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Week 9 Notes

by: Marissa Reyes-Hernandez

Week 9 Notes Bio 2312

Marissa Reyes-Hernandez
Human Anat & Physiology II
Al-Dahwi, Zaineb A

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About this Document

Here are week 9 from my notes!!
Human Anat & Physiology II
Al-Dahwi, Zaineb A
Class Notes
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This 1 page Class Notes was uploaded by Marissa Reyes-Hernandez on Thursday October 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Bio 2312 at University of Texas at El Paso taught by Al-Dahwi, Zaineb A in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 32 views. For similar materials see Human Anat & Physiology II in Biology at University of Texas at El Paso.


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Date Created: 10/22/15
Book Notes Chapter 20 Thursday ctober 22 2 15 122 2 PM Lymphatic vessels create a one way network 0 Flows only towards the heart The right side drains the right side of the body The thoracic ducts and empty into the BVS at the jugular and subclavian in the neck Very permeable by letting in proteins and certain matter from interstitial space Down side cancers cells may be spread through body by the pathways Very slow path 0 Maintained by skeletal muscle contractions and changes in the thorax O Valves prevent backflow T cells B cells and plasma cells macrophages and dendritic cells and reticular cells Lymphoid tissue is reticular connective tissue houses macrophages and continuously changing population of Lymphoid 0 May be packaged in dense follicles 0 Display germinal centers Primary lymphoid organs 0 Red bone marrow and thymus O Lymph39s develop and mature 2nd Lymphoid organs 0 Lymph nodes and spleen MALT 0 They meet with their antigens and are activated Lymph nodes filter and help activate the immune system 0 Has a fibrous capsule cortex and medulla Lymph enters via afferent lymphatic vessels and exits via efferent vessels The spleen provides a site for lymphocyte proliferation and immune function and destroys aged or defective red blood cells and blood borne pathogens It also recycles the breakdown products of hemoglobin stores platelets and monocytes and may be a hematopoietic site in the fetus The thymus provides the environment in which T lymph39s mature and become immunocompetent The thymus is most functional during youth Lymphatics develop as out pocking of developing veins The thymus develops from endoderm the other lymphoid organs derive from mesenchymal cells of mesoderm Thymus is the first of L0 to develop Lymphocytes arise from hematopoietic tissue


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