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Information Systems Project Management

by: Agustina Batz

Information Systems Project Management ISQS 4350

Marketplace > Texas Tech University > Informational Systems > ISQS 4350 > Information Systems Project Management
Agustina Batz
GPA 3.78

James Richard Burns

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About this Document

James Richard Burns
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Agustina Batz on Thursday October 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ISQS 4350 at Texas Tech University taught by James Richard Burns in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 35 views. For similar materials see /class/226408/isqs-4350-texas-tech-university in Informational Systems at Texas Tech University.

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Date Created: 10/22/15
Project Risk Management Plan Change Control All changes of project details or requirements will be presented to the Change Control Committee The committee will consist of the project manager project leader one project team member and two CEC employees These employees will be appointed by CEC Any change requested will be presented to the PM and within 48 hours the CCC xvill have conduct meeting The decision will be determined and reported to the requesting party promptly after the meeting if this results in an addition to the system the existing contract will be amended and signed by the customer Additional costs resources or changes in delivery dates will be stated in the new contract Assumptions The protect start date is set to January 17 because this was the date of our rst deliverable All personnel will be working full time on this project The assumed workday is eight hours of actual work time The design and analysis phases will be completed before attempting all other tasks The project must be nished before May 1 2002 Contingency plans Team Member Leaves s In the case of a team member leaving we will hire a consultant with the desired skills for the duration of the project This will reduce our overall pro t However we will have no other choice if we are to stay within the time requirements Task on CP is delayed lfa task on the critical path is delayed resources will be used to speed up current and future tasks Depending on the situation team members might team up on activities Additional bonuses might also be given to encourage the team to work overtime or on weekends CEC top mgt changes In the instance of a management change an update meeting will be held with all management This will provide stakeholders all pertinent information regarding the projects Any requirement changes will have to go through the Change Control Committee so changes will not be a large risk Requirements change Changes of requirements will have to be passed by the CCC Any small or large change has a good chance of altering the nal delivery date Therefore aiditional resources should be provided by CEC to make any changes Ifmo resources are provided extra time will be requested Bankruptcy In the event of bankruptcy the development team will cease operations immediately No work will be 39continued and no source code will be turned over until payment issues are resolved Project Procurement Management Plan This project consis s of developing all new software so there will be very little procuring done CEC currently owns licenses for Windows NT which is installed on all of their PCs They also have an inhouse server that will host the new system and DB Therefore obtaining the appropriate licenses for MS Access will be the extent of all procurement Project Quality Management Plan In order to ensure an extraordinary nal product we will require signature signoffs a er every major phase of the project Signot fs will be obtained a er a brief presentation or walkthrough of the completed work Presentation schedules will be rigid to avoid any unnecessary time added to the project s nish date Project Cost Management Plan Breakeven Analysis l Current System I l 37 50 for 5 minutes of long distances charges 12Imin for 25 engineers Cost each 516 l for 5 minutes of secretarial time for each of 25 engineer 5Ihr Pay Period 51 25 for 5 minutes of 25 engineer s tlme 25hr 40 to verify 150 submitted timesheets for 5hrs SBhr 24 to tax timesheets to Florida of ce for 3hrs 8hr Goat a Year 13 per box of 1000 timesheets l 25 Pay periods in one year 440050 Total cost a year tar current svstam l 1 Future System l Initial cost 32636000 Development and implementation of new system i l Cost each month 100 maintenance 120000 cost each year after initial year l Cost of Current system for 825 years 440050 Total cost a year for current system B 5 2 years i 536304 13 Breakeven point 5 Cost of Future system for 825 years 263600 Development and implementation of new system 120000 cost each year after initial year 525 years L 36 26000 Breakeven point This new system will represent 3 320050 cost savings every year after the breakeven pornt of 6 25 years However CEC s main interest in the new system Isn39tjust the savings It WIquot produce The rst selling point is its ability to speed up the time between time submission and paycheck 3 39sements Another great feature that was impossible with the current system is me report on capabilities These reports can be generated and printed wherever a computer and pnnter at ated as long as the correct login is used Lastly bath the ocal headquarters and the main cti n Florida wtll no longer have to deal With the cumbersome task offaxlng and recievlng 150 timesneets every two weeks Project Time Management Plan Fronhnd 0am Impsns39 25 Deuugnlng Wham Checkoquot 5mm 32 1 EoTIa cx R ulm 34 Documenme naming Page 1


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