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Principles of Chemistry I

by: Kara Dibbert

Principles of Chemistry I CHEM 1307

Marketplace > Texas Tech University > Chemistry > CHEM 1307 > Principles of Chemistry I
Kara Dibbert
GPA 3.65

Zhengrong Li

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About this Document

Zhengrong Li
Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kara Dibbert on Thursday October 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CHEM 1307 at Texas Tech University taught by Zhengrong Li in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 71 views. For similar materials see /class/226512/chem-1307-texas-tech-university in Chemistry at Texas Tech University.


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Date Created: 10/22/15
Equations 0K 0C 27315 0F 18 C 32 Constant Density of water 100 gmL Coversions 1 mile 1609 km 1 hour 60 minutes 1 minute 60 seconds The space below is designated for scratching purpose MULTIPLE CHOICE Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question 1 4 0 A bowl of mint choc chip ice cream is best described as a An elemental substance b a homogeneous mixture c a heterogeneous mixture d a compound e a chemical reaction between water and milk Which of these is the correct formula for potassium phosphate a KPO4 b K2PO4 C K3PO4 d K0003 e K3P Determine the solution to this problem with correct number of signi cant gures 127 023 2342 a 06 b 055 c 0552 d 05521 e 055209 Identify the spectator ions in this reaction BaClz aq ZnSO4 aq gt a Zn Cl39 b Bali Cl39 c Zn 304239 d Ba so 239 e Zn Bai4 Which of these is the lowest temperature a 37 0C b 54 0F c 313 K d B and C e All are equal What is the coef cient in front of sodium hydroxide when the equation is balanced S s 02 g NaOH aq gt NaZSO4 aq H20 1 a 1 b 2 C 3 d 4 e 5 35 X 7 Identify the element 17 a bromine b chlorine c argon d tellurium Te e silver Ag 8 How many electrons are there in a Sn2 ion a 48 b 50 c 52 d 81 e 69 9 Which of the following is the empirical formula for hexane C5H14 a Clezs b C5H14 C C3H7 d CH23 e C043H 10 Choose correct chemical name for Fe283 a iron sulfate b iron sulfide c iron 11 sulfide d iron III sulfide e diiron trisul de 11 The SI pre xes micro and kilo are represented respectively by a 103912 and 10391 b 10399 and 10393 c 10399 and 103 d 10396 and 10391 e 10396 and 103 12 Which of these is the correct name for HBr03 aq a bromic acid b bromous acid c perbromic acid d hypobromous acid e hydrobrmic acid LA Which ofthe following correctly expresses 0000009813 g in scientific notation a 9813 gtlt106 g b 9813 gtlt105 g c 9813 X 10395 g d 9813 X 10396g e 9813 X 10399g 4 What is the name of CuSO45HzO a copper sulfate hydrate b copper I sulfate pentahydrate c copper II sulfate pentahydrate d copper II sulfide pentahydrate e copper II sulfite pentahydrate UI What is the precipitate when a solution contains Cult Mg2 N0339 and Cl39 a CuClz b MgCIZ c CuN03z d MgN03z e None 16 The speed needed to escape the pull of Earths gravity is 113 kms What is this speed in mih 1 mile 1609 km 1 hour 60 minutes 1 minute 60 seconds a 65500 mih b 25300 mih c 18200 mih d 1090 mih e 502 X 10393 mih 17 At a pressure of one billionth 109 of atmospheric pressure there are about 98 X 1010 molecules in one cubic centimeter of a gas How many molecules is this per cubic meter a 98 X 1016 b 98 X 1014 c 98 X 1012 d 98 X 108 e 98 X 104 00 Select the net ionic equation for the reaction between lithium hydroxide and hydrobromic acid LiOH aq HBr aq gt H20 1 LiBr aq a LiOH aq gt Li aq OH39 aq b HBr aq a H aq H aq c H aq OH39 aq 9 H20 1 d Lit aq Br39 aq gt LiBr aq e Liaq OH39 aq H aq Brquot aq gt H20 1 LiBr aq 19 N O N L Lithium forms compounds which are used in dry cells and storage batteries and in hightemperature lubricants It has two naturally occurring isotopes 6Li isotopic mass 6015121 amu and 7Li isotopic mass 7016003 amu Lithium has an atomic mass of 69409 amu What is the percent abundance of lithium6 a 9250 b 8666 c 4616 d 7503 e 6080 Calcium uoride is used in embalming and in glass manufacturing Which of the following gives the formula and bonding for calcium uoride a Can ionic compound b Can covalent compound c CaF ionic compound d CaF covalent compound e CazF ionic compound Which one of the following combinations of names and formulas of ions is incorrect a Ba2 barium b 8239 sulfate c CN39 cyanide d ClO439 perchlorate e HCOg39 bicarbonate The 81 base unit of mass is a mg b g c kg d metric ton e lb Atoms X Y Z and R have the following nuclear compositions 118x 118Y 1202 120R 51 50 52 50 Which two are isotopes a X amp Y b X amp R c Y amp R d Z amp R eXampZ 24 Which of the following ions occurs commonly a N3 S6 c 0239 d Cal e CF 25 Household sugar sucrose has the molecular formula ClezzOH and is 222g H 1441g C and 176g 0 What is the mass fraction of carbon in sucrose by mass a 0267 b 0333 c 0414 d 0421 e 0528 26 What is the name of the compound HCl g a hydrochloric acid b monohydrogen monochloride c hydrogen chloride d hydrogen monochloride e monohydrogen chloride 27 Which ofthe following is r J 39 39 39y 39 39 J a N2 CO2 CH4 C02PO437 H20 C2H4 c NaCl HCl NiCl2 d H20 KCl CO2 e NH42SO4Y C03PO427 NlSO4 28 Select the correct name and chemical formula for the precipitate that forms when the following reactants are mixed CoSO4 aq NH43PO4 aq a a cobaltII phosphate C03PO42 b cobaltIH phosphate C03PO42 c cobaltII phosphate CoPO4 d cobaltIH phosphate CoPO4 e ammonium sulfate NH4zSO4 29 Indicate the type of reaction the following aqueous reaction applies BaOH2 H2SO4 gt BaSO4 2 H20 I doubledisplacement II singledisplacement III acidbase IV precipitation a I and III b I and IV c II and IV d I III and IV e all of them 30 What is the name of NazO a disodium monoxide b sodium monoxide c sodium dioxide d sodiumI oxide e sodium oxide Extra credit 3 1 Which of these is the correct SI unit for density 32 Select the precipitate that forms when aqueous lead II nitrate reacts with aqueous sodium sulfate a NaN03 b PbSO42 c PbSO4 d szSO4 e PbS 33 Select complete ionic equation for the reaction between calcium carbonate and hydrochloric acid CaCO3 s HC1 aq a CaCl2 aq H20 1 CO2 g unbalanced a Cas CO339 s F aq Cl39 aq a Cat aq 2 Cl39 aq H20 1 C02 g b Ca2s COf39 s 2 PF aq 2 Cl39 aq a Ca aq 2 Cl39 aq H20 1 C02 g c CaC03 s 2 F aq 2 Cl39 aq a Ca aq 2 Cl39 aq H20 1 C02 g d Ca2s C03 s 2 PF aq 2 Cl39 aq a Ca aq 2 Cl39 aq 2H 1 0239 1 C g 2 0239 g e Ca2s C03 s 2 HC1 aq a Ca aq 2 Cl39 aq H20 1 C02 g


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