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GEO 135 - Week 10 Notes

by: Shannon Surell

GEO 135 - Week 10 Notes GEO 135

Shannon Surell
GPA 3.81
World Geography
David Johnson

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About this Document

These are the notes from week 10!
World Geography
David Johnson
Class Notes
David Johnson, GEO 135, Geography 135
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Shannon Surell on Thursday October 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to GEO 135 at Illinois State University taught by David Johnson in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 15 views. For similar materials see World Geography in Education and Teacher Studies at Illinois State University.

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Date Created: 10/22/15
Geography 135 David Johnson Week 10 62 Africa had serious contact with Europe until about 4000 years ago Sahara developed because of a decrease in solar connection When rain falls out of the sky but doesn t hit the ground virga Desertification growth of the desert Evidence of serious civilizations and are focused on the western and eastern sides of Africa 0 There were rivers near these civilization which helps with trade o It developed because people were faced with starvation and then made a conscious effort to find ways to irrigate land harvest crops etc Mali is now a state but didn t used to be Kush Nubia Ethiopia on the East Axum became Ethiopia we know Ethiopia existed at the earliest in 967987 BC Ethiopia is the longest living single monarchy lasted from King Soloman 967 987 until 1975 Congo was a wellestablished kingdom until 1550 o Slave trade out of Africa but Congo did not participate in this slave trade 0 After 1550 when the dynasty was overthrown the slave trade then moved into Congo Citystates usually associated with Greece controlled Africa at the time they were cities that acted as though they were major states Bantu migration started in west Africa but are now spread all over the place Disease in Africa 621 Many people die in their youth due to disease Factors for disease 0 Climate mostly warm climate and only place that gets somewhat cold is in the Highlands adjacent to the Rift valley Formation of the Highlands was also due to the tectonic plates There is no killing off of the microbes which winter would do Agriculture is inhibited by the fact that it never gets cold there is no death of plants which forms fertilizer for more growth that causes no good food to be able to be grown Terminology o of new cases of a particular disease over a given period of time o of cases in the population at a given time Modes of Transmission 0 things that spread the disease Ex Mosquito o where the disease lives Ex cattle o anything that has the disease Ex humans West Nile originated in Africa 0 A mosquito bites someone who has malaria and then it goes and sticks its nose into the bird to suck the blood out and then transfers the malaria into the bird Then the bird travels to a new place bites the bird who had malaria transferred to it and then that mosquito carries malaria Defining the Amount of the Disease 0 just going around and a lot of people have it all the time Outbreak number of cases increases significantly 0 o when a disease has spread extensively and has serious consequences worldwide Diseases Ex Spanish Flu right at the end of WWI o It wasn t a threat to older people because they had weaker immune systems and the Spanish flu was easier carried by those with strong immune systems 0 Malaria worldwide Largely preventable because mosquitos spread malaria so if we protect ourselves from mosquitos you will be less likely to get it Mosquitos don t live very long so there are generations of the mosquitos with malaria Remove stagnant water which removes mosquitos presence Use mosquito netting to keep mosquito s out Don t sit outside in a summer s evening wear clothes that covers body 0 Cholera Comes from infected water Cramps diarrhea and you will die of dehydration o Trypanosomiasis Called sleeping sickness because the person infected is incredibly lethargic Spread by Tsetse fly Normal only found midAfrica Not typically found in southern Africa because they didn t like the climate 0 River Blindness You are bitten by the black fly Infected with a nematode which can live up to 15 years in a person before affecting the person Causes blindness and swelling 0 Guinea Worm Disease Comes from the soil walking barefoot or from what you eat Eggs of guinea worm come into the body and then it grows can be there for quite a while 0 Can become several feet long The worms punch through the skin and escape Treated by twisting a stick with the worm around it and slowly pull it out for several days 0 Schistosomiasis Potentially fatal Largely aided by people who block up streams to irrigate their crops this creates standing water Creates snails who like standing water and have a schistosomiasis microbe Then someone walks in the water barefoot and it gets into the body It settles in the kidney and liver Treated with modern medication Leads to cancer as well 0 Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever October 22 2015 Kills people incredibly fast Named after the river where it came from Rarely spreads from person to person It causes hemorrhages in all internal organs Causes you to bleed out Mostly transmitted in the US by homosexual contact and use of needles by many people Primarily spread by heterosexual contact in Africa 0 In most areas heterosexual contact is looked at loosely 0 People are assumed that most of the people will have many sexual contacts There is a lot of ignorance of AIDS in Africa Kids have the higher number of deaths of AIDS in Africa Religion in Africa 63 Animism mystical naturalistic not an organized theology spiritualist view of the world 9a living things have a spirit and inner soul Christianity and Islam neither have been there a long time as compared to the history of Africa Christianity came first Christianity 0 Came two ways Religiously and culturally Coming as the Dutch came first to establish settlements in southern Africa wanted to go the far East of Africa Colonial period in Africa late 1800 s each colonial power brought in a type of Christianity to Africa 0 Ways lslam came into Africa One by the Nile and one in the western part of Africa 0 Many problems in countries next to the transition zone 0 Genocidelike activities they called it this because they would have had to take action against Sudan if it was just called a Genocide so the UN decided to call it this so they didn t have to take action 0 One of the Gorilla groups called Boku ABC s Haran means forbidden The children go to school to learn their ABC s but this is associated with western civilization so it means western civilization learning is forbidden In areas where lslam has dominated Arabic culture has come along with it ln Christian areas however the people do not need to learn English or other western nations Slavery in Africa Slave Trade 0 Happened at different times and in different ways East African Slave tradeArabian Slave Trade run by the Arabs don t know how old this is At least into old testament times so it must have lasted for thousands of years also don t know how many slaves involved either could be up to 10 million slaves Operated in two different fashions 0 From Arabia they moved all over southwest Asia and were headquartered on the island of Zanzibar now is Tanzania 0 They would hold them there until shipment out o Nile River was the other way and they would move them by boats on the river to the eastern Mediterranean 0 Most of people taken out of Africa were women Atlantic Slave Trade Commercial slavery the ships and the cargo were all insured if slaves died they would pay them for their loseavg cost was the price of a car in today s world Slave decks slaves were chained on the slave deck Mortality rate of slaves around 25 1750 they decided to make ships more cleanly to help keep slaves stay alive lowered death rate down to 10 105 million slaves were traded about 500000 went to the United States 0 The US didn t get that many slaves because of money You could only grow longstrand cotton on the coast which was the most profitable Shortstrand wheat was much less profitable because you couldn t get the seeds out Sugar cane became very popular and were incredibly profitable they took mostly male slaves on these plantations Cane knife was used to harvest sugar looks like a machete Many people died because many people would be in the fields swinging the cane knife and they would hit the ground instead of the cane and then hit the guy next to them causing a gash in their leg That would cause them to die gangrene Sugar Press gets the drippings out of the cane to melt down to make sugar lfyou didn t get your arm out of the machine in time before they crushed the cane you would get hurt and also get gangrene John Newton wrote Amazing Grace


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