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Elementary Spanish

by: Arianna Wehner

Elementary Spanish SPANISH 2

Arianna Wehner

GPA 3.83


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 8 page Class Notes was uploaded by Arianna Wehner on Thursday October 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SPANISH 2 at University of California - Berkeley taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 20 views. For similar materials see /class/226562/spanish-2-university-of-california-berkeley in Spanish at University of California - Berkeley.


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Date Created: 10/22/15
f Extending the Diachrony of 5e Palatals in Argentine Spanish 1 emnm e Cnnytmnfhngmm 74uly2008 I I Charles B Chang thrhznghukzlzy2du Outline 1 Background and research questions 2 Production experiment 3 Valiation in palatal production 4 Correlates ofvaxiation 5 Discussion 6 Conclusions Background palatals in Argentine Spanish yetW early merger of palatal lateral M and palatal glide j om European Spanish 1 FontanelladeWeinbezg1985a Guitaxte 1992 I zkex rmv occlusivizations iiantization of merged phoneme from j m u Home19esv1del de Bamm14 Lipk11994 meme devoidng ofmerged phoneme to 1 Alonso 1961 Homa1965Remck1975 FontanelladeWeinbezg1978 Canfield 1981 Background palatals in Argentine Spanish e om I began in Homa E Chang 310 he colloquial speech ofthe lowezwozkmgeleeeee ofBueno Axle 60 year ago anhanginzhtddtamun 1m mama betwmrhtynri 1946 and 1949 lehkhunua humane munnunzhtnhmgzufrhtvmnadpalnd kanvziwavak ssEwakmmmdn an readinzazhtwlloqunl usagaf ldasszs Thzsprndwzsgudynd gd Kemaeedybmdm e heafzmpu nuzmdbyzmszmua he 5e wrmmfznw shin 0151 euhengeenneseemen 1 Resnick 1 7 mBuenoAueBoccunm allsocial classes 1 colloquial and occur sometimes esp among younger speaker Canf1eld 19811 gland Li are leveled to mg m occuumgoccasi n y esp in women 3 peec a annamn U Background palatals in Argentine Spanish FontanelladeWeinberg 19781study of60 speakers from one neighborhood in Buenos Ans u 1 found to occur most o cn in females iseaoyem 01d followcdbyfemales31750ycarsoldandmalcs 1s30yemo1d andmalcs31750ycanold u er almost nevcrfoundm e cakcn 5171mm 01d I FontanelladeVembexg 1992 quotEn Mngle Jey Inwlommm ale 4 mmmrEMWAsy mm IaA e musz mag177quot Background palatals in Argentine Spanish Fontanellade Weinberg 19921quot4mut75mmmmdt 304m n4n gmp17 quepmmmlm um mark enemzemzae de3ylmxtguAn14 IMHamrmfemmmax mayam le 30 am minim quezae mdnr e mmdmmzmm deli 17m 7 mm muzlw memm denim ale Ad1 2m 4pmx7m4 ndartm mnmm le 15 4 30 Ma 4 madelazxmufnmdeSI 4 70 my quot n 3ypcsofsystcms m BucnosAu cs 1 3 gt 3 oldcrspcakcrs 2 3 gt 3 m madleeged speakers 3 m gt 1 youngcrspcakcn imisi Pssiussisnsspss iinsmi aims s mm iiOiWiiJJCiiiiTCiii pssssiuss sssssssssssiisisgsnsssipuspssssisis iii slui sssi iiiitsqismsii Miami tl ismsi iis imisgissigssmsitmssisississs issiisin ism Cami Rssssssiqusstisns Pssiussisnsspss insnt sisssiniiusnssiisssssiss Cississisnssssssisissssissisni Iississssssunisisngsinpssgsss Cisssssisnsssisispsisssipisnsmsssssus sssisssss 9 C E E i i 9 C CC C C U 6 r 9 i 00 00 Ca 6 C E i U U U U U U U H U U i d s an EC 000 C10 C10 000 000 6C Uni v C6 000 SID 0n i C U U issiussisnsspssimsns memmi sis C i CC C C ms C i i C s C i C C C i C C is sis spssissss WWUCMMWMWWWW gtss gt U Outline 2 Psoisstisnsspcsisssst i Cssssistsssisssissisn S Dissusisn 6 Csnsiusisns issiussisnsspssimsns 3 Cssistisninpsisssipssiussisn s msi s Bssigsssnisnisssssssiqusssisns l Speaker geography BsrAsr Capital Federal l F41 from La Boga I M41 from San Criltdlzal l F1FZM1andM5 are from Balvancra communes mm mm was Speaker geography BsrAsr Capital Federal Aizpeolea 2006 l La Boca and 3311 C ristobal are less nsiv more expe e neighborhoods Speaker geography BsrAsr Province I F3 is from the section of Campana I M3 is from the section ofLumax dc Zamora I F5 is from the jacent province oberdoba fmmwdnpedu Outline 1 Background and research questions 2 Production experiment 3 Variation in palatal production 4 Correlates ofvariation 5 Discussion 6 Conclusions Variation in production acoustic measures Tim measurcswcrctakcn m Pnat 4 5 140305511 8a Weenink 2007 1 overall pexrmtunge ale peneptuzlmezmre tokmsuggedzsmh saundm Mum axnat rml am 10km afZmeds 2mg mmkmgwhimghmm x m brawn u avenge PM vmr esmess m 2 Filmy begnning mdendpmnts of 2 pzlzul sdunnun demmnedbyrhznges mun waveform onset arnam cleanse m Wilma 2nd hinges m 1h spx agzm diffusion of mm unset afnud w 113qu noise setums of Filmy airman shawlngbmh periodic m the m mnundzvmungbn inrhe Tmagmmm awaited u Cerensmnua an afpzlzul um and g1 we intmalymezmred aver mad 50 ms r 2 sewimt sdunnun iflessthzn so ms long cm 1h who dunuan Am vvw Variation in production acoustic measures I All measurements were taken on a Fourier spectrogram wi a Gaussian Windowshape n windowlength ofS ms El bandwidth of ZOO Hz a dynamic range ofSO dB 1 FIEemphasis of dBoctave Variation in Junion all A Inmrespeaker variation I There are voicers and devoioers El F4FSM6M4 V3 F1FZF3M1MZM3M5 voicers devoicen a 5 Mazda Casulian s anish 7 3 Q E Q m E m E ngqu demomos no mm 50 mm 51 432mm n egzmzzam buniam lt 23 Ema Bn mmwlm Manama Intraespeaker Variation l The devoicers are consistent in their productions El F1 132133 M1 MZM3 MS saym everywhere The voioers are variable in their productions 1 F4 91mm between 7 and j 1 F5 generally mam between 7 and j and say and even 1 for a few formn 1 M6 91mm between 3 and 1 and also say 1 forafew om 1 M4 91mm between 3 and x u Intraespeaker Variation Speaker F5 I F5 generally almmates between 3 and 1 Fm thwhg Mahlp wuh Q Intraespeaker Variation Speaker F4 F4 alternates between 3 and 1 epulb bmsh with 3 mg whush wh 1 u Intraespeaker Variation Speaker F5 F5 also occasiona ysays 3 and A mum mm m tepllb brmh mzh i E Intraespeakel39 Variation SpeaketMG M6 altetnates between d5 3 and 1 mte mu iyzmsh withb x1 mama bnumtwhm if Intraespeakel39 Variation Speaker M 4 I M4 vaties between voiced 3 and voiceless j in hae wirh B q in hae wirh m m Inttarspeakel variation Speaker M6 M6 also says A and L1 01 some fotms mum whm ammniiemthu m Inttarspeakel variation Speaker M4 I M4 vaties between voiced 3 and voiceless j uttellmn ipamsh min B mte mn ipamsh wuhm i1 Outline Background and teseatcli questions 2 Ptoduction expetiment 3 Vatiation in palatal ptoduction 5 Correlates of variation Discussion 6 Conclusions Sodoljngujs c correlams ofvariation I usage avetage voicelessness and CV intensity tatios ate not cottelated with gendet ot home neighbothoocl Gender With mag mum Int e vi Int e V SpunAnn s 030 000 350 493 Luiledp 931 i 000 292 123 Home neighboiliaod With usage mums Int e vi Int e V Spuninns 160 154 A74 A91 Limch 639 a 141 125 I I Sociolinguistic correlates ofvariation Sociolinguistic correlates ofvariation I usage average voicelessness and CV I As YOB increases and age decreases usage intensity ratios are correlated with YOB and average voicelessness increase Year of birth with 102 m as U 14mg 102 to atng as win2st we u c A 9W1 Int cm Int CVz W 5 m mammal Pearson s 960 954 8 700 W quot W v 2quot 24911ch lt001 lt001 020 016 g km a w I As YOB increases and age decreases usage quot3 w 3 and average voicelessness increase while CV m 39 1 w 39 intensity ratios decrease an 39 w I W Mquot um MEquot 31 32 I 39 I 39 Sociolinguistic correlates ofvariation Sociolinguistic correlates ofvariation I As YOB increases and age decreases usage I As YOB increases and age decreases CV and average voicelessness increase intensity ratios decrease 102 us as X may 102 us atng as thhsmm 102 us IMO1mm 102 m IMO1mm E m g 2m m m w 3 m m Ew Em i w w gm am 39 b w M g gm H mm n W Mquot W was um Mm 33 34 I I Sociolinguistic correlates ofvariation Predictors ofpalatal devorcing I As YOB increases and age decreases CV I Results ofmultiple linear regression predictors intensity ratios decrease entered in the order agagmder neighborhood El a e alone accounts for almost all Variation as YOB w1nzCInzV YOB w IntCIntV2 measured by U usage and average voicelessness w W Ar2 Values for the model w 1x 05quot39plt 001115 pgt05 A Gender W j usage 912 n3 03 Avg W113 901quot n3 035quot Int El 0 V1 410quot n3 n3 Int El 0 V1 434quot n3 n3 mm mm Outline 1 lquot Equot 5 9 Background and research questions Production experiment Variation in palatal production Correlates of variation Discussion Conclusions Discussion I There are at least six different allophones ofthe palatal phoneme in Buenos Aires 3 d3 U and I There is a clearly agegraded pattern ofusage El speakers born before 1945 9 voiced allophones mosdy 31 39 El speakers born after 1975 9 voiceless allophones El speakers in between 9 voiced amp voiceless allophones I Results are consistent with Fontanella de Weinberg s 1992 typology ofpalatal systems Discussion I The agegraded pattern is indicative of a sound c an e AlU gt Lil3 gt S I Younger speakers have innovated the pronunciation El not a case of change across the lifespan cf Guy amp Boyd 1990 Sankoffamp Blondeau 2007 Fl39s usage has been stable over 9yea1s I I is an innovation usage does not seem to increase in old a I In 60 years only devoicers leftgt Sociolinguistic correlates ofvariation I As YOB increases and age decreases usage and average voicelessness increase 102 us as j 14mg Q 102 us atng as Win2st Anagram mm5 mmm Vezarkmv Discussion I No significant correlation was found between neighborhood and palatal devoicing I No significant effect ofgender on devoicing rates El difference from Fontanella de Weinberg 1978 attributable to the passage of30 years I slight gender effect visible among the oldest speakers I no gender effect apparent among the youngest speakers both genders devoice nearly all ofthe time Outline 1 Background and research questions 2 Production experiment 3 Variation in palatal production 4 Correlates of variation 5 Discussion 6 Conclusions Conclusions vmmon between voiced and voiceless palatal ophones is conelated with age butno longer wi n r and Ie ects a sound change neatly complete I Younget speakets appeal 0 be Iesponsible fox Lhe Iapid sptead of and its genetalization as the ominantvaliant in Buenos Aites today Aurefmudzmn Ucmmkyu dwsu m Selecmd References Alum 1961 2mm WW rm WWW anAdmen Madnd 59m on Amy Hum 2006 5 m m 999 as 4 m A m 9 Aim 9 In we 01m 6 mm m Wilma 9mg ma a o 1m gag magma new 2x septum mm 99 J 2 ma mm mm PM aw mum by mm mm AS 14 m WWW amid 9 mm 19x1 Symhpwwam mmmm chm 11mm meanness Calaan mm was Mmede ma memi c m mm s 9 1 Wm WM Wk 9 my Ime smo ea 13 9939539 mmyaqme mm 9140 sumnmem gimpmewmm 7x Unaubth m h mam 59qu 9 mm M 9m 19x5z u em 199mm e in 5 xvm m Rwammfmbmwm 10 x39 a V 59qu 9A Mums Mm new 1992 1 Mun gum Gulka L 1992 we hgmenma awe 99mm 4599 xxx NW Muzmxwmuma 402 547574 We cam n ma my Ma 1999 m WWW a 9 Mmmw Chg L099 2 Mom Av nu Madnd 5am lgermmzmw m Seleemd References Housmwzdnm 1965 m phunuuk sysmusofmgummzn Spamsh 399m 422 275 2x3 Wk 1mm 1994memnmm 101an bnymenp QM Unaqlu39n made man mm ma 4qu 2m Adm Emacs A gamma 1 Flu 59m mm MAW g ms mwuVmwmmmum zm mwmm A w m was cab and mm mam 2 Montreal mm Lmlg x30 5m 74 Mm 1 mos smug g wwwea dAbsmldszseom E1ng deAdA mm Em mm 1964 212947 1 Mlemxithrixmehrl nvmn EmusAn 07 We 0mm th mg m m xx Am mos c5 1 a 0mm 7m RampAdm WW1 mm a mm mm Dennis A 45 ConseyuNaannz dA Ewen


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