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Week 9 Unidad 9 Notes

by: Isaiah Notetaker

Week 9 Unidad 9 Notes SPAN 102-008

Isaiah Notetaker
GPA 3.0
Elementary Spanish 2
Francesca D. Sunkin

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About this Document

These notes cover weather and city vocabulary, as well as opinion statements and responses.
Elementary Spanish 2
Francesca D. Sunkin
Class Notes
week 9, weather, city, Vocabulary, Opinions, spanish, notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Isaiah Notetaker on Wednesday October 21, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SPAN 102-008 at Western Kentucky University taught by Francesca D. Sunkin in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 28 views. For similar materials see Elementary Spanish 2 in Spanish at Western Kentucky University.


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Date Created: 10/21/15
Week 9 Unidad 9 Notes Weather City Life and Opinions Book Gente Niyel Basico Tercere Edicion Vocabulary City Sections and Features p 160 Buildings Los Rascacielos skyscrapers La residencia estudential dorm La Cafeteria coffee shop El edificio building La iglesia church El estacionamiento parking lot El estadio stadium La guarderia daycare preschool La gasolinera gas station Los obras p blicas public works Cityrelated El alcalde La alcaldesa mayor El ayuntamiento city council El inhabitante inhabitant Areas of the city Los alrededores outskirts El barrio neighborhood El parque park La plaza square El Puerto harbor El casco antiguo historic district La urbanizaci n housing development La ciudad universitaria college campus La zona peatonal pedestrian zone La zona verde green zone Extracurricular El jardin garden Los espectaculos shows La Vida nocturna nightlife La poblacion population El sem foro traffic light La senal de trafico transito traffic sign City Problems La basura garbage trash La droga drugs La delincuencia crime La pobreza poverty La Violencia violence El rudio noise La probreza poverty El caos chaos El desempleo unemployment La calidad de Vida quality of life El embotellamiento traffic jam El humo smoke El olor smell OpinionWishes Weather Descriptions El calor heat La lluvia rain La niebla fog La nieve snow La contaminaci n La poluci n pollution El aire air El Clima climate weather La Ecologia ecology El medio ambiente environment C lidoa warm Calurosoa hot weather Nubladoa foggy Secoa dry Hl lmedoa humid Grave serious Soleadoa sunny Templadoa cool weather Yo pienso Creo que A mi me parece que I think Me gustaria I would like Opinion Responses Si tienes raz n Yes you are right Si ciaro Yes of course Eso es verdad pero That s true but Bueno pero Right but Yo no estoy de acuerdo I don t agree ES verdad it is true pero puedes but you can See p 162 163 for more about opinion sentences Hacer the weather Qu tiempo have How is the weather Hace buen tiempo The weather is good Hace mal tiempo The weather is bad Hace calor It is hot calor Hace frio It is cold Hace fresco It is cool Hace 501 It is sunny Hace viento It is windy


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