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Strong Motion Seismology

by: Adele Hoeger

Strong Motion Seismology EPS 130

Adele Hoeger

GPA 3.88

D. Dreger

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About this Document

D. Dreger
Class Notes
25 ?




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This 36 page Class Notes was uploaded by Adele Hoeger on Thursday October 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to EPS 130 at University of California - Berkeley taught by D. Dreger in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 44 views. For similar materials see /class/226571/eps-130-university-of-california-berkeley in Earth And Space Sciences at University of California - Berkeley.

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Date Created: 10/22/15
Sources of Seismic Waves anact Vdcamc Landste ExMoQon Buried or surface Harmonic Tremor Unsteady fluid flow Continuous Excitation Wind microseism couple oceanatmosphere hum Earthquakes Types of Seismograms Four Major Types of Seismograms 22323 A MAMWNWW39WVNMW39Mw A Shallow p R 23312 JdJLuvl L u b jvlf iwaMimj NW 233 quotWW W Nitrifthquotmi tiiiir qli iilfi l Harmonicle nfMyt 1f Tremor w v1 Vb w 1 N w w J j t t wu wv w 1 10 Seconds ausss railed nm Volcanic Tremor Seismic excitation from unsteady ui i Courtesy of Peggy Hellweg BSL Vo uns Eanhquaka mama Si n E E 39 Smsmic EYEHDH MANUL DTH wwum Yosemite Rogk Fal x f 39 a 80000 ton 725 MKg Yosemite Rock Fall Pro le of Vosemlte Rock Full Detachment Region l9OO 0 4 1800 7 58 V Vlmmch 64 m5 A 1700 7 E 1 E lGOO 7 1 1 i L Transverse velocity l500 g is 78 ms 174mph MOO I Debrls fllled Wind 1 v blast 1300 7 1 gtE 1 1 1 1 1 0 mo 200 300 400 500 600 Velocity Yosemite Rock Fall KCC HH 96191015230 9539193V0l5240 Z 171 H1 Vel Hms 50 60 70 80 9 30 40 50 so 70 Tlme sec Tlme sec hl lp39leeiemo herkelev 39 39 quot 39yoshtm of ms Cau Kalapana Earthquake Explanation Crawls shimmy Dunc Ozhs39 lanlures Kllauea s acme rm zones Material from httphvo wr Ilene Iw DNUV29 Kalapana Earthquake Land subsidence of 12 ft Tsunami runup 47 ft Two deaths amp 41 million in damage Kalapana Earthquake November 29 December 31 1975 znun Number of Earmquakes n 75 75 77 7B 79 ED 5182 3 84 85 human Time Kalapana Earthquake Geodetic data are consistent with a slump Kalapana Earthquake Kalapana Earthquake 411 M M h m m m m mg mm Kamkguu mummy quot 7 7 m mm hm Nahum u w vs a Kalapana Earthquake m M thwmn Emmy Love wave Raylergh waves M ya a m m m c mmm hehvuwv t w A Mam Kalapana Earthquake mm warm kiuu eLnaumensmsnrwe m mum Hawaii Bulimia 427 S 339 5 quot I 065 R 4 3amp0 AA 559 W W 532 gt 4 60 sec y via qua mm pi c 11 Jllnes Tiielmximum Hurmu Neath up is Xiyriwnav ugh 3 m may 5w mm b mum Mn sxaudn vmme m mime masm um i am in n inversiun Me quotum um in quotmm mm a my nm MM in mm m Wm sh w ai mKhamsm r 0w aewmm w Nahum m we innu i 4 mm we Vrmi mp mm m n a mmi39a 1 mmnmnn mhnwn m n MKNEH mm M Winn m m mm mm w m mlllm n iy w in mm win m n my m n bullnm n w pm i md vh my ma vaViqxnkn mm Non Volcanic Seismic Tremor amp Aseismic Subduction Slip nanw Trench Gary Rodgers amp Herb Dr gen Canadian Pacific Geoscience Centershb Non Volcanic Seismic Tremor amp Aseismic Subduction Slip 5ch km Mm WILLI 0 50100 ammlyr gt HOLE North America i Pat x i I gcm V 39 PGCS r NEAH ISEDH 48W x j aH A quotISEAT um I W mew mew 124w 122W 2 W Gary Rodgers amp Herb Dragen Canadian Paci c Geoscience Center Non Volcanic Seismic Tremor amp Aseismic Subduction Slip ALBH East 240 Displacements mm 5 l Hrs Wllh Tremor Activity I 10 days 0 r 0 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 Gary Rodgers amp Herb Dragen Canadian Paci c Geoscience Center Non Volcanic Seismic Tremor amp Aseismic Subduction Slip mmmrmwfmwm WW mmwmrwm Mix uvqumm Wiummmnwmmm mm wvqum m l MAMWNNMMMAllWMNM um MWan u l 39 W wmmmm w a nu 39 W W Gary Rodgers amp Herb Dragert Canadian Paci c Geoscience Center Non Volcanic Seismic Tremor amp Aseismic Subduction Slip Band pass filtered signal 1 6 Hz Gary Rodgers amp Herb Dragert Canadian Paci c Geoscience Center l r52l vlislia ll 31 31221 3 xt nliznun in 341 I 3 1 215 s i n 1 55 2195 2 is 555 2 1591 13 1115 Tg a not 4 xx ER f a z 73 2 5 313311 u 11Qlwlli Es 4 z x i is Iii El 33 1 i I 51 no 20 I132 qlnha 2i mEauIahllctn l val ow 9 5 raga If 5 1 3 o 52 258 35265 S 258 Baggage 852 2225 Eve 5 v E umommmm 5825 Exam 0 a 5 32m 229 32m 3 as E V i 3 ooznamzom 20m mm Earthquake Mechanism mm IngaYul s Prn cm new m mum r rm y vr U Earthquake Mechanism 1 M 1 V Aclual Faun vevage Equwalam Displacemenl msmry Dislocallcn Mode Body Fume Sysham 6 44quot a k r39vMD Q klJ Wle Double Principle P Wave Couple Axes Hadialian Pansm X x x a x 1 a X x 33 v 5 Wave Radialiun Fanam X Cavlly Ur spherical suriace wllh Dressure Hl outward nrnpagzllng 9 wave a lime t Na K mums 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ivkr 4 10 54 so uquot um 4 sx x SM 74 T lJc ril f L rA mgrj n Kw X F sw 5 1 39r UMP mekjy x 1 s 45quot quot39 he 0 oi the erkelzy Parkfield 2004 4 Lessons from the BestRecordedearthquake in History J ByAndeichueIUSGS 1quot F Geophysicist uesday April 24 2007 at 4 PM in 50 Birge Hall cutaway nunquauwmummau ch73 In a large gamma nu Easy We has he he 1 u llgllkvkw an m mm uma wmz ma nanuuswmanu sum a mnvlrgunoe mpgmvmnz ms IlmE Mum lhesepumber 25 2mm magnlmd s mam canruma aanmu k2 Ax uquot the San Andmas mu m lrm mama ov a dense am mm m anquot my emgmms39of than an Earth was nntbw nrdwllimmu ran a a grin werLL mEIEs um 7 sarmz autumnk mow never Miamisgeu 1715 can when mum wxm k a unnquaknuauns nack u 135 MM a Imuomnr v assessmmxsmt underquot imamM u nu 1 ll 6 enter mom a s mosses mamaquot and me mums mi This lemma is freeandrnpen to the public Berkeley Seismological Laboratory Lawson Lecture i i Lccame mm zmmmv l I 5mm 1 mm m l 1 4 i r FDCJlll Ciil mum L mm Dual WI Single Force Radiation P Wava 5 Wave e 9 XI direction Xi direcliun thutuu Vmsms kw PwkLs diman 4 E I L nl h 3 r 45 3 F 8quot FlewSq w wankM pang m4 Em 11 AWLH gawk 14 22 PIN wig kipe Y X3 Fr brig 35 r 1 L1 A A my Viva HtVQx A B x ass 3 4 v M I K crumbe SMQ 39lz J ll J Hmll megJ6 FKL4 aimZ e 531 1 q 51 Win 75 use 9 4 4 U 4me ltLuwg SWJL AWi gzphwxa a A A Mtxamp4J 1 X X X 1 XIX x3 57 8X3 3 IL I HMS oL 5459 1 usesngTZ 5545 D uc h nn lbsinc Demand inn 6 Formquot Mk Koalka H r A P C1533 Milken discrith but Samrm gap 439 FUnLRM Ave h F I t I r Xr i H s7 Hag7 1 z 1 z I I r ha1 Ham Hum Iquot if iZUrf XIv MgI w r r use x ampV 9quot avc org xi 8quot 7 L H a 1 I sh H i L Y Jugr rx 839 TX FHL39VJW dxrin u uls Mm ukrmmkkm mt Hm E res neaw 6 u Amhmpu quot1 1 F XI r in H lu Jquot ma 7 5 5 11 Alandiv mm 4 SF 39 quot F4 F 17 J Iowa 4 m Aw A l 4 J v t X YJrFlt M Aev39mvkm J i y 2 39 Wm v csgch F 71 mm in m Nah rms w val1 55 I m m H m kngeu WWIMm 5F a v antes 0T7 UK x 4Wd1 RX J5 zFft39ra H 39 QI J A lr XL 3 l lt39rri g wk M U 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