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by: Albertha Ryan


Marketplace > Texas A&M University > History > HIST 234 > EUR MIL HIST 1630
Albertha Ryan
Texas A&M
GPA 3.98

Adam Seipp

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About this Document

Adam Seipp
Class Notes
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This 12 page Class Notes was uploaded by Albertha Ryan on Wednesday October 21, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HIST 234 at Texas A&M University taught by Adam Seipp in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 80 views. For similar materials see /class/226152/hist-234-texas-a-m-university in History at Texas A&M University.


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Date Created: 10/21/15
Exam 2 Key Terms Oliver Cromwell WhaT The proToType puriTan commander He commanded parliamenTs privaTe army when They Took conTrol of England from The monarchy When 1Sf half of 17 cenTury Significance His belligeranT foreign policy He was able To creaTe This privaTe army because ciTizens couldn39T have weapons CusToms amp Excise WhaT Tax paid on imporTed goods When 2quotd half of The 17 cenTury Significance IT was The firsT aTTempT aT a fair Tax sysTem Everyone paid iT Bank of England WhaT Designed To creaTe a sysTem of raising revenue CreaTed The concepT of a naTional debT Sold bonds To invesTors When 2quotd half of The 17 cenTury Significance The bank of England was criTical for building a fiscal miliTary sTaTe Allowed GreaT BriTain To pay Their miliTary To sTay in The war longer Lloyds of England WhaT A place where invesTors came To and Talked abouT business EsTablished risk pools When 2quotd half of 18m cenTury Significance The birTh of The modern day insurance business Bill of RighTs WhaT EnumeraTed parilemenTary power over The monarchy IT made The people more powerful Than The king BroughT abouT by The Glorious RevoluTion When 2quotd half of 17ll cenTury Significance AnTi sTanding army They feared a miliTary dicTaTorship due To Oliver Cromwell FirsT Time in hisTory The people have more power Than monarchy Exam 2 Key Terms VicTualling Board WhaT ConTrolled how ships were supplied aT sea as opposed To The capTain paying for everyThing The sTaTe pays for everyThing When 2quotd half of The 17 cenTury Significance Transformed The poTenTial of ships aT sea and gave iT a leg up againsT possible rivals FirsT Time There was a governmenT bureaucraTic apparaTus dedicaTed To The miliTary PrivaTeer WhaT LegiTimized sTaTe sancTioned piraTes Enourmously successful When 2quotd half of 17m cenTury To 1ST half of 18Th cenTury Significance Waging war on The cheap Primarily used by France againsT England because England had a really sTrong Navy while France did noT Press Gangs WhaT Forcable Navy recruiTers ThaT wenT ouT and recruiTed by any means necessary When 2quotd half of 17m cenTury Significance They impressed anybody and everybody and iT led To Tensions wiTh oTher counTries especially wiTh America Taille WhaT A Tax paid by households Fell enTirely on The 3rd esTaTe When 2quotd half of 17m cenTury Significance Everybody haTed iT and The rich people didn39T pay iT Widened The class differences inside of France which led To The revoluTion Duc de Chosiel WhaT French minisTer of War French army learned To fighT under him Made many changes CuT pensions Commanders had To visiT regimenTs aT leasT once a year Exam 2 Key Terms When 2quotd half of 18m cenTury Significance He reformed The French MiliTary inTo a legiTimaTe fighTing force and a conTinenTal power He sTandardized French arTillery Se39basTien PresTere de Vauban WhaT Chief miliTary engineer for King Lois XIV and arguably The mosT famous one in hisTory When 1Sf half of The 17 cenTury Significance Very good forTificaTions ForTified The French border Designed beTTer Trace ITaIiene Made France sTronger I am The STaTequot WhaT WhaT King Lois XIV said PreTTy much saying ThaT his inTeresTs are Frances39 inTeresTs When 2quotd half of The 17 cenTury Significance RelocaTed The palace aT Versailles To escape The Paris mobs Revoked The edicT of NanTes MalplagueT WhaT LasT major baTTle in The Spanish war of succession 36000 combined casualTies When 1Sf half of The 18 cenTury Significance Ended The Spanish war of succession GreaT ElecTor r 164016881 WhaT ElecTor Frederick William Technically The ElecTor of Brandenburg noT Prussia Was a proTesTanT Began a series of inTernal reforms When 1Sf and 2quotd half of 17m cenTury Significance Organized counTry inTo miliTary disTricTs permanenle Exam 2 Key Terms Frederick II Hohenzollernl WhaT Frederick The GreaT CoTified The law King of Prussia Responsible for modernizing Prussia When 1Sf and 2quotd half of 18m cenTury Significance Laid The foundaTion for Prussia being a land based miliTary power CanTonal SysTem WhaT Prussian sysTem of recruiTmenT Each regimenT is Tied To a disTricT RecruiTmenT from disTricT allowed for uniT cohesion When 1Sf half of The 17 cenTury Significance Allowed Prussia To call up army39s quickly Pre curser To levee en masse Junkers WhaT Prussian noble landowners Owned huge esTaTes Were key in esTablishing The new cenTral sTaTe of Prussia When 1Sf and 2quotd half of 17m cenTury Significance They goT To keep serfs in reTurn The Prussians goT Their noble sons as officers They were The powerbase of Prussia Valmx WhaT BaTTle where The revoluTionary army crushed The Prussians When 2quotd half of 18m cenTury Significance Showed The reformaTion of The French army due To reformers such as The Duc de Choiseul Showed ThaT The revoluTion in france could defend iTself Exam 2 Key Terms SaraToga WhaT BenedicT Arnolds American army capTures Burgoynes army causing him To surrender When 2quotd half of 18m cenTury Significance ATTracTed The French To help ouT The conTinenTal Army againsT The BriTish Marquis de LafaxeTTe WhaT French officernoble WashingTons aide de camp Helped Train The American army for The revoluTion When 2quotd half of 18m cenTury Significance He was a primary figure in The revoluTion He commanded The revoluTionary army aT valmy NaTional Assembly WhaT A naTional assembly of The 15 2 and 3rd esTaTe When 2quotd half of The 18 cenTury Significance EsTablished popular sovereignTy ThaT sTarTed The French revoluTion and The idea ThaT The King has To lisTen To The people Levee39 en Masse WhaT Mass levy FirsT ever aTTempT To mobilize an enTire socieTy for war which had never been done A drafT ThaT wenT furTher Than any oTher drafT ever aTTempTed Those who couldn39T women elderly eTc were drafTed for non miliTary duTies When 2quotd half of 18m cenTury Significance RepresenTs The firsT Time ThaT a European sTaTe conTrolled The enTire socieTy during warTime FirsT modern army Exam 2 Key Terms Toussai m L39 OverTure WhaT Slave in HaiTi ThaT formed his own slave army and Joined The Spanish Was an experT horse breaker as a child As a resulT knew a loT of people over The island because his masTer renTed him ouT When 2quotd half of The 18 cenTury Significance FirsT successful slave revolT in hisTory RepresenTaTives on Mission WhaT RepresenTaTives of The civilian governmenT Given The order To counTeracT orders and arresT and execuTe officers suspecTed of disloyalTy When 2quotd half of The 18 cenTury Significance IT indicaTes civilian conTrol of The miliTary which was a firsT Vendee39 WhaT Border beTween caTholic and proTesTanT france When 2quotd half of 18m cenTury Significance Shows ThaT ordering soldiers To kill civilians doesn39T go very well aT all because They massacre everybody Fermage WhaT Form of bonded labor where workers owed Their service noT To individual masTer buT To sTaTe When 1Sf half of The 19 cenTury Significance The idea of a sTaTe is becoming more widespread ConTinenTal SysTem WhaT A blockade of BriTain Napoleon was noT leTTing porTs on conTinenTal Europe Trade wiTh GreaT BriTain When 1Sf half of The 19 cenTury Significance IT economically bankrupTed Napoleon and conTinenTal Europe Exam 2 Key Terms Borodino WhaT LargesT baTTle ever foughT on The European conTinenT unTil The 20 cenTury Napoleon won buT iT looked like a defeaT French won noThing and The Russians survived To fighT anoTher day When 1Sf half of 19m cenTury Significance IT broke Napoleons army and officially marked The beginning of The fall of Napoleon Code Napoleon WhaT The codificaTion of law in all of Napoleons Vassel sTaTes Applied To all wiTh no excepTions When 1Sf half of 19m cenTury Significance He broughT law To places where There was none ConfederaTion of The Rhine WhaT Loose confederaTion of TerriTories easT of The Rhine valley designed by Napoleon To proTecT from Prussia Russia and AusTria When 1Sf half of 19m cenTury Significance IT was an imporTanT buffer keeping EasTern European powers ouT of France and iT is where he pulled his Grande Armee from Congress of Vienna WhaT Belgium fused wiTh The NeTherlands Goal was To remake The sTaTe sysTem creaTed aT WesTphalia When 1Sf half of 19m cenTury Significance CreaTed The congress sysTem of inTernaTional mediaTions Vormarz WhaT The premarch era When 1Sf half of 19m cenTury Significance Exam 2 Key Terms Congress SysTem WhaT EsTablished by The Congress of Vienna In a Time of crisis congress would meeT up To Try and solve iT When 1Sf half of 19m cenTury Significance CreaTed The sysTem of inTernaTional mediaTion of conflicT beTween counTries in cenTral Europe ThaT would lasT unTil WWI Zollverei n WhaT Prussian cusToms union Everyone who was parT of H didn39T have To pay The excise Taxes and Tariffs ThaT everyone else had To pay When 1Sf half of 19m cenTury Significance EsTablishmenT of Prussian power via economics PeTerloo WhaT Workers proTesT in ManchesTer where The cavalry used in WaTerIoo ran down women and kids When 1Sf half of 19m cenTury Significance FirsT Time ThaT workers are sTarTing To ban TogeTher and is a pre cursor To The workers revoluTions Vo lksgeisT WhaT NoTion ThaT naTionaIism began as a cuTured idea ConcepT of cuTural naTionaIisTs When 1Sf half of The 19 cenTury Significance NaTionaIism People realizing ThaT They shared culTure beliefs and TradiTions ThaT They were common people a naTion La ios KossuTh WhaT Formed army To fighT for Hungarian independence When 1Sf half of 19m cenTury Exam 2 Key Terms Significance One of The people ThaT revolTed during The wave of revoluTions due To naTionaIism FrankfurT Assembly WhaT A naTional assembly ThaT faced The quesTion of WhaT is Germany DebaTe beTween a Germany ThaT included AusTria or noT Abolished serfdom When 1Sf half of 19m cenTury Significance IndicaTes growing naTionaIism beTween cenTral Europe Crimean War WhaT A war beTween Russia and primarily Turkey buT BriTain inTervened When 1Sf half of 19m cenTury Significance Ended The congress sysTem Karl Marx Friedrick Engels WhaT They were The auThors of CommunisT ManifesTo When 1Sf half of 19m cenTury Significance CommunisT ManifesTo seT Europe on fire The working class bible STarTed The revoluTions K und K WhaT Kaiser and Konig ResulT of compromise The Ausgleich of 1867 Ruler of The Unified AusTria Hungarian empire When 2quotd half of 19m cenTury Significance Blood and Iron WhaT Speech given by OTTo von Bismark saying ThaT The issues of German borders will noT be solved by diplomacy buT by blood and iron When 2quotd half of 19m cenTury Significance Prussia will use war as a diplomaTic medium in place of poliTics Exam 2 Key Terms AlsaceLorraine WhaT Two French TerriTories ThaT goT annexed by Prussia IT was a cenTral issue in French foreign poliTics unTil WWI When 2quotd half 19 cenTury Significance ITalia IrredenTa WhaT Unredeemed ITaly Idea ThaT land noT JusT be Taken buT redeemed When 2quotd half of 19m cenTury Significance DeTermined ITalian foreign policy leading up To The World Wars General STaff WhaT InsTiTuTion invenTed where The Prussians can claim To be pioneers STaff dedicaTed To Thinking abouT and planning armed combaT TalenTed officers idenTified and puT To work doing This on a regular basis When 1Sf half of 19m cenTury Significance FirsT of iTs kind of a permanenT professional miliTary sTaff Emperor Menelik WhaT Came To The Throne as a resulT of civil war in EThiopia ITaly invaded EThiopia and iT was a compleTe caTasTrophe for Them When 2quotd half of 19m cenTury Significance He Trained his army on miliTary lines DefeaTed a European army as a non European New Imperialism WhaT Emphasized poliTical and economic dominance The indusTrial revoluTion creaTed boTh a push and a pull Towards new imperialism When 2quotd half of 19m cenTury Significance IT was poliTical and culTural dominance as opposed To economic influence Exam 2 Key Terms M WhaT AusTria was allowed To occupy buT noT annex iT When 2quotd half of 19m cenTury Significance CreaTed permanenT insTabiliTy in The Balkans M WhaT The bark of chinchona Trees from The Andes IT was used To prevenT malaria When 2quotd half of 19m cenTury Significance CasualTies wenT from 70 To almosT none since There was now a cure for malaria m WhaT BaTTle where BriTish General killed 11000 madisTs while only losing a small number of Troops When 2quotd half of 19m cenTury Significance Proof of JusT how devasTaTing The gap in miliTary Technology was WelTpoliTik WhaT Global policy Wilhelm fires Bismark Goal was To make Germany poliTically indespensible WiThouT Bismark diplomacy snowballed When 2quotd half of 19m cenTury Significance People did noT like iT BroughT WWI JusT ThaT much closer To happening EnTenTe Cordial WhaT NoT a TreaTy or alliance IT was a friendly agreemenT ParT of BriTain39s efforT To sTay off The conTinenT When 1Sf half of 20m cenTury Exam 2 Key Terms Significance Germans saw H was an encirclemenT of Germany BroughT on The WeITpoIiTik Army Bill of 1912 WhaT Increased The size of The peace Time army by abouT 70000 men Happened because Germany knew They would have To fighT a 2fronT war againsT France and Russia When 1Sf half of 20 cenTury Significance Building up an army was anoTher indicaTion ThaT war was going To happen soon Dreyfus Affair WhaT Dreyfus a Jew from Lorraine was sTripped of his rank afTer being accused of spying for Germany on France and senTenced life in prison To devils island SpenT 12 years There When 2quotd half of 19m cenTury Significance Nearly broughT down The French Republic weakening iT and showing how weak H was


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