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by: Ernestine Zieme


Ernestine Zieme
Texas A&M
GPA 3.92

N. Luttbeg

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About this Document

N. Luttbeg
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ernestine Zieme on Wednesday October 21, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to POLS 207 at Texas A&M University taught by N. Luttbeg in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 15 views. For similar materials see /class/226256/pols-207-texas-a-m-university in Political Science at Texas A&M University.

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Date Created: 10/21/15
Luttbeg s Test 3 Review Chapters 12 8 13 Chapter 12 Povertyl Crime and Education State and Local Efforts 0 Differences between Conservatives and Liberals in crime 0 Conservatives I believe that people commit crimes due to their own character faults I think that we must lock away such people to keep the rest of us safe I People in poverty are too lazy to get jobs 0 Liberals I people commit crimes due to society s failures I society is not meeting the demands of the poor and needy I More likely to give criminals second chances I Poverty is again society s fault We should educate better 0 Both believe that some people live in poverty by no fault of their own handicapped children elderly etc o How to deal with crime poverty and education 0 Conservatives might believe that picking out the slackers early and removing them would result in a better society and save money 0 Neither conservatives not liberals can fix problem or explain reasoning 0 States don t use one sides ideals 0 State Efforts 0 Nearly half state expenditures go towards education welfare and police 0 Hasn t solved poverty or poor education 0 Scores dropped dramatically over time I Verbal o Dropped sharply till 1980 rose then dropped then rose currently 0 Lowest point at 1991 o Dropped until 1981 then rose constantly been dropping since 2003 0 Lowest at 1980 0 Poverty I Family of4 with income lt22050 Poverty dropped greatly in the 60s under Kennedy and Johnson I Shifted from affecting the elderly to affecting the young since 1965 I Raising in the long term yet declined since 1990 on parole or on probation I Conservatives want to solve by cutting down on problems in the system whereas liberals want to increase efforts 0 State Differences 0 Low graduation rate higher poverty 0 Lower grad rate amp higher poverty rate higher crime rate not strong 0 Coping with Problems 0 Education 0 Poverty 0 Analyzing Data 0 Abortion Policy One of the Least centralized school system in the world State control education States look to lure in better educated people and export the less educated Texas has lowest HS completion rate in the nation yet the nation still adopted the No Child Left Behind Act from Texas No Child Left Behind program Standardized test primary measure of education Separate Test for diff groups of students Schools evaluated by test scores Financial incentives for improving scores Penalties on not improving scores Student relocation Measures limited to pop 25 years and older Contemporary studies aren t reliable relationships Need to show results years later from spending earlier This would show positive relationship No departments for poverty but there are many programs MedicadeMedicare Largest single expenditure for poverty provides medical care for those who can t afford it 354 Billion SNAP second biggest provides food for those who can t afford it 30 Bil TANF provides money directly to poor families SCHIP smallest health insurance for children in poverty Medicade and TANF have relationships with lower poverty but both are probably spurious yet it MAY be true NO PROOF Number in prison and on parole had quadrupled since 1980 23 mil in jail and 800000 on parole No real relationship can be determined due to independent variable that may affect the outcome of the data In order for any of the data to be meaningful we would have to find a way to exclude the extra variables A good graph consists of one independent variable and one dependent variable with all other controls held equal This is why we account for anything above 30 to be a strong relationship N0 REAL CONCLUSIONS o Roe vs Wade Abortion legal by 14 h amendment legal for first trimester up to states for second and third trimester o Webster vs Reproductive Health States regulated abortions o More metropolitan more abortions strong relationship 0 Allan Guttmacher lnstitute came up for a rating of restrictiveness of abortion by state I Ranges from 06 I NE and WSW had least restrictive now Mountain and Far West are least I Southern Midwest and Plains have most restrictive o More restrictive less abortions BUT THEY ARE NOT RELATED 0 Only quality that seems to affect abortion is if a state is more liberal or not More Liberal More abortions Conclusion 0 Basically no information means anything Nuff Said 0 Multivariate Analysis is used to describe relationships between multiple variable but aren t generally consistent Used to expose casual relationships Chapter 13 The State of the States and Communities States Behave Differently States differ in pretty much every way This makes it much harder for us to make conclusions about data State and Local versus Federal Government Federal gets much more attention our focus excludes most of government Government has changed over time to deal with our developing country it s taken a more active role Where we live has a great impact on our lives Interest Groups don t affect policy Courts 80 of criminal cases are solved by plea bargaining 90 civil cases are settled wo trial Politics Parties have weakened our democracy has developed campaigning has changed and the government which was meant to be indirect has become more active We must prepare for the future On the test if all else fails keep in mind the whole point of the book l lllE llllll llll lll Tlll ill


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