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Chapter15 APR 231 Notes

by: Courtney Small

Chapter15 APR 231 Notes APR 231

Courtney Small

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About this Document

Notes from lecture discussed on March 24, 2016
Intro public relations
William J. Gozenbach
Class Notes
intro, public relations
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Courtney Small on Thursday March 24, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to APR 231 at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa taught by William J. Gozenbach in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 14 views. For similar materials see Intro public relations in Advertising at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa.

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Date Created: 03/24/16
Chapter  15:  Radio  and  Television   Thursday,  March  24,  2016   Reach  of  Radio     •   13,750  radios  stations,  10,000  commercial   •   Reaches  92%  of  US  population  daily   •   Over  12  in  US,  average  2.5  hours  a  day       Reach  of  TV   •   1600  TV  stations,  1200  commercial   •   Reaches  95%  of  US  population  daily   •   In  U.S.,    people  average  4.9  hours  a  day   Radio  and  TV  Thrive   •   Content  has  extended  to  other  digital  platforms   •   Generate  larger  audiences  for  single  events  than  other  media   •   Passive  activity,  not  much  effort   Radio   •   Audio  News  Release   •   Radio  PSAs   •   Radio  Media  Tours   Audio  News  Release   •   Differ  from  print  release   •   Written  for  the  ear   •   More  concise  and  to  the     o   point    :60  sec=125  words   •   Writing  style:    more  conversational   Audio  News  Release   •   ANR   •   2  Forms   •   Actuality:    announcer  tape   •   Soundbite  version:    announcer  and  soundbite  (Quote)   •   Length:  :60  seconds   •   Strauss  Media  Strategies,  KEF  Media   ANR:    Production,    Delivery,  Use   •   Telephone,  CD,  MP3,  Web;  even  radio  networks  (ABC  or  CNN  radio)   •   75%  news  directors  prefer  phone,  especially  for  late  breaking   •   Use   o   Relatively  inexpensive   o   Segment:    Cision,  Burrelles   o   Use  due  to  cost-­‐saving  issues   o   Like  regional,  health,  finance   o   Timeliness   o   Localization   o   Humanization   o   Visual  appeal:    illustrate,  explain;  help  “see”   o   Audio  News  Release  Example   Radio  PSA   •   Non-­‐profit   •   Good  return   •   Uppercase   •   Times:    :10,  :15,  :20,  :30,  :60   •   Add  sound   •   Delivery:    Mail  script,  CD,  800  number  download,  web  download   •   Like  local,  children;  little  prime  time   Radio  PSA   •   For  60-­‐space  line:   •   2  lines=10  seconds  (25  words)   •   5  lines=20  seconds  (45  words   •   8  lines=30  seconds  (65  words)   •   16  lines=60  seconds  (125  words)   Radio  Media  Tours   •   RMT   •   Central  location  for  source;  phone  hook-­‐up   •   Publicist  book  time  with  station   •   Low  cost,  convenience   •   Know  shows,  research;  know  past  guests   •   Timing:    consider  audience,  time  of  day   Television   •   TV  version  of  press  release   •   Video  News  Release   •   PSA   •   Satellite  Media  Tours   •   Guest  Appearances   •   Product/Issue  Placement   •   Approaches   o   Send  release   o   Media  alert/advisory   o   Phone,  e-­‐mail   o   VNR  and  SMT   TV  Release   •   Send  release   •   Media  alert/advisory   •   Phone,  e-­‐mail  followup   TV  VNR   •   :90  typical   •   $20K-­‐$50K   •   Not  for  minor  stories   •   Sell  client,  subtle   •   Format   o   Script:    video,  audio   VNR  Production   •   Enlist  pros:    writing,  video,  audio,  talent,  delivery   •   News  footage  look   •   No  superimpose   •   No  stand-­‐up  reporter   •   Local  angle  if  possible   •   Good  graphics,  animation  a  plus   •   V0  track,  SOT  Track   •   News,  Evergreen   VNR  Delivery   •   Include  B-­‐roll  (video  shots;  sound  bites   •   Advisory  sheet   •   Primarily  satellite  delivery;  MediaLink   •   Walmart  VNR   •   Canada  Healthy  Kids   VNR  Use   •   Heavy  use   •   End  of  news,  fill  in   •   Cost  savings:    1  of  12  minutes   •   Average  good  VNR:      40-­‐50/  stations,  2-­‐3  million  viewers     •   Script:    p.  403   The  New  Trend:    B-­‐Roll  Package   •   70%  news  directors  want  B-­‐roll  attached,  make  own  VNR   •   Issue  of  “fake  news”   •   2-­‐3  minutes  of  relevant  visuals  to  show;  sound  bites     •   B-­‐Roll  National  Bed  Month   TV  PSA   •   Like  radio   •   Average  station:    137  a  week   •   Short,  to  the  point,  professionally  produced   •   Slide,  VO;  More  complex  video   •   Talking  head   •   Produced  version,  storyboard   •   Brain  PSA   Satellite  Media  Tours   •   SMT   •   Like  radio,  source  at  central  location   •   85%  of  TV  stations  use   •   Arrange  feed  time     •   Location  ideas:    Ex.  new  hotel/casino   •   Also  news  feeds:    video,  soundbites;  satellite  or  podcast  delivery    ex.  Christie’s   •   SMT  Examples   •   Segments  on  News  Programs:    Ex.  B-­‐M/Purdue  Pharma  insomnia  meds   Guest/Personal  Appearances   •   TV  or/and  radio   •   Pitch  call,  letter:    do  as  they  want   •   Not  news  dept.,  producers,  talent  coordinator,  booker   •   Know  show:    Cision,  watch   •   Prepared,  Concise,  Relaxed   •   3-­‐4    week  lead   Personal  Appearances   •   Talk  Shows   o   4,000  radio   o   20  national  TV  syndicated   o   Local  shows:    morning,  lunch   o   Magazines:    3-­‐10  minute,  ex.  60  Minutes   Material:    Booker  Pitching   •   Newsworthy   •   Timely   •   Useful   •   Viewer  appeal   •   Spokesperson  talent   •   Not  too  commercial   TV  Interviews   •   Do  prepare   •   Gestures,  eye  contact   •   Body  positioning   •   Be  yourself,  open,  brief,  honest   •   Play  it  straight,  watch  humor   •   Dress  for  occasion   •   Holes  in  head   •   Don’t  look  at  the  monitor   TV  Interviews   •   Taped:    All  won't  be  aired   •   Don't  be  defensive   •   Don't  say  no  comment   •   Do  stop   Product  Placements   •   ET:    Reese’s  Pieces:    Place  product  in  show   o   Place  in  movies,  TV:    Fee   o   Game  shows;    Prizes,  give-­‐away;  Price  is  Right   o   In-­‐kind:    use  hotel  for  mention   •   Issue  placements:    ex.  teen  pregnancy,  drinking/driving   •   Radio:    DJs:    Interviews,  placement   •   Other  video  placement    Ex.  YouTubeShare  a  Coke    


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