout dimension Layout dimension Sheave diameter Sprockets Length Length Center distance Center distance Lubrication method Flexible machine elements Wire rope Evaluation Diameter Tension Material Bending Operating height Fatigue Sheave Bearing sheave Diameter Material Example problems Design a belt system vbelt to transmit 20 hp from 1170 rpm to 400 rpm The input and output of a chain system is 870 rpm and 250 rpm Select chain and design layout to transmit 25 hp Select a wire rope and pulley to lift 4000 lb load with the pulley installed at 60 ft off ground Gears Gears types Spur gear Helical gear Bevel gear Worm and wormgear Geometry Diametrial pitch pd Diameter or of teeth Face width Gears Consideration Forces Tangential Radial Axial Stresses number Bending stress Contact stress Material selection Allowable stress number Power gt Torque gt Force gt Stress StrengthStress gt Force gt Torque gt Power Gear Examples Design helicalbevel pinion rotating at 1200 rpm and gear 400 rpm and select gear material to transmit 20 hp Estimate the power transmission capacity of a gray cast iron Class 30 pinion D2 rotating at 1200 rpm A wormgear set has a single thread worm and a reduction ratio of 30 Design the worm and wormgear dimension and select material to transmit input power of 15 hp with higher than 85 efficiency Rolling Contact Bearings Ball bearing Load life relationship a 5 L1 P2 Radial load only PVR Radial load and thrust load PXVRYT Rolling Contact Bearings Mean effective load under varying loads Bearing Example The radial load acting on a 6315 bearing is 1200 lb After 100000 rev Determine the remaining life of the bearing Beanngs Plain Surface Bearing Boundary Lubricated Bearing Geometry diameter length clearance Material selection Hydrodynamic Lubricated Bearing Geometry diameter length clearance Lubricant viscosity film thickness operating temperature pressure loadprojected area Power loss Bearing Examples Determine the size and material of a boundary lubrication for a radial load of 200 lb on 05 diameter shaft rotating at 300 rpm Design a hydrodynamic lubrication bearing for an application of 1200 lb radial load 15 shaft diameter and 1200 rpm shaft speed Specify lubricant operating temperature power loss Beanng Plain Surface Bearing cont Hydrostatic bearing Lifting force load capacity Flow rate Power and power loss Operating pressure Pad geometry Lubricant and operating temperature Bearing Examples To lift 3500 lb load with a 05 hp pump that can deliver lubricant at a max pressure of 500 psi determine the pad geometry and the lubricant to be used Key Spline and Coupling Parallel keys Square and rectangular keys Select width and height based on shaft diameter Calculate length based on material strength Spline Determine torque capacity based on shaft diameter and material Coupling Rigid coupling Flexible coupling torque rating Key Examples Design a key and select key material for a shaft D 15 rotating at 1200 rpm and transmitting 12 hp


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