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Foundations in Early Childhood Education

by: Antonina Toy

Foundations in Early Childhood Education 2200 110

Marketplace > University of Akron > Child Development > 2200 110 > Foundations in Early Childhood Education
Antonina Toy
University of Akron
GPA 3.88

Sabine Gerhardt

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About this Document

Sabine Gerhardt
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Antonina Toy on Thursday October 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 2200 110 at University of Akron taught by Sabine Gerhardt in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 15 views. For similar materials see /class/226539/2200-110-university-of-akron in Child Development at University of Akron.


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Date Created: 10/22/15
Mychiana Banks Professor Austin ENGL 10120 7 October 2010 Her Infinite PowerHelping Oppressed People From the time of its formation in the 1970s hiphop has been under massive scrutiny from hip hop comes many different sub genres Gangsta Rap Conscious HipHop etc In llGangsta Rap and American Culturequot Michael Eric Dyson discusses and evaluates Gangsta Rap in a light that one else would evaluate from Cautiously walking the thin line betweenattacking and defending Dyson critiques Gangsta Rap and its opponents Opponents of Gangsta Rap note the negatives of Gangsta Rap while lovers of the genre tend to skim over the negatives and just focus on the positives Neither side really evaluates Gangsta Rap as a whole noting the positive negatives and what needs to be changed With the style and arrangement of Dyson s evaluation along with his credibility exhibited Dyson offers an unbiased assessment of Gangsta Rap with an overall intent to change misogynistic and homophobic views that are notjust displayed in Gangsta Rap but in American Culture Dyson s intent and purpose of llGangsta Rap and American Culturequot extends beyond just one main claim He begins the evaluation with stating his three main aims and intent of his argument His main purpose is to understand what force drove the emergence of rap acknowledge that gangsta rap crudely exposes harmful beliefs and practices that are often maintained in much of American Culture finally that with the knowledge of Gangsta Rap not being the only problem to create awareness and promote change Arrangement His main claim extends further than the history of Gangsta Rap and defending Gangsta Rap In an essential unbiased way he tackles the troubles and positives of Gangsta Rap Dyson uses brilliant arrangement in a manner not to protect or condone this genre nevertheless to create a call for action in changing the misogynistic violent and homophobic views in America Culture views that are shown and exemplified in mediums other than music and media Misogynistic and homophobic views lie within Gangsta Rap s critics politicians religious institutions educational institutions in the corporate world and in numerous ways in American Culture In his closing argument Dyson so effortlessly states llWe should not continue to blame gangsta rap for ills that have existed long before hiphop uttered its first syllablequot Dyson taps in to the mindset of Americans to realize that the blame shouldn t be solely placed on one group of people That the misogynistic and homophobic views have been floating around before Gangsta Rap Upon realizing this people can gain of 39 39 39 and 39 views overall in American Society The author displays the aforementioned aspects of his argument through wonderful style and arrangement His arrangement is set up in a contrasting manner to eliminate bias and efficiently tell his point thus leaving readers to by enraptured by his arrangement adding to his credibility Due to the fact that we tend to believe people who have their best interests in mind Dyson s arrangement isvery effective For the reason that he isn t blaming throughout his argument but trying to put an end to those misogynistic violent and homophobic views as a whole with Americas general interest at heart Credibiliy Dyson s evaluation argument effectively makes sure readers to believe in his credibility from the beginning to the end of his argument Dyson at the time of writing was a 35 year old Baptist minister and professor of religious studies at the University of Pennsylvania and a father of a then sixteen year old son According to Good Reasons Dyson at the time was one of the first of his stature to defend rap music as an art form The fact of him being a minister and professor of religious studies shows that while evaluating he is being trustworthy and unbiased Furthermore a person of his stature stereotypically is not known to see Gangsta Rap in a light beyond its lyrics The fact that he researched the topic from both aspects of Gangsta Rap positive and negative and took the time to learn more about negative societal vies in other aspects besides music shows that he is very credible That credibility leads to the reader trusting and believing what he states in is evaluation argument With the knowledge of him being a minister and a professor of religious studies at a prestigious university many would not think of him to be a quotdefenderquot of Gangsta Rap or to write an argument in support of Gangsta Rap With that said that leads to greater interest in reading an evaluation argument from an opposing force Furthermore it leads to extended credibility of his article that in lieu of his position and views he delivered an unbiased argument To broadenhis appeal to logichson uses an array of facts and history in his evaluation In the argument that states law and legislation to show and prove that Gangsta Rap isn t the only culprit of condoning violence and sexism llMoreover many of the same conservative politicians who support attack on gangsta rap also attack black women affirmative action and the redrawing of voting districts to achieve parityquot explains Dyson with a matter of fact tone He shows his knowledge beyond a genre of music which strengthens his evaluation argumentt s clearly shown that the author researched the topic from both sides as well His use of facts and reasons support the purpose and intent of his argument To develop his point further he states the history of hiphop throughout the evaluation Showing his awareness of the roots from which Gangsta Rap was founded to give readers a glimpse of gangsta rap beyond what they stereotype it as Rappers as Michael Eric Dyson statesquot Shape the


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