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by: Skylar Considine


Skylar Considine
Texas A&M
GPA 3.89

Rebecca Hewett

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About this Document

Rebecca Hewett
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Skylar Considine on Wednesday October 21, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to THAR 281 at Texas A&M University taught by Rebecca Hewett in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 38 views. For similar materials see /class/226212/thar-281-texas-a-m-university in Theater Arts at Texas A&M University.

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Date Created: 10/21/15
Epic Theatre Thursday February 19 2009 356 PM Bertolt Brecht amp Epic Theatre 0 Germany 1898 1956 0 Social critiques I Creating social change through theatre I Inspire people to leave theatre and start changing o Exiled came to US I Wrote against Nazi Government 0 HUAC I House on UnAmerican Activities Committee I Formed in early 3039s I Formed to root out Nazi activity in US I Called in to testify if he supported communism 0 Had to escape political prosecution in US and Germany Epic Theatre 0 Create social change I Lehrstucke El quotTeachingquot play El Didn39t want it just for entertainment I No emotional identification Wanted audience members to keep a critical distance from the play and not be too involved Opposite of realism He wanted to make sure they knew it was only theatre 0 Thought it prevented them from thinking about what characters were doing and why Reject catharsis 0 Did not want to quotpurgequot people39s sad feelings 0 Thought catharsis would prevent people from acting on what they saw 0 Almost wanted to alienate people to create distance D DD D Acting Style THAR 281 Page 1 O O O I Wanted to tie plays to specific time and place No suspension or disbelief quotcommentquot on character In rehearsal he made actors talk about lines by saying quothe said quot El In order to distance actors so they didn39t get to into being character He saidShe said Rejected realist acting Wanted audience to be reminded that it is an actor on stage on a person in RL quotWhy pretendquot he thought Gets rid of the fourth wall Actors often talk into audience Engaged audience DDDDD Gestus I Repeated physical gesture Example El quotmother of couragequot El Women goes around selling supplies to soldiers wants war to go on El Has 3 children who die throughout play as she travels around and has purse she snaps open and close as she makes transaction El Represents her keep on making choice of profiting off of the war Emphasis on moments of choice Centered around difficult choices that must be made Wanted them to think critically about why that actor made choice and if you would do the same Production and Technology 0 O O O 0 Stage bar minimal sets Unnatural stage lighting Ex Daylight would turn into blue light on stage Reminded people they were at a play Would hang lights in full view of audience Proscenium style space Explanatory signs projections Would write long titles for each scenes a synopsis Audience would see and know what39s going to happen Did this so people would focus on what39s happening instead what will happen to characters Props replaced by signs Would have a sign with title of prop Kept distance Music THAR 281 Page 2 I Screechy music more being yelled than sung I Not supposed to sound good I Even if was a nice sounding song would write disturbing lyrics to it Antonin Artaud our toe amp Theatre of Cruelty 0 France 1896 1948 0 Thought all human confliuct stemmed from people inability to acknowledge their own emotional baggage fears 0 Put in psyc house took opium o Messed up mentaly o Surrealism I Like Symbolism modernism 0 Interested in dreams and subconscious o A lot of metaphorical dream like work on stage 0 By encouraging selfconfrontation thought he could affect conscious change 0 Theatre of Cruelty o The Theatre and Its Double 1938 I Compared theatre to an illness El Illness starts small and gets bigger like theatre Focus on subconscious Confront internal divisions Not physical cruelty Ritual and Communion I Thought audience would bond together through his play since they went on ritual together Name came from him wanting to tap into peoples subconscious I Did this by flashing lighting ugly noises overload peoples senses Goals 1 Break down defenses 2 Bring suppressed impulses to surface 3 Confront suppressed impulses 0000 O 0 Acting Style and Production THAR 281 Page 3 O O 0 000 quotnew language of theatrequot I No spoken words on stage His quotoverstimulationquot was the new language Actors could only make verbal noise Stripping real world away to access subconscious instincts No scenery More about images and noises Alternative performance spaces Not in any sort of professional theatre Had them In large enclosed spaces El ie barn Audience would be in the middle and actors would surround them Strobe lighting Variety of sounds MaratSade Like one of Artaud39s plays n insane asylum Epic Theatre vs Theatre of Cruelty Think Feel External Internal Alienate Audience Confront Audience Distance mmediacy Traditional Theatrical Presentation Theatre surrounds audience Expose theatre Ritualize theatre Change society Change society THAR 281 Page 4


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