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Notes 10/20/15

by: Cece Hodge

Notes 10/20/15 Pols 201 002

Cece Hodge
LA Tech
Amer Pols Inst
Dr. Laura Fleming

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About this Document

This is for 10/20/15 and anyone that decided to bail after Break. It was websites and links to videos that were used I believe.
Amer Pols Inst
Dr. Laura Fleming
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Cece Hodge on Wednesday October 21, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Pols 201 002 at Louisiana Tech University taught by Dr. Laura Fleming in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 59 views.


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Date Created: 10/21/15
Politic 1020 al Science 201 102015 15 our two party system the history of political parties in the US the current democratic platform the current republican platform Political Party private organization that seeks to win elections and control government power 0 Not mentioned in Constitution 2 Political parties Republican majority both houses of Congress and Democratic minority both Houses of Congress Republicans and democrats want to control the House the Senate and the Presidency Seems the nation is split in 2 Singlemember districts which favor the development of a two party system 0 Whichever has most votes makes it in No one wants to waste their vote on a smaller party The EU has a proportional representation with multiple members per district 0 Generally voted by party Parties receive seats in proportion to votes Madison warned against Violence of Faction interest groups 0 dangerous vice leading to mortal diseases federalist 10 But you can t outlaw faction Believed factions will balance one another George Washington condemned the factions in his farewell speech 0 Yet his cabinet broke into two factions Alexander Hamilton led the Federalists Secretary of Treasury Thomas Jefferson led DemocraticRepublicans Secretary of State Primary controversy was whether the federal government had power to create a national bank Federalist party died out Democraticrepublican party split into the Republicans and Democrats 0 Andrew Jackson war hero led the new Democratic party O O O O O O Political Science 201 102015 Republican party emerged i 1850s fro the Abolitionist party anti slavery 0 Lincoln was first Republican President Between Civil War and Progressive Era 1870s1900 the political machines dominated elections 0 Tammany hall based in New York ruled for 70 years 0 Provided social services for many new immigrants in exchange for votes 0 Once candidates were in power they gave federal jobs and contracts back to Tammany Hall Progressive Era o ldealistic o Fought the corrupt machines 0 Direct primary election gave people a voice when selection people for each party 0 Direct election fo senators diluted the power of the political parties 0 Prohibition was part of an attack on the saloon culture of the machines 0 female vote was seen as pureer Teddy Roosevelt was a Progressive Republican president who went third party 0 TR felt his successor in office Taft was not progressive enough 0 TR created his own party Progressive or Bull Moose Party 0 While he received more votes than Taft he acted as a spoiler sending a democrat to the White House Woodrow Wilson 1930s1970s republicans were no longer dominate and the Democrats rose as the Majority 0 Great Depression FDR s New Deal gained popularity especially from poor and marginalized 0 Democrats became associated with welfare entitlement programs 0 Credit for civil rights act in 1964 during Johnson s presidency ln 1980s and 90s the Republicans led a Conservative backlash 0 Led by President Ronald Regan Republicans argued that the federal government had become too big and too invasive 0 America was also reacting to Communist threat 0 less government is more Political Science 201 102015 The balance of power continues to fluctuate between the Democrats and Republicans 0 grown in size between Bush and Obama 0 Within the Republican party there is a split between moderate establishment candidates and conservativetea party candidates Democratic party is more unified in its willingness to support its progressive causes 0 Democratic Platform Emphasizes need for government intervention and social jus ce democratsorg I Economy fair share taxes we need more money to accomplish goals and the wealthy should pay their share I Middle Class Security government intervention in health care housing education and retirement I Social Justice government protection of women minorities and samesex couples 0 Republican Platform Promotes less government intervention and traditional Values I Economy Reduce taxation and regulation I Defense Security Strong military secure boarders I Traditional Values Prolife favor traditional family and faith structures 0 wwwelbertguillorycom


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