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by: Eloise Lang IV

Discussion I S 1100

Eloise Lang IV
GPA 3.88

Phillip Neil Johnson

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About this Document

Phillip Neil Johnson
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Eloise Lang IV on Thursday October 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to I S 1100 at Texas Tech University taught by Phillip Neil Johnson in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 25 views. For similar materials see /class/226505/i-s-1100-texas-tech-university in Interdisciplinary Studies at Texas Tech University.


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Date Created: 10/22/15
FALL IS 1 100 TECH TRANSITION FRESHMAN SEMINAR 2008 Syllabus General Course Information Course Outline Sections C17 amp F17 INSTRUCTOR Dr Phillip Johnson Charles C Thompson Professor of Agricultural Finance Agricultural and Applied Economics OFFICE 310 Ag Sc Bldg PHONE 7420261 ext 237 E MAIL philjohnsonttuedu OFFICE HOURS 11001200 TR or by appointment I have an open door policy so stop in to see me anytime If I am unable to meet with you at that time we will schedule an appointment CLASS ROOM Ag Sc 308 CLASS TIME Aug 18 Aug 22 100 pm 250 pm Aug 25 Sept 15 Sept 22 Sept 29 200 pm 250 pm TEXT COLLEGE SUCCESS SIMPLIFIED By Enid Leonard Pearson Longman Publisher The Devil s Highway Freshman Reading Book By Luis Alberto Urrea Back Bay Books COURSE DESCRIPTION The objective of Tech Transition The Freshman Seminar is to provide an opportunity for you to gain the essential knowledge and skills necessary to achieve your educational objectives at Texas Tech University GRADING SCALE Attendance on time and prepared 25 Minus 5 points for each class missed Class Participation active and interested 25 Assignments on time and complete 25 Written reports on time and complete 25 CLASS PREPARATION You are expected to come to class prepared by reading and doing relevant assignments prior to class You are expected and encouraged to ask questions in class be in class on time and be prepared to discuss assigned topics All assignments must be completed for a passing grade Work turned in late will be given half credit unless excused INTERNET RESOURCES A course web page will be maintained at httpwwwaaecttuedufacultyphijohnsIS201lOOindex newhtm Material posted on the web page includes the course syllabus links to university resources and homework assignments ACADEMIC INTEGRITY Any form of academic dishonesty ie cheating plagiarism will not be tolerated Refer to the Student Affairs Handbook Part IX Code of Student Conduct CLASS ROOM CONDUCT Talking and disrupting class will not be tolerated Turn off cell phones and pagers during lecture do not read newspapers or other materials during class STUDENTS WITH DISABILITIES Any student who because of a disability may require some special arrangements in order to meet course requirements should contact the instructor as soon as possible to make necessary accommodations Students should present appropriate veri cation from Disabled Student Services Dean of Students Of ce 2008 FALL SEMESTER CALENDAR Aug 22 Last day to register without penalty Aug 25 Classes begin Sept 1 Labor day University holiday Sept 9 Freshmen Convocation 500 pm Student Union Allen Theatre Sept 10 Last day for studentinitiated drop on the Web Oct 27 Last day to drop a course Nov 621 Advance registration for Spring Semester Nov 2630 Thanksgiving holiday Nov 24 Dec 3 Period of no examination except makeup or lab exams Dec 3 Last day of classes Dec 4 Individual study day Dec 510 Final examinations for the fall semester DETAILED COURSE OUTLINE Corridor Monday August 18 100 250 pm Introduction Chapter 2 First Week Survival Position Announcement Education Costs 2008 Freshman Academic Regulations Assignment 1 Assessment of learning style due Tuesday August 19 Assignment 2 Identify yourself due Monday August 25 Tuesday August 19 100 250 pm Discussion of learning style assessment Chapter 3 Ongoing Survival Chapter 4 Con dence Building and Goal Setting Chapter 6 MultiSensory Learning Chapter 7 Getting Control of Your Time and Life Wednesday August 20 100 250 pm What is Critical Thinking Handout Critical Thinking Case discuss on Monday August 25 What do Professors do and expect What do you want your resume to look like when you graduate Chapter 14 Preparing for a Career Assignment 4 University resources report and presentation due Monday Sept 29 Thursday August 21 100 250 pm Plenary Session Diversity Health Study Abroad Ethics and the TTU Writing Center BA Lecture Hall 202 Friday August 22 100 250 pm Library Tour and demonstration Meet in the new book area of the library LibraryWriting Assignment due Monday August 25 Semester Monday Aug 25 200 250 pm Discuss Critical Thinking Case Monday Sept 15 200 250 pm Study Skills Chapters 8 7 13 from textbook Discuss the The Devil s Highway Monday Sept 22 200 250 pm Chapter 16 Managing Your Money Monday Sept 29 200 250 pm Presentation of written report on University Resource Assignment 5 Cultural Event due by November 25 LEARNING OUTCOMES Upon completion of this course the students will be able to CRITICAL THINKING Understand the critical thinking process related to success in an academic setting Measurement Participation in class discussion and completion of a onepage written assignment regarding a critical thinking case UNIVERSITY RESOURCES Recognize the availability of various university resources to assist with academic success and personal achievement while at Texas Tech University Measurement Competition of a written report and oral presentation on a university resource NOTE TAKING STUDYING TEST TAKING Understand basic skills for academic success Measurement Participation in class discussion LIBRARY USE Locate the library and retrieve information from various sources including books periodicals and data bases Measurement Successful completion of the I S 1100 Library Assignment DIVERSITYMULTICULTURALISM Understand the advantages to the university andor society andor the individual of a multicultural society Measurement Active participation in a classroom discussion about multiculturalism CULTURAL EVENT Analyze a cultural event such as a performance of an orchestra a play a musician an art display or other high culture performancepresentation Measurement Completion of a writing assignment analyzing the cultural event


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