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Ch 8 Notes- Social Psychology

by: Abigail Sanders

Ch 8 Notes- Social Psychology PSYC 3520

Marketplace > Clemson University > Psychlogy > PSYC 3520 > Ch 8 Notes Social Psychology
Abigail Sanders
GPA 3.8
Social Psychology
Alice Brawley

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About this Document

These are the detailed notes on Chapter 8 on Interpersonal Attraction. These include notes from the book and notes/examples from class. Hope it is helpful!
Social Psychology
Alice Brawley
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Abigail Sanders on Wednesday October 21, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PSYC 3520 at Clemson University taught by Alice Brawley in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 37 views. For similar materials see Social Psychology in Psychlogy at Clemson University.


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Date Created: 10/21/15
Social Psychology Brawley Chapter 8 Interpersonal Attraction WHY DO WE LIKE CERTAIN PEOPLE 0 We like people when our interactions seem profitable 0 Is your time and effort worth it 0 Does the person s good qualities outweigh the bad 0 Social Exchange Theory 0 4 factors 1 Proximity how close together you live a More proximity more likely to like i Ex Neighbor roommate b Functional Distance actual travel distance c Why i Can t like someone never met ii Reduced costs of the interaction less effort time money iii Cognitive Distance Theory want attitudes and behaviors to match iv Exception when two people previously dislike each other proximity may make it worse 2 Familiarity how often you see somebody a More familiarity more likely to like Mere exposure effect Ex TV show The O ice with Jim and Pam Ex Repeatedly showed some faces people like those faces more Ex You see mirror image of your face participants preferred mirror image of their own face friends see your face as is friends preferred 9906 regular image f Why i Fear of unfamiliar ii Comfort of familiar g Exceptions i Previous disliking ii May cause boredom Social Psychology Brawley 3 Similarity like people that are like us a Based on attitudes religion education race interests age SES b opposites attract probably not i In dating and marriage this is called the matching principle c More similar couplesfriends may be more likely to stay together d Why i Selective Attraction one person has strong views and uses them to select other people a Ex Only dating someone they re your same religion ii Social In uence two people initially diff but one person persuades the other one to change a Ex Persuade your new friendsignificant other to be a Clemson fan iii Environmental Factors situations that lead similar people to meet a Ex Playing the same sport working out at the same gym 4 Desirable Qualities of the Other Person a 3 qualities we generally prefer i Warmth positive outlook or attitude 1 Ex Complimenting others like movies ii Competence good at being or doing something relevant to the relationship with that person 1 Ex Good mechanic good bus driver good friend iii Attractiveness physical 1 Facial bilateral symmetry b Why i We stereotype think attractive people have other good qualities 1 Ex Funny smart good health ii Seen as a marker for good genes c When are we bad at detecting bilateral asymmetry i Intoxicated 0 Proximity familiarity and similarity 0 Can cause liking 0 Or liking can cause these factors I Ex Like someone want to see them more often familiarity APPLY 1 Assigning random roommates a Can t change proximity b Similarity same major religion hobbies 2 Longdistance relationships a Can t change proximity b Familiarity see each other more often FaceTime Snapchat Skype texting pictures framed picture on desk Intimacy Social Psychology Brawley TRIANGULAR THEORY OF LOVE Passionate love emotionally charged love Companionate love affection and caring l Liking 2 Infatuation 3 Empty love 4 Romantic love 5 Companionate love ex Friend 6 Fatuous love love at first sight 7 Consummate love 2 Commitment Passion


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