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HTW 402 Oct 21 Notes

by: Alyson Forman

HTW 402 Oct 21 Notes HTW 403

Marketplace > Syracuse University > Public Health > HTW 403 > HTW 402 Oct 21 Notes
Alyson Forman
Community Based Health Policy and Research
L. Narine

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About this Document

Community Based Health Policy and Research
L. Narine
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alyson Forman on Wednesday October 21, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HTW 403 at Syracuse University taught by L. Narine in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 20 views. For similar materials see Community Based Health Policy and Research in Public Health at Syracuse University.


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Date Created: 10/21/15
Social Marketing Marketing Mix 4 P s Product Price Place Promotion Analyze and consider all 4 during program planning to figure out best mix Marketing Mix Product Big Picture healthy behavior Some talk about 3 products Core benefits of engaging in desired behavior based on consumer orientation Actual desired behavior Augmented program services amp materials Clearly define all 3 Clearly distinguish from each other Questions What are the actual and core product preferences of the target audience that should be offered What are the behaviors the target audience has been doing for a long time that compete with the desired behavior product Who are the organizations and individuals sending competing andor alt Marketing Mix Price Money Time Emotion Energy Social Needs assessment should include identification of barriers to engaging in behavior might not be apparent in beginning may mean additional data collection later Marketing Mix Place Locations andor channels used to deliver the program Program planner must assess preferable and appropriate physical locations communication delivery channels program delivery channels facilitator and teacher characteristics Where people are and where people act Marketing Mix Promotion What are you going to say about the products and through what channels will you say it Program planners need to be culturally literate with regard to the target population to include target population members on planning committees and to assess and pilot channels of delivery to create a promotion plan Positioning Strategy Understand what the competition is to the desired behavior adoption Includes perceived benefits and barriers of the recommended behavior and those of the competing actions Continuous Monitoring Interventions must evolve and adjust just like behaviors 6 step social marketing wheel provides framework for continuous monitoring Wheel Step1 Planning and strategy Step 2 Selecting channels and materials Step 3 Developing materials and pretesting Step 4 Implementation Step 5 Assessing effectiveness Step 6 Feedback to refine the program The VERB Campaign Problem sedentary lifestyle among American children Desired Behavior Physical Activity VERB Consumer Orientation Tweens and parents of tweens Extensive research to understand attitudes beliefs and behaviors related to being physically ac ve Focus groups interviews and ethnographic research of multiethnic groups across the US learn about culture relationship to physical activity Additional subgroup consumer orientation research for deeper understanding of beliefs and personal physical activity practices of tweens and parents African American HispanicLatino American Indian Asian Audience Segmentation VERB Consumer Orientation EXCHANGE Barriers to Physical Activity Costs what are they giving up Valued benefits Consumer cost VERB Product Physical activity Core Actual Augmented VERB Place Accessible safe places to be physically active VERB Promotion Message Discover new activities not facts about physical activity Media Activity promotions with community based organizations 080s and schools CBO Events and Grass roots marketing Program Planning To achieve desirable ends Reflective of planing models Appropriate to the setting 15 genreral planning steps for consideration Common Planning Models PrecedeProceed Multilevel Approach to Community Health Model for Health Education Planning Comprehensive Health Education Mode Program Planning Steps U PPONT 993 ij 13 14 15 Review the needs assessment Convene an advisory panel or planning committee Assess and establish a budget for program planning Write and review a mission statement Write and review program goals and objectives if developed prior goals and objectives need to be reviewed and adjusted to reflect any new information or insights Select a theory or theories on which to base your program Review other programs to generate program strategy alternatives Assess and establish the budget for program implementation Estimate time needed for organization and assessment should have logical flow be realistic and help to demonstrate how the goal will be achieve review timetables timelines charts and logic models for tools that would be most helpful Select strategies amp activities Plan Evaluation Evaluation should be a continuous process Process impact and outcome evaluation should be addressed in the eval plan Determine and establish cooperative agreements and linkages with other appropriate community agencies Write component specific behavior and learning objectives Pilottest the intervention helps to identify problems or flaws in program design or delivery a process assessment of the pilot test may result in needed adjustments or fine tuning Implement the program after the pilot testing adjustments the program is then phased in or fully implemented Budget Items Similarities to inputs and outputs


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