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Economic Sanctions PSC 1003

by: Caroline Jok

Economic Sanctions PSC 1003 PSC 1003

Caroline Jok
GPA 3.8
Introduction to International Politics
Farrell, H

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About this Document

Prof. Henry Farrell Economic Sanctions PSC 1003 Introduction to International Politics
Introduction to International Politics
Farrell, H
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Caroline Jok on Wednesday October 21, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PSC 1003 at George Washington University taught by Farrell, H in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 11 views. For similar materials see Introduction to International Politics in Political Science at George Washington University.


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Date Created: 10/21/15
Introduction to International Politics 1003 13102015 Sanctions Debates over Economic Sanctions Economic sanction trade and market based tools intended to exert pressure on actors to change their political behavior 0 Recently weakened sanctions regime on Iran Sought to cut off Iranian access to trade and capital markets Sanctions are not gone against Iran 0 Apartheid era sanctions against south Africa 0 Current sanctions against Russia Economic tool applied when you want to in uence a states decisions but you don t feel compelled enough to go to war Intended to Hurt War Politics by other means One of a wide variety of quoteconomic warfarequot others blockades etc Sanctions and targeting problem 1 Sanctions can be hard to set a target wellaccurately Broad based sanctions are the sanctions that will hurt but they might hurt other people too Sweeping sanctions against a regime will hurt that regime 0 But may also hurt victims of the regime civilians 0 May also hurt broader population 0 Raises particular questions when sanctions are imposed to redress domestic wrongs in the sanctioned countries Is the cure worse than the disease 0 Ex With human rights violations would the citizens rather have their rights imposed on than their resources cut off 0 How do you hurt the regime without hurting the civilians 0 Sometimes ie South African apartheid the citizens are in favor of the sanctions till the government acts otherwise Iraq Sanctions o Hurts innocents played badly in regime propaganda 0 Didn t hurt regime as much as they should have The regime used this as propaganda against the rest of the world 0 Widely regarded as debacle Sanctions and support problem 2 Paradox of sanctions the more successful they are likely to be the worse they are going to hurt the deliverer Sanctions typically involve restrictions on trade and nancial ows This can hurt you To be successful requires that these ows are signi cant But this also makes them harder to impose and retain o Allies and domestic rms may balk You have to be very sure that this is a country you want to impose sanctions on Sometimes it is hard to credibly threaten sanctions against another country Will you back up your word How long can you hold out Sanctions and blame shifting Problem 3 Sanctions may be selfundermining if administered thoughtlessly Iraq sanctions most sweeping ever imposed But led to the humanitarian catastrophe deaths of many children Also enormous corruption Placed blame for these sanctions directly on great power who insisted on maintaining them 0 The west was blamed for the humanitarian crisis Counter blast against sanctions Pape argues that sanctions are effectively useless Very few examples of success and the gures of supporters are fundamentally wrong Fail to take account of other factors such as use of force In fact sanctions are only useful only 5 of the time Hence a very poor use of statecraft indeed when compared to other policies Drezner Response Targeted sanctions Emerges from both academic and policy debates Academic skepticism and policy maker skepticism over sanctions reinforce each other Too blunt an instrument and too hard to sustain So does it make better sense to employ a scalpel than a bludgeon Smart Sanctions Smart Sanctions economic and nancial measures that are aimed against individuals or companies not against whole countries 0 Can eg target members of the regime responsible for undesired action 0 Or prominent business supporters 0 Or other actors who might in uence the party who you want to target Potentially answers some of Pape s objections Difference with Smart sanctions Do not focus on basic goods and technologies 0 Instead focus on luxuries and other items that are disproportionately valuable to regime supporters 0 Or travel bans on named individuals and their families Combined with economic targeting of speci c individuals corporations etc Hence potentially avoid perverse consequences of sanctions possibly empowering rather than disempowering targeted actors


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