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Principles of Instruction and Learning

by: Libby Toy

Principles of Instruction and Learning IDE 621

Marketplace > Syracuse University > Graphic Design > IDE 621 > Principles of Instruction and Learning
Libby Toy
GPA 3.94

Tiffany Koszalka

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About this Document

Tiffany Koszalka
Class Notes
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This 8 page Class Notes was uploaded by Libby Toy on Wednesday October 21, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to IDE 621 at Syracuse University taught by Tiffany Koszalka in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 71 views. For similar materials see /class/225554/ide-621-syracuse-university in Graphic Design at Syracuse University.

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Date Created: 10/21/15
IDE 62 l principles of Instruction and Learning 2004 Uhderstahdihg Iearhihg from a philosophical perspective Cor istr uctivism Iall What What philosophy vs I hsory is a philosophy A philosophy is ar n ir nvsstigatior n of the mature causes or prir nciplss of reality I r nowlsdgs or values based or n logical rsasor nir ng rather thar n empirical methods Educatior nal philosophies suggest sources of I r nowlsdgs yet do hot have the sxplar natory power of theories is a theory A theory provides a source of prir nciplss from which to prescribe iristruotior n ar nd a set of statsrr lsr nts that allow researchers to sXplair n iristructior nal outs orr lss s 1741 I predict or COhtr OI Constructivism VS Objectivism What is Gorjstructivisrh A COhstructivist philosophy proposes that Opportur nities are four nd learr nir ng th rough ir n the ehviror nr r Ier nt ahd lived experier noes Learr ners COhstruct their owr n ur nderstar ndir ng of the world as they experier noe the world What is objectivism Objectivist philosophy proposes that I r nowledge 39 COhveyed to the learr ner ahd that the learr ner assimilates or acquires I r nowledge esser ntially ir n its origir nal form 39 quot7777 7 r 147 I S g wmy philosophy and learning environments How does belief ir Gor nstructivist philosophy aid ir the creatior of effective lssrr nir ng sr nviror nmsr nts Accordir ng to COhStr UCtiViSt philosophy What is the role of Gor ntsxt arid sr nviror nmsr nt ir lssrr nir ng How are Gor nstructivist philosophies arid objectivist philosophies rslsvsr nt ir dsscribir ng ir nforrr lsczl by behavioral the Gor ntsxt of irjstructior Gogr nitivs arid social lssrr nir ng theorists I mpor taht Concepts COhtextual Iear hihg mear n to you What 39 mear n to the per 80h Sittir ng What does Iear hlhg mear n to you ahd to COhtextual hext to you What does Ccgth8tructed I r nowledge the per 80h Sittir ng hext to you What does hegotiated or Shar ed meahihg mear n to you ahd to the per 80h Sittir ng hext to you cor Istr ucted or Syhthesized ih hd are affected by relatior I to the COhteXt t e u ique life experiehces of the 39 til t ere is greemeht Oh a all or ho arid t is var iati Just What is it that we do Please write a brief summary Of what you thir nK ar n ir nstructior nal desigr ner does Form a group Of three to four colleagues arid create a Gor nser nsus statemeht or n ir nstructior nal desigr ner what you thir nK ar n does AS a Class create a Gor nser nsus statemeht Oh what we thir nK ar n ir nstructior nal desigr ner is What is it that we just did What Gor ncepts of Gorjstructivisrh were demor nstrated durir ng the activities Learr ners worKir ng alor ne role of persor nal exp ehce coristructiori of Khowledge arid me ahihg Iearr39nir39ng Ihegohtekt Learr ners worKir ng ir n groups Shared or hegotiated mear lir39ng e Class developir ng a Goriser nsus statemer nt Shared or hegotiated meahihg Iearr39nir39ng ir39 cor39ntext What was the goal of this activity The goal was to demor nstrate through problem SOIVir Ig r of the Key COhCeptS of Goristructivist philosophy Iearr39nir39ng ir39 cor39ntext l h I he reflective practitioner Mirjdfulr ness meditatior n Jourr nalir ng activity Group dialogue


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