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Southern Italians

by: Tyler Murphy

Southern Italians amh 2097

Tyler Murphy
American History race and ethnicity
R. Soash

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About this Document

October 20, 2015 lecture. Southern Italians and their migration to the U.S.
American History race and ethnicity
R. Soash
Class Notes
southern italians, amh 2097, race, migration
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Tyler Murphy on Wednesday October 21, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to amh 2097 at Florida State University taught by R. Soash in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 52 views. For similar materials see American History race and ethnicity in History at Florida State University.


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Date Created: 10/21/15
AMH 2097 October 20 2015 Southern Italians 18801924 Background 0 City states before was a country places like Venice Florence independent biggest divide region in North and South 0 North vs South very different religiously politically and economically o Uni cation 1870 Northern Italians In Italy 0 Wealthy very good merchants traveled world trading Cosmopolitan wordly well travelers speaking different languages 0 Lightskinned intermarry with people surrounding them Swedes French Austrians Why leave were not forced out left for US because want to pursue different opportunities or 2nCI and 3rd son situations In the US 0 Time period late 16005 and 17005 0 Location and Numbers areas that Spain control California and Florida 26000 far away from WASPs Jobs fruit industry vineyards and producing wine citrus grapes really successful Southern ltalians Life in southern Italy Occupations Education poor illiterate peasants barely passing by Church owns much of land that peasants are farming on trying to leave them dry through taxes and tithes not setting up institutions like schoolsilliterate making money off them They distrust church and government strongly believe in family and the village 0 Church and state Campaniismo pride in one s village region or town 0 Religion very religious just don t share it by going to Church private quotHatched matched and dispatchedquot Catholics only attend Church when born married and death tried to avoid institution that screwed them over Saints shrines showed their beliefs through strong beliefs in saints Catholics believe they can intercede on their behalf Shrines shelf or a window in their house with a picture of one of the saints or Jesus where they worshipped instead of Church The Family 0 Most important institution o Patriarchy male makes all important decisions for family strongest ttest for the job 0 Honor society heavily focused everything a man does is re ected back on his family Vendettas ghts between families between one individual whole family is engaged ex Romeo and Juliette Marriage women aren t treated very well but play an important role in marriage between families keep virginity until married don t interact with other people especially men Marriages are decided soon after the girl is born marry at 13 or 14 job is to produce males or new family Marriage shows wealth throw biggest celebration as possible Hanging of the sheets after the reception everyone follows back to chamber and there is a white sheet symbolizing how woman is still a virgin go in the room to make sure there are blood on the sheets if there is not woman is dishonored and the wedding is annulled If there is blood the sheet is hung out in the open The Immigration Process 0 Who makes the decision Patriarch of the family decides who goes to US Who goes Young man to immigrate over late teens early 205 likely to survive the journey and be able to make money while in the United States Happening in early 805 and 905 0 Why leave 1 Dislike church national government 2 Overpopulation poor peasants don t produce very much taxed and is given to gov not enough resources to go around 3 Allure of America unskilled laborers think they can come and get a job to make more money 0 Return migration their goal 46 years make money to survive and bring money back with you to Italy Life in America 18801900 Padrone System Southern Italians who have been in US who could speak English and knew how America worked and would sing songs to the immigrants that are sang in a familiar language of their village People match based on language and song that is familiar introduce to padrone say last name if no vendetta then go with them hookup to life in US places to work housing introduce to other people from village Only agrees to help you if small portion of money is given Occupations for men Municipal work city workbuilding bridges create tunnels for subway low paying dangerous Factories low paying dangerous established immigrant groups didn t want to do Mining low paying dangerous 0 Ethnic Enclaves places they lived Little Italy New York Boston Chicago Litte Palermo Port of New Orleans coming from Mediterranean Tenement Life near but not with Irish Campanilismo again pride of village and regioncant live with family but can try to live with people of same townsmal substitution for family 0 Return Migration Chain Migration US seems like a decent place of living send a few immigrants over to make money then make enough money to send rest of family over 0 Get rid of padrones people bringing over families have been there long enough to know what America is like 0 No longerjust a bachelor society ratio between men and women even out Jobs for children factories crawling under machines get item out of machine while still running until age 13 Male children 1314 might get married and keep working in factories or nd a new job Female children 1314 family pulls them out of factories Jobs for women Sweat shops men would go to factories and buy raw materials from factory owners take back to women and job is to make them into nished clothing men take nished clothing back to factories and are sold for money 0 Total s between 18801924 5 million Occupations for men Blue collar work may not need strong education still a step up from factories or municipal working for city policeman re ghter contractor Restaurants opening up their own small businesses Italian ingredients to other Italian immigrants o Organized Crime


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