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by: Juvenal Schoen


Juvenal Schoen
GPA 3.88

Jamie Cooper

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About this Document

Jamie Cooper
Class Notes
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This 33 page Class Notes was uploaded by Juvenal Schoen on Thursday October 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to NS 3325 at Texas Tech University taught by Jamie Cooper in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 36 views. For similar materials see /class/226456/ns-3325-texas-tech-university in Natural Sciences at Texas Tech University.




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Date Created: 10/22/15
if Nutriti939 Introduction to Sports Nutrition Chapter 1 What is sports nutrition A specialization within the nutrition field Requires knowledge of both nutrition and exercise sc1ence Goes beyond general health and wellness Sports nutrition involves 7 Providing energy for exercise andor competition 7 Providing nutrients for repair recovery and adaptation to physical training 7 Designing practical dietary strategies to achieve above goals fDZD ZJthSK 3mm mining LLC mw blaam Pg mm Why study sports nutrition It is a new and exciting area of study It is an area that is generating lots of research interest Job opportunities are growing for those with sports nutrition backgrounds It is a great adjunct to anyone involved in the fitnessexercise or nutrition industry fDZD ZJthSK 3ai1iuHL2mmngLLC WWWquot Pg mm What are the basic nutrients W 0 Macronutrients 7 Carbohydrates 7 Proteins 7 Fats Micronutrients 7 Vitamins 7 Mnerals 0 Water Essential Nutrient 7 Body requires these to function properly and must obtain them from the diet body cannot manufacture 2012Jouesamp anianLLC WW mm m m What are carbohydrates CHFOH M KOH a HNLEt L AH 80 Composed of sugars ie glucose Sugars are compounds made of 0 carbon hydrogen and oxygen Provide the body with energy A kcals gram Found in many foods mostly in grains fruits and vegetables 9 2m Janus amp 3mm Learmng LLC Phamzammmgsem liAml AEld Stru cfu re Hmquot What are proteins mm CI C C x o Composed of amino acids 7 Essential 7 Nonessential Made of carbon hydrogen oxygen andnitrogen Involved in development growth and repair of body tissues Found in many foods but mostly in S dairy and meats and beans quot Provide some energy kcalsgram R group lvarlanl dc a a iqwmgm What are fats Also known as lipids Made up of 0 Carbon hydrogen oxygen Serve as a concentrated form of energy kcalsgram Provide structure to body tissues 7 Nerves 7 Cell membranes Are concentrated in foods such as butter oils and meats h oiodmng uc u u 9 com What are Vitamins Micronutrients Composed of carbon and other elements To be considered a Vitamin 0 Must be obtained from diet 0 Are essential to at least one vital process Are found in nearly all foods particularly fruits and vegetables Vitamin Classifications 39 Water soluble 7 BVitamins 7 C 0 Fat soluble 7 A 7 D 7 E 7 K Pham Phams cam lDquotZJnnesampSatm wxIw blna ptsys d if el Emtent s ather than carbon Serve important structural elastrical and chemical roles in the body E amp 5mm Leammg m Jones and awyaEii U B siVe39Vs lVlineral Classifications Major requirements gt100 mg day 7 Examples 0 Calcium 0 Sodium 0 Potassium Chloride and others Minor requirements 31 00 mgday 7 Examples 0 Iron Zinc Dietary Sources copper Many including meat beans 0 Iodine and others and 2012Jonusamp3anlen mining uc WW blaam kg mm 20 9 5 toi6390 of body weight 0 Essential for life 7 Temperature regulation 7 Lubrication 7 Transport Water also found in Juices milk coffee tea soda mg a Photomsc FIultS vegetables soups mum mummmgnc WWW m How does the body produce energy Carbohydrates fats and Carbon male protelns are metabollzed kcavgy 39 Prolem Energy 1s produced N J 4 an Adenosme trlphosphate 74 Fat ATP 1s formed Skeetg ATP ATP is the direct Energy pmemial in load source of energy for muscle activity 2012Jonusamp anen Lyammg dc WW blnam kg tom What are the nutrient intake Values 0 Recommended Dietary Allowances RDA V 7 Developed in 1941 7 US National Academy of Sciences 0 Used by health 4 professionals to assess g and plan diets E E Conservative Numem intake RECOMMEVDED D ETAHY ALLOWANCE Old System or Method mm WSHKJSIQZZCC ZS SS What are the nutrient intake values 0 Dietary Reference Intakes DRIs 7 Expands the RDA 7 Includes other quantities EAR AI and UL k Paws mm New System or Method Continually being reviewed 9 scientific data gathered and published remunme saw u n9 LLC mw blaam Pg mm Meets the nutrient needs a 50 of a particular population Estimated Average Requirement EAR Number of people Nutrient intake ESTIMATED AVERAGE REQUIREMENT BZDIZJunes k anbu Leammg m www blaammg mm Adequate Intake Established when there is insuf cient scientific evidence to calculate and ARRDA Number of people trient intake ADEQUATE INTAKE BZDIZJunes Mame Leammg m WW an mm Higher nutrient Intake Man this would be harmful Tolerable Upper Intake Level UL em Intake 9 TOLERABLE UPPER INTAKE LEVEL mmzmes k anleu Leammg m Wm an mm Whatis the difference between enrichment and fortification Milli rocessi of GT 39 Removes Germ and Bran which contain majority of vitamins and minerals Refined Grains Products have undergone Milling so less nutritious White flours bread pasta rice crackers and cereals Enrichment Fortification 0 Addition of vitamins or 0 Addition of vitamins or minerals minerals 39 Thiamin ribo avin niacin iron Adds nutrients not originally Replaces nutrients that were present in food lost in processing Milling of Folic Acid 9 Grains food 39 Vitamin D 9 Milk fDZD ZJcnqsi 3ar1lult2mmngLLC WWWquot Pg mm What are the Dietary Guidelines for Americans Developed in 1980 HHS and USDA 7 HHS Health and Human Services 7 USDA United States Department of Agriculture Published every 5 years Provide sciencebased advice on 7 Dietary and physical activity habits 1 Promote health 2 Reduce risk of chronic disease 7 CVD Diabetes Hypertension 20 2qusamp 3mm mining LLC WWWquot Pg mm What are the Dietary Guidelines for Americans Consume adequate nutrients Within calorie needs Balance calories ingested With calories expended to prevent weight gain Engage in regular physical activity including cardiovascular conditioning stretching and resistance training What are the Dietary Guidelines for Americans continued Consume a variety of fruits and vegetables While staying Within energy needs Limit intake of fats particularly those high in saturated and trans fatty acids Consume rich sources of carbohydrates such as fruits vegetables and Whole grains Choose and prepare foods With little What are the Dietary Guidelines for Americans continued Drink alcoholic beverages in moderation Follow food safety practices 7 Clean hands preparation surfaces and foods 7 Separate raw cooked and readytoeat foods 7 Cook foods to safe temperatures to kill bacteria 7 Chill foods promptly and defrost properly 7 Avoid unpasteurized and uncooked foods from animal sources What is MyPlate A guide to improve the nutrition and Wellbeing ofAmeIicans Pa1t ofneW 2010 DietaIy guidelines Balancing Calories 7 Enjoy your food but eat less 7 Avoid oversized portions Food to Increase 7 Make halfyour plate fruits and vegetables 7 Make at least halfyour grains whole grains 7 Switch to fatfree or lowfat 1 milk Food to Reduce Chcmsmdwzlrj 7 gov Compare sodium in foods like soup bread and frozen meals 7 and choose the foods with lower numbers 7 Drink water instead of sugary drinks wwwMyPlate gov mm lanes amp Sardall lemon LLC WW Ham on cam What are the Dietary Guidelines for Americans continued 0 Use food labels to help you make better choices 7 Check for calories 7 Be sure to look at the serving size and how many servings you are actually consuming 7 Choose foods with lower calories saturated fat trans fat and sodium 7 Check for added sugars using the ingredients list I When a sugar is close to rst on the list the food is high in added sugars I Some names for added sugars include sucrose glucose high fructose corn syrup corn syrup maple syrup and fructose Nutrition Labeling of F00d Food and Drug Administration FDA oversees labeling Labeling includes 7 Product identity 7 Net Contents 7 Ingredient List 7 Nutrition Facts Panel 7 Manufacturer Information 7 Any health claims e Jones and Eameu Punnsnevs ezmz Jones amp Sanlgu Lsarmng uc WW blnam g mm 0 Statement of Identity 7 Commonly used name or descriptive title of the food product Swami a may ZDIZJunes amp samequot Leammg uc www blaammg mm Nutrition Labeling of Food continued 0 Net Contents 7 Found on the front of the label along the bottom edge 7 Indicates the quantity of food in the package 7 Expressed in weight volume or count Nvl o39mmls m we gammy mm Jones amp 5mg Lyarmng LLC WW blnam g mm 39 Manufac irerlnforma on 7 Usually in small print Uslm 7 Located near the 1 mm ingredient list A imam mm 1 mamluum r Numllan twig mmzmes gamut Leammg m www bleammg mm How can the ingredient list be useful to athletes 0 Ingredients are listed in descending order of predominance by weight 0 List can be used to evaluate nutritional quality of food 0 List can be used to avoid certain additives or foods to which athlete may be allergic or intolerant nnnumnvsnwht mmmmng www 712g m 23 aw comm mmrcumw Ms m mm mm sumum ammum aunsmvz cm M Law Wm mm u a wwmwmausi m w rnmmwwr H 56w wzv cowhsnwck my mums n9 LLC vg mm How can the Nutrition Factsquot panel be useful to athletes Information important to athletes 7 Serving size information 7 Total calories 7 Calories from fat 7 Carbohydrate and protein content 7 Vitamin and mineral information 7 Daily values gaming he laam kg mm Nutrition Facts panel Lism as servings not per package Micrcnutrients that must be present 7 Vitamins A and C 7 Calcium and Iron Percentage of kcals from fat 7 Divide calcries from fat by tctal calories and multiply b 100 7 Eg 10 calories from fat divided by 90 calories 100 111 Daily Values are based on a 2000kcal diet 7 Most athletes will be consuming much more than 2000kcalday Nutrition Facts Sew ng Amuunl m Sewlng warning nc WW laam kg mm Considerations When Developing an Athlete s Nutrition Plan Health history Energy demands of the sport Total weekly training and competition time Living arrangements Access to food Travel schedules


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