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Week 3 Lecture Notes - Hist 201

by: Claire Notetaker

Week 3 Lecture Notes - Hist 201 HIS 201

Marketplace > University of Oregon > History > HIS 201 > Week 3 Lecture Notes Hist 201
Claire Notetaker
United States >2
Boodry K

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About this Document

Here's my notes from week 3! They are outlined and detailed and even include notes from discussion.
United States >2
Boodry K
Class Notes
US History
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Claire Notetaker on Thursday October 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HIS 201 at University of Oregon taught by Boodry K in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 19 views. For similar materials see United States >2 in History at University of Oregon.


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Date Created: 10/22/15
Class 5 Mercantilism Claire Dimmick mercantile capitalism can be used to make a wealthy and powerful country You don t want to buy too much from another country Export 9 Sell 9 Import 9 Purchase 9 Ownership You want to export more than import in order to make the most amount of money possible 0 In Europe they struggled to find the products to export in order to balance the trade They wanted all of the imports coming from other countries But in order to make money and not loose from all of their purchases they had to find a product to export a group of people that get together diversifying decreasing the risks of importingexporting in order to make more money Large scale corporations taking a lot of cash More capital to play with 9 less risk of importing goods less risk of loss in product due to ships sinking or other risks The royal African company 0 The slave trade 0 Given the monopoly by the British crown because they saw this would aid their empire to growthrive Slaves 9 labor Travel by water was much easier at this time than overland travel 0 Traveling by water made it easier to transport bulkier cargo such as sugar wheat and other goods that were larger and heavier and more mass People would value the exchanged of goods in gold or silver not like the modern paper we call money Trading 9 that benefits both parties How to assign When trading value can be measured as anything anything valuable to the other 0 Services beeretc Some sort of value for the other trader involved in your trade Control of the oceans was considered vital for national power Piracy 0 Many were supported by their national governments Stole and created issues for other nations cargo and goods preying on competition Spanish and the Dutch were powerful in the seas All trade between England and it s colonies were sent on vessels across the Atlantic 0 Goods must land in England first before sending vessels to the colonies 0 Working to England s advantage 0 Ensures the security of the trade in England s favor 0 Keeping control of the colonies through taxation 0 English taxes are paid first John Smith said that free trade benefits both parties 0 Selling more goods at a cheaper price 9 more profits Monopoly effect 1776 marls the end of the mercantilism era and beginning of free market economics 0 An economy can not be sustained by the few with mass amounts of money An economy must thrive on many with money to buy products One person can only buy so many chocolate bars Mercantilist view still held today 9 account deficits is bad but borrowing money to go to school isn t bad 0 The investment of going to school is worth it in the long run The colonial economy flourished with sugar indigo rice and tobacco American colonies traded with Boyo early currency 0 At the end of the 18th century they switched to paper money England benefited from the navigation acts 0 The colonies had fractious relationships with the English rule 0 The colonies did not like the system 0 The goods always must go through England first Discussion Week 3 102215 1257 PM Lecture 0 Early British colonization Mercantilism Last Weeks Section 0 Essay 0 Practice arguments William Berkley 0 Protected the land of the native Americans and refused to give the land to smaller farmers Witchcraft trials 1692 0 United states starting to come together Massachusetts 0 Focused on small farms craftsmanship 0 Salem 9 Salem 0 Dealing with lots of tension 0 Lots of fights between colonists and native Americans pushing for land because it is running out 0 Coming from a religious background that very strict 9 puritans 9 causing more tension 0 The environment The trials 0 Women were highly targeting 0 Many who didn t fit the image of what a regular woman should be Martha Corey 0 Very involved in the church and community 0 Ended up being convicted and sentences to hang 0 Friends and neighbors accused her of Pinching Biting Talking to a black man u Their symbol of the devil Class 6 Salem Witch Trials 102215 1257 PM 0 169293 in present day Danvers o 200 years after Columbus s landing o more than 200 people accused of witchcraft and 20 executed The towns realized afterwards they were wrong and gave commodities to those affected 0 1629 Salem is settled and established 0 1641 makes witchcraft a crime 0 1684 England says colonies may not self govern Salem basically says too bad were doing it o In 1688 following an argument with Goody Glover Martha Goodwin 13 years old begins acting weird and having fits Goodwin s brother also started acting weird 0 Maybe they were just teens maybe it was the mold on grain 0 SO Glover is arrested for bewitching the children Reverend Cotton Mather talks with Glover and she is later hung o 1689 Sam Parris is named new minister of Salem 0 Parris isn t accepted within the community because he s from outside the community and very firm in ideas 0 Villagers become VERY upset and try to kick him out basically 0 Jan 20th Abigail Williams and Elizabeth Parris begin acting weird too both young as well 0 Mid Feb Doctor Griggs says witchcraft could be the cause eye roll 0 Feb 25th a slave named Tituba bakes a witch cakequot requested by neighbor Mary Sibley and feeds it to the dog 0 Folk remedy says take the pee of the crazy girls and mix it in the cake and feed it to the dog so the spirit will move into the dog bigger eye roll 0 Late Feb 1692 the girls say Tituba is the reason why they re acting strange and accuse Sarah good and Sarah Osborne of witchcraft March 11th Ann Putnam shows symptoms too 0 The next day Ann Putnam accuses Martha Corey of being a witch It begins to snowball more and more people are arrested and everyone s just calling everyone a witch 0 June 2 1692 Trials begin 0 People are beginning to become concerned about what is happening Cotton Mather though he supports the trails start to see that it isn t such a good idea These trials cause conflict in the community more and more people are hung Elizabeth Proctor isn t sentenced to death because she is prego 0 September 92 Giles Cory 71 year old man is pressed rocks on him and he refused to not talk after two days under the weight he dies 0 Oct 8th Phippes says no more of this shit Stop accusing people and hanging them because of magic or fake evidence We cant prove anything Iquot 0 After trials people feel guilty in 63 Phipps says sorry to everyone in 72 the court says sorry in 1706 Ann Putnam Jr leading accuser apologizes in 1957 Massachusetts formally apologizes and in 1992 they make a memorial took them long enough Explanations there are many most people involved had been earlier residents in Maine and they prob had PTSD Another has been to place the events in a larger European context like in 1689 War with France king Williams war made people upset so they had that in their minds sorta PTSD here too Also people could have been fighting over money because tension were high section before this went over this idea One other idea is that these girls who were young having fits were just going through puberty and acting up OR the fungus in wheat which can grow easily in warmer summery times the fungus can cause people who digest it to do weird things perhaps An outcome of SWT there s a move away from explanations based on magic and a shift towards factual argumentation Less they sayquot more This is right becausequot Ex If someone died after being around the accused person they had to have been a witch right Or if someone looked at the church and a piece of wood fell they were definitely a witch biggest eye roll ever 102215 1257 PM


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