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Introduction to Information Systems in Business

by: Agustina Batz

Introduction to Information Systems in Business ISQS 2340

Marketplace > Texas Tech University > Informational Systems > ISQS 2340 > Introduction to Information Systems in Business
Agustina Batz
GPA 3.78


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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Agustina Batz on Thursday October 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ISQS 2340 at Texas Tech University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 8 views. For similar materials see /class/226415/isqs-2340-texas-tech-university in Informational Systems at Texas Tech University.

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Date Created: 10/22/15
ISQS 2340 7 Introduction to Information Systems in Business Second Exam Review Date August 6 2008 The exam will cover chapters 5 8 9 10 and ll in your text book the slides shown in the classroom material covered in lab reading assignments and the class room discussion There will be 50 multiple choice questions for a total of 100 points Note This review is to help you with your test preparation You are ultimately responsible for answering questions from all of the class discussion and textbook concerning the material listed below Chapter 5 Data Resource Management Fundamental data concepts Understand various types of database structures there are five and evaluate Steps in Database development data planning process Database design process Types of databases Operational Distributed External and Hypermedia Data Warehouse and Data mini Traditional file processing Vs Database management approach BMS major functions Chapter 8 Electronic Commerce Systems What do electronic commerce activities include Three categories of eCommerce with examples Nine essential eCommerce processes know what is happening in each one of them EComm erce success factors what are they and how do they contribute Webstore requirements Cha ter 9 Decision Su ort S stems Exclude stuff on Arti cial Intelli ence in our text book Levels of decision making and information characteristics decision structure at each level Information quality and attributes of information quality Differences between structured unstructured and semistructured decisions Information systems to support decisions Decision supports systems and their uses DSS model base and examples Management information systems 7 MIS reporting alternatives What is online analytical process OLAP and what are the three OLAP analytical operations What are Geographical information systems and Data visualization systems What are the four types of analysis performed by DSS What is being done in each analysis Data mining Market Basket analysis Executive information system features of EIS and Enterprise Interface Portal Knowledge management 5 stems What is an Expert System Components bene ts and limitations of expert systems Chapter 10 Developing Busi ess IT Solutions Systems approach Systems thinking example Systems analysis and design SAD two common approaches to SAD Systems Development Life Cycle Systems investigation phase 7 all the steps in feasibility study All the steps in systems analysis phase All the steps in systems design phase including prototyping Systems implementation including the process Data Conversion its importance Documentation Training Four major forms of conversion and how they work Systems maintenance postimplementation review Chapter 11 39 Technology Security What is Ethical responsibility What are business ethics The three theories of corporate social responsibility The four principles of technology ethics What is computer crime Hacking 7 common hacking techniques cyber the unauthorized use at work internet abuse at work Software piracy the of intellectual property Viruses and worms ad ware and spy ware Privacy optin versus optout privacy issues protecting privacy on the internet Privacy laws censorship issues cyber aw ecurity management Internetworked security defenses 7 Encryption Firewalls Email monitoring virus defenses security codes backup les security monitors and biometrics Entig Relationship Modeling 1 may give you an example and ask you to identify primary keys entities including associative entities and relationships eg is it onemany or manytomany Access and Reading assignments Expect questions concerning your Access assignment and the two reading assignments Good luck


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