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Understanding Multicultural America

by: Electa MacGyver

Understanding Multicultural America ANTH 1301

Marketplace > Texas Tech University > anthropology, evolution, sphr > ANTH 1301 > Understanding Multicultural America
Electa MacGyver
GPA 3.84

Lauren Whitman

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About this Document

Lauren Whitman
Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Electa MacGyver on Thursday October 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ANTH 1301 at Texas Tech University taught by Lauren Whitman in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 32 views. For similar materials see /class/226449/anth-1301-texas-tech-university in anthropology, evolution, sphr at Texas Tech University.

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Date Created: 10/22/15
Anthropology Exam 1 Review Subfields ofAnthropology 0 Physical Anthropology o Archaeology 0 Linguistic Anthropology 0 Cultural Anthropology Emic vs Etic o Emic insider s perspective apart of the culture 0 Etic outsider s perspective not apart of the culture Cultural Anthropologists Field Work Monogenesis vs Polygenesis o Monogenesis o Polygenesis Race categorized groups ofpeople o Subgroups 0 Creation of divisions o 4 Assumptions 0 1 Extremely important 0 2 Physical differences 0 3 Ancient and Unchanging o 4 Easily distinguishable Typological Model of Race 0 There eXists number of geographic groups with defined characteristics 0 Problems I Humans travel and reproduce I Genetic studies 9 no connections Racism discrimination against those thought to be inferior intentionally or unintentionally Racialism ideology that purports Caucasians as biologically superior CarolusLinneaus 0 First to group Homo sapineswith other primates 0 Four varieties of humans white red yellow and black 0 Each type of human behaved in different ways 0 Someone s looks will determine their behaviors Samuel Morton 0 Greater skull size means greater intelligence 0 Measured 600 skulls and came to the conclusion that Caucasians had the highest intelligence Sample was skewed o C gt M gt N Thomas Aquinas During medieval times used religion to explain how everything worked Charles Darwin Survival of the fittest 185 9 0 Evolution thought to have an end goal 0 Social Darwinism applying natural selection to human culture Some cultures were quotpredestinedquot to be dominant Eugenics the science ofpurifying and improving humanity Frances Galton 0 1880 s in Europe 0 Purifying and improving humanity o Said over time there were less and less great men due to the fact they were quotinterbreedingquot o Came up with quotsterilizationquot not letting certain people those deemed unsuitable to reproduce based on certain characteristics Charles Davenport 0 United States 0 Established Eugenics Record Office ERO in Long Island 1904 0 Family histories were stored 0 Field agents were sent out to conduct studies crime rates of certain areas and those that lived in poverty or had family history of illnessesdiseases were quotsterilized 0 Only 60000 people were sterilized in the US 30 states between 1935amp1970 Franz Boas quotFather ofAmerican Anthropology o Came to the conclusion that biology does not account for people acting differently it s culture WEB Dubois African American 0 AntiSocial Darwinism 0 Heritage of Slavery differences in intelligence was dues to the fact that African Americans did not have equal access to the same resources Frederick Douglass Former American Slave 0 1854 Cranial Similarities Otto Klineberg AntiRacialism 0 Environment in uences on IQ quotCulturequot and characteristics Shared Patterned Learned Symbolic Integrated Changes Over Time What Anthropologists Study Human Kind Language system of cultural knowledge used to generate and interpret speech Speech behavior that produced vocal sounds Subsistence Strategies strategies to meet material needs 0 llunter Gathers o Horticulturalists o Pastorals o Agriculturalists o Industrialists Cultural Ecology the way people use their culture to adapt to a particular environment Consanguine family related to each other by blood mother father sister brother Affine family related to each other by marriage Marriage socially approved union of two people Law culturally recognized system for making decisions Infralegal no special authorities called in to help settle through a mutual agreement compromise nonviolent Extralegal no special authorities called in to help escalates up to some type of violent act threat Magic system of strategies used to control supernatural power very specific potions words etc Religion cultural knowledge of supernatural that is used to cope with problems of human existence Worldview system of concepts and assumptions about life Shaman try to directly control supernatural power trying to heal or cure someone Priest does not control supernatural power instead acts as the mediator Supernatural anything that happens outside our understanding of how the world works Witchcraft born with the ability to use magic to cause harm to others Sorcery using magic to cause harm to others Cosmology system ofbeliefs about the way the world is Mythology system ofbeliefs about the way the world has come to be Globalization the world becoming a smaller and smaller place 0 Results in multicultural societies 0 EX McDonalds in a part ofIndia that doesn t eat beef Exam 2 Review Sheet 1 Appearance of modern humans in Africa 2 Modern Human sites vs Neanderthal sites 3 Berekat Ram 4 Paleolithic era 5 SangoanLupemban 6 Howieson s Poort 7 Aterian 8 Aurignacian 9 Gravettian 1 11 12 13 1 15 16 O P 17 18 19 O 21 22 23 24 25 26 7 28 29 30 31 32 Solutrean Hypothesis 34 35 36 37 KebaranGeometric Kebaran Bladelets Early Neolithic inventions Cultivation N N 3 DJ bbww i OKDOO Solutrean Magdalenian Lascaux Cave Chavet Cave Hohlenstein La Marche Occupation of Australia Wallace Line Megafauna Gunbilngmurrung Fire Stick Farming Nenana Culture Clovis First Theory Blackwater Draw Monte Verde Pedra Furada Kennewick Man Cactus Hill Gault Site Meadowcroft Rockshelter Pre Clovis Theory Early Arrival Theory Ice Free Corridor Younger Dryas Event Natufian Mallaha Ohalo 42 Domestication 43 Agriculture 44 Herding 45 Video quotAmerica s Stone Age Explorersquot


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