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by: Kara Dibbert


Marketplace > Texas Tech University > Chemistry > CHEM 3351 > ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY
Kara Dibbert
GPA 3.65

Carol Korzeniewski

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About this Document

Carol Korzeniewski
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kara Dibbert on Thursday October 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CHEM 3351 at Texas Tech University taught by Carol Korzeniewski in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 19 views. For similar materials see /class/226510/chem-3351-texas-tech-university in Chemistry at Texas Tech University.




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Date Created: 10/22/15
Chem 3351 Practice Problems 4708 N Pquot Write the Nernst equation for a silver wire in a solution containing Ag ions Write an expression for E52 when 39 silver wire indicator electrode is used with a saturated calomel reference electrode SCE to measu h s conce tration ESCE 0241 V E log Ag what is the expected slo A re Ag DAgAg 0799 V If a calibration curve is constructed by plotting E52 versus pe ofthe line ns Emma EVEAW 005916 V log Ag E52 0558 V 0 5916 V log Ag slope 005916 Vdecade see pg 301 Harris For the glass pH electrode in the gure to the right highlight the outer reference electrod equot What is the ideal slope for the calibration curve of a glass membrane pH electrode when measurements are performed at 25 C Ans slope 005916 VpH unit A glass pH electrode gives a voltage of 0244 V in pH 70 buffer When placed in a test solution the voltage is 0327 V What is the pH of thetest solution Ans pH 56 1 mm a m wmmm uliumembnn m ma tum mm H Aqueous llinyxumlcn umuud mm 1mm 1 mum kn imm lu buku a svluglnallnwlluw tum mm m wielemadc u M m mm mm As 1 Chem 3351 Practice Problems 22708 x 9 FT czo A dilute acid solution containing 2500 mL Ni2 is treated with 2500 mL of 005283 M NazEDTA The quantity of EDTA added is sufficient to complex all the Ni2 in the sample The solution is neutralized with NaOH and the pH is adjusted to 55 with acetate buffer The solution turns yellow when a few drops of indicator are added Titration with 002299 M Zn2 requires 1761 mL to reach the red end point Write a chemical equation that shows the reaction that occurs when EDTA solution is added to the solution containing Ni Ans EDTA Ni2 EDTANi2 Write a chemical equation that shows the reaction that occurs during the titration with Zn Ans EDTA Zn2 EDTAZni2 What is the molarity of Ni2 in the unknown Ans 366 x10 2 M Ni2 Had the original sample been neutralized prior to EDTA addition what reaction would have likely occurred write the chemical reaction equation Ni2aq 2 OH39aq H NiOH2 s Chem 3351 Practice Problems 11608 1 Expressed as ppm what is the concentration of a solution that contains 200 mg glucose dissolved in 100 mL water solution density 10 gmL Ans 200 ppm The concentration of a pesticide in a sample of water runoff following a rainstorm is 122 ppm What is the concentration ofthe pesticide in M in HM pesticide MW 32724 gmol water density 100 gmL Ansz 373 X 10395 M 373 HM For the water sample considered in Question 2 100 mL ofthe water was analyzed for phenol and found to contain 605 X 10397 g of phenol Express the phenol concentration as ppm and ppb Ans 0605 ppm 605 ppb A 25 mL pipet delivered a mass of 24936 9 water at 21 OC What is the true volume ofthe pipet Ansz 25013


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