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Fundamentals of Engineering Exam Review

by: Dillan Reichert

Fundamentals of Engineering Exam Review ENGR 4101

Marketplace > Texas Tech University > Engineering and Tech > ENGR 4101 > Fundamentals of Engineering Exam Review
Dillan Reichert
GPA 3.5


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Dillan Reichert on Thursday October 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ENGR 4101 at Texas Tech University taught by Anderson in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 40 views. For similar materials see /class/226416/engr-4101-texas-tech-university in Engineering and Tech at Texas Tech University.

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Date Created: 10/22/15
The Department of Mechanical Engineering 150 HOUR COMBINED BSIMS PROGRAM Ob39ective Opportunity for top ME undergraduates to obtain a BS and MS with 150 credit hours of work normally BS 128 hours MS quot L 39 quot quot quot 39 quot HOW the program works Students in this program will follow the existing undergraduat curriculum for the rst seven semesters In the nal undergraduate semester two raduate courses will be taken in lieu of ME electives The student receives a BS degree at this point One additional year of study including one summer then leads to the MS degree A typical 5 year program is shown below Admission to Program Admission occurs in two steps First students will apply to the ME page 5 Second once the ME department has noti ed the applicant of acceptance then apply to the graduate school wwwdegsttuedugradschoolg for formal admission NOTE on the graduate school application students should enter the admissions term that corresponds w h their BS 39 39 39 39 39 vu en eme 39 39 Qprirg quot8 Curriculum The rst 3 years of the program are the same as those in the current undergraduate curriculum Listed below are the courses to be taken in the nal undergraduate year and during the graduate part of the program The graduate curriculum shown below is an example only actual student program will vary according to whether the student is enrolled in the summer whether the student does the t 39 or report option and other details The list below applies for a May graduate pursuing the thesis option Refer to Master of Science Procedure Manual for graduate course requirements 5 YEAR BSIMS DEGREE PROGRAM S rin Fall ME 4334 Contr Dynamics Sys 3 Elective Math or Science 3 ME 4234 Systems amp Controls Lab 2 ME 4371 Engr Design ll 3 IE 3301 Engr Economics 3 ENGR 4 01 FE Review 1 ME 4370 Engr Design 3 GRADUATE URS 3 ME 3251 Thermal Fluids Sys Lab 2 GRADUATE COURSE 3 Elective Humanties 3 Elective VisualPerforming Arts 3 Elective Multicultural Elec 3 TOTAL 16 AL 16 GRADUATE YEAR typically 15 months S rl or Summer I 1 graduate course TOTAL 3 Fall Spring 2 graduate courses 6 3 graduate courses 9 ME 6000 Thesis 3 ME 6000 Thesis 3 TOTAL 9 TOTAL 12 Total credit hours during graduate year 24 Additional credits of ME if 39 see Registration Requirementsquot under Additional Informationquot halftime TA or RA Total Hours 152 146 hours of formal coursework plus 6 hours ofthesis Revised 2112008 Mecnanicai Engineering BSMS15O Program Page 1 Additional Information on the 150 hour program Contingencies A student who has been admitted to the program and who decides prior to the start of the final undergraduate semester to bail out of the program merely completes the normal undergraduate curriculum and receives the BS degree Once the student begins the nal undergraduate semester bail out is possible only in cases of serious extenuating circumstances In such cases the student must successfully complete the two graduate courses being taken during the nal semester The student then receives the BS degree Funding During the Graduate Year The department provides some type of financial support to the majority of its graduate students There are two main types of support available 1 Teaching Assistantship TA Graduate students are hired to help with undergraduate instructional duties Examples of TA duties include grading homework for undergraduate classes conducting help sessions and conducting laboratory sessions in one ofthe undergraduate laboratories Research Assistantship RA Here the student is paid to work on a grant or contract under the direction of the faculty member who has been funded to do the research Generally this work will contribute directly to the student s Master s thesis For most students the RA position is preferable because the student s job is to conduct research that becomes part of the thesis 8 All students admitted to the 150 Hour program will automatically be considered for TA or RA funding Contact the advising office for current stipend amounts Registration Reguirement A graduate student who is supported as halftime research assistant RA or a halftime teaching assistant TA is required to register for 9 credit hours during any long semester in which the student has halftime support and for 6 total credit hours taken either summer session in which the student has halftime support For nonsupported students there are no minimum registration requirements but maximum registration hours are not to exceed 12 hours in any long semester and 6 hours in each summer session Admission Departmental admission into the 150 hour BSMS program will be based on undergraduate grade point average GRE scores and faculty recommendations The minimum cumulative non grade replaced grade point average required for admission is 32 Students having a grade point average below 32 may be admitted on a case by case basis depending on GRE scores and faculty recommendations Students having a cumulative nongrade replaced grade point average above 35 are not required to take the GRE exam As stated previously the preceding conditions are for departmental admission to the 150 hour program The student must also apply for graduate admission through the TTU graduate school admissions Graduate Admission Office Box 41030 Lubbock TX 794091030 8067422787 wwwdeptsttuedugradschooll Tuition During the final undergraduate semester the student pays the usual undergraduate tuition for the undergraduate courses and graduate tuition for the two graduate courses A complete explanation of tuition and fees is available online at wwwsbsttuedu Double Majors This program is open to ME double majors MECS ENGR PHYS ME OPTION etc Students doing a double major should plan on one additional year of study Revised 2112008 Mechanical Engineering BSMS 150 Program TEXAS TECH UNIVERSITY Department of Mechanical Engineering 150 Hour BSMS Program Departmental Application Admission to Program ctudents to the ME aumi39ssi39uu program during the nal semester of the j nior year ie when taking ME 3365 Admission to the program will be based on your cumulative nongrade replaced grade point average gt32 and personal 39 iacuiiy ii ieu on quotquot quot 39 application Name SS Email Address Estimated Grad Date Interest Area GPA GRE Score REFERENCES Below please list three 3 faculty members who you would prefer the department to contact if necessary application requires a minimum ofthree 3 listed faculty references lf GPA is 32 or higher must be included with application is required if GP Direct program Questions to Dr Stephen EkwaroOsire Director ofGraduate Studies stthenekwaroosirettuedu DEPARTMENT USE ONLY I 150 Hr Program 39 39 Approved Denied I I Graduate Advisor signature I Revised 2112008 Mechanical Engineering BSA6150 Program Page 3


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