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by: Pattie Nitzsche


Marketplace > Texas A&M University > Kinesiology > KINE 198 > HLTH FIT AEROBIC WALK
Pattie Nitzsche
Texas A&M
GPA 3.74

G. Darnell

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About this Document

G. Darnell
Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Pattie Nitzsche on Wednesday October 21, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to KINE 198 at Texas A&M University taught by G. Darnell in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 182 views. For similar materials see /class/226205/kine-198-texas-a-m-university in Kinesiology at Texas A&M University.




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Date Created: 10/21/15
Running Exam Review Complete the following statements or answer the following questions by applying information from Galloway s Book on Running 7 2nd edition 1 The threshold to tness is of J running and walking each week p 20 2 The prime indicator for lifestyle disease reduction and life extension is the number of p 20 3 Running bums as many calories per mile as walking p 21 4 It s better for all of us even veterans to include in our runs p 21 5 The rst four steps of getting started in a running program are p 21 a b c d 6 In the fth step of getting started in a running program you would increase the time to and work up to for at least one ofthese weekly sessions p 21 7 Three common mistakes that lead to injury are p 25 a b c 8 The power plants ofthe muscle cell are the p 25 9 Research has shown that it takes to repair stressrelated damage p 25 10 Nonpounding faster recovery 11 It takes about than sedentary behavior p 27 for the muscles to adapt to the stress when you move into a new and more challenging training program p 27 12 You are running when you run slowly and do not exceed the pace or distance for which you have recently trained p 27 13 running is when you exceed the pace andor distance for which you have trained p 27 14 running is not necessary for improving health only for improving speed p 28 15 For the first of aerobic exercise the exercising muscles will use the most convenient energy source in the muscle cell almost exclusively p 28 16 After about of exercise the body will start to transition to as a fuel source p 28 17 As long as you run within the pace and at the distance you ve been training for 7 you will burn mostly p 28 18 One important objective of training is to teach the body to conserve and deal with p 28 19 running over several months is the best base for competitive running p 35 20 The best training program for you is one that p 36 21 The base part of the training pyramid consists of several months of p 38 22 are the single most important element in a training program p 38 23 prepare the muscles for faster running without going anaerobic p 39 24 After about of speedwork your performance will tend to peak p 41 25 Beginners should stay in the base period of training for the first years p 41 26 The single greatest cause of improvement is p 52 27 Coaches sports physiologists and top athletes agree that the most effective way to improve strength and J is to and then p 54 28 Even if you don t feel tired it s best to take easy days after a hard one p 55 29 Research has shown that you need at least of running per week for sustained improvement p 55 30 Most runners can reach most of their goals by running days per week p 56 3 1 Studies have shown that athletes can cut their workouts by for and not lose signi cant tness p 57 32 When running in cold weather you wear not p 60 paragraph heading 33 In cold weather start your run or walk by going p 60 34 When the temperature rises above you re going to run more slowly and feel worse than you will at lower temperatures p 60 35 As the mercury rises above your body can t get rid of the heat building up p 61 36 The best time for hot weather running is p 61 37 The seven ways to stay cool in hot weather are pp 61 62 a b 0 d e t g 38 Symptoms of heat disease include pp63 7 64 a b c d 39 The underlying cause of hyponatremia is often compounded by consuming only water in great quantities p 64 40 The primary bene t of speedwork is to teach the body how to run p 70 41 The rst component of a speed program is p 71 42 Fartlek is a Swedish word meaning p 71 43 Two popular Fartlek variations are and p 72 44 breaks up the race distance into segments called repetitions or reps p 73 45 Take at least two days of rest after each speed day at least and at least p 73 46 Speed programs for the 10K or shorter events are intense and should last no more than p 73 47 You should run speed workouts per week for the 5K 7 10K and less for the halfmarathon averaging about p 75 48 is a training mode in which you re running race pace or close to it for segments of about 2 7 5 minutes p 75 49 is the second most frequent cause of running injuries p 76 50 is the most frequent cause of running injuries p 76 51 For races of 10K or less speedwork should last no more than p 76 52 For every too fast per mile in the first 2 7 3 miles of a race you can be as much as seconds slower at the end p 79 53 Your body becomes more efficient as it warms up The muscles tendons and joints work better after of activity p 79 54 Miles with hills should be run as at miles p 80 55 By alternating and from the start there s vi1tually no limit to the distance you can cover p 81 56 Many runners who were injured during previous training programs have stayed injuryfree when they added to long runs p 83 57 refers to a careful scheduling of key workouts at the end of the speed phase that can raise your performance potential to its highest level p 90 58 A is the best insurance against nutrition collapse p 90 59 Anything you eat before the race won t be processed in time to help you p 90 60 Whatever your fitness level you ll have a faster time if you p 92 61 What are the three ways listed to combat dehydration in a race p 92 a b c 62 Your running will be most efficient if your posture is p 140 63 It is the of your feet and legs that reduce and improve p 141 64 If your body is by being you won t have to spend energy keeping your head neck shoulders etc aligned p 141 65 The main function of the aims is p 142 66 Most of the arm movement should be in the p 142 67 Increasing speed in long runs comes from a quicker turnover of legs due to p 142 68 Experienced competitive runners nd that their stride length as they run faster p 143 69 You should touch with each step p 143 70 Deep breathing or makes running easier p 143 71 The three key points of correct running form are p 144 a b c 72 If you feel after a run you re probably leaning too far forward or back with your head or shoulders you re not balanced p 148 73 If during a run you experience tight hamstrings you should to shift the major effort to the calves and give the hamstrings a break p 148 74 If you experience a tight neck as a result of running your head may not be p 148 75 is actually the third leading cause of runners injuries p 151


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