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10.22.15 Notes

by: Jared Notetaker

10.22.15 Notes Rel 150

Jared Notetaker
La Salle
GPA 3.5
Exploring Christianity
Dr. Giandomencio

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About this Document

Here are the Lecture Notes for today's class.
Exploring Christianity
Dr. Giandomencio
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jared Notetaker on Thursday October 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Rel 150 at La Salle University taught by Dr. Giandomencio in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 24 views. For similar materials see Exploring Christianity in Religious Studies at La Salle University.

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Date Created: 10/22/15
Old Testament Start of Christianity 10222015 The Types of Church s James one ofJesus s Brothers 0 Jeruselum Church at the time Jewish Christians 0 0 Paul 0 0 8070 AD Jews revolt and rome destroys Jerulseum This destroys this type of religion Pauline Church Gentile Group Continues to grow after the James church dies out Gnostic 0000000000 0 00000 Believe not everyone can go to heaven Discovery in Nag Hammadi Discovered in 1945 in a jar in Egypt 12 codices containing 52 writings Major source of Gnostic texts Found by two murders hiding out in a cave Intricate and obscoure cosmology Syncretism blending various religious worldviews Fundamental questions of human existence Does not believe the Old testament God and New testament God are the same Old God is evil because the new God would not make an evil world since he is perfect Gnosis secret knowledge as means of attaining salvation Dualism spiritual material soul body Docetic Christology some Gnostics Sense of nonbelonging to the world Ethics world denying asceticism or extreme libertinism 0 Three groups Spiritual initiated Gnostics psychic ordinary believers eshy unbelievers those who will perish NT canon stages of development 0 Witness Jesus ministry renaeus contribution o 4 gospels no less and no more 0 Four beasts of Ezekiel symbolizing the four evangelists De ning the Boundaries o What is happeneing in Rome 0 All types of church s in Rome All eventually get persecuted 0 200 s Plagues Famines Civil Wars 0 235 285 25 emperors Only one dies a natural death Ugly government management 0 285 Diocletian becomes Emperor Bad ass but nasty Starts an era of peace and builds Rome to a larger scale Divides Rome into 4 prefectures Puts in 4 mini emperors as his lackeys Controls through force ex military Orders the persecution of Christians because he could not control them Upset they would not claim the emperor as God a Kill Christians take away money destroy church s kill family complete eradication In 303 issued a series of edicts rescinding the legal rights of Christians 0 Saint George Killed under Diocletian Slayed a Dragon Was a Roman soldier Claims to be Christian after the dragon slay Diocletian hears this and kill him 0 Saint Cassian Teacher Students found out he s Christian and turn him in Sentenced to death and killed by students 0 Constatine savior of this Diocletian era 0 Clovis Has a dream he sees a quotCrossquot or cyro and under it in latin it says quotconquer with this symbolquot Recruit the Christians as his army and takes over Rome Reverses whatever Diocletian did Give all moneyproperty back legal Christianity etc Becomes the sole religion that he eventually starts to Persecute nonChristians n Under the idea that all religions must be together as one Sends his mother Saint Helena to Jerusalem with army to get Jesus s Cross Finds true cross by having a sick woman touch the three found crosses and the one that heals her is the true Cross cut up to take back since they wont let her take all of it Finds nails thorns etc Church was built over the hill side Jesus was buried Syncretism Establishes the Sabbath rest day Establishes Christmas Gives the pope the church in Rome Build St Peters Basically makes the Church of Christians the political power that it is Builds the city of Constantinople Istanbul new Capitol n Builds large church a Leaves Pope in charge thinking it will be all ok King of France Becomes Christian so all subjects become Christians El Church grows over night by 10000 Claim to be direct descendants ofJesus and Mary Magdalene El Issue because Pope is the vicarin place of so he does one of the clovis family in and puts in pepinloyal to pope Pepin son Charlemagne Crowned emperor of the Church which angers the emperor in Constantinople


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