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Community Design and Development Resources

by: Mrs. Elinor Hauck

Community Design and Development Resources ARCH 5384

Marketplace > Texas Tech University > Architecture > ARCH 5384 > Community Design and Development Resources
Mrs. Elinor Hauck
GPA 3.67


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This 47 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mrs. Elinor Hauck on Thursday October 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ARCH 5384 at Texas Tech University taught by Torres-Macdonald in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 44 views. For similar materials see /class/226383/arch-5384-texas-tech-university in Architecture at Texas Tech University.


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Date Created: 10/22/15
DISTRICT 2 LUBBOCK TEXAS Table of Contents Table of Contents 3 Evaluation of Existing Resources m U OfHIUStrauonS 5 Recommended Resources l C I Government Resources CI 4 C C Ity Councll 8 Qty Infrastructure 0 City Organization Chart 9 Cultural Resources U u Mayoral Registry 10 Economic Resources 0 CI Chamber of Commerce 11 Representahons Government Resources Q Lubbock History 12 395 City Infrastructure 39 Demographics 14 Cultural Resources Neighborhoods 20 I I Economic Resources Implementation District 2 Map 28 Conclusion Existing Resources Government Resources 29 City Infrastructure 30 Cultural Resources 32 Economic Resources 33 List of Illustrations Figure 1 City of Lubbock Organization Chart City of Lubbock Website 9 Figure 39 Public Housing in San Antonio Texas HUD website Figure 2 Early Windmill in Lubbock Texas wwwtexasescapescom 12 Figure 40 Cameron Park Zoo map Cameron Park Zoo website m Figure 3 First Lubbock Courthouse wwwtexasescapescom 12 Figure 41 Donald Judd exibit39ion Chinati Foundation website C Figure 4 Lubbock39s First Jail wwwtexasescapescom 13 Figure 42 Children39s Museum of Houston Tx wwwwaymarkingcom Figure 5 The First Building on Texas Tech Campus Being Constructed Figure 43 Corpus Christi Renewal Community Zone HUD website 0 wwwtexasescapescom 13 Figure 44 El Paso Enterprise Community and Empowerment Zone HUD website Figure 6 Chart of Lubbock Population Change Information from US Census Figure 45 City of Lubbock logo City of Lubbock website 5 ureau 395 Figure 7 Chart of Ethnicity of Lubbock 2000 Information from US Census L ureau J Figure 8 Chart of Ethnicity of Texas 2000 Information from the US Census 1 ureau 5 Figure 9 Chart of Ethnicity of US 2006 Information from the US Census Bureau Figure 10 Chart of Age Demographics of Lubbock Texas and the US Information from the US Census Bureau 18 H Figure 11 Map of Bayless Atkins Neighborhood City of Lubbock website 21 0 Figure 12 Map of Ballenger Neighborhood City of Lubbock website 21 Figure 13 Map of Slaton Bean Neighborhood City of Lubbock website 22 I Figure 14 Map of Chatman Hill Neighborhood City of Lubbock website 22 m Figure 15 Map of Parkway and Cherry Point Neighborhood City of Lubbock 39 website 23 Figure 16 Map of Clapp Park Neighborhood City of Lubbock website 23 Figure 17 Map of Dunbar Manhattan Heights Neighborhood City of Lubbock website Figure 18 Map of Harwell Neighborhood City of Lubbock website 24 Figure 19 Map of Southgate Neighborhood City of Lubbock website 25 Figure 20 Map of Windmill Neighborhood City of Lubbock website 25 Figure 21 District Map City of Lubbock website 28 Figure 22 Park Meadow Villas Photographed by author 29 Figure 23 Park Meadow Villas Photographed by author 29 Figure 24 Cit39itbus wwwcit39ibuscom 30 Figure 25 Bike Routes City of Lubbock website 30 Figure 26 Mae Simmons Park Photographed by author 31 Figure 27 City of Lubbock Cemetery Photographed by author 31 Figure 28 American Wind Power Center and Museum Photographed by author 32 Figure 29 American Museum of Agriculture Photographed by author 33 Figure 30 Aerial of Agriculture Google Earth 34 Figure 31 HUD logo HUD website 36 Figure 32 TDHCA logo TDHCA website 36 Figure 33 Texas Parks and Wildlife logo Texas Parks and Wildlife website 37 Figure 34 Institute of Museum and Library Services IMLS website 38 Figure 35 National Park Service logo National Park Service website 38 Figure 36 HUD logo HUD website 39 Figure 37 Texas Department of Agriculture logo TDA website 39 Figure 38 Sports Venues added to Brownsville Texas HUD website 40 Mayor David A Miller City of Lubbock PO Box 2000 Lubbock Texas 79457 E Mail Address DMillermailcilubbocktxus Phone 806 775 2010 District 1 Linda DeLeon Email Address LDeLeonmailcilubbocktxus Phone 806 775 2027 District 2 Floyd Price Email Address FPricemailcilubbocktxus Phone 806 775 2007 District 3 Todd Klein Email Address TKleinmailcilubbocktxus Phone 806 7752023 District 4 Phyllis S Jones Email Address PJonesmailcilubbocktxus Phone 806 775 2008 District 5 Email Address JLeonardmailcilubbocktxus Phone 806 775 2011 District 6 Jim Gilbreath Email Address JGilbreathmailcilubbocktxus Phone 806 775 2031 City of Lubbock 2008 Figure 1 City of Lubbock Organization Chart City of Lubbock Website City Organization Chart Orly councu Municipal Conn cw 13an 4in Anomay cuy semiary Aillntanl In the my Minanel immnzl uiibuv mnme Community wm uumu clo cum 1 mice Flm cum Dagmy my 4 swig Assl am any Mango Maw M Minwer mu mlommmn Ynchmkagy Wm Ernamum Ana calmnl Props Fiscal Dpemmni P quot Yelecuvmunlcaam MW Am can Gena Executive mum of Communily 5mm Management Wain O am nns P39I39 5MP 343 Environmental Cnmplnnoe sum Engmsaing Shae Maintename cMe Facilities sum Waxer Radio sung 1mm Elaineelmg Rlsk Management Human Resources 1910 1912 FE WHEELOCK 1912 1914 FE WHEELOCK 1914 1916 F E WHEELOCK 1916 1918 W F SCHENCK 1915 1917 JKWESTER 8 MOS 1917 CE PARKS NOV 1917 1918 1920 C E PARKS 1920 1922 C E PARKS 1922 1924 PERCY SPENCER 1924 1926 FR FRIEND 1926 1928 PINK L PARRISH 1928 1930 HD WOODS 1930 1932 JJ CLEMENTS 1932 1934 JJ CLEMENTS 1934 1936 ROSS EDWARDS 1936 1938 ROSS EDWARDS 1938 1940 C E SLATON 1942 1944 C E SLATON Mayoral Registry 1944 1946 OW RIBBLE 1946 1948 CA BESTWICK 1948 1950 W H RODG ERS 1950 1952 CK WHITESIDE 1952 1954 MURRELL R TRIPP 1954 1956 MURRELL R TRIPP 1956 1958 SS FORREST JR 1958 1960 LENNIS W BAKER 1960 1962 DAVID C CASEY 1962 1964 JACK F STRONG 1964 1966 MAX TIDMORE 1966 1968 W D DUB ROG E RS JR 1968 1970 W D DUB ROG E RS JR 1970 1972 JAM ES H G RAN BERRY 1972 1974 MORRIS W TURNER 1974 1976 ROY BASS 1976 1978 ROY BASS 1978 1980 DIRK WEST 1980 1982 BILL McALISTER 1982 1984 BILL McALISTER 1984 1986 ALAN HENRY 1986 1988 BC McMINN 1988 1990 BC McMINN 1990 1992 BC McMINN 1992 1994 DAVID R LANGSTON 1994 1996 DAVID R LANGSTON 1996 1998 DAVID R LANGSTON until September 1996 WINDY SITTON November 1996 98 1998 2000 WINDY SITTON ZOOO ZOOZ WINDY SITTON 2002 2003 MARC McDOUGAL May 2003 Special EIection MARC McDOUGAL May 2004 2006 MARC McDOUGAL May 2006 Present DAVID MILLER City of Lubbock website Chamber of Commerce President Eddie McBride 806761 7007 eddiemcbridelubbockbizorg Vice President of Leadership Phyllis J Jones 806761 7003 phyllisjoneslubbockbizorg Vice President of Administration Sheri Nugent 806761 7004 sherinugentlubbockbizorg Vice President of Business Development Mary Jane Buerkle 806761 7008 maryjanebuerklelubbockbizorg Membership Director Colleen Evans 806761 7001 colleen evanslubbockbizorg Vice President of Legislative Affairs Norma Ritz Johnson 806761 7006 normajohnsonlubbockbizorg Communications Director Shelby Shaw 806761 7009 shelbyshawlubbockbizorg Adminstrative Assistant Sandye Hartway 806761 7005 sandyehartwaylubbockbizorg Customer Service Gail Davis 806761 7000 infolubbockbizorg Lubbock Chamber of Commerce website Chamber of Commerce 2 a lt n k Figure 2 Early Windmill in Lubbock Texas wwwtexasescapescom Figure 3 First Lubbock Courthouse wwwtexasescapescom The city of Lubbock is located in the northwestern part of Texas The county holds the same name Lubbock County Lubbock County is located in the South Plains area This is in between the Panhandle and Permian Basin In the past Lubbock County was one giant lake until it dried up and became what it is today Before America was discovered the Comanche Indians hunted the buffalo in the area When the settlers arrived they killed the buffalo and fought with the Comanche The Comanche and the settlers slowly left the area due to the lack buffalo The Civil War then caused many people to move South With plenty of grazing land ranchers began to move in with cattle The movement of people was propelled by the big business of cattle in the 1860s One of the signature landmarks that can be seen in the South Plains are the windmills used to get water Even today the idea windmills are being used in the area to generate power Lubbock County came into existence in 1876 by the government after the Civil War Lubbock County was named after a famous Texas Ranger and Confederate Of cer Thomas S Lubbock The city of Lubbock is also named after Thomas S Lubbock Another famous person from the Lubbock family was Francis R Lubbock who was the governor of Texas during the Civil War Two cities came together to form the city of Lubbock The two cities were Monterey and Old Lubbock Monterey was formed by cattle baron WE Rainer Old Lubbock was founded by W D Crump By the early 1900s there were over 300 residents of the city of Lubbock I Lubbock History Lubbock became an of cial city on March 16 1909 The Figure 4 Lubbock39s FirstJail wwwtexasescapescom Figure 5 The First Building on Texas Tech Campus Being Constructed wwwtexas esca pescom l V39railroad then came to Lubbock and can still be seen today in many ofthe neighborhoods This propelled the agriculture businesses of Lubbock at the time Because the railroad stop became a prominent point Lubbock got its name quotthe Hub City Texas Technological College was established in 1925 in the 1 city of Lubbock This led to growth of residents and more opportunity I 39 for business During World War II the US built two military bases in Lubbock During and after the war Lubbock grew It was ranked second in the nation only to be beat by Albuquerque When driving around Lubbock many ofthe houses can be distinguished as being built during this time In 1970 a very powerful tornado hit Lubbock t its core Three square miles were destroyed and thirty six people ied This is the worst natural disaster in Lubbock to this day Every year Lubbock gains more people businesses and remains at the heart of the South Plains City of Lubbock website County of Lubbock website I Lubbock History Figure 6 Chart of Lubbock Population Change Information from US Census Lubbock Population 212000 Lubbock Population 210000 208000 206000 204000 9 H 2 a o n 202000 200000 198000 196000 194000 2000 2003 2006 Year G a lt D 19 Figure 7 Chart of Ethnicity of Lubbock 2000 Information from US Census Bu Ethnicity Lubbock Lubbock 2000 I Caucasian l African American I American Indian or Native Alaskan l Asian I Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander l Other Two or more races l Hispanic 0 150 050 D a lt D I Figure 8 Chart of Ethnicity of Texas 2000 Information from the US Census Ethnicity Texas Texas 2000 I Caucasian I African American I American Indian or Native Alaskan I Asian I Native Hawaiian or Pacific lsiander I Other Two or more races I Hispanic 010 270 060 D a lt D at Figure 9 Chart of Ethnicity of US 2006 Information from the US Census Bureau Ethnicity US US 2006 I Caucasian I African American I American Indian or Native Alaskan I Asian I Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander I Other Two or more races I Hispanic D a lt D Figure 10 Chart of Age Demographics of Lubbock Texas and the US m p h Information from the us Census Bureau 9000 Age Demographics m 8000 L Q 7000 395 L O 6000 D 5000 I Lubbock 2006 I Texas 2000 4000 I us 2006 I 3000 lt 2000 a 1000 000 Under 5 18 and over 65 and over Demographics Analysis Population The population of Lubbock has been growing steadily from 2000 to 2006 This is a good sign which re ects new residents and new businesses According to the Bureau of Statistics as ofthe end of 2006 there were 210 178 residents up from 199 564 residents in 2000 This is a total ofa 5 increase in population in 6 years Ethnicity Lubbock Texas and the US vary a little when it comes to ethnicity One ofthe most signi cant differences is within the Hispanic population The state of Texas had the greatest percentage of Hispanics at 32 while Lubbock had 275 Hispanic These Demographics Analysis numbers are double the concentration of Hispanic population of the US In addition both Lubbock and Texas have more people who claim themselves as quototherquot Lubbock 143 Texas 117 and US 63 There is a very low representation of the Asian population in both Texas and Lubbock as compared to the US The US has 44 Asian while Lubbock 15 and Texas 27 have signi cantly lower Asian representation Age Lubbock Texas and the US are relatively close in age demographics However as of 2006 according to the Bureau of Statistics Lubbock had a lower median age 296 in comparison to 364 for the US A lower median age may indicate a larger able workforce This could mean more businesses due to the larger workforce 2 o lt n A Neighborhoods There are many neighborhoods in District 2 The following neighborhoods were identi ed by the City of Lubbock website The neighborhoods are Bayless Atkins Neighborhood Ballenger Neighborhood Slaton Bean Neighborhood Parkway and Cherry Point Neighborhood Clapp Park Neighborhood Southgate Neighborhood Windmill Neighborhood and Chatman Hill Neighborhood The information provided about the neighborhoods is from the 2000 Census To aid in comparisons the following information is provided from the Census for 1999 and 2000 about Lubbock as well as the US Total Population Lubbock 2000 199564 Ethnicity African American Lubbock 2000 9 US 2000 12 Hispanic Lubbock 2000 28 US 2000 32 Caucasian Lubbock 2000 73 US 2000 71 Median Household Income Lubbock 1999 31844 US 1999 39927 Map of Bayless Atkins Neighborhood City of Lubbock website Map of Ballenger Neighborhood City of Lubbock website Figure 11 Figure 12 Total Population 7455 Ethnic Majorities 58 Caucasian 31 Hispanic Median Income 30 12 Analysis This neighborhood has some major businesses on parts of the edges It seems that the neighborhood is cut into b the Loop as well as 50th Street The houses seem to continue across these edges which leave it unboudned Total Population Ethnic Majorities 64 Hispanic 22 Caucasian Median Income Analysis Residential as well as the school and park resides in the center of the neighborhood while it is bounded by businesses The edges could add value to the neighborhood by having visible edges that may draw in visitors BAYLESS ATKINS NEIGHBORHOOD 1 BAVLESS ELEMENTARY 2 ATKINS JUNIOR H GH StRIEELE PA K 4 CASEY PARK 5 LOWERY FIELD N BALLENGER NEIGHBORHOOD 1 BALLENGER SCHOOL 2 STUBBS PARK AVENUE Q um N E in E l D lt2 3 AVENUE Q 19TH STREET e 3 SLATON BEAN m NEIGHBORHOOD 3 a w u E E E lt lt 1 SLATON JUNIOR HIGH m g 2 BEAN E 2quotquot 3 BURN 2 W 2 4 HOOD PARK m g D m m s ms N 3 g 2 a 34TH STREET IE T19TH fig CHATMAN HILL NEIGHBORHOOD I 25 R 1 WASHINGTON PARK 3 3 a 2 CHATMAN COMMUNITY c 9 HEALTH CENTER g E 391 g E gt 3 ILES ELEMENTARY 0 E lt m w W N i 2 mm g3 EAST 34TH STREET m Map of Slaton Bean Neighborhood City of Lubbock website Map of Chatman Hill Neighborhood City of Lubbock website Figure 13 Figure 14 Total Population Ethnic Majorities 72 Hispanic 18 Caucasian Median Income 22011 Analysis The neighborhood has both I727 and the railroad running through it Between Ave Qand K it is residential except the edges as businesses East of K everythin is industrial due to the railroad except a small patch of houses Total Population 1032 Ethnic Majorities 72 African American 25 Hispanic Median Income 18250 Analysis The residential is located in between the set of railroad tracks There are many vacant lots inside the residential area The rest ofthe neighborhood consists of industrial most likely because of the railroad Figure 15 Map of Parkway and cherry Point Neighborhood City of Lu be bock website Figure 16 Map ofciapp Park Neighborhood City of Lubbock website No information provided by the City of Lubbock Total Population Ethnic Majorities 48 Hispanic 43 Caucasian Median Income 27614 Analysis The neighborhood is mostly residential with businesses on the edges University however does not have many businesses and lacks the appearance of an edge About a quarter of the neighborhood is green space PARKWAY AND CHERRY POINT co NEIGHBORHOOD A I39y 1 ESTACADO men 2 HUNT ELEMENTARV 3 wooos COMMUNITY CENYER 4 FARKWAV ELEMENTARY EAST BROADWAY CLAPP PARK NEIGHBORHOOD 1 CLAFF PARK 2 GARDEN 3 ARTS CENTER 3 HODGES COMMUNITY CENTER 4 BROWN EEMENTAT Y N UNIVERSiTY AVENUE Figure 17 Map of Dunbar Manhattan Heughts Neighborhood City of Lubr hock websute Figure 18 Map of Harwell Naughborhood City of Lubbock websute Total Population 1378 DUNBAR MANHATTAN HEIGHTS NEIGHBORHOOD Ethnic Majorities 89 African America I1 1 DUNBAR JUNIOR HIGH 2 WHEATLEV ELEMENTARY 1M Median Income COMMUNITY CENTER 20363 4 CANYON LAKES ms Analysis Between 24th and Blst are the residential housing South of Blst is the City of Lubbock Cemetery Across the Canyon Lakes is agriculture Along the east side ofthe railroad is a private housing project funded with tax credits There are many vacant lots east of this housing project Total Population HARWELL NEIGHBORHOOD Ethnic Majorities 86 Hispanic 1 HNNVtLL bLthNlmv 2 PAWUNGS COMMUNFW CENTER Median ncome Analysis This area is about half industrial and half residential The industrial parts include more than just the edges The residential is located in the center with many lots vacant Neighborhoods Figure 19 Map of Southgate Neighborhood City of Lubbock websute gure 20 Map of Windmill Neighborhood City of Lubbock websute Total Population 1008 Ethnic Majo es 46 Caucasian 46 Hispanic Median Income 38000 Analysis The north edge appears to be industrial while the rest of the edges are residential There is a random mix of residential and agriculture Total Population Ethnic Majorities 51 Hispanic 37 African American Median Income Analysis On the map to the right the roads indicate where residential is located Inside the residential there are many vacant lots The rest ofthe neighborhood is agriculture SOUTHGATE NEIGHBORHOOD INTERSTATE Z7 WINDMILL NEIGHBORHOOD 1MAR139N HEAD sum 2 SEDEERRY PARK N E if I I lt O o a Figure 21 District Map City of Lubbock website D I st r I ct 2 Lubbock City Council Districts Effective September 1 2007 Legend 5039 North E Blue eld Miles Precinct Number Council District Boundary E Ursuline Voting Precinct N Fiddlewood UIUDUU DI E Erskine Lubbock City Council District 1 Linda DeLeon District 2 Floyd Price District 3 Todd R Klein District 4 Phyllis S Jones District 5 John W Leonard District 6 Jim Gilbreath Mayor David A Miller w E 93 c a O a gt o 2 lt o 65 g in to Note 5 District Number Direction references North of South of etc are in relation to street center line andIor section line 66039 South of 114th 1 For additional infromation on lines not designated due to spacial constraints or a lack of landmarks 660 South of please contact the City of Lubbock Planning Department a lt o A39 Figure 22 Park Meadow Viiias Photographed by author part Meadowviias photographed by G ove rn m e nt Re so u rce s Figure 23 2Community Development Block Grant Provides for low and moderate income families iHOME Investment Partnership Program Provides housingfor low and moderate income families Emergency Shelter Grant Provides for operations of homeless shelters Capital Fund Program Funds for public housing used for repairs American Dream Downpayment Initiative Provides nancial assistance to lowmoderate rst time One million dollars of loans and a bond issue TDHCA Tax Credit n examples such as Park Meadow Villas and Stone Hollow tax credits are given tothe private sectorto fund lowmoderate income housing Figure 24 Cititbus wwwcitibuscom C I r u u Figure 25 Bike Routes City of Lubbock website Transportation Resources Roads all the highways interstates and other streets that make carbus transportation possible Bus Routes Citibus provides citywide transportation for a relatively inexpensive price with much service to District 2 for people who would rather ride than drive Bike Routes As seen to the bottom right there are widely networked bike routes to attract people who like the outdoors Airport within driving distance from District 2 Education Elementary and PreK Schools Martin Head Start Harwell Elementary Wheatley Elementary Brown Elementary Hunt Elementary Parkway Elementary Bozeman Elementary lles Elementary Bean Elementary Ballenger School Bayless Elementary Harwell Elementary Hodges Elementary Junior High DunbarJunior High Alderson Junior High Slaton Junior High Atkins Junior High High School Estacado High Monterey High Lubbock High Higher Education within driving distance I CD 8 3 O I CD 0c 00 C 39l I 39 LLI F I D ma Mus mmmm pummmm rm cmmmmmwmammm YaasYech anwemw mum mmquot UHNEFSW wa a a saw anwemw Saum P amstammumw maze Hookup ammw andwaer mum my and um Uuhues camemmmne suaaemmk AYRJ Dm Semces Wage Managemem sanawm Managemem ting Res oy rce s Exis aw m mum LemmEN Luv MLuhhackwehstE usowemey E n at w Figure 28 American Wind Power Center and Museum Photographed by Religious Centers Maranatha Church of Living God La Hermosa Church Hope Center Church St Luke Greater Missionary Baptist Church Bethel Ame Church Church of Christ Wesley Memorial Church of God Smithlawn Home Community Baptist Church Mackenzie Terrace Baptist Chapel Rising Star Baptist Church Parkway Drive Church of Christ Philadelphia Church of Praise and Worship Parkway Baptist Hispanic Hope Deliverance Temple Hallie Sheppard Prayer Tower Unity Baptist Church Cathedral of Praise St Matthew Baptist Church Jehovah Witnesses United Congregational Church Faith First Baptist Church New Hope Baptist Church Mt Vernon United Methodist Church St Theresa Catholic Church Christ Temple Cogic Baptist Church Mt Gilead Lyon s Chapel Baptist Church Manhattan Heights Seventh Day Adventist Church Manhattan Heights Church of Christ St John Baptist Church Lubbock Church of Christ La Trinidad United Methodist Rock of Ages Baptist Church navreza AmzvltinMvszvaAgvltllwvz thmgviphz bVilthbv OurLady Guadalupe aiurch Dominion Holy Ghost Deliverance Tabernacle Harvest C ristian Fellowship Convention 3 m g m l rc Metropo itan Community Church Lubbock lltorean United Methodist Church Corpus risty Roman Catholi Central Lubbock Church of Christ Mt Calvary Baptist aiurch Spanish aiurch of God in CD U L 5 O in CD II CD C Amerimn Mnd Power Centerand Museum Amerimn Museum oiAgriculture Centers Rawlings Community Center ae Simmons Community Center Woods Community Center Chatman Community Health Center Patterson Library lCity oi Lubbockwebsite Guagle Earth Fjgure an Aenaj MAgncujture Gaagje Earth ECQUH m M Regan mes Local Businesses Res aurants many fastfood restaurants ajong the major streets and m hwa RetaHr very jjttje major rejajj retajj ajong major streets an jg ways jndustrj39ajr ajong H7 next to rajjroad and ajong highway to the east Agrjcujmre In the east part of D39strj39ct z Evaluation of Existing Resources Government Resources The consolidation plan did not mention many resources that the city of Lubbock uses Considering the apparent need for housing identi ed in the plan the resources are lacking Most ofthe houses and apartment complexes in District 2 appear dilapidated and in need of repairs As a building or house grow older maintenance should be performed Most of the housing appears as if no maintenance was attempted There should be more funding from the Capital Fund Program to update and maintain the housing The tax credit programs with the private sector seem to yield success The Meadow Park Villas look as ifthey are not public housing The apartment complex is built out of materials used on higher income housing If apartment complexes such as these are constructed and maintained the need for public housing could be greatly diminished in Lubbock City Infrastructure Lubbock has most of the elements a city needs to function The roads are built to a hold a higher capacity of cars than many other cities Even the highways have more lanes than seen in cities that are many times larger This is very attractive for development because traf c is a inhibitor of dense growth The bus routes seem adequate for the population and appear to go through much of the city Most of the neighborhoods in District 2 have at least an elementary school within walking distance The junior highs are farther apart and should be driven to in most cases There is only one high school in District 2 itself Some of the neighborhoods have to go to a high in another district It seems as if District 2 should have more than one high school in it due to its area percentage of Lubbock There are several locations for higher education in Lubbock and provide opportunities for education as well as an attraction for new residents There are many green spaces in District 2 but provide little opportunity for activities Lubbock provides the normal necessities of grid hook ups hospitals and cemeteries However there is only one hospital in District 2 and it happens to be a mental health hospital Therefore all other needs a hospital serves are to be found outside of District 2 which may prevent growth in the area Cultural Resources There are an abundance of religious centers in District 2 which can support the religious needs of communities However nding educational centers such as libraries and museums seem far and few between Providing a community with learning tools outside of school is necessary for a community to learn about history and the arts The Windmill Museum and Agriculture Museum does attract visitors from other districts and hopefully teaches the residents of District 2 itself Almost every documented neighborhood had a community center which is an amenity that can be very useful in community development and learning There are many cultural resources but seem hardly enough to support such a large district of Lubbock Economic Resources There are very few restaurants in the area except for a few fast food places This could be due to the amount of disposable income in the area However restaurants do support the community by providing jobs and income being brought into the district There are very few retail stores which again could bring more jobs and generate income Most of the business buildings are vacant This is very alarming seeing the amount of residents in District 2 There do not appear as if there are many jobs available in the area District 2 needs businesses to generate income and to attract new residents Recommended Resources E o lt o 3 Figure 31 Figure 32 HUD logo HUD website TDHCA logo TDHCA website Govern ment Resources HUD Funding HOPE IV program a program to demolish existing public housing build new housing and update existing public housing 2 TV Other funds to promote historical landmarks build playgrounds create sports venues for residents provide loans for housing new signage new sidewalks and new amenities for a community Low Income Housing Tax Credit provides tax credits to provide new housing or update existing housing for lower income Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs Housing Tax Credits some has been used in District 2 already but more is needed because the apartments built through this program are built to a higher standard MRB Program provides tax exempt mortgage bonds for the private sector which then turns into low interest loans DEF RTIIE HT IDF HDIJSI HE HUD website TDHCA website Figure 33 Texas Parks and Wildlife logo Texas Parks and Wildlife website TEXAS PARKS amp WILDLIFE City Infrastructure Upgrade Parks Texas Parks and Wildlife Outdoor Recreation Grants matching 50 ofoca government funds to renovate existing parks Indoor Recreation Facility Grants matching 50 of local government funds to construct recreation centers Recreational Trail Grants pay up to 80 of project to put in motorized and nonmotorized trails Add a Zoo US Congress US Congress has funded construction for many zoos in the nation US Fish and Wildlife Service grants to fund zoo City Funding taxes can be raised to fund a zoo or bonds issued Texas Parks and Wildlife website Association of Zoos and Aquariums website m CU U L 5 O m CD a Reconunended Resourc PART II Institute bf Museum and Library Services IMLS website Figure34 Cu I Figure 35 National Park Service logo National Park Service website Add History Museum Institute of Museum and Library Services Museum for America Grantrfor historical societies and museums Conservation Project Support Grants for historical societies I 39 museums and government INSTITUTE of a AdgArmaiiery MuseumandLIbrary Institute ofMuseum and Library Servrces SERVICES Connecting to Collections Statewide Planning Grants for archives or museum Conservation Project Support for a museum Historical Markers Preserve America Grants from the National Park Service grants money to communities to preserve history NATIONAL SERVICE Institute of Museum and Library Services website National Parks Service website Figure 36 HUD logo HUD website Figure 37 Texas Department of Agriculture logoTDA website HUD Become an Empowerment Zone through HUD to recieve The Renewal Community Tax Incentives provide incentives to encourage new businesses and creation ofjobs within a community through employment credits 0 tax on capital gains accelerated depreciation etc 39 i q 39 Empowerment Zone Tax Incentives provide incentives to I l businesses through employment credits low interest loans through bonds less taxes on capital gains etc Section 3 of the HUD Act of 1968 regulates funds for HUD programs and contracts to maximize employment of low income persons Reconnnended Resources Texas Department of Agriculture GO TEXAN Partner Program matches members money attributed to marketing and promoting their products Interest Rate Reduction loan rates are lowered from market value to support agriculture production in the area Young Farmer Loan Guarantee gives loans to adults over 18 and less than 40 to buy or operate a farm E a lt n A39 HUD website Texas Department of Agriculture website Figure 38 Sports Venues added to Brownsville Texas HUD website Figure 39 Public Housingin San AntonioTexas HUD website Brownsville Texas Brownsville was able to build new playgrounds with HUD funds Moreover Brownsville added sports venues for activities for youth and adults Restoration of historic landmarks can also use HUD funds Transportation stops can be updated with HUD funds as done in Brownsville A police station was also built in a new location to further serve the community Sidewalks and signage were also put in place using HUD funds to promote safety especially around schools 7 San Antonio Texas Apartment loans were given to provide more apartments in San Antonio Moreover HUD funds public housing that is to a greater standard of appearance The houses as seen to the right are in clone in contemporary styles of building This is funded through the HOPE IV program HOPE IV program allows demolition of old public housing building of new 39 V housing and updating of existing public housing It provides 5 gi h a HUD also funds projects to promote historical landmarks Park Villa Meadows l These apartments as seen earlier in the report were funded through housing tax credits Private investors sell the credits to investors to provide money for construction The Hance family went into this business rst with Stone Hollow Village These apartments do not appear to be public housing and are maintained HUD website manager of Park Meadows Villas TDHCA website Figure 40 Cameron Park Zoo map Cameron Park Zoo website City Infrastructure Upgrade Parks amp 39 V 39 Copperas Cove Texas Indoor Recreation Facility Grant of 417563 fora recreation center that includes a pool gym and Kmvmgg39 quot 39 courts migzsmes Egll llglu lt l I 39 j 5 Z V Pottsboro Texas Outdoor Recreation Grant of 400000 to l l i 5quot renovate Pottsboro Park so there will be exercise stations a skateboard park playground courts and a pond 39 39 Add 200 Cameron Park Zoo Waco Texas founded in 1955 and funded with private money and bonds 39 Airman 39 quot Alrmzhnucks Llolis sugar Imunqu 7 g 6 l Airman anagrams Waco teXas E n lt D A39 Texas Park and Wildlife website Cameron Park Zoo website Figure 41 Donald Judd exibition Chinati Foundation website Figure 42 Children39s Museum of Houston Tx wwwwaymarkingcom Institute of Museum and Library Services Chinati Foundation Marfa Tx received 115000 in a Conservation Project Support Grant to create concrete sculptures by Donald Judd Children s Museum of Houston Tx received 149847 in a Museums for America Grant to support staff hiring training National Park Service Public History in Public Places for Saco Bay Cities Saco Maine received 37500 to promote the heritage through tourism and teaching history to area school as well as the community itself Exhibits were designed to travel around the community a 7 to present history Junior Main Street Program Oskaloosa Iowa received 90000 to connect students with the heritage oftheir community Along with their teachers students will create tours to show their community the history around them Ferndale Heritage Tourism and Way nding Project Ferndale Michigan received 120000 to provide signage to promote tourism in their community Moreover tours were created to follow the heritage of the community IMLS website National Park Service website Figure 43 Corpus Christ Renewai Communitv Zone HUD webSite E o R Figure24 Ei Pass Enterprise communiw and Empowermentzone HUD HUD Empowerment and Renewal Zones Corpus Christi Txr receives the Renewai Community tax incentives to attract new businesses and jobs through empioyment credits 0 tax on ca pitai gains acceierated E depreciation etc O E Paso TX receives Empowerment Zone Tax Incentives to 395 provide incentives to businesses through empioyment credits H iow interest ioans through bonds iess taxes on capitai gains 0 w etc gilt a gt L V vl 39 r Q CU CC HUD website Implementation The Right People Many people in business use the phrase quotGet the Right People on the Bus And this is exactly what needs to happen for District 2 The process starts with a group of people who hold the same vision and will put effort into this challenge The current Vision Statement for Lubbock is Vision Statement Partnering to build the model community Our vision statement re ects an ideal achievement for all of us to aspire towards each day as we serve the citizens of Lubbock and work together to plan and construct a city that will be an example to other cities throughout our nation City of Lubbock website This vision needs to apply to the entirety of Lubbock including the dilapidated areas in District 2 Many areas are would not be considered a model for other cities to follow However if District 2 follows through with with the recommendations above it will set an example of how a city should revitalize underprivileged areas Moreover the current hierarchy ofthe city needs to be followed or a new hierarchy needs to be established This hierarchy needs to be clearly de ned and widely known to everyone involved The Right Place Many ofthe residents have noticed the condition of the community However discussions and changes need to go through the city as well as discussed with the right people This can be done through private city meetings and open community meetings District 2 residents should be included in the open community meetings because thier neighborhoods and planned changes are cital to their livelihood The Right Time Many ofthe resources can be used at the same time However priorities need to be decided on through consensus or committee Tackling all of the recommendations at the same time would be a disaster A timeline of execution dates needs to be drawn up to put everyone on the same page Therefore if there is clear and de ned list the steps will be easier to execute In addition the residents should be informed of this timeline to create a smooth execution within the community The Right Information Much ofthe funding can be through grants These grants need to be researched if they are applicable Once the grants are determined applicable someone needs to take on the job of applying for the applicable grant The city hierarchy should determine who executes certain steps of the process Execution District 2 needs to rst be assessed in terms of need and funds available The funds should ful ll the exact need assessed The timeline of execution should be established based on a consensus of priorities within the community Once the timeline of execution is created the dates should be executed Managers should be assigned to each point on the timeline to ensure the process is followed The community should be noti ed during the all of the steps This will ensure the community s trust in the City of Lubbock and its of cials A sense of pride will also be established when each of the projects is completed Moreover the history of the community should be taught within the community as well as in the rest of Lubbock This process will jump start the community into a transformation of a model community Conclusion District 2 is known to have very rough areas These dilapidated parts seem in great need of new businesses to revitalize the community by providing jobs and a sense of hope for the many vacant buildings and empty lots Much of the area seems forgotten the history is somewhere buried However ifthe history was brought forward to give the community a sense of pride the community would bene t There is much opportunity to develop this part of Lubbock however it would take a large amount of money and time before it was up and running The recommendations above will provide stepping stones for District 2 to become a model community as stated in the Vision Statement of the City of Lubbock f properly executed the community will be transformed into what it every community deserves and should be


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