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Communications II

by: Joyce Koelpin I

Communications II ENG 156

Joyce Koelpin I
GPA 3.75

Joan Kalley

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About this Document

Joan Kalley
Class Notes
25 ?




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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Joyce Koelpin I on Thursday October 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ENG 156 at Tri-County Technical College taught by Joan Kalley in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 35 views. For similar materials see /class/226537/eng-156-tri-county-technical-college in Foreign Language at Tri-County Technical College.


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Date Created: 10/22/15
KaHev ENG 156 Creating and Formatting Tables Once agarn I turn to a arge We wrth Screenshots to exp am how to create and format tabtee rnto a document A am I d recom a m eep vou from eatrng up aH vour nk tor ENG 156 To create a ermpte tabte rn Word rst chck on tabte from the menu at the top end 5 wng as opposed to prmttngithts W Se ect Insert then Tab e You W revea the Insert Tab e tOO Chck OK 5 E I Auta t hehavmr 0 xed tammn Math nuts 3 O Autnat ta antents 0 mm In wrngaw 7 meme Yahteend D Rememhev drmengarrs rm new tame 2 Van wTTT then haye a dnd Tn yddr ddedrnent 5 edernns py 2 rdws 3 Van can type Tn the tapTe bDXES eaTTed eeTTs Fur Tnstanee chck Tn the tap TeTt bDX Type Tn MOVIES In the eeTT tn the ndht type Tn NEW VORK next new BOSTON next eeTT ATLANTA Tast eeTT TOTAL Fur the Tntdrrn atTdnaT repdrt ydd can then type n he narn es thhe rndyTe under that headTnd and the gures fur eaeh eTty TD make rndre rdws dd back td TapTe ehddse Tnsert and ehddse RDWS perw Dr RDWS abDVE or place Vuur mrsur in bullum right cell and lab ThTs wTTT add a new raw Tdr ydd VDu can repeat the prdeess fur new rdws VDu can eyen e the tapTe dd the rnath fur Du SeTeet TapTe adaTn dddee chck Ttydd need td One ethee Trdrn the TTst shdde pe rdrrndTa Ifynu knDW hdw td ereate sTrine TdrrndTas Tn ExeeT ydd ean dd the sarne Tn Ward In fact Ttydd haye gures aTready entered the farm dTa defamts td what Ward thmks edr eet 4 Once ydd haye the tTtTe and the gures entered and farm atted aeedrdTnd tn the FAQS Tn the eddrse ndtes ydd are ready td farm at the tapTe td rerndye derTTnes add bDXEST Dr whateyer ydd need td dd 5 REM the edrsdr aerdss the tap TeTt Earner td reyeaT a srn aH sddare thh erdssed arrdws the Fur the TdTwaTnd TTTdstratTdns x arn dsTnd a pTank tapTe RIGHT CLICK Ms W r2v25 the farm eumg Dptmns get Hf msmhuzenawszvemv 39 FL may i u m 13 w Hill array w mun 1 Ln DH PE m 4 quotW m CHEESE Tame Autnfnrm at Ifyuu eennm make the Dptmns r2v25 mm the rwghtrchck chck en Tame m the menu a r2v25 the Dptmns fmm the menu 7 SETDH mmugH Tame smes W111 van 1 ana 1n ynur repurt eT Wm H Hates Once yuu are p1eeseu wnH ynur eHe1eee11ek App1y a funnel 39mple 1 cums the 512112 n e Feb Mar Total East 7 7 5 19 West 6 4 7 17 South 8 7 9 24 Total 21 18 21 60 as mw as Ea1gmr1 But yuu are nnt mshed Vuu st111n22dtut1t12 and number the 5112 S1r1122 ene 512112 1n 1H1 ducument 1Dg1la11y yuu W111u52 T512112 1 A van have em T1t12 DfVDur cHeesmg REFER To THE COURSE NOTE575EE E s TABLES St111nnt n1sh2d Vuu need a 1nd1cate the snurce fmm whmh yuu eep1ed Dr mum ed the 512112 AT THIS POINT vou WILL NEED To REFER To THE NOTE575EE ACKNOWLEDGING THE SOURCE oE VOUR VISUALS


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