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Physical Geology

by: Orion Terry

Physical Geology GEOL 1303

Orion Terry
GPA 3.73

Harold Gurrola

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About this Document

Harold Gurrola
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Orion Terry on Thursday October 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to GEOL 1303 at Texas Tech University taught by Harold Gurrola in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 36 views. For similar materials see /class/226452/geol-1303-texas-tech-university in Geology at Texas Tech University.


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Date Created: 10/22/15
mum mmmerl tes A Th2 gues shave are aasssechms uf ma ems attwa mm m agmuacmms u hungm 32 ande unung are se memuymcksm s A x may are xguzwusmcks x may are ma cmcksfmm the same mm swing The surface w has awaculartzxuxe mam base ufbesnmmeummphased b2 and bmhhm agnmls ufal mug mLhzm m and a are bum shale wnh mm 55101125 fassls are mlpxesenl m my fth mm mck mus b4 and 32 are bmhhmegmewnh smdufassls hzsefassls are nmpxesmtmanyaf39he um mck mug Ahasfngnmtsufxand m 1 Vlknchxs39hzwmgz 9A b x c u manummmmuaumugm 2 2 Vlknchxs39hznldesv M b x c M hewennhatuludal wvugha em 2 Nknchxs39hewmgz gm b v c 25 mums 4 Vlhxchxs39henldesv M b 32 cm djx ejnmenaugnnfmmahmpmwded 5 Vlknchxs39hzwmgz 9v b m on m7 ejmtenaugnnfmmahmpmwded a Vknchaf39hefa vwmgplmelshnveamangmagwhc elm Menus mam chars nanmm ejallaf39heabwve by A Lanai Suhadznce a RxsngseaLevzls C Fa swea ngMdOcemRndgzs D Melunglce Caps E A fth Am 2 xrwmmmhm panscmmmaqupummmemrmmyxpmsnum dangle mam mm mm mm decaysequenceszJEl years m agus messmmsjnnyms bS7EIEI years c 1mm years mn years 2 mun years 9 If a specimen has 2 parts C14 the radiogenic parent element for every 6 parts N14 the daughter product and the halflife of this decay sequence is 5700 years the age is a less than 5700 years b 5700 years c 11400 years d 17100 years e 22800 years 10 Atypical transgressive depositional sequence is a shale limestone sandstone b sandstone shale sandstone c limestone shale sandstone d sandstone shale limestone 11 What planet other than Earth appears to have two different types of crust a Mars b Mercury c Venus e no other planet d b and c 12 What is force per unit area astrain bfolding cstress d deformation 13 What is the usual cause for high grade metamorphic rock to be found at Earth s surface a original horizontality b erosion c isostatic uplift dbandc eaandb 14 Which of the following is evidence for the big bang theory a 98 of the universe is filled with H ans He b a red shift in light from most distant galaxies c a blue shift in light from most distant galaxies daandb eaandc 15 What causes a mineral to leak radiogenic daughter products a weathering b heat c age dating d both a and b e both b and c 16 Local transgression is caused by which of the following a ice caps melting b spreading of midocean ridges c subsidence d A amp B e all ofthe above 17 In an eroded anticline the oldest rock will be found in the center a true b false 18 A good index fossil must have which of the following properties a hard part b exist for a long period of geological time c found in few locations d a and b e a and c 19 The densest planet is a Mercury b Venus c Earth d Mars e the moon For each of the following use a for true and b for false 20 Normal faults are caused by tensile stress 21 Transform faults never leave fault scarps 22 The theory of nuclear synthesis says everything heavier than iron was created in a supernova 23 The continental keel refers to the hot dense enriched in iron mantle beneath continents 24 In electron capture radioactive decay a proton turns into a neutron 25 Folding is where a rock is deformed under stress 26 Prevailing theory is that the moon formed at the same time as the Earth 27 The greenstone belts appear to be metamorphosed fragments of back arc oceanic crust 28 Accretion only happens at subduction zones 29 If a mineral leaks the radiogenic daughter products it will result in an age date that is too oung 30 Plunge is the compass orientation of the line made by a bedding plane and the horizontal plane Final Exam form1 The next several question refer to the Bowen s reaction series given abov 1 Granite a 78926 b4512 c 12 1 34 e 3456 2 Rhyolite a 78926 b 4512 c 12 1 34 e3456 3 Oceanic crust a 78926 b 4512 c 12 1 34 e3456 4 Plagioclase a 78926 b 4512 c 12 1 34 e 3456 5 Are allAluminum silicates a 78926 b4512 c 12 1 34 e 3456 6 Ferromagnesian silicates a 78926 b4512 c 12 1 34 e 3456 7 Of these which forms at highest temperature a 1 b 3 c 5 d 7 e 9 8 Forms in double silica chains a 1 b 3 c 5 d 7 e 9 9 RichestinFe a 1 b 3 c 5 d 7 e9 10 MgFeSiOi a 1 b 3 c 5 d 7 e9 11 Has the most viscous magma a 1 b 3 c 5 d 7 e 9 12 Lowest grade metamorphic mineral a 1 b 3 c 5 d 7 e 9 13 Sedimentary rocks are those rocks which form at or near the earth39s surface at relatively low temperatures and pressures primarily by A deposition by water wind or ice B precipitation from solution may be biologically mediated and or C grth in position by organic processes e g carbonate reefs D All of the Above 14 Which of the follong sedimentary processes is the result of a loss of uid energy A Transportation B Deposition C Weathering D None of the Above 15 Regional metamorphism is the result of contact with a magma body a true b false 16 Viscosity is the measure of a uid s resistance to ow a True bFalse 17 Ice gets its energy by viscosity b velocity b viscosity 18 Wind gets its energy by viscosity b velocity b viscosity 19 A poor1y sorted rock with angular sand sized fragments is a sand stone b breccia c arkose d conglomerate e shale 20 A well sorted rock with clay sized grains is a sand stone b breccia c arkose d conglomerate e shale 21 In water viscosity seems to be very low a true b false 22 Well sorted sediments are very likely depositedby ice a true b false 23 A uid with gradational changes in energy is likely to deposit well sorted sediment a true b false 24 The excess charge in the silicate ions in Quartz are all neutralized by a sharing oxygen ions b sharing carbon ions c Adding positive ions d a and b e a and c 25 Oolites have tendency to form in a deep waters b deep in the Earth s crust c anywhere there is nitrogen d shallow carbonate banks e in the sahara s 26 A very waterrich runny mud ow under the ocean is the a turbidity current b jet stream c fault line d mud ow current e wave current 27 A stable chemical compound has a charge of a Zero b One c Two d Ten e Not Enough Information to Determine 28 The density of a mineral is dependent on which of the following a what ions it is composed of b its crystalline structure c a and 29 Based on climate which has the highest weathering rate a New York b The Amazon c Phoenix d Lubbock e Oklahoma City 30 Feldspar is the most abundant mineral in igneous rocks a True b False 31 What is the main food source of coral a Fish b Symbiotic Algae c Water d Anemities e Molluscs The process of converting sediments into solid rock by compaction and cementation is known as a clastic erosion b lithi cation c weathering d regional metamorphosis 33 The basic building block of all silicate mineral structures is the 7 i a graphic ion b oxidation factor c tetrahedral binomials d silicate ion tetraherdron 34 Phyllite is a higher grade metamorphic rock than Gneiss a true b false 35 Burial can be a source of heat and pressure for regional metamorphism a true b false 36 Large grain igneous rocks form in lava ows A true B false 37 High grade metamorphic rocks have smaller grains than low grade A true B false Cleavage is dependent on a minerals crystalline structure A true B false Low temperature high pressure metamorphic rocks form at shallow depths near the accretionary wedge in subduction zones A true B false 32 V WW DDO VV For questions following questions refer to the periodic table above 40 How many protons does Mg have a 10 b 3 c 12 d 13 e none ofthese 41 What areis likely common ionic charges of O a 1 b 71 c 2 d 72 e a and c 42 How many electron shells does Mg have a 1 b 2 c3 d4 e5


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