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by: Albertha Ryan


Marketplace > Texas A&M University > History > HIST 106 > HISTORY OF THE U S
Albertha Ryan
Texas A&M
GPA 3.98

Anthony Stranges

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About this Document

Anthony Stranges
Class Notes
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This 16 page Class Notes was uploaded by Albertha Ryan on Wednesday October 21, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HIST 106 at Texas A&M University taught by Anthony Stranges in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 114 views. For similar materials see /class/226155/hist-106-texas-a-m-university in History at Texas A&M University.


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Date Created: 10/21/15
History Review Exam 2 3242014 100200 PM Section 1 Politics of the Gilded Age 4 Section 2 American Foreign Policy 8 Section 3 Progressive Era 10 Section 4 2nd Chapter on Foreign Policy WWI 17 Section 5 19205 Aftermath of WWI 19 From Book All Quiet on the Western Front 6 questions Textbook supplement 1St chap on American foreign policy progressive era chapter and chapter on wwi Section 1 Politics of the Gilded Age Politics of Reform o Theme populism and the populist program o Populism a political equilibrium what does this mean in the period this is the period prior to the populist O O O 0 Republicans primarily Protestants of AngloSaxon descent pietistic or strict moralists they primarily dominated 1872 1912 Parties were not far apart on specific issues Democrats Catholics and protestants more ritualistic and liturgical in religious practice favored lassiezfaire and minimal government appealed to white southerners and immigrants who resented nativist meddling Democrats controlled House in 811 elections One house in the congress was generally in control of the opposite party Built support for their parties and appealed to a broad cross section of the American public business men farmers workers professionals Elections in this period States how did they vote a CT NY IN NV and CA were swing states 16 voted republication 14 voted democratic Voting was high o The upset of equilibrium the populist movementrevolt 0 Two causes Progressive reformers in the cities Jane Addams and the Settlement House Social Gospel The Populist revolt in rural America 0 Built upon early progressive reformers urban and rural o Addressed problems to those demographics o Eventually the populists emerge as a movement and then party 0 Drew support from farmers who looked to the past rather than the future Wanted to eliminate boss system Evangelical and pietistic Agrarian movement agricultural What were the problems Money tight farmers can t access credit Selling need to get to market transportation is important a Fluctuating railroad shipping rates were an issue High mortgage rates a Losing homes farms compounded by additional problems depression 1893 n Entire communities forced to sell to bank Crop failures 0 What did they call for Graduated income tax to relieve the tax burden on farmers Currency expansion n Unlimited coinage Agricultural credits Direct election of senators 17th Amendment 1913 Favored the initiative referendum and recall in the electoral process Immigration restriction Congress enacted in 1921 and 1924 National railroad and telegraph system c Public viewed populists as too radical and didn t agree with their mixing of religion and politics o Merged with democrats in 1896 o What was the significance of the 1896 election 0 O O O O O O 0 Republicans focused on urban industrial issues ditched pietism William McKinley won presidency high tariffs gold standard tight money Won Democrats focused on agrarian movement and built it into their platform William Jennings Bryan won the democratic south plains and mountains Democrats misjudged where the country was headed Rural was becoming less important Industrial triumphed over agricultural Political realignment meant major parties faced the new century as much different social entities from the ones that had done battle in the 1850s Broke the grip of party regularity Section 2 American Foreign Policy SpanishAmerican War war in Philippines What were the reason for American expansionism O O O O O O 0 Midway island Alaska Hawaii Why did they enter the international scene Expansion into asia and Africa Enter agricultural and incdutria industry also wanted raw materials The closing of the frontier in 1890 drove people to want to expand beyond the continental US Gilded age was primarily driven by economic expansion Henry Cabott Lodge powerful republican Teddy Roosevelt republican president 1901 John Hay secretary of state under McKinley and Roosevelt Alfred T Mahan wrote The Influence of Sea Power Upon History 16601783 Argued that previous world empires had been built on expansive networks of trade US to be empire need to do this In order to maintain the trade routes you need large merchant fleets you also need protection US didn t have a navy at the time Needed strategic naval stations for resupplying Big event is the Spanish American war don t spend time on ted Roosevelt and the rough riders or specific battles 0 Fear of entering war would result in economic downturn Lots of nationalism present What were the origins What event touched off this war between Spain and US The explosion aboard battle ship Maine in Havana Cuba US blamed Spain Outcomes of the war Disease tyohoid fever ywllow fever malaria were widespread Territories n Philippines Guam Puerto Rico a What happened in the Philippines o Conflict because Filipinos wanted their freedom o US decided to keep territory to protect trade a Unofficially took control of Cuba because of the passage of the Platt amendment o US reserved right to intervene in Cuban affairs if what was happening significance affected US o Leads to no Cuban independence The construction of the panama canal o Technological advances George Goethals railroad expert from US army engineers one of the engineers that make the concept of canal work specific to how railroad would be used to move ships through canal series of locks William Gorgas doctor and sanitation expert controlling spread of disease malaria yellow fever He 0 O O O made a system of dealing with that eliminating swamps that carried those diseases o Expansion of American expansionism 0 Expanding American trade overseas 0 Open door policy Who advocated Sec of state john hay Called on the European powers to recognize each other s trading rights in Chine and to impose no discriminatory taxes or duties Chinese resented westernization boxer rebellion Section 3 progressive era 19001920 c Roots of progressivism 0 New Federalists who believed in a strong central government nationalists and restorationists believed government was inefficient and corrupt nativeborn middle class white o What did the progressive recognize about government in general 0 Period of reform mindedness o If reform is needed then progressives asserted that government was on the big business side 18th amend prohibition quota laws 1921 and 1924 17th amend direct election of senators 6year vs 2 year 16th amend federal income tax banking reform Institute environment and put big business on the side of the average people 3 levels of progressivism reform a city and local level o committees to oversee government like police fireman sanitation o 8hr work day o minimum wage o kindergarten a state level o public service commission o public owned utility o direct primary laws o tax reform o workers comp law o child labor laws a national level o passage of federal legislation food safety PURE FOOD AND DRUG ACT o meet packing act o Harrison narcotic act 0 Fraud in drug industry o Railroad legislation o Establishing interstate commerce commission 0 Shipping rates o Conservation laws 0 New national parks dams 0 what did they admire about business Didn t like the corruption and inefficiency of the government Admired the efficiency Put city managers in place professionalization 0 Who might oppose the reforms Business is gonna oppose because it makes it more expensive to adhere to a new standard Which presidents were progressive 0 Teddy Roosevelt later Wilson Public support drove the reform along with media investigating journalists muckrakers etc Muckrakers wrote factual stories and focused on business and politics Primary source of progressives reform agenda Technique rather than a philosophy style rather analysis contrastcomparison Advance in printing lead to success Samuel Hopkins Adams drug fraud 0 O O 0 Ida tarbell history of Std Oil Comp exposing monopoly control of refining industry 0 Upton Sinclair exposed meat packing industry The Jungle book Also exposed working conditions o A lot of the reforms came about in Roosevelt s time o The Square Deal The Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906 The Meat packing act of 1906 Harrison narcotic act of 1914 Railroad legislation Conservation program national parks environment Bureaus department of commerce and labor Built strong navy 0 He laid the foundation of modern bureaucratic government 0 Started bull moose party when he lost to taft o Taft didn t carry out rossevelt splannot progressive o What about Wilson 0 Lewis D Brandeis Supreme Court how did they view the relationship between business and labor Average Americans and larger economic forces New freedom program typically progressive How Legislation Federal reserve act 1913 Underwood tariff of 1913 Clayton antitrust act 1914 correct weakness of Sherman antitrust Federal trade commission unfair labor oratcies How did these reflect the core progressivism of Wilson s new freedom What d it do o Progressivism ended in 1920 because it failed to deal with the pluralism of American society Section 4 19141920 US and WWI o Not hung up on specific battles o What was the event that immediately caused WWI O O o Assassination of arch duke of Austriahungry by Serbian nationals Hungry declares war 1914 on serbs Because of alliances series of dominos Once one country declared war on one each country enters war because of another Why did japan enter WWI 0 Saw an opportunity to expand its spehere of influence in china and quickly occupied germanleased terrotities How the war was conducted 0 Technological and scientific advances in the war Germany s plan 0 Scheflin plan To conduct a two front war a French side and eastern side against Russia 0 Eventually with both threats eliminated they could turn attention to British Three satges of war 0 1 Transition from a war of movement to a war of attrition and trench warfare o 2 Large scale production of war materials 0 3 US enters and Russia backs out What did Germany develop 0 Fritz Haber chemist who developed ammonia synthesize aided in poison gas and weapons ammonia nitrate industry grows in Germany haber process Both side of conflict technology 0 Germans sub maries warfare o Airplanes on both side and tanks 0 Radio Cordite Chaim Weizmann synthesizing acetone replaces gunpowder Poison gas chlorine gas phosgene gas mustard gas Devastating because of it better accurate artillery rapid fire machine guns improved field transportation and communication 0 O Impacts the next generation how were they changed by this conflict What draws the US into conflict What about their early neutrality 0 Hope to see another balance of power in Europe 0 Germany had too much power Submarine warfare directly threatened US ships at sea How does US feelings on war change over time 0 Extreme isolation to being very patriotic have to be involved this war is a democracy 0 What about at home Impacts Industry mobilized for war American peopleworkers mobilized by war War Industries Board created a Bernard Buruke n Allocate resources for war Mobilization of Public n Spreading of wartime propaganda o Creole Community on Public Education a Forced patriotism o Becomes unpatriotic to speak out against war effort Espionage and Sedition acts 0 Crime to speak out against government in time of war 0 Eugene V Debbs union organizer sent to prison runs for presidency in pnson o Sacco and Vanzetti put on trial for their political beliefs o Red Scare fear of socialism and Bolshevism o Antiunionism Treaty of Versailles peace after WWI 14 points Wilson 0 Who wrote it Allied powers Italy US France Britian Who was left out of that process n Germany c Greatest ironies associated with Treaty of Versailles fate of Wilson s idealism 0 Even though Wilson from US advocates for ideals and gets them put in treaty never gets signed by congress and US isn t apart of League of Nation US membership in the League would have required a break from the American policy of isolationism Why cant Wilson get support in the senate Adolf Hitler comes to power because of it Arabisraeli conflict as well o Progressives and the war 0 War Industries Board Promoted standardization in manufacturing products 0 Herbert Hoover Food Administration Program a Victory gardens a Price control of agriculture 0 Business benefitted strengthened the alliance between government and big business Labor didn t fare as well union had no legal rights Farmers achieved parity in prices for their products Shortages cost of living rose 0 Income tax increase Section 5 1920s o What was the central concern of both government and society in the 19205 0 Maintaining strong economy o How did government promote that o Chance that corruption can occur 0 Example President Warren G Harding Teapot Dome Scandal o Organization of Society 0 Industrial component oligopolies trade associations 0 Financial component Federal Reserve Act to control money supply 0 O O O O 0 Labor component unions such as AFL 0 Agricultural Farm Bureaus looked after farmers interests like prices imports exports production price supports 0 Stock market crash of 1929 o Red Scare of 191920 communist upheaval rumor May Day Festival for socialists o Consumer s Paradise 0 Consumer credit automobile industry was booming electricity widespread movies unity all watching the same thing occupation white collar jobs meant success leisure time behavior expected breaks prohibition rise of organized crime religiontraditionalism vs Modernism 0 Automobiles is the most important 0 Consumer credit and installment buying plans 0 New ideals of consumerism replaced earlier notions of America fear of debt frugality savings o Changing society 0 Women right 0 vote 19th amendment 0 What made illegal transportation and selling of alcohol 18th amend o Acceptation of science and secularism except in certain states o Who were the critics of change 0 KKK Rev Billy Sunday preacher who declared that America was not a country for a dissenter to live in says he would kills IWWs o Scopes trial Who was involved Outcome Core issue Clash of values was charged with teaching evolution o Harding probusiness supported navy open door policy 0 Scandals o Teapot Dome Government secretly leasing its oil reserves to companies o Coolidge passivenegative president no foreign policy pro business no regulation of it high tariffs low taxes o Hoover o Public had a passion for wealth loss of individualism o Higher education trends toward specialization graduate and professional schools growth of libraries o Science has new field emerging BOOK AQWF how does a tone of dissatisfaction develop through out novel What are they dissatisfied with Who German Industrialists o How are soldiers impacted by combat o How is warfare depicted in book Modernized o Artillery borage o Themes 0 The Horror of War Portray war as it is actually experienced o The Effect of War on the Soldier 0 Nationalism and Political Power presents a scathing critique of the idea of nationalism showing it to be a hollow hypocritical ideology a tool used by those in power to control a nation s populace o Motifs o The Pressure of Patriotic Idealism o Carnage and Gore 0 Animal Instinct o Symbols 0 Kemmerich s Boots 3242014 100200 PM 1 Who is the first of Paul s classmates to die during the war A Joseph Behm 2 Whose boots does MLiller want C Kemmerich s 3 Which character has a knack for finding food B Kat 4 For what medical condition that plagues Tjaden does Himmelstoss devise a humiliating cure D Bedwetting 5 From what illness does Paul s mother suffer A Cancer 6 What did Kantorek encourage his students to do about the war D Patriotically enlist at once 7 With what friend is Paul hospitalized B KFOPP 8 How long before the Armistice does Paul die D One month 9 Who dies as Paul carries him to safety A Kat 10 What prompts Detering to desert C The sight of cherry trees 11 What nationality are the prisoners whom Paul befriends B Russian 12 What nationality is the soldier whom Paul stabs to death D French 13 Where does Paul choose to spend his leave A At home with his family 14 According to Kat what would happen if the enlisted men and the officers were all given the same pay A The army would be far more successful 15 According to Kropp how should disagreements between nations be resolved B The leaders should fight it out with clubs 16 Who kills the goose D Kat 17 Which character most loathes Himmelstoss B Tjaden 18 Which character is the last to die C Paul 19 What happens when half the company is killed at the beginning of the novel A The survivors receive double rations and enjoy a large meal 20 What inventions made World War I so different from previous wars D The airplane the machine gun the grenade and poison gas 21 In what year was the novel first published in English o 1929 22 What is the term for the long ditches from which the armies attack one another B Trenches 23 What nationality is the girl with whom Paul sleeps C French 24 What does the army report say on the day Paul is killed A All quiet on the Western Front 25 What is Kropp s first name o Albert 3242014 100200 PM


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