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by: Electa MacGyver


Electa MacGyver
GPA 3.84


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 28 page Class Notes was uploaded by Electa MacGyver on Thursday October 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ANTH 3347 at Texas Tech University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 38 views. For similar materials see /class/226451/anth-3347-texas-tech-university in anthropology, evolution, sphr at Texas Tech University.

Popular in anthropology, evolution, sphr




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Date Created: 10/22/15
Soumern P lains and Panhandle AhTH NITTaxa m mm Maid 4 Fi udau Cams Luciar Lecture Outline U Seating I Chmnulugy I Film andArIi39Iai I Cnmrni Furiud I Amde Crank Phase Cuitun Sandmm Plain and thandl mem IIIm D n 11 2 m ENNwtpwu mm m 1 Wu l T wrung y W I Laban5 L J39L I39 Curry Hakim Hmdjne en 39Wheat I E H Sellards I Glnlngjst Cfvcn Evans and paledea Meade likf39E I I355 2 uzwa ma L AD 19cm mil hitquot R I i 15quot no Iron 1 H h xw i1 quotgun Hui Ewar EP Human if an at a x A 0 33 35 Eu 20 En una Eumenm 33 n 5 a Tu nab Tu U 22 7 h uHA ED gain m i ESE San jun I AL 95 ad a pity 39l Fl39n biwnindudiru ar culneed leg ClEn lLl and mostly lower limbs 39 15393 BF with 1 Firs hiewquot paint Erlr Archaic sites 4p 550C m 45GB HP is the peak of the drying trend lam1er 5 db Ntitherrnal H39dc e Archaic Feature at Lubbnlzk Lit Late Archaic I began 40W 1 3506 BF Lam Archaic hisun kill 1 5m d1 unly one known frurn 15 period in El 39I 5mm were kil ed and tuttiInd It t edge a the pin1 13950 3650 BF I At Lub39anck Lake nine LateArthai occupation wr lcu U Disturbtd bu med alithe ITEII39EITS Ceramic Period 20 l HOTEL Eyed Explure the Buried Cityquot in Uchl tnzl Cuunty I Canadian Auden1 a small Bupt39st school in the tunm uf Canadaquot 391 Tm upcdi un was the Err urguniznd anhcdb inl inmtiyldun in lam Expediu39uu ol studurm From the Canadian Andcmy camped t39Ndf Creek 3911 13quotquot spring 09 I907 I Flayd Studer U Eyerlr39 swdem I Sunder wuuld become 1h central Fugue in Panhandle arthnalugy fur me in yuan 21 22 23 24 Historyr of Investigations I jusie walmr Fewkus DI tho Bureau Mi mcrimI Ethnology a 3951 Smithsonian lns litutim In 39lehingtan QC visited the Buricd City i1 Hi4 or ISIS History of Investigations 9 39Nlrru39l King Hunmhua Finalch Museum at F39rlilligs T U Fredrio39 H3temsl5 i1539 quot Cquot B ankf HI 9 Moomhnalf PHD Historyr of Investigations Wanm King Mooreheat Exmvztud at Bu rind City W identi ed over IDIJ sites in thenalas Panhandle Ii 5 rs archeologist to pruciairn that the Arr13 Credz ruin were neither Nahloan nor Hisissippun History oi Investigations U N C quotCurryquot Hulde l 919P churnxy Collage and Iamr Tm Tech 25 26 27 I Exn md atTarbux Run Anc cpr Ere 1 211w Sa diuback Ruin 28 I L aylns I911 I Ella Puebla I waited 1 sun In hi thl39nnde l Antuhp Crack 22 l wrntn SIX page Fm39zi39mu39itr U by the rrrd 19313 tlc area was known quotmarally ice i5 inmrcstng artltaene39agin he with their nan slab L 39litnctua39e 39 Interestingly in work Will dun an the Hains39v39 ilgt sites during the I940 1nd I950 U Un39mnwtves hugan working in the are in the 9935ack Hughvt39 wnrknd a seven Armmu Creek Sites in LI 6215 GEM wuri ninth91 with road pruiutzs and reservoirs nos recently 30 Antelnpe Creek U ArrEcpn Crcdtquotmpmzunu 1 pwuntv mix Di masan zm limcmrn mminiba39ntcf puch as in the thhwusm39n Unit s Sun and a mum IL culture bearing min similarities in Ccrtml Plain m39lagl hming sacicn39esquot F Cinmmscn39acd are Alihaus ayrjzud damnlite 31 Alibatusr 32 TAS Fidel Echomquot at Buried Cityfn l iBde I953 I Huumhua I CL Iadian Valley culmn 39 the Texan hnhz de cumin 39 1h Fanhmdle culwrc 33 34 What39s in a Name I Haldnn I Canadian ulmn I Panhandle Camth culture I 3955 chse culture 35 What39s in a Name I We Panhandle phat using mu d mustcm dani mtjnn xymern 36 What39s in a Name I Studc l FastBaskeunakur culture I Tm Panhand culture I Puebla cdmre U Krieger I39M I ntnlnpe Crank I quotTa 11mm u dauin Amnlnpi Crank Focus 15 idmr 1 Rains er Fueblmn cultune is in cusible for it was clearly I mmb na m of bathquot What39s in a Name I Upper Canark variant I Andapn Creek phase I Buried City Crxnplnx I Apis na phase Antelope Creek Phase I Norseman U ca AD IZIIIEI tD 55031me dust 3 I450 Ear In dun I lnTnxu and Oklahoma panhandle 37 38 39 4o Orlgms l Tm Hains F Tm Cami area I Indiguncus group I Ding Owsluy39 I Biologically Anzdopl Creek Folk don39t have similarities with other Southern Fiains Village you Bioarchaeolugy I andheaden wid39 a musical cranial wult U madman height U Hm had Irth c damnation in the arm juinr39 U Few dental pmblerns I Men at more mum 5an wmen Sites 0 Temporary camp I Hierarchy af nbim on aim I kullmd farmstczdsfhurncstud 39 lel39lllts U larger village I Panibiy mm Elisan kill site I QuarrI aim S ab Architecture 41 42 43 44 Typical Amulupe Crank Rnurn lmplicatinns U Caud hm unnimnd a male huus cooler in summer and warmer in wimnn 921139 a wind screen I E nr and slum imply they planInd an bizLg chagrin lung rm Construction and Maintenance 0 Greamr imminent in canstructr cn nrdutes maintenance EDSB U Greater investment in mainslance pram hangar use life 50 51 52 Subsistence Technology mth xi I 54 Ceramics Burger Cordmarked Us 392 I 1 aquot Bone Tools 9 a 391 Burlals ll 4 buri sJuls dun 70 individual sites burial m shallow graves usually n land 1 um umd pusidur I half in humus prniaahly a pain huusu 39 i banduned bunny sometime buried an ear Grave Goods I half burials had gnw gland I no dist minadon based on age cc sex m women and children only one on have nm bll artifact in gm U m prefect paint with wonbun 57 58 59 60 Abandnnment I Rap dly abandnnul Antelope Creek aim canND I45 U nmsmrs 96 northern Caddu l Anusbur a Pawnee1 Buried City Pi Ali I39m H Cur Bu ried City I pan uf a du39nct mltum uf it own pengle pmcticed herimltur I cum and probtu smashbmhand other craps 39 hennad Em zfq deer and nthzr 53ml U hmmzd will wit sleds Ranmu and 1le plant caads 61 62 63 Ki Coumn Home gt I In H w L J I239 mun 25133 l39ne with In mum Ihu 21 about u upquot amquot 65 Tupuyiahr reer quotw shawl uubxms of aura GL1 Ilum in mimnmipuaWTCmck mew1 Wm 66 Sums C11 Hausa king rm anal Lquot can a Hudcs shaming duublnepc incal minim ta nuke walls quot39 39iiz Eyerly s quotTemplequot Haar 39mad died it Gould Ruin 69 7O 71 72 Eyeriy39s Temple 39 Thu longmi a the mucum 1393 oriuaned 30quot cal ad numb and extends fur about 22 meters 3391 feet I It was sum 7 H mean 23 15 hut wide I EyerbI Iquot was 1 burial mamd I Hunmhnad de ned itts 1 TJltjp ETml39 nructurr with 1 central burial mamw 41130 A ham 5 Iapi KatiFilm Sm 73 74 75 Pa u Dum Complex 7 M114 HITTex lingan Mum thxdu Cums Lucian E Capruck Cm ryunhnds Goals of this Lect re Descme the Came1 Cmnlmds 5 Ln mhggh mlly igri mn gigging subrlgjm 51m arm the are Holman cumquotc D 39 1nd Manchuate ldmt f I39mWI Edmund pk mil mmplmu mum the Pain Bum an n Identiy the mam arthanalngm minim madman witn w male Rigel int 1h stamina in IiI n5 mum IL1 Smulun 0quot lie InctrcuILual rclmanzhlu hl39lWL lflI Pam Dun presJul am 1quot rukun Wuml Hum Dwdmm39s Skeltnnx 739 i 739 l 1 5 Palm Dum Complex U I and I574JIE5lt Hdghes and Patrick Mlle de ned the File Dun Curnplmn U included Muplb bruwnwaras and czrfy urnnr and bu nmd1nd am paints U Site mac indu e mcmdws amp 9125 and what are classi ed as raiderrt39n base If 39 Resudentla quot 39 Bases 1 Km Creek i 7 and SamWahl 15125 i 7 Km Crank sit Artifacts 5 arrnlw point I dam point other chipped 5mm tool cum dating 10 mama eight mutate impemu 3 1 bruwrrware shard 5am WIS39II s39m Miuurbcn L H Dams Emur quot quot 3 SamWahl 39sitn Stanza Pi Fawn IT in various rages ui warmJun f 1 Kent Creek Str I Burlai IIi aduit 5511312 in t39ymiy md pasmun in a circuinr pit in the our uipithause I contained 4 macHied dem bonu and 3 modi ed mnei shells as gnu uf erings F tip E In am pann Gaund balm body 54 my have bean mus Di dead I pdhnusc Ibanduned miter the burial yzADl 555 31 20 In English Pilease I Ha ha mun durmg Trlr mnzl Ard m rms tadEl l in 5m but am mmpimhtr Palm Dun main by AD 500 IAITH 1me D I IGD i Disappcvtd qum suddentlv i Canturlpmuwn thWbudaml DalmatiaI5 in the FanPam qu wmlgm CHI lms Hannah phucand 1mm Magellan 21 22 23 24 Kant Cl39lllkl d Sam Wm Gruundxtmlu Am m LAM 5mm maze m1quot fame Cllysite 1 v x Subsistence I Bimn hunting and use of blsan as a faod resource are paurty dacumenned I Hulupe lunes of emdenm ingest Lhe main smxitence resauras for Pale Dunc complex peoples were plant foods I Mesquite beans and 131m oak awms may have been umpomnt foods 25 26 27 28 Subsistence I Some bun 5 lirrxted hur culturegess aly inmr umted into a seasonal pattern of rezuurce collectien U Cuneidenble variaan in site human which indium degree 13139 residential mnbilitywhieh in turn suggest EEBIGHPJ organization cf whe etenee actiw es T Settlement Pattern II THEquot eryrt39zed their mhe39stenee aethi39t39es on 1 sentinel basis I Their adapeive matey may e1relrlela mobile and predcrninnte y plant cvrierrted WhatWe Guess Reckshu39ters and can1 sites were prububiy habiuzian aim H111 were occupied at d erent true a the year than the rexidential base I he dif erent ee wizies lavidem at the effl39erent site hmtingvs plant pmeessing may Fee related to seamm Dementiuns More Guesses U Ruidenzial hues 39h El39E aceupied between late summer and late all when plant units were rialtested and showeel 391 The use elf ange leaturle implies the site were Dempied du ring the nr ddle tn late winur 111e clching ed meteors india te s tempcunt seasonal ibandmment ol 39le residential buses 29 30 31 32 A Possibility IE rhcfwnm pmcziiing horticulmrethey my have utmpied 151 resident ni has she or a bi snasunal basis m39 w Before and After U THEquot may hm amally balm fulks frurn 15 quot junlad Hagullm am whn maven 39rm Eh Caprad Cnnyunfnnds I Thuse nlks may have then bzcumn 1fquot un ginui Toyah ulLu re 33 34 35


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