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by: Dahlia Douglas


Marketplace > Texas A&M University > Chemistry > CHEM 101 > FUND OF CHEMISTRY I
Dahlia Douglas
Texas A&M
GPA 3.63


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 11 page Class Notes was uploaded by Dahlia Douglas on Wednesday October 21, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CHEM 101 at Texas A&M University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 26 views. For similar materials see /class/226239/chem-101-texas-a-m-university in Chemistry at Texas A&M University.

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Date Created: 10/21/15
ICHEMISTRY 101 Spring 2005 Sections 501 511 Dr Wendy KeeneyKennicutt GENERAL INFORMATION Lecturer and TAMU Mentor Dr Wendy L KeeneyKennicutt Sections 501 511 TR 935 1050 am in Room 100 HELD Of ce Room 116 HELD in the back Phone 8453256 work and 6901252 home Email for CSB les ONLY kkeeneyneotamuedu Email for everything else edn or Of ce Hours Mondays 330 pm 9pm Wednesdays 330pm 6pm by appointment and whenever you can catch me quot chem tamn edn Review Sessions Special Review of Chapter 1 and Math Basics First Sunday Review Sundays General Review for Lecture 2 pm Rm 100 HELD Weekly Lab Reviews to be announced Lecture Notes Copies of my lecture notes and old exams are on our web page wwwchemtamueduclassfyp BONUS OPPORT UNI T YPROBLEMS BOP s A total of 114 problems were carefully selected to complement the lectures Additional practice problems which are NOT to be handed in are also provided Answers to the evennumbered problems are in the textbook and worked out in the Solution Manu The BOP39s will be divided into four sets as we cover the material in class the problems due will be announced in class The rst three sets will be due on the Thursday following each exam39 the last set will be due on the last day of class The BOP39s may be turned in with a 10 penalty through the next Friday or whenever the makeup exam is A er that time the BOP39s will absolutely not be accepted without a medical excuse Please use regular notebook paper with your name course and section number date my name and set number on the rst page and print your name on all additional pages The problems submitted must be the quotoriginalquot not a photo or carbon copy The problem sets will be returned to you at a later time You may want to retain a copy of your work for future reference You must show all work messy is OK You must hand in at least 70 to receive 1 BOP point and at least 90 to receive 2 BOP points I encourage you to work the problems You will nd similar problems on the exams I am available to answer any questions on BOP39s during my of ce hours and review sessions Answers to odd problems and additional problems are on the back of this sheet Chapter 1 not for credit 12 14 18 20 24 28 34 38 40 44 and others Chapter 2 18 28 34 36 39 amp explain 42 58 62 78 90 104 not for credit 14 20 30 50 54 64 72 74 and others Chapter 3 10 14 22 30 40 42 43 58 62 7072 80 82 94 97 not for credit 8 12 18 36 44 68 76 and others Chapter 4 16 3442 56 60 66 76 94 Consider CaOHZ as soluble 96 110 not for credit 28 3244 52 58 68 92 98 114 116 and others Chapter 5 20 22 26 3042 56 omit part d 70 72 76 80 amp e Cu f Cr tricky Write the shorthand notation Label diarnagnetic or paramagnetic Which one exhibits the highest degree ofpararnagnetism7 96 98 100 102 not for credit 18 24 28 3244 68 74 88 and others Chapter 6 6 10 34 not for credit 8 18 30 41 48 and others 100 Arrange the following atoms or ions in order of increasing diameter and explain why brie y a Ca Mg Sr c si e H H H SZ Ar cr d Fe Felt Fe 0 F Br Tel Se 101 Give exarnples and explain the following trends in the first ionization energy a across each period include quotdipsquot at 111A and VIA elements for Periods 2 and 3 see textbook and b descending a periodic group Chapter 7 8 10 14 50 62 76 not for credit 6 18 24 30 36 52 56 58 68 74 and others 100 Draw Lewis dot formulae for the following Which violate the octet rule worth 5 questions Use the solution manual wisely esp the solutions to 36 38 56 and many in Chapter a HZO c HCN e PF3 g BCl3 i 1C1 k Asle rn SeF6 o XeF4 b H30 d NH 0 Bec1Z h PHx j SeF4 1 cm n 10 Chapter 8 52 amp Give total number of sigma andpi bonds 78 not for credit 22 24 28 32 36 42 46 48 56 78 and others 100 Consider the species listed in Exercise 100 in Ch 7 For the central atorn give the number of regions of high electron density the number of lone pairs hybridization electronic geometry and ideal bond angles Determine molecular or ionic geometry and polarity worth 5 questions Use the Solution Manual for help Chapter 10 8 2642 50 60 78 90 92 not for credit 20 24 56 58 74 88 and others Chapter 11 14 28 3242 50 56 58 66 Hint use normality 82 100 Use the reaction in 60b What mass of Zn in grams will react with 750 mL of 0100 N NaNO3 not for credit 12 3840 54 57 60 6264 and others Chapter 12 16 24 30 3244 50 56 62 66 74 82 88 112 not for credit 14 22 3642 58 100 and others Chapter 13 6 10 18 24 3648 50 68 72 78 116 not for credit 22 26 3442 74 80 106 112 118 and others Chapter 14 not for credit 28 46 48 50 66 72 ANSWERS TO SOME PROBLEMS Answers to evennumbered problems are in the textbook solutions are given in the Solution Manual Q a paramagnetic 3 unpaired e b paramagnetic 2 unpaired e c paramagnetic 1 unpaired e d paramagnetic 2 unpaired e e paramagnetic 1 unpaired e t paramagnetic 6 unpaired e Chapter 2 2 a no b yes c no 1 no Chapter 3 Q 147 g S 4 b Chapter 5 Chapter 6 m for example a MgltCaltSr Chapter 7 Chapter 11 m 0245 g Zn fhECNJHEICNQCLAAHCIAKDA E VCHJATIHE H MethaneCH4 HgH H H EthaneCZH6 HQgH H H 7 H H H PropaneC H HCCgH 3 8 H H H 7 H H EthyleneC H CC Ethene2 4 H H iAcetyleneCZH HCEC H Ethyne H H H C HHHC H BenzeneC H 6 6 HCC4CH HzC 9CH H H MethanoiCH30H CH3oH 7 H Ethano1C2H50H CH3QOH H H Note 39CH3 39 HC I m octet rule Violaters t g i j k 1 m and o ll AcetoneCH3COCH3 CH3CCH3 9 Fomn39c AcidHCOOH HCOH 3 Acetic AcidCH3C00H CH3C0H h CH NH CHlrH Met y amine 3 2 3 H a N Dimethy1amineCH32NH CH3 I H CH3 7 39N39 TrimethylamineCH33N CHI CH 3 CH3 3 C1 7 I Ch10roformCHC1 C1CH Trichlorometaane 6 91 Carbon TetrachlorideCC Tetrachloromethane 4 c 9 C1 C1 Chm 1 Maw Md Meaoumme 39 Wesmcn 01 dmCulow W 115 Wmdpk7 col Pmpu m Ticde and plujsfcat damya lfiaf m er Wgoeo Oyd 6 quW W Wei y Hue Pmcww 39 RCW 0 am waxMM SW02 baud on o mjoizmo 75mm Amt mwopgd 67 5WE 0 Ct Oxle PWUNQ a Epmiid39 PMMW Mm 1401 90L happened smofm m 506d gem C2580 0 o Sow a klhdir MW xemry om rm u mp1 of 0me COjUYM MOWm lh WWDad WM above 0 K Solido packed dong up nbmli A law h udo m dok bud cam mm pao l39 Ea I cure cud M Wm WW QPCWW WMquot my W 0 MfobaaCawxpemSw kxftoumgeme m mdm w aim 30 50 H10 I M Sam u39uw meow 39c mm oivwo PMSulelnmUL hootUN Sell cf cwd camWillie MM so PMSImQVhCamD A WOW 02 W cm pm lolllr mm mm s C Caqumojzm of pow Swimmm o hd nogomouo MW 5M Crock clay Lucia WW0 bum 96mm ere Sugar wolf Somd chalfgL MW em MM 5W Salim palm brow alloy EZWSQPamded 9 1 physime wdo WSWW CXWl Q an ch boil39ll39xewookc aJoh woilfASolAdmx WWSM belwid rel m a wesmbslww megclankidhordofsnmll podium e o lib dammmswpow ermhh Cam Some Common Elements and Their Symbols Symbol Element Symbol Element Symbol Element 1 Ag silver m gentum F uorine Ni nickel Al aluminum Fe iron fermm 0 oxygen m Au gold muum II hydrogen P phosphorus B boron He helium Pb lead plummm Ba barium Hg mercury byd739argymnz Pt platinum Bi bismuth I iodine S sulfur Br bromine K potassium kalium Sb antimony rtibium C carbon Kr krypton Si silicon Ca calcium Li lithium Sn tin tmmum Cd cadmium Mg magnesium Sr strontium Cl chlorine Mn manganese Ti titanium Co cobalt N nitrogen U uranium 9 Cr chromium Na sodium narrium W tungsten VVofmm Cu copper cupmm Ne neon Zn zinc aim wsvmllm PMJl39OfMJM39Yw WW eSaM W30 WW QOFWW in smollwl DoAJ39of Commml will Same Wadeuth w MGQQQJL f 716 Compwmd Md IO COWl Kf bardo 05 if WWWM Md 09 by We bmdo m Mix WOW f Ckmadeu ww Wduulbe 5ampr 0 Ma a pkysncgJL Drape31 ohmhm abWof CAQrxqe in mm WCWplw5 Cohan OlaA5471 hmdnuo mMp Irdj balm 19de W W VOW 39 Med 9 km aimm Wan Wofswmywa C Maw Vowwe m swb WWW 0 subfamcwwd e 10072 Wm dquW Um poiJ odwcha Frown a Kai WMAM do JENv390 e9 MooMum mini Com mu will Intelqu WW PMSI39canmwqe ocuww nounme iv llWM CWW bui my cam be Wwd or 0Lme 1 End ma a promo Mada W RECA 1 O 9 Q 0353 0 5003a Pmcmw Wm Eod atom 53 gt Moi god 39 Sblfd d WMC OCCMJU 204 0 one D msmiwmo WU 2gtmmmsww Mtme 3 my 22 MW ora smbed mm W Low OQFLRG W 88 8 238 ier Midi of Mwmm Inmmd Manama SI 00103414 by NW Bureau JW M as Mow whimm k Om39fk Mdm m M Sand 6 chow Tscolo WW Kw K K l 3 C W ofswbskwm McQQ mu ammo Mmed ow qu A mm Frag m 7 M 0 b 670 03 M3 K10 gmmo kalequot k 3904 X103 Wm deadquot A 101 d OJ Qx IOOmL Cgm39b39 C l0a cm 00 chrUL m 04 hag I 7lt 0 8mm f 0 q IX IO hqmo n 0 h 7 H34 MM PM P 390 F9 0 qu Twaumn wcwmlybewm max 0Cde K abaohdlggm Olt 2273 ac Vows lame com mdu lwxlmxlmslw3 lmL Mm rs quld WW cfquGz 01900 WW WM meapuALof gramth of W175 199 magic 76mg 1 mom QCLEJMOSHVKJQ tang1A meaouned in mew mm mm Vowme wwde hm Hew rmL ng w Hiyams mamamm hmdoofmwxbers in 1ampde CXQCJ39 That ONE exao ey lei 6qu in adoZEA l have exach 0 ngers vaxd IO oeo no 14161ka less hem6 My WW 2 gt l blah mewm Q wtd x of Hulo paper 2amp0 mm 9 lfc wm more Freedag 2 W 3 FQOmemmmpm 25Jomm NoT PRECISION vs ACQLUQAQ accuracy c m xw 0 how doser a meaouned VOJM agrees wax Me Corrth WM Praiaim MGM 0 how closely mdawduol weaommvits agru M earA 0W acumoCToq Praise hof Prime ho139 anewsate prams M May Mmmehvmd We who of anm cmd 7W 5 WW 71v number of Squ EICOvj qwxu is We Number 0 dxq39db beiwmd 7 be comEd bx HIO peJJSOA dotN er H In udes l LG look od39 QMO H X Maxmph Vohme mewwmm t Volumes of 60de 0A9 mewwwd39 In labmod ory 1 quotMy W ways mdu ed bu t beaker QCMW Am 35 a 50 3 1 395Lof XML u w 53 quot 0393 quot L 1011 4 002 mL MWWW W W of Sm m ML swim duum mL d mslm quot Rude of Tkmb read Hammad 10 0r CIQ of The sman fluSim Vowme obfmmed 740m xe bme t how A Sigm camz 749W 39 xe IM I W is abes r es motti Waco We vowme mewum rm a beam cm how Q S atyd 39qwuw If a 6mm Heede enfy a re esta ll evilDamn We gggaher ragme is 313165ng oWw m one 0032 mm 2 9n uakd Wuhim 0r beTtQL late Me buULt r stqm md I ImdAmi39 05 we Never 81 39 39Cayd FmGedded g MS cure a wqysmu m cahd mq Mos me Signi cang Only 11w Claw PoiKt is spam 7 a mm a subhqdm m dqu med 3 sci by me an 1me 7 7f V digit 13 mw plncadizm ordau51m amsweA comm no more 831 11mm l39ke Itom QCCMQM39X known WWW 7 Z7fIj 313 SW WC WW 7 000mi 3 max 10 3 10 f Lon 010 300 l 3 x 01 3oo 3 300 x 10quot V sooo r 7 7 4 3000810 rAadt39 bm 43 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and interstellar space Electrons may also be driven 01139 in other processes involving the absorption of a great deal of energy Today the term plasma is used for a high concentration of T these highenergy particles that have lost one or more electrons At very high temperatures 10000000 C and higher the plasma particles have gained so much translational energy that on collision their nuclei approach within 103912 cm of each other where the powerful nuclear attractive forces take effect and cause nuclear fusion processes to occur These are some of the main reactions that produce the energy and the light elements in the sun and stars The fusion process will be discussed in Chap 26 The study of plasma is one of the new and very important elds of re search today waiter 1G7 of We qweouo so 0395ch


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