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Human Resources in the Hospitality Industry

by: Lizzie Baumbach

Human Resources in the Hospitality Industry RHIM 5355

Marketplace > Texas Tech University > Hotel Restaurant & Institution Mgmt > RHIM 5355 > Human Resources in the Hospitality Industry
Lizzie Baumbach
GPA 3.63

Shane Blum

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About this Document

Shane Blum
Class Notes
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This 17 page Class Notes was uploaded by Lizzie Baumbach on Thursday October 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to RHIM 5355 at Texas Tech University taught by Shane Blum in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 22 views. For similar materials see /class/226481/rhim-5355-texas-tech-university in Hotel Restaurant & Institution Mgmt at Texas Tech University.

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Date Created: 10/22/15
NIVER TY TEXAS TE Human Resuurees in the Huspitamy Industry MISSION STATEMENT The rnrssron of the Restaurant Hotel and Insmunonal Management program 5 to prepare and r to soerety as awhole C CURSE DE SCRIFTION wru V Mk M V READING MATERIALS IversonK M I mmMu w Hum u 1 Hr mm H mm deuh39v u p n um Approach Prenuce Hall NI EVALUATION Grades Wm be proportroned accordmg to the fouovnng sea1e 30 quotu A 90 e 100 Topreal Papers 7 papers at 10 pornts 70 A B 80 e 89 A Total W c 70 a 79 quotu D so 7 69 quotu 8 Exererses Not graded F Below so v mm W m v vumt Manua1Ffoh Edmon You ean get some assrstanee wrth APA fonnamng at Lhexrwebsxte h r edueatron 5355 Human Resources in the Hospitality Industry Dr Shane C Blum shaneb1umttuedu 7423068 Office 7487683 Home The following lessons follow the progression of the textbook PowerPoint slides accompany each chapter Some slides may summarize topics from the text while others introduce additional information Read both the text and slides to get a comprehensive understanding of the topic TOPIC EXERCISE 1 Leadership 1 Personality Spectrum 2 Communication amp Con ict 2 Con ict Style 3 Decision Making 4 Personal Mastery amp Mentoring 4 How Do Others See You 5 Hiring amp Interviewing 6 Training 6 Inner Power 7 Motivation amp Goals 7 Motivational Needs 8 Performance Appraisals 9 Labor Laws 10 Labor Relations 10a Stress Test 10b Burnout 11 Evolution of Management Theory 12 Strategic Management 12 Management Style 13 Diversity 14 Quality Movement Exercises I Some topics have corresponding exercises associated with them You should complete the exercise first and then view the PowerPoint slides for that topic The scoring for the exercise is explained in the slides These exercises are for your own selfdevelopment They do not have to be submitted to the instructor and will not be graded however the information from these exercises can be used to support points made in your written assignments I There is also a personal vision Topic 4 and cultural identity Topic 13 exercise within that section s PowerPoint presentation if you would like to try those Memos There are six memos from Mr Big the owner of a fictitious Hawaiian resort to his managers on a variety of topics Most of the topics pertain to labor law violations which you will not actually cover until Section 9 however most of them only require common sense to handle properly For each memo simply write a return memo to Mr Big that addresses the issue These should be in memo format and should only be a paragraph or two Brie y explain the reasons for your response In many cases you will need to cite speci c laws that will be broken if you handle the situation the way Mr Big wants to Each memo response is worth 5 points toward your final grade I will be looking for a clear and concise response that accurately applies labor laws pertaining to the issue Therefore I suggest you wait until after the section 9 discussion on labor laws before you begin responding to the memos AFTER you have emailed me your memo response scroll to the next page of Mr Big s memo and read an actual EEOC case that I based the memo on Please write your response first before reviewing the case I think it makes it more interesting to make your own decisions and then read what really happened Disclaimer Mr Big is an opinionated hottempered bigot Please do not take offense to anything that is presented in these memos You may read the memo and think No one could be this stupid However once you read the actual EEOC case you ll be surprised Topical Paper There are seven topical paper assignments for this course Each paper must contain properly cited references and must be typed doublespaced 12font and be three to four pages in length Your responses should be based upon theories discussed in the text and slides but should also emphasize the application of these theories illustrated by your opinions and experiences I will use the following criteria to determine a grade for each paper Thorough discussion of the theories pertaining to the topic N Indepth application of the theories LA Proper citations and APA formatting 4 Grammar syntax and general readability Each assignment is numbered to correspond with the topical section it addresses The assignments are spread throughout the length of the course and should be written after you complete the reading assignments for that section Much of the information that you will need to write these papers can be found in the text and slides Some additional outside research may be necessary to effectively respond to some of the scenarios Make sure you properly cite any outside references both within the text and in a reference list Topical Paper Assignments 1 Leadership Using three different leadership theories discuss using specific details how each theory would explain how a leader should best deal with the following situation You are the new general manager of a soldout lSOroom hotel in Fort Worth Texas that according to accurate weather predictions is about to be hit by a tornado 2 Communication One could argue that effective communication is the key to successful management Imagine that you are the general manager of a hotel that is experiencing a variety of communication problems between guests management and employees Using communication theories as the basis for your answer discuss in detail what you would do to alleviate these problems 4 Mentoring You are the human resources manager for a large hotel that is experiencing unprecedented turnover among your newly hired supervisors in a variety of departments You think it has something to do with the lack of mentoring for the new supervisors so you have decided to institute a formal mentoring program for all newly hired supervisors What are some of the issues that you will need to consider before you implement this program What characteristics will you look for in both mentors and mentees for the program What benefits do you anticipate from a mentoring program Brie y discuss what you will need to do in order to get this program off the ground 6 Training You are the new front office manager at a 450room hotel that to your astonishment has no front office training manual You decide to create a training manual and institute a thorough training program What are some of the theories pertaining to employee training that you will have to consider What will be your first course of action Describe the training process that you will establish Write an example of one of the training objectives you will develop for your front office staff 9 Labor Laws Using speci c laws as examples discuss how federal legislation in uences the human resource process from recruitment to termination in the hospitality industry 11 Management Theories Select three management theories and describe specific situations in the hospitality industry where each theory would be the most effective and the most ineffective Provide industryrelated examples and the reason why that management style would be appropriate for that example 13 Diversity You are the General Manager of a hotel in New York City that employs an extremely ethnically and culturally diverse workforce Discuss how a diverse workforce can be beneficial and can create a competitive advantage for your hotel Your predecessor did not embrace the diversity of the hotel staff describe in detail how you are going to create a program that embraces this diversity Stress and Burnout in The following slides correspond with the Stress amp Burnout Exercises Stress Test 150 You have a very small Chance of illness or injury due to stress 150 299 You have a moderate Chance of illness or injury due to stress 300 You are at a high risk of illness or injury due to stress g Are You Getting Stressed Out 10 30 You have low stress levels Your current situation seems to be working well for you 31 59 You are moderately stressed 60 100 You are overstressed and should make Changes to reduce your stress levels V Phases of Burnout Emotional Exhaustion Measures feelings of emotional over extension and work exhaustion Number 1 symptom Depersonalization Measures an unfeeling ancl impersonal response towards others Common in service providers Personal Accomplishment o Measures feelings of competence and successful achievement in your work with people V Burnout Inventory Burnout Low Average High Emotional 1 299 3 499 500 Exhaus on Depersonalization 1 299 3 499 500 Personal 500 3 499 1 299 Accomplishment Labor Relations Right to Work States 43gt Right tn Wurk State g Right to Work States Secures the right of employees to decide for themselves whether or not to join or financially support a union Employees who work in the railway or airline industries may not be protected by a Right to Work law Texas A person may not be denied employment based on membership or non membership in a labor union The right to work is the right to live V HERE The Hotel Employees and Restaurant Employees International Union 300000 members across the US and Canada Most work in the hospitality trades industry There are 118 local unions ranging in size from a few hundred up to 40000 in Las Vegas 4 in Texas Dallas Houston Amarillo El Paso Laws Governing Unions gt The Wagner Act of 1935 gt Taft Hartley Act of 1946 gt Landrum Grif n Act of 1959 Union Organization Employees of a hotel or restaurant contact the local chapter of HERE HERE conducts a campaign schedules rallies and distributes flyers Employees sign authorization cards indicating they want the union If necessary NLRB holds a certification election with secret ballots 2001 by P eeee on Education Inc Upper Saddle River NJ 07458 MANAGING HUMAN RESOURCES IN THE HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY An Experiential Approach By Kathleen M lverson V Collective Bargaining Phase 1 Prenegotiation Phase 2 Negotiation teams Phase 3 Bargaining process Phase 4 Contract Phase 5 Ratification MANAGING HUMAN RESOURCES 2001 by P eeee on Education Inc IN THE HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY Upper Saddle River NJ 07458 An Experiential Approach By Kathleen M lverson Failure to Agree on Contract gt Strike gt Boycott gtLockout gt Third party mediation gt Contractual mediation MANAGING HUMAN RESOURCES 2001 by P eeee on Education Inc IN THE HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY Upper Saddle River NJ 07458 An Experiential Approach By Kathleen M lverson


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