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Chapter 14 APR 231 Notes

by: Courtney Small

Chapter 14 APR 231 Notes APR 231

Courtney Small

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About this Document

Notes from lecture on Tuesday March 22, 2016
Intro public relations
William J. Gozenbach
Class Notes
public relations, Introduction
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Courtney Small on Thursday March 24, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to APR 231 at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa taught by William J. Gozenbach in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 29 views. For similar materials see Intro public relations in Advertising at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa.

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Date Created: 03/24/16
Chapter  14:  Preparing  Materials  for  Mass  Media     Tuesday,  March  8,  2016   PR  and  News   •   PR  accounts  for  50%  of  news     •   70%  of  adults  follow  local  news     •   Uncontrolled,  Editor   •   Reporters  process  info   •   Reporters  rely  on  PR     •   News  release:  Disseminate  info  to  mass  media  and  other  outlets         Characteristics  of  News     •   Impact/consequence   •   Oddity/unusual   •   Conflict   •   Known  principal/prominence   •   Proximity     •   Timely       News  Values   •   Accuracy   •   Objective   •   Fairness/Balance       The  News  Release:  Planning     •   Key  message   •   Primary  audience   •   Audience  gain   •   Objective   •   Is  the  news  release  the  best  format  for  the  info       The  News  Release:  Writing     •   Newsworthy  information   •   Research     •   Outline   •   Draft:  Active  Tense   •   Edit,  Edit,  Edit         The  Basic  Online  News  Release   •   Single  Space   •   200  words  or  less,  5  paragraphs     •   Inverted  pyramid:  Important  first,  5W,  H   •   Again,  active  tense   •   Top  Line:  name  of  organization,  logo   •   Second  Line:  Date     •   Headline  in  bold  face;  ID  what  about;  Subject  line  in  e-­‐mail  (20  words  or  <);  Key  word  for   SEOUA  News  release         The  Basic  Online  News  Release     •   Source  location;  Ex.  Chicago     •   Two  to  three  short  sentences  per  5  paragraphs     •   Use  bulleted  points  for  key  points     •   Use  pull  quote:  highlighted  in  box;  point  of  release     •   Provide  relevant  links     •   Boiler  plate:  Key  summary  info     •   End  with  contact  info:  name,  phone,  email,  URL   •   Never  send  release  as  attachment  unless  requested     •   AP  Style     •   Localize         The  Multimedia  Release     •   Smart  Media  release  (SMR)   •   Embed  high  resolution  photo/graphics,  video,  audio   •   Business  Wire,  PR  newswire,  PRWeb,  Market  wire     •   Team  with  google,  yahoo,  bing:  Max  Exposure  via  SEO  (Search  Engine  Optimization)   •   Ex.  Agricultural  Bio  Technology;  use  genetic  modification  p.368   •   Smart  Media  Release       The  Multimedia  Release     •   Bypass  gatekeeper   •   Bypass  gatekeepers  online   •   Social  media  tags:    Digg,  Technorati,  and  other  social  bookmarking  sites   •   Digg  Technorati   •   Other  links  to  blogs,  organization’s  newsroom,  space  where  readers  can  post;  key  terms   in  key  positions;  distribute  with  pro  who  access  key  sites,  such  as  Yahoo  News   •   Don’t  use  low-­‐resolution  images;  opt  for  high-­‐resolution  multimedia;  don’t  go  link  crazy;   don’t  use  all  tools  all  time,  focus  on  message,  tools  complement           Publicity  Photos   •   Tell  with  picture     •   Quality:  print  media  need  300  dpi;  protected  site   •   Subject  matter   •   Composition:  tight,  detail,  cut  wasted  space   •   Action   •   Scale   •   Camera  Angle:  more  compelling     •   Lighting:  product  photo  lite;  contrast   •   Color:  Almost  all  color;  use  several  formats:  web,  CD,  PDF,  Flash  Drive       Infographics     •   Because  facts  and  figues  can  be  boring     •   Why  include  them?   o   People  are  visual   o   Visuals  help  with  a  story   o   Visual  are  more  shareable   o   Visual  elements  have  more  distribution  power       Media  Kits:  Traditional     •   9X12  folder   •   Basic  News  Release     •   Feature  about  product,  service   •   Fact  Sheet:  product,  organization,  event     •   Photos,  graphics     •   Bios:  Spokesperson,  Executives     •   Basic  Brochure     •   Contact  Information         Media  Kits:  E-­‐Kits     •   Electronic  press  kit  (EPK);  digital  media  kit     •   The  norm  today   •   Distribute  via  e-­‐mail,  web,  CD,  Flash  drive   •   Big  cost  savings     •   Use  both  print,  EPK:  consider  audience  needs   •   May  include  product  photos,         Mat  Releases     •   Feature  focus;  canned  features;  regular  “expert”  columns;  feature  angle  instead  of  lead   •   Standing  head:    Healthy  Eating,  Cooking  Corner   •   Consumer  info/tips,  brief  client  mention   •   Subtle  sell  of  client   •   Ex.    Chicken  and  Rice,  via  Rice-­‐a-­‐Roni   •   Family  Features,  North  America  Precis  Syndicate   •   Other  type:    Entire  color  page  layout  for  paper  P.  376  Watermelon  Promotion  Assn.   •   Nestle       Media  Alert     •   Media  Alert  or  Media  Advisory   •   News  Conference,  interview     •   One-­‐line  headline   •   Paragraph  outlining       Fact  Sheet   •   Fact  sheet:    crib  sheet,  key  info,  use  in  media  kits   •   2  Types:    Summary  sheet  and  Corporate  profile   •   Summary  Sheet:    info  on  new  product;  quick  reference  for  journalists   •   Corporate  Profile:    1-­‐page,  bulleted  list  summary;  basic  facts  about  co.  or  organ.   •   Plan  A  Baby  Media  Alert       Pitching  a  Story     •   Phone,  text,  e-­‐mail,  social  mediPitca   •   Sell  story,  interview,  etc   •   Do  for  significant  story       Pitching  by  e-­‐mail     •   Use  succinct  subject  lines   •   Get  to  the  point   •   Keep  the  message  brief   •   Don’t  include  attachments   •   Provide  links  when  necessary   •   Don’t  sent  “blast”  e-­‐mails   •   Taylor  your  pitches   •   Remove  redundant  recipients  from  database   •   Allow  editors  to  get  off  of  your  list   •   Establish  ongoing  relationships       Tapping  into  Media  Inquiries   •   Journalist  seek  info   •   Services:    ProfNet  by  PR  Newswire   •   2  free  services:    Reporter  Connection  and  Help  a  Reporter  Out  HARO       Delivery     •   Releases,  photos,  media  kits  and  other  media  material:    Distributed  5  major  ways:   •   Mail:    First  class,  direct  to  person   •   Fax   •   E-­‐mail   •   Electronic  wire  services   •   Online  Newsroom       Electronic  News  Services   •   Business  Wire,  PR  Newswire   •   25,000  a  month  each   •   Smart  releases   •   Smart  release  with  one  photo,  file:    $1200  nationally   •   Complete  smart  page:    $3000  nationally   •   Basic  release,  text  only,  400  words,  national:    $750   •   Basic  world-­‐wide  (100  nations,  21  languages):    $9,000   •   Also  mobile  news  releases       Online  Newsrooms     •   Minimum:   •   Current  and  archived  news  releases   •   PR  contacts   •   Photographs   •   Product  information   •   RSS  feed   •   CDC  Online  Newsroom   •   Brand  journalism  trends       Other  Print  Tools     •   Newsletter   •   Company  magazines   •   Brochures   •   Annual  Reports       Media  Interviews   •   Public  relations  practitioner  must  help  interviewee  say  something  that  will  inform  or   entertain  the  audience   •   Know  interview’s  purpose  to  assemble  facts  and  data  for  client  to  use   •   Be  well  acquainted  with  the  interviewer’s  style   •   The  print  interview   •   Person-­‐to-­‐person  talk  for  hour  that  results  in  a  400-­‐600  word  story   •   Asking  to  approve  a  story  before  publication  is  viewed  as  a  form  or  censorship   •   Stay  on  message       News  Conference     •   Important  information:    Positive/negative   •   2-­‐way;  quick,  widespread  dissemination   •   Only  afternoon  paper:    9:30/10   •   AM  paper:    By  2   •   TV:    By  2       Important  Points     •   Location:  convenient,    set  up,  visuals,  double  check   •   Outlets,  mirrors,  donuts   •   Friday  afternoon,  before  holidays  bad;  late  morning  or  early  afternoon   •   Invite:    6-­‐8  weeks,  1  month,  several  days   •   Send  media  advisory;  Have  media  release,  packets,  visuals   •   Keep  key  people  out   •   Bring  in,  introduce   •   Prepare  written  statement(s)   •   Questions:    Anticipate   •   On-­‐camera  comments   •   Get  key  people  out   •   No  off-­‐record,  no  lies   •   Online:    stream  versions       Media  Tours:    3  Types   •   Junket:    Trip  to  view  facility/product;  usually  pay  travel,  board,  food   •   Familiarization  Trip  :    Allow  them  to  see  first  hand:    Ex.  Alabama  Tourism:    “Race  Tour”   •   Executives  travel  to  key  cities/editors:    Ex.  High  tech  industries   •   Payment   •   Daily  newspaper:    usually  no   •   Trade,  small  papers:    expenses   •   TV/Radio:    expenses   •   No  lavish  gifts,  non-­‐purpose  trips   •   Work  with  reporter,  sensitive       Press  Party   •   Social  event  followed  by  “pitch”   •   Means  to  get  acquainted,  open  channels   •   Work  at  conventions,  conferences  best   •   Gifts:    only  token,  no  obligation       Organize  Press  Party   •   Details:    Schedule,  Food,  Rooms,  Equipment   •   Transportation   •   Walk  through    


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