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Week 6 Lecture Notes

by: Rk18370p

Week 6 Lecture Notes PSY 277

Marketplace > Pace University > Psychlogy > PSY 277 > Week 6 Lecture Notes
GPA 3.81
Evolutionary Psychology
Robert Keegan

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About this Document

Week 6 Notes
Evolutionary Psychology
Robert Keegan
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Rk18370p on Thursday October 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PSY 277 at Pace University taught by Robert Keegan in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 32 views. For similar materials see Evolutionary Psychology in Psychlogy at Pace University.

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Date Created: 10/22/15
Week 6 Lecture Notes Perception 0 What goes on in your brain 0 Most people think perception is passive 0 My brain sees it because it s out there 0 Active Process goes to work on in so it s a process Sensation o Happens at the level of senses o What happens in the eye I Condition to see something is light o Retina 0 Has cells that are responsive to light 1 Rods 0 They respond to very little light 0 Photon smallest particle of light 0 If you were in a dark room for 10 minutes eye becomes dark adapted you would be very sensitive to light 0 You can see a single candle on a dark night from 17 miles away 0 Color vision you need more light to see it 2 Cones 0 You need cones for color vision Sensation Perception Brain Processing 1 Upside down image 1 Perception ips the image rightside up 2 Very thin 2D 2 3D Perception of the world 3 Blind Spots holes in your picture of 3 Vision is whole your brain fills in the the world They are always changing gaps 4 2 separate images of the world 2 4 1 image of the world your brain eyes mixes the two images together Physical evidence for perception being an active process Modules are the reason we are so good at perception Primates are visual creatures The Gestalt Laws of Visual Organization 0 German psychologists 1913 0 Good work on visual processing 1 Figure Ground a Part of the figure jumps out the rest of it is in the background Week 6 Lecture Notes b When you re seeing one the other is the background 2 Proximity i a We group items together by proximity 000000 00 000000 00 000000 00 3 Similarity a Grouped by similar appearance 4 Simplicity a Brain searches for simplest solution possible 5 Symmetry a Symmetrical areas pop out as the figure b Symmetry by color and shape i Example totem poles 6 Good continuity a smoothest trends possible Week 6 Lecture Notes 7 Closure a Lines touch closed You perceive 1 figure Muller Lyer Illusion 0 Appears different from what it usually is 0 Processing information actively 0 As the object gets further away it gets smaller 0 reads depth into the stimulus I We did not evolve to interpret 2D pics we interpret 3D images


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