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by: Regan Dougherty

201chpt1213studysoup.pdf NHM 201

Regan Dougherty
GPA 4.0
Nutrition Through the Lifecycle
Denise DeSalvo

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About this Document

Instructor did not cover chapter 13 in class but it will be covered on the exam (on 10/27). I will cover chapter 13 in my study guide.
Nutrition Through the Lifecycle
Denise DeSalvo
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Regan Dougherty on Thursday October 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to NHM 201 at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa taught by Denise DeSalvo in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 41 views. For similar materials see Nutrition Through the Lifecycle in Nutrition and Food Sciences at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa.

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Date Created: 10/22/15
Thursday October 22 2015 NHM 201 Chapters 12 and 13 Child and Preadolescent Nutrition Middle childhood 5 10 years Preadolescence 9 11 for girls 10 12 for boys Adequate nutrition is associated with improved academic performance Physiological Development motor coordination muscle development Body fat reaches the lowest point and then slow starts to rebound Adiposity rebounds at about 6 years of age Boys have more lean tissue than girls Growth weight gain 7 lbsyear height gain 25 inchesyear growth spurts increased appetite BMI for age still monitored based on percentiles instead of actual numbers gt 95th percentile obese gt 85th 95th percentile overweight Be sure to still look at weight and height not just BMI Children are not typically put on diets child is usually allowed to grow into their weight Cognitive Development selfefficacy increased knowledge leads to ability confident in their ability to do things Thursday October 22 2015 Preoperational seeobserve to concrete operations able to actually do things develop sense of self gain independence developed feeding skills may be involved in meal preparation Eating Behaviors parents and older siblings influence the child ater peers influence the child media has a strong influence on food choices Mother s concern with her weight may influence daughter s body imagefood intake Normal increase in adiposity at this age may be interpreted as the beginning of obesity in reality it is just an adiposity rebound Imposing controls and restriction of forbidden foods may increase desire and intake of the foods Energy and Nutrient Needs Calories evaluate based on DRls specific based on gender age height weight physical activity level PAL Protein 095 gkg Fiber 48 years 25 g 913 boys 31 g 913 girls 26 g lron 48 10 mg Thursday October 22 2015 913 8 mg Zinc 48 5 mg 913 8 mg Calcium 48 1000 mg 913 1300 mg Bone formation occurs during puberty calciumfortified products if the child is lactose intolerant Vitamin D is from exposure to sunlight and vitamin D fortified foods lf lactose intolerant do not completely eliminate dairy decrease only to point of tolerance Fluid Children sweat less and have more sodium and chloride in their sweat Cold water is best fluid for children limit soft drinks no energy drinks Common Nutrition Problems iron deficiency less problems than toddlerspreschoolers dental caries not seen as much anymore because we have the ability to coat teeth preserve them teach good brushing habits limit sugary snacks promote water over sugary beverages Prevalence of overweight in children about 30 of population Weight gain seems to be linked to inactivity rather than to increased energy intake Thursday October 22 2015 Weight gain increases risk for issues later in life and these issues are beginning earlier Overweightobesity is more common in hispanic and nonhispanic black children adolescents The heaviest children are getting heavier Characteristics of Overweight Children taller advanced bone age earlier puberty look older Early BMI rebound is a predictor for higher BMI in later childhood Parental obesity is a predictor of child obesity Obesity is related to hours of screen time resting energy expenditure decreases during screen time Healthy People 2020 goal increase number of children who have 2 hours or less of screen time per day PreventionTreatment of OverweightObesity parent training dietary counselingnutrition education physical activity addressing sedentary behaviors behavioral counseling Physical Activity recommended 60 minutes of physical activityday Nutrition Education teach basic nutrition information in schools and what happens when you don t eat correctlyparticipate in physical activity Public Food and Nutrition Programs provide nutritious meals to all children reinforce nutrition education requires schools to develop a wellness policy Financial assistance is provided by the federal government if the school meets requirements Thursday October 22 2015 School Lunch fruits and vegetables are served daily half of grains must be whole grains only fat freelow fat milk limit calories based on child s age reduce saturatedtrans fatssodium School Breakfast Program kids who eat breakfast do better in school same kind of rules as lunch Summer feeding program Team Nutrition teaches people who provide school meals Chapter 13 read through chapter 13 slides focus on the conditions and nutrition interventions END of lecture


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