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by: Mrs. Elinor Hauck


Marketplace > Texas Tech University > Architecture > ARCH 5605 > ADVANCED ARCH DESIGN STUDIO
Mrs. Elinor Hauck
GPA 3.67


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mrs. Elinor Hauck on Thursday October 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ARCH 5605 at Texas Tech University taught by Torres-Macdonald in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 17 views. For similar materials see /class/226385/arch-5605-texas-tech-university in Architecture at Texas Tech University.




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Date Created: 10/22/15
ARCH5605 Sprinq 2005 Topical Studio Professor TorresMacDonald DALLAS I LUBBOCK Proiect Program Cultural Museum for the City of Irving TX DUE WEDNESDAY February 2 2005 at 2pm Posted to student folder on website Assignment 1 Floor Plan conversion into AutoCAD Proiect Needs Assessment Proiect diagramming There are three parts to the initial assignment for this project Part I Convert the existing 18quot scaled floor plan Into AutoCAD Part II Reviewthe material provided and Identify additional information you will need to proceed Part III Develop initial diagrams 3d for your initial ideas In concept development Part I Drawing Conversion You are provided with a basic floor plan at 18quotscae of the one story bank building WHAT YOU WILL DO 0 Convert provided floor plan into AutoCAD Produce this drawing at 18quot scale on an 11quotx17quot format Any additional measurements needed should be coordinated with Ryan Bass the design student In Dallas email rbassbbkarchitectscom Part II Proiect Needs Assessment To begin the initial work on this project you will read all of the provided material for this project which includes 0 Feasibility Study by Hahnfeld Hoffer Stanford Architects inside Irving Museum Project Overview 0 Museum Development Plan 0 Irving Museum Project Overview This is a real project so we will treat It as such Your client is the City of Irving and more specifically the Irving Museum Advisory Board You will find as you reviewthe materials that there Is more Information you need In order to provide a comprehensive design solution for the project WHAT YOU WILL DO 0 As you review the materials provided identify information that is still needed in order for you to proceed and provide this in a formal letter request made to the City of Irving Keith Parkhurst This letter will be provided to the Mr Parkhurst through me as a means for obtaining any other information they might have available In some cases they will not have information available and you will work with me to develop a solution to issues that arise 0 You will also include an identification sheet of all questions you have that you need answered Part III Project Diagramming You will have initial ideas about this project design based on what you have read in the project statement as well as the reports provided to you Think outside the box on this one WHAT YOU WILL DO 0 Provide 3 3d schemes for your initial ideas about this project Look in the report at the aerial computer generated diagram produced by Hahnfeld Hoffer Stanford Architects This is an example of what you will provide The city liked the general idea of this concept so that gives you an idea of their direction on this portion of the project You can produce this as sketches or as any computer generated drawing but you must also convert it to a pdf so that I can easily view it How You Will Submit Your Work You will post your completed assignment to your folder on the studio website at wwwarchttueduarchitecturecoursesZOOSSQring5605 NOTE On interim class dates you will post your progress and note it as such ie PROGRESS Assn1 012804 The final six numbers indicate the date of studio WedFri only I will review your work and make comment back to you on your progress


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