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Week 4 Notes

by: Nikki Hovland

Week 4 Notes Math 125

Nikki Hovland
GPA 3.82
Dr. Daniel Pollack

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About this Document

Note that there are less notes this week because of the first midterm. However, these notes cover helpful hints regarding volumes of solids of revolution and work.
Dr. Daniel Pollack
Class Notes
25 ?




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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Nikki Hovland on Thursday October 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Math 125 at University of Washington taught by Dr. Daniel Pollack in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 43 views. For similar materials see Calculus in Mathematics (M) at University of Washington.

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Date Created: 10/22/15
W I f 9 o o o o o o o o o o o oooch otyf Sggm 137 2 JALLM h 233me Ms I L I C b39ieg zfpxs o o O O O a o f 5 l g i 0 4 0 9 9 r o y v o v y 9 0 o o o o 6 n o b 0 9 we WW o MM W o 9 Q o q 9 o p a a 0 o I 39 1 o o o o o g o q q z 9 v o o o o o o o o o a o o 0 o o O x 3 A o 5 a l l Y z y 4m 3 o o a o 0 Q o a a o o o o o 9 39 I 39 1 f L Q Q Q 3 7 o o a o o o o o o o o o 39 an Mu uj Q a a u a 0 l o o o o Aquot 0 b 0 o 3 o C 1 Q 9 9 I 0 o o a o 5 V o 6 0 o o O L39 L 4 44lt 4 o quot v quot39e 4 vt 3 L f J bvtfr b fYquot T j CYzY fMMs hwy quot It q 39 T cogoboIO s a Li 0 n O o o b 5 V5 I o 9 o o o o 39 9V1 o o u 9 0 O O O c b O 5 39 5 39 39luuhr I 7 Cmxiixfgf zrtiil i22f t J O 0 quot quot7139 f v 1 Avazan qriyaw tb39 tom gammytaxis m 221 a i E F i E 1T C i 39 o I vo vo I V fJBEZRi jdx LMT 5419 z i 1 a T9 i l 1 2 i I I x n iwa rmmxcymyltr mf1l gf 14L317144o g y tMm wmuam WAX75 amen ma a47ng IH ziMuxjixw6exujtm w me m9 wp 9 sfftf 2x2 i quottfttti11 i ndiiotvmcfsnud by WWWSTOY WWAJK XL 3O MMAML ZMHHHgLLJ v M v H4 if LLf 39 V 7 f cimszF 39 322cj 0 Zxv3x22xclx 7 L L W Wfi x i i i 72amp x3exz f r 39 l an I v o o o o 5 o O o o wqu mar9c f g imm akw gapicmmmimm mt i t ETi 1eW AEwrazxtit i39t39iff 1 g gwm W oxms39g 3 J31 I xisnmgms mmxw Ai 39gcglwwmm W mmxw fzirxwax i 39 135121mm may gigs xmmiwxaxsgmsmagm t e3ampmeqm equot39a max13 gtzthWMX ef Wm an rem fbjk 39 quotquottt39im my g msfgm wggx39aa t I t 1 i i x mmw 39 pus g faf AMiLa cfa m rX mi lig gf4iIIiIiiiiIliiIILIi t3r V t 7 iti1nm3 w t 39 g bi Tm b cmsrs lil 1mxmlb9f 39i 9 O Jr p I In I 9 1 im g M mi N 01 M 5 xx J a M l 4 a I lt r rquot m s 4 r F LEE V 8amp6 a 0 2 2 o a 0 4 r t o 3 v33 a tf 1 f x I n f vx 1 495 r i PM Fm FT u HI 391 1 I J J c 1 39lt v I JI P V err IKA cquot U u v C 0 a D s J 4 r w w 3 r 0 an 221 u J ao i 5 t J r I x 1d 5552 a 3c 4 a I V 1 l r CV I gt R Mimi WlQ JxmJVO mic W10 J3 f J cx Yrm nxn C ll 1 n M l o s J in nulhlx 2 I C AIW m 1 Au 1325 in umm Wm 09 9390ch 5 wmdx m 396 UN Wonk 3m m o mam A 5 W va WSW at SNM mm 57 WMrWL quotmwgwcvtm mm x or quot J lelmlt 394 Exims 3amp1 of Roms Sa lah cylmMi cu SN m W mam a mam am 3 RIVER elmw Yl cgrzuk 6 2mg dgwd m mm Mm 7 3 03w 9 rh4ii f 54 we rail01 a EWW 39i39n agar1 0 m VULUnxQ Iquot quot t J i p o g o o g A o o o o 39 o o E 0C 12 265 39 I m 39 I a 39 t O o o 0 O i Q a 39 a Q 0 39 9 5 O 39 I v V 3n o q Q t 5 b b o o v o g o o g o a o o O o c I W3Wi f 5 Wwwe mcmmmas 35m 1 gt t g o o t o g o c o o o A l o I O o O O 0 O O 0 0 g o o O o o o t p g g g i i I i I I I I f iFsmsSgmwg C2 k31lt16m137r117em way1 01N 6711w33a 62331 t f i f mix Mawm W t mamas esaamAr39w 2 39 I o a i1 FLWLwdm5L immamar mm NLL 31 pmigai 39 39 Rockne 39 a 39 IL SW 39 icmm r pme Xaohs mWS iI m i Wg dgijM Ia39 39 39 i i w wwwagat Mandi31113 MASf hg u I a o o 39 A u a 39 r O 39 o


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