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Week 10 Notes

by: Lane Paulson

Week 10 Notes ART 176

Lane Paulson
Arts and Society: Visual
Vanessa Schulman

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About this Document

Lecture notes from Monday and Wednesday in class.
Arts and Society: Visual
Vanessa Schulman
Class Notes
feminisms, gaze, Art, art176, ISU
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Lane Paulson on Wednesday October 21, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ART 176 at Illinois State University taught by Vanessa Schulman in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 16 views. For similar materials see Arts and Society: Visual in Art at Illinois State University.


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Date Created: 10/21/15
m Feminism 0 1st wave 19th century to mid20th century Goas suffrage voting rights legal rights 0 2nCI wave staring around 1960 Goas educational equality women out of home and into workplace equal pay for equal work 0 3rd wave staring around 1990 Goas more inclusivediverse more accepting of differing sexualgender identities Sexpositive element 0 Sex vs Gender 0 Sex Determined by biological existence of primary and secondary sex characteristics Generally binary at birth malefemale though on average about 11500 people are intersex Gustave Courbet The Origin of the World 1866 0 Gender Social norms and expectations associated with malenessfemaleness Gender presentation may not match biological sex ls considered on a continuum Catherine Opie Angea Scheiri 1993 0 Portrait of a woman who is presenting herself as a man 0 Artist is known for breaking gendersex stereotypes 0Feminism in Art amp Art History 0 Art historians and artists ask some of these questions ls it safer to work in quotmasculinequot styles Why have women traditionally not been considered quotgreat artistsquot How important is gender identity to art Should art embrace gender essentialism or not 0 Gender essentialism speci c qualities are essential to a certain gender How can art critique some of the social political and physical concerns of women Husband and wife Krasner and Pollock were Abstract Expressionists This was hyped as a very quotmasculinequot art movement so 0 Krasner worked in a quotmasculinequot style that appeared similar to Pollock39s Lee Krasner Untitled 1949 0 Lee Krasner has a gender neutral name to achieve success in art world 0 Performance art 0 The art piece is presented as a performance in front of an audience 0 May be interactive or not Artist may use their body 0 Does not usually take place in a museum 0 There is often no physical quotartworkquot at the end of the performance 0 Yoko Ono photographs from Cut Piece 1964 Artist goes onto stage amp invites audience to come on to stage to cut off pieces of her clothing 0 Cut Piece relies on gender for its meaning Imagine this piece with genders reversed 0 However even though gender is important to Cut Piece it does not embrace gender essentialism 0 Gender Essentialism the idea that each sex has eternal shared and unchanging gender characteristics 0 Carolle Schneemann lnteriorScroI 1975 0 Judy Chicago Menstruation Bathroom Womanhouse installation Los Angeles 1972 0 Installation Art a 3D piece that is designed to transform a space creating a new quotenvironmentquot 0 Judy Huddleston Personal Environment Womanhouse installation Los Angeles 1972 Womblike place safe warm Celebrate women 0 Judy Chicago The DinnerParty 197479 0 The Gaze 0 Large scale installation featuring 39 historical and mythological women Chicago wants to restore their historical importance Each woman has a place setting at the quotdinner tablequot Contains gender symbolism and religious symbolism o Upside down triangle represents feminine principle of a womb o 39 place settings 3 sides 39313 Religious meaning 13 people sitting down to dinner the Last Supper o Polished tile oor with 999 additional names Place settings use traditional quotfemalequot art forms such as ceramic painting glass painting and embroideryneedlework Gives idea that it is a shared female production Gazes A way of thinking about viewership that structures the ideal viewer as a white male 0 Sexualized and powerdriven o quotThe determining male gaze projects its fantasy onto the female gurewomen are simultaneously looked at and displayed with their appearance coded for strong visual and erotic impactquot Laura Mulvey 0 Barbara Kruger Your gaze hits the side ofmy face 1982 0 Can we actively objectify someone just by looking at them Objectify to disregard someone39s humanity thinking of them as an object 0 Historical images we have already seen are examples of quotthe gazequot images of women made for men to view and enjoy 0 JeanAugusteDominique lngres La Source 1856 o Pablo Picasso Les Demoselles d Avignon 1907 0 Art strategies accepted by females to deal with the gaze 0 Strategy 1 Emphasize and reclaim elements of traditional femininity accept the gaze Audrey Flack Marilyn Vanitas 1977 0Humanizes her life by including pictures and memories Andy Warhol Marilyn Diptych 1962 Focuses on solely her beauty headshot layers Reproducible print style of art dehumanizes her 0 Strategy 2 Point out the norms of the gaze in order to undermine them invite repulse the gaze Hannah Wilke SOS Stari cation Object Series 1974 0 Woman is inviting the stare from men stareification or A star is someone who presents themselves to be looked at starification 0She is willingly making herself an object for viewing 0 Chewed up gum and shaped in like a vagina and stuck it all over her body to make fun of fetishes Has underarm hair 0 Kind of makes fun of men s magazines Andy Warhol Marilyn Monroe s Lips 1964 0 Comments on fetishes of a certain part of a woman39s body 0 Ex Marilyn Monroe39s lips Marina Abramovic Rhythm 0 1974 0 Plays on fact that she is a young attractive female artist and uses her body she is powerless while the audience does whatever they want for 6 hours in order to objectify herself 0 She stands in front of a table with roses food scissors knifes and even a gun with a bullet and more 0 Behavior starts off kind and then continues to get more violent Audience runs away once the performance is done to avoid seeing her as a human being 0 Strategy 3 Hide the body completely thwart the gaze Ana Mendieta Siueta Iowa 1978 Ana Mendieta Siueta Mexico 1973 0Artist passively hides her body in nature 0 Strategy 4 Speak truth to power ght the gaze Guerrilla Girls 0 The Advantages of Being a Woman Artist 1988 o Takes negatives of being a woman and talks like they are advantages Points out how bad they are 0 Urban Encounter series 1989 0 Women are anonymous Guerrilla Girls wore trademark gorilla masks


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