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by: Jerrod Ortiz


Jerrod Ortiz
Texas A&M
GPA 3.51

James Petrick

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About this Document

James Petrick
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jerrod Ortiz on Wednesday October 21, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to RPTS 202 at Texas A&M University taught by James Petrick in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 24 views. For similar materials see /class/226164/rpts-202-texas-a-m-university in Rec, Park & Tourism Sciences at Texas A&M University.

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Date Created: 10/21/15
RPTS 202 Exam 1 Review Multiple Choice Questions Introduction Ranking of Tourism in Comparison to Other Industries 0 1 5 Heal Se i o 2 Tourism 0 3 Auto andfood stores Ranking of Texas as aUS Tourism Destination 0 2nd Tourism Imports vs Tourism Exports 0 Export money that leaves your area 0 Import money than comes to your area I You want more money to come into your economy from outside of it imports than money leaving your economy from inside of it exports Expenditure Patterns of Tourists Where do they spend their money 38 Tr 39 Fo 17 Lodging Entertainment 0 O O o Incidentals 0 73 l 0 Characteristics of Travel and Tourism Movement Massive growing industry May be a compelling motive for some May promote peace and understanding Industry is fragmente Impacts That Tourism May Have on a Community Energy use water amp power 0 Urban rev1talization 0 Environmental q ality o conomic growth 0 Trade de cits cars for tourists in Japan we sell Japanese cars and they advertise America as tourist destination 0 Full employment 0 Quality of life Chapter 1 0 Components of the Integrated Model of Tourism 0 Travelers 0 Tourism Promoters 0 Tourism Service Providers 0 External Environment Key Moments in Tourism History During the Roman Empire and Mass Tourism Eras Roman Empire 500 BC AD 300 Tourism for both middle class andwealthy I Good roads 50000 mile system Apian Way Rorne wheel of Italy I Roman currency amp GreekLatin universal 0 Modern Era Mass Tourism I Two world wars technology and desire increase I Automobile 0 Better roads after WW1 bungalow carnps 0 er WWZ mass produced gas not rationed amp prosperity I Airplane I Credit C I Individual vs Organized Mass Tourists o Impacts of the Crusades amp Pilgrimages on Tourism 0 Crusa es I Attempting to regain the holy land 9 of them I Exchange of ideas and good desire to travel is born I Afforded less wealthy to travel 0 Pilgrimages I Religionhealth adventure and learning I Destinations were born acc amp food I Arreste amp beaten if not a holy mission search for a better way of life 0 Types of Geography Used in Explaining Tourism 0 Physical Geography features of earth 0 Human Geography cultural 0 Regional Geography study one area 0 Business Perspectives Used to Explain Tourism keting 4 P s rPrice Product Place Promotion Meeting the needsdesires of visitors I ortance of segmentation 0 Management goalbased I Planning organizing directing amp controlling 0 Finance I Accounting communication of nancing I ROI margin turnover amp leverage return on investment 0 Pro t multiplier and debt Chapter 2 0 Differences Between PrimarySecondary ShortLong amp IntrinsicExtrinsic Motives O P O Psychological Dimensions 0 W o o o o Pearce s Leisure Ladder 0 o o o o Psychogr O o o o rimary Motives needs to live Secondary Motives socialpsychological Short Term Motives I when you are doing something for an external reason Long Term Motives I when you are doing it intemally Intrinsic Motive Doing something for yourself Extrinsic Motives oing something for the reward 5 Fulfillment I Feeling peace il totally involved 4 Selfesteem and Develo ment I Developing skills knowledge amp abilities competency 3 Relationship I Buildextend relations enjoying through others 2 Stimulation I O timal arousal for themselves safe but not bored 1 Relaxation and Bodily Nee s I Emphasize basic needs enjoy sense of escape aphic Dimensions Highenergy Allocentrics I Frequent travelers use air exotic unique Lowenergy Allocentrics I By air less frequent more in fantasy Highenergy Psychocentri cs Active by car or Lowenergy Psychocentrics I Sta home near RV familiar surroundin s g Destinations Preferred for Persons With Different Psychographic Profiles 0 isney Psychocentric Miami Beach Near Psychocentric CaribbeanHawai Midce tr39c South Pole Allocentric Barriers to Travel Co t 00000 Time Health Family stage Lack of interest o my Difference Between Inelastic and Elastic Demand 0 I nelastic Demand refers to a person s demand for traveling as something that doesn39t chan e I ie with business travel their demand for traveling doesn39t change its inelastic They have to travel because it s a part of theirjob not because they ire to es Elastic Demand someone who is traveling for leisure purposes aka they want to travel ays Perception Can Be In uenced o Lear in o o n 8 Past experience Peers 0 Atmosphere Explain Environmental and Social Perception o nv1ronmental perception perceiving everything social perception how much you perceive from people What are Attributions 0 you lay the blame on I Intrinsic taking the blame yourself I Extrinsic is blaming o ers 0 We want tourists to attribute good things to us and bad things to other peoplethings What is a Stereotype o haracteristics which people assign to a certain type of person a group or a set of objects unnecessary labeling Role that Credibility Plays in Attitudes 0 an we chan a tit udes Source credibility Familyfriends vs strangers How a Host Communities Attitude is Related to Attachment 0 Values that Americans Feel are M nt related to attachm ost Important Resentme Warm relationships 16 Accomplishment 11 Selffulfillment 10 Being Wellrespected 9 Belonging 8 Fun Excitement and Enjoyment 4 0 Explain Various Learning Methods 0 Conditionin I Stimulusresponse reinforcement 0 Modeling I By observing or watching 0 Latent Learning I y doing 0 Generalization I apply what you learned in the past to the present 0 Discrimination I knowing when not to apply past to present Chapter 3 0 P s and additional P s of Marketing 0 P s of Tourism I Pr uct 0 Usually mostly a service Price 0 Implies quality value and rarity Promotion 0 As communication credibility attribution encoding saliency credibility is most important Place 0 Ease of distribution 0 Where you purchase the product it s not the destination it s where you buy the vacation 0 P s of Marketing I rograrnming Activities to enhance experience 0 Packaging 0 Many services one price Partnerships ary in degree of connectedness o Publicity 0 Free advertising 0 Pricing Guidelines that Marketers Use Integrate goals pricing and pro t Consider key marke s Analyze d mand Match price wquality Calculate costs Consider competition Consider marketing mix Use a pricing procedure 0 Service Continuum W much of a service you are verses how much of a good you are 0 Pure service to Goods wlittle service 0 Tangibles vs intangibles 0 Differences Between 1 2 amp 3 Level Distribution Channels 0 l vel 00000000 I Service Provider Customer 0 Twolevel I Service Provider Travel Agent Customer 0 Threeleve I Service Provider Tour Operator Travel Agent Customer Essay Questions Introduction 0 Key Variables for Defining Tourism 39 e ie 24 hour accommodations 0 Distance i e away from ual environment or 50 miles Pu ose ie business or ple ure 0 Four Different Variables Causing Tourism to be Complex 39 o The government of the host community o The host community 0 Explain Supply and Demand Sides of Tourism Supply accommodation food transportation ect Demand the tourist s desire 0 Three Variables for Defining When Someone is a Tourist 0 time 0 distance 0 purpose I For tourism to occur we have to have money coming from outside of our region into our region 0 Phases of Tourism and Association Related to Each 1 Anticipation amp Planning Travel and Tourism Research AssociationT39IRA o 2 Travel to the site International Air Tran ort Association IATA o 3 The onsite experience International Hotel Association IHA o 4 Return Travel Air Transport Association of AmericaAHMA o 5 Recollection World Tourism Association WTO Chapter 1 0 Understand the Grand Tour 15001820 or 16131785 Wealthy English started later others status 0 EnglandFranceSwitzerlandGermanyItaly o Motivations for Travel I u ure I Health learn medical practices I Pleasure music dance fun I Curiosity I Science I Career I Education I Art amp Scen y When it started the average age was 22 and it took 40 months By the late 1700s the average age was 40 and it took 4 months Tribulations the alps rivers Carriage rentals 1829 first allinclusive Industrial Revolution started ownfall people started to work heavily 0 Key Services Cook Offered and the Things he Introduced to Tourism Tour now a business 1841 o NeedDesire and Motivation for Tourism 0 Services I Connections tickets timetables currency exchange travel guides the tour 0 Introduced o o o 0 Circular Tix I Cooks Coupons I Circular Notes I Affordable world tourism created with his 3 grandsons 0 Challenges and Opportunities Associated with Tourism Can growth and development occur without crating environmental problems 0 How will technology affect tourism 0 As tourism grows where will the workforce come from 0 Will tourism change the social structure of countriescommunities Chapter 2 o What is Consumer Behavior o The study of consumer characteristics and the processes involved when individuals or groups select purchase and use goods and services to satisfy wants and 0 Explain Push and Pull Factors 810 pts on exam 0 Push factors Those things internal to the tourist which make them desire travel 0 Attitudes values perception learning personality norms 0 Pull factors I Those things external to the tourist which are contrived to make a destination more appealing 0 Explain Optimal Arousal Theo 0 We have a level of arousal we prefer Allocentrics prefer high stress amp Psychocentrics prefer low stress levels the way we are wired determines what we will ant to do on vacation If someone goes on a vacation and they have a moderate level of stress explain what they will want to do on vacation 0 eed to know if they are allocentric or psychocentric o FiveStep Approach for Segmenting a Market 0 a segmentation approach 0 Profile the segments use marketing mix 0 Forecast each segments potential Decide which segments should be targeted 0 Estimate likely market share per segment Psychological Dimens39ons Explain Various In uences Upon a Tourist or TB f EF IF 0 Tourist behavior is a inction of internal factors and external factors I Intemal Factors 0 Attitudes g o Perception I Extemal Factors 0 Social ampFamily Roles o Reverence group 0 Culture 0 Subculture 0 Environmental Condition 0 Social Class


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