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Trace Minerals

by: Summer Boone

Trace Minerals FDNS 2100

Summer Boone
GPA 4.0
Human Nutrition and Food

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About this Document

These are my notes from 10/22/15 on Trace Minerals.
Human Nutrition and Food
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Summer Boone on Thursday October 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to FDNS 2100 at University of Georgia taught by Grossman in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 14 views. For similar materials see Human Nutrition and Food in Nutrition and Food Sciences at University of Georgia.

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Date Created: 10/22/15
Chpt 8 Trace Minerals oz Only need a little of each but are still super important 0 Depends on soil water processing Are toxic at intakes not far above estimated requirements Be careful with supplements Interaction among them are common Iodine O 69 o 9 O o 9 O O 69 9 Iron Functions component of thyroid hormone De ciency o Goiter enlargement of thyroid gland Cause sluggishness and weight gain 0 Cretinism Sources iodized salt in US and Canada seafood ocean mist world s major source Func ons 0 Part of hemoglobin and myoglobin o Carries and releases oxygen 02 IronOxygen Exchange 0 1 Oxygen enters the lungs o 2 Oxygen is released 0 3 Carbon Dioxide is picked up 0 4 Carbon Dioxide is exhaled from the lungs Forms Nonheme vs Heme o Nonheme is found in plant and animal food and s absorbed poorly o Heme is found in animal foods meat sh etc and is better absorbed than Nonheme Factors that affect absorption 0 Increases by Vitamin C take iron supplements with Orange Juice Pregnancy childhood increased need Meat sh poultry MFP factor 0 Decreased by Tannic acid tea coffee Calcium and phosphorous Phytates and ber 0 Absorption regulated by hormone hepcidin from liver controls iron update from GI and iron release from body stores De ciency 0 Prevalence In US 10 toddlers adolescent girls and women of childbearing age Most common de ciency in US and worldwide De ciency and Anemia 0 Iron de ciency depleted iron stores may or may not see anemia o Anemia severe depletion of iron stores with low hemoglobin concentration De ciency an Behavior 0 Reduced work capacity see this long before Anemia is preswnt o Mistaken for laziness a lot in school children Toxicity 0 Iron Overload quothemochromatosisquot the most common genetic disorder in US Absorb too much iron cause liver damage and infections lron Poisoning 0 Children accidentally taking iron pills leading casue of accidental poisoning in kids Sources 0 Meat grainsenriched foods leafy greens Men need 8 mgday Women childbearing need 18 mgday Women after age 50 need 8 mg day Contaminated iron 0 Using cast iron pans can leach iron into foods so be conscious 0 Zinc Func ons 0 Important in many enzymes insulin DNARNA immune system taste perception wound healing sperm development Zinc and Common Cold 0 Zinc may decrease cytokinesis involved in in ammation 0 Toxicity can occur from excess Zinc in cold remedies only take as needed and then stop De ciency 0 First reported in Egypt Iran and Turkey in 19605 0 Growth retardation arrested sexual maturation impaired immune function brain function thyroid taste wound healing Vitamin A function 0 Seen especially in pregnant women young children elderly Sources Shell sh especially oysters meats poultry liver whole grains Men need 11 mg day Women need 8 mg day oz Selenium Func ons 0 Works as an antioxidant 0 Makes thyroid hormone active De ciency 0 May increase risk for heart disease Sources 0 Meats and other animal products whole grains 0 Fluoride Func ons 0 Forms crystal structure of teeth 0 Maintains enamel De ciency 0 Increased risk of dental caries Dental caries cavities are the most widespread health problem Toxicity o In communities where water uoride is too high you see uorosis darkened teeth Sources 0 Drinking water 75 US water has uoride oz Chromium FuncUon 0 Associated with insulin to facilitate glucose uptake into cells 0 Supplements do not help lose fat and build muscle but may helkp with diabetes Sources 0 Meats egg yolks whole grains vegetable oils nuts oz Copper FuncUon 0 Form hemoglobin o Collagen synthesis 0 Works with many antioxidants in the body De ciency 0 Rare can occur with excess zinc o Vomiting diarrhea liver damage Sources 0 Legumes whole grains nuts organ meats seeds dried fruits


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