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Chapter 5: Learning

by: BrittanyElizabeth

Chapter 5: Learning PSY 1410

General Psychology
Mary Ellen Fromuth

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About this Document

Chapter 5 notes over learning.
General Psychology
Mary Ellen Fromuth
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by BrittanyElizabeth on Thursday October 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PSY 1410 at Middle Tennessee State University taught by Mary Ellen Fromuth in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 9 views. For similar materials see General Psychology in Psychlogy at Middle Tennessee State University.


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Date Created: 10/22/15
Chapter 5 Learning Introduction Learning A permanent change in behavior of knowledge due to experiences There are 3 different types 1 Classical Condition Introduction 0 Respondent 0 Pavlovian 0 Ivan Pavlov Accidental Finding I Credited With discovering it I Basic Paradigm 0 Build on Re exes I US gt UR Elicits I Unconditioned Stimulus I EX Tap on Knee I Unconditioned Response I EX Knee jerk 0 Condition Stimulus is added I CS starts out as neutral 1 Higher Order Conditioning 0 A CS functions as a US 2 Stimulus Generalization 0 CR is triggered by stimuli similar to the original CS 3 Stimulus Discrimination 0 Learning to discriminate among similar stimuli 4 Forgetting 0 Stopping a response due to lack of practice passive 5 Extinction 0 Gradual disappearance of a CR 6 Spontaneous Recovery 0 Reappearance of a CR after extinction Models of Classical Conditioning 0 Pavolv Temporal Contiguity Timing of CS and US 0 Rescorla Prediction How well the CS predicts US 2 Operant Conditioning Introduction Instrumental Skinnerian B F Skinner Basic Paradigm Behavior becomes associated with its consequences RresponsegtSstimulus 0 Possible Consequences to Behavior 0 Positive Reinforcement Adding somethingBehavior increases 0 Negative Reinforcement Taking something awayBehavior decreases 0 Positive Punishment Adding somethingBehavior increases 0 Negative Punishment Taking something awayBehavior decreases 0 Aspects Issues 0 Immediacy 0 Consistency 0 Logical Consequences 0 Use of Aversive Punisher 0 Schedules of Reinforcement 0 Fixed Ratio FR I FR1 Continuous Reinforcement 0 Variable Ratio VR 0 Fixed Interval FI Operant Conditioning Term 1 Shaping Successive Approximation reinforce closer and closer approximations of desired behavior 0 Example Teaching babies to talk and then later down the road teaching them to speak the right way 2 Stimulus Control Discriminative Stimulus 0 Signals the availability of a reinforce 3 Stimulus Generalization 0 Behavior extended beyond the original situation to similar situations 4 Extinction 0 Learned behavior not followed by reinforcement disappears 5 Spontaneous Recovery 0 After extinction behavior reappears in the absence of a reinforce 3 Observational Learning 0 Vicarious Leaming a type of observational learning through which a person is in uenced by watching or hearing about the consequences of others behavior 0 Latent Learning Learning that is not demonstrated ar the time it occurs Therapy Behavior Modification 0 Treatment of Bed Wetting Enuresis 0 Bell amp Pad Urine Alarm 0 Autism Spectrum Disorder 0 Applied Behavior Analysis ABA 0 Used to understanding the development of disorders


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