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Interpersonal Communication

by: Mrs. Katharina Larkin

Interpersonal Communication COMS 1301

Mrs. Katharina Larkin
GPA 3.74

Narissra Carter

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About this Document

Narissra Carter
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mrs. Katharina Larkin on Thursday October 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to COMS 1301 at Texas Tech University taught by Narissra Carter in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 84 views. For similar materials see /class/226453/coms-1301-texas-tech-university in Communication Studies at Texas Tech University.


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Date Created: 10/22/15
CHAPTER 5 LANGUAGE the nature of language language is symbolic words are arbitrary and have no meaning in themselves language is rulegoverned phonological rules how sounds are combined syntactic rules ways symbols can be arranged semantic rules tells us what interpretation of the message is appropriate eX y I will y to Dallas this weekend I see a y on the wall that girls is so y pragmatic rules tells us what interpretation is appropriate in a given context EX I want to see you Different if your boss said it vs if it was said by your lover SAPIR WORF HYPOTHESIS ass0ciated with linguistic relativism Worldview of a culture is shaped and re ected by the language its members speak Naming and Identity Hyp0thetical people with common names were given higher grades than unusual names Credibility Dr Fox was based on a fraudulent lecture given by an actor All he did was use big words and all the students all thought he was very well informed about his area of study credibility can affect the vocabulary that you use Status eX my fair lady ass0ciated t0 attractiveness Affiliationa attraction and interest Convergence and Divergence Convergence meaning adapting communication style to that of an interviewer etc Divergence is the opposite m Speech mannerisms examples ofless powerful language hedges I guess I d like to I think we should hesitations uhwell intensifiers so that s how I feel I m not hungry polite forms excuse me tag questions isn t it don t ya think disclaimers I probably shouldn t say this this is really stupid 9959 Uses and abuses of language precision and vagueness Ambiguous language more than one de nition ex I love you and I love milk shakes abstraction ways of generalizing ex saying you look nice instead of that color of dress looks good on you Aexample might be on test you can make your language amp thinking less abstract amp more clear by making BEHAVIORAL DESCRIPTIONS euphamism pleasant words for blunt ones ex bigboned instead of FAT or golden years instead of old age deathpassed away fightaltercation prostitutefemale escort relative language gains meaning by comparison ex expensive dinner 7could mean different things to different people words like rich is relative because rich to someone else might mean earning 50Kyear while another person might see earning 400Kyear as rich static evaluation mistaken assumption that things are consistent Korzybski dating using dates to mark an occurrence and see trends The Language of Responsibility it statements avoids responsibility it bothers me when you don t take me out to eat but statements the effect of canceling the thought that precedes it you re a great workerbutwe gotta re you 1 Language I is more accurate and less provocative way to express a complaint 3 parts 1 the person s behavior 2 your feelings 3 the conseguences the other s behavior has for you EX 1 get embarrassed feeling when you talk about my bad grades in front of our friends behavior I m afraid they will think I m stupid consequence You Language signals otherorientation when praising sounds critical during confrontation We Language signals concern for both people involved commitment amp cohesiveness Emotive Language seems to describe something but really announces the speaker s attitude toward it EX if you approve you say Thrifty traditional extrovert cautious exciting If you don t approve you say Cheap oldfashion loudmouth coward angry MALE AND FEMAILE LANGUAGE USE C0ntent Both talk about work moviesTV sex dating appearance Females relationships family health clothing food amp reproductive matters Males sports hobbies amp activities REASONS FOR COMMUNICATING both use language to maintain and build relationships malemale conversations because they like the same thing femalefemale conversations they need to feel needed females 9 nurture relationships males 9 accomplish a task


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