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by: Dallin Olson


Dallin Olson
Texas A&M
GPA 3.85

Daria Panina

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About this Document

Daria Panina
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Dallin Olson on Wednesday October 21, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MGMT 450 at Texas A&M University taught by Daria Panina in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 44 views. For similar materials see /class/226216/mgmt-450-texas-a-m-university in Business, management at Texas A&M University.

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Date Created: 10/21/15
MGMT 450 International Business Exam 1 Chapters 1 5 MS Chapter 1 International Business business that engages in crossborder commercial transactions with individuals private rms andor public sector organizations Just in Time Systems systems in which suppliers are expected to deliver necessary inputs just as they are needed Exporting selling of products made in one s own country for use or resale in other countries Importing buying of products made in other countries for use or resale in one s own country Merchandise Exports and Imports trade involving tangible products Service Exports and Imports trade involving intangible products International Investments capital supplied by residents of one country to residents of another Foreign Direct Investments FDI investments made for the purpose of actively controlling property assets or companies located in a host country Home Country country in which a rm s headquarters is located Host Country country other than a rm s home country in which it appears Foreign Portfolio Investments FPI purchases of foreign nancial assets stocks bonds and certi cates of deposit for a purpose other than control Licensing transaction in which a rm the licensor sells rights to use its intellectual property to another rm the licensee for a fee Franchising special form of licensing in which the licensor authorizes the licensee to utilize its operating systems brand names trademarks and logos in return for a royalty payment Management Contracts agreement whereby one rm provides managerial assistance technical expertise or specialized services to a second rm for an agreedupon time for a fee Multinational Corporation MNC incorporated rm that has extensive involvement in international business engages in foreign direct investment and owns or controls valueadding activities in more than on country Multinational Enterprises MNE business that may or may not be incorporated and has extensive involvement in international business Multinational Organization MNO any organization 7 business or nonprofit 7 with extensive international involvement Globalization the increasing integration of the world economy and the world s countries Core Competency a distinctive strength or advantage of a from which allows it to compete effectively with its rivals Emerging Markets countries whose recent growth or prospects for future growth exceed that of traditional markets BRIC Countries Brazil Russia India and China Big Ten Argentina Brazil China India Indonesia Mexico Poland South Africa South Korea and Turkey Chapter 2 Invoicing Currency currency in which an international transaction is invoiced Flight Capital money sent out of politically or economically unstable countries by investors seeking a safe haven their assets Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development OECD Organization whose 30 members are among the world s richest countries consisting of Canada Mexico the United States Japan Australia New Zealand South Korea and 23 Western European countries Newly Independent States NIS refers to the 15 independent countries created as a result of the breakup of the Soviet Union Commonwealth of Independent States CIS organization formed by 12 former Soviet republics to promote free trade and discuss issues of common concern Sogo Shosha large Japanese export trading company Chaebol any of the large business conglomerates that dominate the Korean economy Re expOIting process of importation of a good into a country for immediate exportation with little or no transformation of the good Import Substitution Policies economic development strategy that relies on the stimulation of domestic manufacturing rms by erecting barriers to imported goods Export Promotion economic development strategy based on building a vibrant manufacturing sector by stimulating exports often by harnessing some advantage the country possesses such as low labor costs Chapter 3 Common Law law that forms the foundation of the legal system in AngloAmerican countries based on cumulative findings of judges in individual cases Statutory Laws laws enacted by legislative action Civil Law law based on detailed codification of permissible and nonpermissible activities world s most common form of legal system Religious Law law based on officially established rules governing the faith and practice of a particular religion Theocracy country whose legal system is based on religious law Bureaucratic Law legal system based on interpretations actions and decisions of government employees Sanctions Govemmentimposed restraints against commerce with a foreign country Embargo Ban on the exporting and or importing of goods to a particular country Dual use Products that may be used for both civilian and military purposes Extraterritoriality application of a country s law to activities occurring outside its borders Nationalization Expropriation Con scation Privatization Repatriate Forum Shopping Principle of Comity Arbitration Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act of 1976 Technology Transfer Political Risk Assessment Political Risks Macro political Risk Micro political Risk Overseas Private Investment Corporation OPIC Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency MIGA


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